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Frequently asked Interview questions for freshers when you are going for HR Interview

Is it your first interview? If yes! Then you might be getting nervous for your scheduled interview. I know getting hired as an HR could be harsh and clumsy, but you need to be confident, wear decent clothes, get your resume printed and smile to give the best shot.

Luckily, by reading this content, you will be confident enough to give your best at the time of hiring. If you seriously want to make your career into the HR profile, you might be preparing at this moment. Therefore, this article will help you to understand and prepare well for HR interview questions for freshers.

Let’s take a rundown of frequently asked HR interview questions as it will take you one step closer to get your dream job quickly.

7 HR Interview questions frequently asked from Freshers

1- Give a brief introduction about yourself.

It is one of the most obvious questions that every interviewer asks. If you really want to set the mood for the rest of your interview, then be ready with this answer.

To pass this psychological trap, you can start your introduction with the educational background. Prefer not to start your introduction with “ I am basically from..” and also, do not discuss your strengths and weaknesses at this stage of your interview.

Try to complete your introduction within 2-3 sentences and not to take more than 2 minutes.

2- Why you want to get placed as an HR?

Before going for an HR interview, explore more about the designation and go through

all the benefits of human resource career. Always relate the answer with your interest and skills such as management skills, excellent communication skills, can easily convince people, budget management, and many more.

The primary objective of the interviewer behind asking this question is to judge you whether you are passionate about your work or not. So make sure whatever you answer is truthful and should be in favour of the company.  

3- What is the most challenging situation you have gone through, and how did you handle that situation?

Here you can share your personal experience without modifying it. Through this question, the interviewer can judge you whether you can handle the conflicts which might arise in the company or not.

If you have not faced any challenging situation till date then before appearing for an interview, get prepared with some common question like, what the situation was, how you reacted on that particular moment, what action you took to resolve the issue, etc.

Always prefer to answer this question professionally and try to end this question with a happy note to leave a good impression on the employer.

4- Why do you think you are a good fit for this profile?

Whenever you answer this question, focus on your strengths and be confident while answering. Don’t give vague answers to the interviewer such as “ I love this ..., I am friendly and hard-working, etc.. Instead, be specific with your achievements, skills, and goals.

Moreover, you can add “ I strongly feel if I would get this opportunity, I should be able to leverage all my strengths and be the part of the growth story. I think this profile would help me to succeed in this business era.”

5- Will you be able to handle all the job responsibilities?

The interviewer generally asks this question when he/she wants to evaluate more skills within yourself. Be careful while answering this question. Try to be straightforward. You can share some of the points that are used in question 2, like time management, conflict management, etc.

Only focus on the positives. Prefer sharing some real-time examples which will assist you to impress the interviewer. So always be sure to get in-depth knowledge of the HR responsibilities and familiarize yourself with the online job portal tools through which HR can hire the candidates quickly.

6- What are your career aspirations?

To answer this question, you need to focus on your career path. Share, how this specific role will help you to achieve your career dreams.

Moreover, you can mention your own experience to engage the interviewer towards yourself. But share only that experience which resembles your role.

Don’t forget to mention that this job will help you to meet your career aspirations. You can also say that “ I always had an aspiration to do this job and will give my best once, I leverage this opportunity.”

7- Suppose you are hired, how long will you work with us?

If the interviewer asks this question, it is a direct hint that he/she is interested in hiring you as an HR for their company. If you really want to be a part of the organization, then you should be loyal to the management.

If you have any further plans, then do share with the interviewer like if you want to go abroad or having any further study plans, etc. It will show your honesty to the interviewer.

Moreover, it is the right time to discuss all the critical points which might create a problem in the future. So, to answer in favour of the interviewer, you can respond like- “ I prefer to start here as long as I learn and grow”.

To Summarize

Whenever you go for an HR interview, keep a list of all the above questions in mind as it will help you to crack each round and get hired as an HR of the reputed company. Are you currently searching for a competent company to fulfill your care goals? Schedule your interview on webdew careers.

Hopefully, the information will help you to sit and crackerjack an HR interview.

I know sharing questions for the interview round can never be limited as it has a wide range. But, one thing you should always keep in your mind is that- you have to ensure that you look smart and confident. Rest all will work smoothly.

Don't panic! Take it easy and try to answer all the questions with a smile on your face.

Good Luck!

Meghna Biswas

Meghna Biswas is a Social Media Marketer and Content Creator, she helps businesses attain leads through variety of social content across the web. Ms. Biswas is a writer by day or reader by night.

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