Imagine someone telling you about the brand you love in a dull way that forcefully makes you yawn! 

Will you be able to survive at that moment by not feeling angry at all?

I hope the answer would be a straight No because who would feel happy to be in such a situation?

How about receiving a chance to watch eye-catching visuals of that brand? We bet no one will miss such an opportunity. Today, we are here to make you feel elated by watching the best 10 corporate video examples that will get permanently stuck in your mind. 

If you think what a corporate video is, then let us tell you it is nothing else but a short film. It lets you understand the company's values, products or services, and overall branding. 

Let's not talk much and scroll down to watch the videos that will inspire you. 

11 Best Corporate Video Examples

1. Spotify 

Prepare to be wowed by “Spotify Premium,” an animated corporate video that redefines the art of marketing through animation. In our great corporate video examples list, Spotify secures a spot, demonstrating how animation can powerfully convey a company's brand and values.

After watching this, the viewers will definitely say, ‘WOW'! Know why.

  • The video starts with a striking Spotify logo animation, instantly capturing the viewer's attention. It sets the stage for a visual journey like no other.
  • The animation is a masterpiece of detail and visual appeal. Its vibrant and modern colour palette breathes life into every frame, creating an eye-catching and memorable visual experience.
  • The video adeptly communicates abstract concepts like music discovery and curation through animation. It simplifies these ideas, making them visually interesting and easily digestible.
  • Every frame of the video reflects Spotify's core values and commitment to innovation, establishing it as a market leader and trendsetter.
  • As promised, this video leaves viewers saying ‘WOW' as it effortlessly blends creativity, technology, and marketing prowess into a captivating narrative.

What sets this video apart

We won't make it lengthy because what makes it stand out are its mesmerizing visuals. Anyone who watches this relaxing video will feel relaxed. It's unnecessary for corporate videos to be professionally lengthy; keeping this in mind, Spotify did well.

2. Slack

If you're seeking inspiration on how a messaging app can present itself exceptionally, watching this corporate video is a fantastic choice among great examples.

The video effectively highlights the company culture by showcasing key features of the Slack platform. These features include creating channels for various teams and projects, seamless file and message sharing, and seamless integration with other apps and tools.

  • The 2D animated video by Slack stands out as an excellent marketing tool, offering solutions to its target audience both in animation and marketing.
  • This animation operates in a two-dimensional space, effectively presenting the features of the Slack messaging app. It showcases how Slack simplifies work processes, particularly for corporate users.
  • From a marketing perspective, the Slack video is a true masterpiece. Instead of being overly promotional, it aims to inform and educate the viewer.
  • The video adopts a friendly and welcoming tone, creating a community where communication and collaboration are valued. It makes viewers feel like they're part of something bigger.

What sets this video apart

The main concept that sets it apart is promoting the app without creating a direct promotional video. Every business trying to create an effective marketing video can consider this a tip.

3. Apple

“Every Product Carbon Neutral by 2030 | Apple” is one of our best corporate animated videos, highlighting Apple's commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

  • Apple, a renowned luxury gadget brand, takes centre stage in this compelling animated video. It emphasizes that even though it's placed last on our list, it's certainly not the least. The video effectively showcases how animation can be harnessed to convey a company's brand identity and message in a simple yet unforgettable manner.
  • Apple's video takes a minimalistic approach, unlike many other corporate animated videos that use characters and bright colours to add flair. It relies on colour variations, text, and a captivating voiceover to deliver its message. This minimalism is a powerful reminder that effective storytelling doesn't always require elaborate animations or characters.
  • The video communicates Apple's significant pledge to make every product carbon-neutral by 2030. It emphasizes the company's dedication to environmental sustainability, positioning Apple as a leader in this critical area.

What sets this video apart

This video is special because it keeps things simple. It doesn't use fancy characters or too many decorations. Instead, it shows that being simple can work really well in getting a message across.

The video talks about how Apple wants to help the environment by making its products more eco-friendly. This makes Apple look good because it shows they care about the planet.

Overall, this video is a great example of how animation can make complicated ideas easy to understand. It also shows that Apple is serious about being a responsible company.

4. Starbucks

Starbucks is famous for its coffee, right?

But what if we say, apart from its taste, today you'll experience its journey through this amazingly animated corporate video.

Wait for nothing, and watch the video now.

