Building a site is, in many ways, an exercise of willpower. It's intriguing to get distracted by the fancy world of the design process and forget all about generating compelling content.

It's that amazing content that is significant to making inbound marketing work for your business. So how would you balance your outstanding content creation with your website design requirements? It all begins with the “About Us” page.

For a remarkable About Us page, you simply need to figure out your organization's one-of-a-kind personality and afterward share it with the rest of the world. Easy, correct? Certainly not.

Your “About Us” page is perhaps the main page on your site, and it should be well crafted. This page likewise can also turn out to be the most disregarded pages, which is why you should make it stick out. 

Wouldn't it be easier if you could look at About Us page examples to create a killer About Us page? Well, truth be told, there are a few organizations out there with astounding “About Us” pages, the components of which you can imitate on your own site.

We've done the job for you and put together the best About Us page examples to get your imaginative gears rolling. But before we jump onto the best about us page examples, let’s have a look at what is an about us page and why it’s important to create one.

What is an About Us Page?

An “About Us” Page is where you reveal your brand story, business values, mission, and experiences

Now the question is: why would you want to share all this information and make it appealing? The answer is simple: you want to tell your audience who you are, show them what you are good at, and tell them you are worthy of their trust.

Think for a moment: would you rather purchase from a business you know nothing about, or would you go for somebody with a friendly face shared on their About page and a story that you find exciting? The latter one, right? 

A great About Us page not only portrays your story, qualities and provides an insight on how your business started, but it also helps you sell. When visitors become familiar with your story and connect with it, they're probably going to purchase from you. A well-planned About Us page can do this!

Why does your Website need an About Us Page?

Well, benefits of about us page are many. Various types of visitors check out your “About Us” page. They can be first-time visitors, regular visitors, people who wish to work with you, and possible customers. With all kinds of visitors coming to your website, you need to offer sufficient and valuable information to convince them to establish a more substantial connection with you and your business.

Although not every user who visits your website will end up on your “About Us” page, you still need to make sure to attract those who click on the page. You can achieve this by having insightful, exciting content and ultimately making them believe that they really need what you are offering.

Your “About Us” page is a wonderful way to show your visitors who you are and provide them the confidence that you and your organization have the skills and expertise they need to solve their issues

Your About Us page ideas is where you create that first intimate bond with your prospective client. It's where they ascertain if you would understand them and if you're dependable. The more pleasant, personal, and convincing you are, the more likely it is that prospects will feel comfortable buying from you and becoming lifetime customers.

Some Incredible About Us Page Examples

Nevertheless, creating an “About Us” page that precisely represents your organization can perhaps feel more challenging than one might expect.

You can consider several things you want your visitors to know, from your history to your achievements to your business values, yet filling all of that information on a single page can be overwhelming for you as well as your visitors.

So, how can you design a compelling “About Us” page by following the About Us page best practices that will show your visitors who you are and what you do? Indeed, there's no one-size-fits-all solution; however, there's no harm in looking at what other successful organizations are doing. 

So, have a look at these About Us page examples of organizations that got it right.

1. webdew

webdew has done a commendable job of personifying their team and organization while also narrating their story

The top of the page features a friendly image of the company's employees, and as you scroll, you will find their values, goals, journey, details about the founders, and the culture. Along the way, webdew continues to share photos of its executives and all other team members, completely humanizing its brand by putting various faces to its name. 

The organization has also done a fabulous job of establishing trust by including elements of social proof (i.e., media, client testimonials, partner logos, etc.). 

2. HubSpot

The prime thing that stands out on HubSpot‘s “About Us” page is its smooth and responsive design. They have an uplifting video that outlines their story. 

However, the most amazing part is the history that displays the growth and journey of HubSpot. Further, the community section gives a clear picture of what all HubSpot has done so far, and indeed, the numbers speak for themselves.

3. Moz

The company has shared its milestones using a fun and neat design that includes clear headers, short blurbs, and concise graphics to break up the text.

What is most intriguing is the modest references to how Moz got funding, how it turned its brand positioning – and above all, how it switched back to its initial model. This says a lot about the value that honesty and humbleness can provide to your clients. 

Try not to be reluctant to discuss your high points and low points; your clients will believe what you say considerably more.

4. Nike

Nike may appear to be an organization that is too huge to inspire smaller organizations. You may even contemplate whether Nike even has an “About Us” page. Of course it does, and it has still managed to stay close to the brand's roots.

“If you have a body, you are an athlete.” The quote by Bill Bowerman still brands the “About Us” page of Nike. This statement provides a significant insight into Nike's target audience. The brand might be big today; however, Nike is all about the rising stars — who Nike relies upon. 

The takeaway? Know your target audience, and make it apparent to that audience the moment they land on your “About Us” page.

5. Tumblr

Tumblr‘s about us page fits perfectly into the platform itself.

The main image constantly transitions between several large, vibrant images that grasp your attention without being too distracting. As you scroll, it lists a few basic facts about the company and some impressive real-time stats showcasing their community's popularity.


GIPHY tells the best way to make a video background look great. They position their introduction and values pleasantly under a short animation and then jump into their augmented reality-like GIF that makes visitors feel like they're on an adventure by looking down the page.  

Since their job is to demonstrate their expertise in animated illustrations, GIPHY effectively narrates their story by showing a wide range of animated effects that are modern, energetic, and creative all the same

7. MadebyBand

Madebyband has done an excellent job using the About page's main text for providing a precise representation of their brand objective.

Besides, the huge typeface and fresh design are exciting, sparking inquisitiveness among the visitors. The striking color scheme is minimalistic in its own way, with short yet brief short paragraphs as you scroll down. 

Finally, this page's truly unique selling point is a huge, and clear background picture illustrating various topic. The visitors can truly experience what the brand stands for and what experiences it provides to its users. 

8. Zendesk

Zendesk‘s page design is friendly and people-centric, with a fun, casual vibe that grows like wildfire

The alternating color of the main text is synchronized with the background color of the subsequent section and timed excellently. Zendesk's About page goes to display how productive motion effects can be for brand storytelling. 

Zendesk presents itself as a real conversation starter. It opens the conversation by sharing what the work culture is like, bearing a community-oriented vibe. Finally, they start talking about numbers, such as how many paid user accounts they have and where their users are situated. 

9. Drift

Drift‘s About Us page's uniqueness, and creativity make their design work stand out on various fronts.

Drift's varied Proxima Nova font family usage achieves a level of simplicity that stays entertaining thanks to the varying font weights used throughout. This is also true for their brand representation; only real images are used throughout their branding

Throughout the page, the language and design details carry positivity and an upbeat vibe.

10. 500px

500px is for photographers, so by default, its about us page is packed with stunning pictures that do all the talking. After a brief introduction, 500px keeps its written content to a minimum. 

Instead, 500px has a visual timeline flaunting its brand's evolution and highlighting significant updates and milestones that have profited its users. 

This page also does an exceptional job of presenting “next steps” for users by adding links to their latest blogs at the bottom. 

11. Apptopia

Usually, About Us Page is all about letting people know what does the company do, how they work, who will getting in touch with you. All this is what Apptopia does on their about us page.

Not a single point is skipped by the startup company on their About Us page. The alignment of each module and white spacing makes the page look simple and appealing. The balance maintained between the images and text is commendable. Short and engaging sentences completely explains the product which further makes the page productive. 

12. Yokel Local

Another About US page that is coming in the spotlight of people is Yokel Local. In their About Us page, the company has listed story, culture, mission, clients and the tea behind their success. The color combination used in the entire page is what makes the page attractive. The images of the team added in the about us are clear and attractive. 

13. Doomtree

Expressing the ideas and concepts in an innovative way is what we all need to learn from Doomtree. Basically Doomtree is not a band, its a crew who come together and create music. Not just about their work, people also know them for their website. 

Look at their About Us page. Bold photos of each crew member, engaging and informative content, Placement of buttons, icons and CTA's, color scheme is added on the page professionally. Moreover, the way they have showcased their work is also effective

14. LoveBug Probiotics

Another About Us page example that you can refer to while designing your website About Us page is LoveBug Probiotics. This colorful and exciting About Us pager clearly showcase all the points that the team wants to showcase.