  • This video delves into the essence of coffee, highlighting how each cup holds a world of magic and flavour waiting to be discovered.
  • It showcases Starbucks' unwavering dedication to delivering the purest form of coffee to its customers, ensuring every sip is an unforgettable experience.
  • The video aims to tempt those who haven't yet experienced the Starbucks family, inviting them to join this journey of coffee exploration.
  • Through captivating animation, it takes viewers on a visual journey that mirrors the artistry and craftsmanship that goes into each cup of Starbucks coffee.
  • The strategic use of coffee blends and Starbucks' iconic colours in the animation creates an aura that immerses viewers in the world of coffee, making it a truly engaging experience.

What sets this video apart

The strategic use of animation and Starbucks' brand colours seems to be an evolution of coffee and brand. It creates a visually captivating and immersive experience that distinguishes this video as a standout corporate storytelling example.

5. Dover

The Dover animated corporate video is a compelling addition to the realm of corporate promotional videos, leveraging the power of animation to convey complex concepts and solutions essential for effective talent acquisition within your organization.

  • This video simplifies the complexities associated with recruitment by using animation to elucidate the challenges recruiters face.
  • Starting with an attention-grabbing animation, the video effectively progresses to illustrate how the Dover tool emerges as the ultimate solution to conquer these recruitment challenges, captivating the audience's attention from start to finish.
  • From a marketing perspective, this video masterfully positions Dover as an industry leader, strategically highlighting the company's core strengths and areas of expertise. It showcases how Dover can simplify the task.

What sets this video apart

What distinguishes this corporate video is its ability to blend captivating animation with a coherent narrative and clear voiceover in a short duration.

This combination of engaging storytelling and informative content sets it apart as a standout example in corporate promotional videos, making it visually compelling and intellectually satisfying for its audience.

6. MMC

The MMC animated video is an exemplary demonstration of how animation can serve as a powerful tool for conveying a company's core values and message in a straightforward and captivating manner.

  • The MMC animated video showcases an informative and engaging technique, illustrating how animation can effectively communicate a company's values and message.
  • A standout feature of this video is its seamless combination of 2D and 3D animation, creating a truly memorable viewing experience. This innovative approach distinguishes it as a noteworthy example in the realm of 3D animation videos.
  • The animation within the video is characterized by its high level of detail and intricacy. It strongly emphasises texture and depth, resulting in a visual presentation that sets it apart from competitors in terms of visual quality.

What sets this video apart

This corporate video's ability to blend of 2D and 3D animation expertly makes it stand out. This harmonious combination effectively engages the audience and conveys the company's values and message.

Furthermore, the animation's meticulous attention to detail, texture, and depth elevates its visual appeal, making it a distinctive example in 3D animation videos.

7. Microsoft

The “Microsoft: Designed with Love” corporate video provides an informative and compelling window into Microsoft's design philosophy and modern features. Moreover, the video successfully highlights Microsoft's commitment to innovation and technology, underscoring its position as an industry leader.

  • This video offers a comprehensive overview of Microsoft's design principles and modern technological advancements, making it a valuable resource for anyone interested in understanding Microsoft's innovation.
  • A standout feature of this video is its reliance on textless visual storytelling. It skillfully conveys complex ideas and messages through visuals alone, exemplifying Microsoft's commitment to innovation in its products and communication strategies.
  • The video effectively showcases Microsoft's cutting-edge products and services, providing viewers with a firsthand look at the technology giant's contributions to the industry. This serves to position Microsoft as a leader in the technology sector.

What sets this video apart

What truly sets this corporate video apart is its innovative approach to storytelling. It engages a global audience without language barriers by relying on visuals rather than text. Thus making it accessible and compelling to viewers from diverse backgrounds.

This textless visual storytelling approach distinguishes it from other corporate videos and reinforces Microsoft's dedication to cutting-edge communication strategies in addition to its products and services.

8. Volkswagen 

“The Place You Want to Be | Volkswagen” is a captivating corporate video that showcases how animation has become a universal medium, even in the automotive industry. It showcases Volkswagen's willingness to explore innovative and entertaining ways to connect with its audience, making it a standout example in the automotive sector.

  • Volkswagen, a renowned name in the car manufacturing industry, takes a bold and imaginative approach in this video by anthropomorphizing its cars, reminiscent of the popular movie ‘Cars.' This creative storytelling strategy sets it apart from traditional car commercials.
  • The video utilizes relatable animation to highlight the quality, features, and luxury of Volkswagen cars. Humanizing their vehicles creates a connection between viewers and the brand, making consumers more inclined to welcome Volkswagen into their lives.
  • Volkswagen chooses the path of fun and relatability instead of a purely technical or feature-driven approach. This marketing decision enhances the appeal of their cars by making them more approachable and enjoyable.