Combination of blue and white color makes the website more appealing to the visitors eyes. Addition of video is another good way to educate people and capture attention. Each module of the About Us page is designed in such a way that it leads to a non-confusing page for the audience. 

15. Joe Patton

Its very easy to showcase the group of 15 people and explain company's vision and mission, but creating a personal About Us page is what makes the real difference. In this example, you can see how the site owner added animation elements in the website and showcased the information with the audience.

Through Joe Patton page, the owner of the site not only explains what he do, but also they will get to know why it is being done. The level of creativity and professionalism shown in this example is excellent. 

16. Chattanooga Renaissance fund 

The way Chattanooga Renaissance fund About Us page is designed clearly showcase that their objective is not only to capture the audience attention, but also to educate them. Look at the top part of the page, the image of Chattanooga area added aims to capture the attention of Tennessee entrepreneurs. After that, the historical content, team images and other informative content help readers to reason behind this website

17. Madison Butler 

If you are looking for another About Us page, that can help you to demonstrate the website's mission in simple and engaging way, then you should surely refer to Madison Butler About Us page example.

The engaging headline with which the page begins that is “I'm here to ensure organizations know how to make space for everyone” makes the page more rocking. It emphasizes the people to stay on the page and read further. Also, the personalized images added to the About Us page also adds value to the page. 

18. LeadG2

The primary objective of every About Us page is to let visitors know about their website just like LeadG2 did. Look at the way they explained about themselves and how they are different from others. The addition of team pictures also give a boost to the page design. Explanation of culture and certifications also captures the audience attention and inspires them to build a strong connection. 

19. Marion 

Do you love playing with colors? If yes, then you can refer to the Marion About Us page. The usage of different colors attracts the visitors. The addition of work and awards give audience the confidence to start communicating with them

20. Tesla

Tesla’s ‘About Us’ page is a great example of how to tell your story in an engaging and interesting way. The company starts by talking about their mission, which is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. They then go on to explain their history, how their products are made and the impact that they’re having on the world.

The page also includes a range of inspiring quotes from the company’s founder, Elon Musk, as well as images and videos that help to illustrate their story. 

21. Airbnb

One of the most popular ‘About Us’ page examples is from Airbnb. Airbnb’s page is designed to be fun and inviting, with a bright and cheerful color palette. Their page also includes a great ‘Airbnb Story’ section, which tells the story of how the company was founded. They also feature some great visuals and videos, which help to bring the page to life.

The page also includes a range of inspiring quotes from the company’s founders, as well as images that help to illustrate their story. 

22. Spotify

Spotify’s ‘About Us’ page is another great example of how to tell a story in an engaging and interesting way. The company starts by talking about its mission, which is to give people access to all the music they love. They then go on to explain their history, how their products are made and the impact that they’re having on the world.

The page also includes a range of inspiring quotes from the company’s founders, as well as images that help to illustrate their story. 

Wrapping Up

Writing an About Us page doesn't need to be complicated. As long as you mention all the essential components, such as your brand story, accomplishments, mission, and values, you're all set. 

There you go, peeps. These were some of our favourite “About Us” landing page examples. Do you have some inspiration to add a breath of fresh air to your website? However, are you not too convinced about your design skills? Well, get in touch with us now, and we shall handle it for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To create a compelling About Us page:
1. Start with a brief mission statement
2. Share your company's history and achievements
3. Introduce key team members
4. Highlight what makes your brand unique
5. Include visuals
6. Keep it concise and engaging
7. Encourage visitor engagement
8. Ensure accuracy and regular updates

A good About Us page should include:

  1. Clear identity and mission
  2. Engaging storytelling
  3. Team introduction
  4. Unique selling points
  5. Visual appeal
  6. Concise and accessible content
  7. Effective calls to action
  8. Credibility and trust-building elements
  9. Contact information
  10. Regular updates

The About Us page is typically called “About Us,” but it may also be referred to as “Our Story,” “Company Profile,” or “Who We Are.”

Yes, having an About Us page is important because of it:

  1. Builds trust
  2. Connects with customers
  3. Highlights expertise
  4. Differentiates from competitors
  5. Encourages engagement
  6. Improves SEO
  7. Meets user expectations