What sets this video apart

This corporate video's imaginative use of animation in the automotive industry distinguishes it. By transforming cars into relatable characters, it breaks away from conventional car commercials, making it more memorable and emotionally resonant.

This approach aligns with the brand's values of quality and luxury while infusing fun, setting it apart as a creative and effective marketing choice.

9. WWF

The “Less Noise, More Life, Bowhead Whales” corporate video by WWF takes a unique approach to environmental conservation, showcasing an X factor that brings attention to a pressing issue.

  • While WWF is known for its commitment to environmental conservation, this video introduces an unconventional angle. It educates viewers about the detrimental impact of marine traffic on the Bowhead Whale population, shedding light on a lesser-known but critical issue.
  • The video employs creative animation techniques, using colourful shapes and graphic icons as the X factor. This approach effectively conveys the message of saving Bowhead Whales by reducing human activities, making the content visually engaging and memorable.
  • By focusing on the importance of limiting human activities to protect marine life, the video underscores each individual and society's responsibility to preserve our natural world. It serves as a call to action to make responsible environmental choices.

What sets this video apart

The incorporation of colourful shapes and graphic icons not only makes the video visually appealing but also aids in simplifying complex concepts, making it accessible to a wide audience.

Moreover, the video's ability to raise awareness about the impact of marine traffic on Bowhead Whales highlights WWF's dedication to exploring unique and creative ways to convey its conservation message. This creative approach makes it a standout example in the realm of environmental advocacy videos.

10. American Express

The “American Express Animated Video” is an exemplary corporate video that employs a unique marketing strategy, showcasing the innovative approach that American Express takes to communicate with its audience.

  • One of the standout features of this video is its strong emphasis on inclusivity and diversity. It communicates American Express's commitment to fostering a more equitable and inclusive financial system. This aligns the company with principles of social responsibility and corporate citizenship.
  • The video creatively utilizes animation to convey its message, making it visually engaging and memorable. The animation captures the essence of American Express's mission and values, making it accessible to a wide and diverse audience.
  • The video leverages compelling storytelling techniques to inform and inspire viewers. It tells a narrative that connects with viewers emotionally, effectively conveying the importance of inclusivity and diversity in the financial industry.

What sets this video apart

The creative use of animation and compelling storytelling further elevate the video, making it a standout example of corporate animation. It serves as a testament to American Express's commitment to positively impacting society and communicating that commitment effectively through innovative marketing strategies.

Set foot in Corporate video production with the great examples

In conclusion, corporate videos have become essential for companies looking to engage with their target audience and grow their businesses. The examples highlighted in this blog demonstrate how effective corporate videos can achieve these goals.

From highlighting company values to showcasing product features, these videos can help build brand awareness, educate consumers, and inspire employees.

The key takeaway from these examples is that a successful corporate video needs to be well-planned and executed, with a clear message and engaging visuals. Whether through animation, storytelling, or interviews, the video should speak directly to the target audience and convey the desired message effectively.

By taking inspiration from these examples, companies can create engaging and inspiring corporate videos that will help drive professional growth and connect with their audiences meaningfully. With the right approach and a commitment to quality, a corporate video can be a powerful tool for any business looking to stand out in today's competitive marketplace.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A corporate video is a video that includes a clear message and reflects the company's values, products or services, and overall branding. It should introduce the company's history, team, and mission statement to showcase its strengths, competitive advantages, and success stories.

The corporate video includes several types of videos, such as brand, product demo, explainer, training, testimonial, event highlight, and social media. Each type serves a different purpose and targets a specific audience. Brand videos focus on the company brand and values. Training videos help employees or customers learn a new skill or technique. Explainer videos provide an in-depth explanation of complex topics or processes. 

To make a corporate video, you need to start by defining your target audience, the message you want to convey, and the purpose of the video. Then, you should write a script and storyboard, select the appropriate video equipment, and gather the necessary resources. During the shooting and editing process, you should keep your target audience's preferences in mind and ensure the video is engaging and informative. Finally, you should optimize the video for distribution on your website, social media platforms, and other relevant channels.

Corporate videos can help businesses achieve various goals, such as increasing brand awareness, establishing credibility, boosting sales, and improving customer engagement. They can also improve internal communication, training, and education by providing employees with valuable information and resources. Additionally, they can increase website traffic and search engine rankings and generate social media buzz and user-generated content.