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4.9 (Based on 600+ Reviews)

Amplify Your Brand with Testimonials!

Showcase real customer experiences in dynamic videos that grab attention and drive results.

Turn your satisfied customers into a powerful marketing force with webdew's testimonial mashup services. We help you curate and combine genuine testimonials into impactful videos that build trust and credibility for your brand. Stand out in the market, improve conversion rates, and strengthen brand loyalty with our tailored testimonial video solutions.


  • Increased Trust: Let customers speak, boosting trust with potential buyers.
  • More Conversions: Powerful testimonials convert viewers into customers.
  • Stronger Brand: Positive stories enhance your image and credibility.
  • Versatile Tool: Use it everywhere – on the website, social media, and email.
  • Cost-Effective: Get multiple testimonials' impact in one video.

Creating a Testimonial Mashup video involves a seamless, collaborative process:

  • Project Kick-Off: We dive into your goals, target audience, and competitors.
  • Content curation: We'll need Full HD video recordings or HD images you want to include in the mashup video.
  • Video Production: Ensuring smooth transitions and polished visuals using industry-standard software.
  • Sound Design & Music: Adding appropriate background music and sound effects.
  • Video Editing & Compilation: Combining all video footage, UI, and Non-UI elements into a polished video.

When you choose webdew, you receive:

  • One Testimonial Mashup Video: Delivered in .mp4 format, full HD resolution.
  • Project Files: Access to all project files.

Video Elements

Our Testimonial Mashup videos may include:

  • UI Recording: Dynamic recordings of your product's user interface to highlight functionality and user experience.
  • Testimonial Footage: Authentic customer testimonials showcasing real experiences and success stories.
  • Animated Icons: Custom icons to visually represent key points and enhance the video's visual appeal.
  • Kinetic Typography: Dynamic text animations to emphasize important messages and quotes
  • Stock Footage: Relevant pre-existing footage to complement and enhance the testimonial narratives.
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Starting from $200

Start your project with a custom quote designed to fit your needs!

  • Quick and easy quote process
  • No-obligation, transparent pricing
  • Customized to your project requirements

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What Our Clients Say

Hear why our clients love our videos and the results they’ve achieved.

Matt Kay

Co-founder, Talem AI

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Chehak on a video demo project, and I was thoroughly impressed with her services.”


Marketing Team, POLTI

“We hired webdew to work on a video based on a new entomology study on bed bug management. I want to start by saying that the whole experience working with webdew was very pleasant.”

Veronica Bishop

Content Writer, Bishop Content Studio

“We worked with Chehak over the past several months to create a series of animated videos for an academic planner that we produce. And from the very beginning, she was absolutely professional and a pleasure to work with.”


Growth Lead, Ease Healthcare

“We recently worked with webdew to create an animated video that helps us establish brand awareness in a new market that we recently entered.”


Marketing Director, Ageras

“Hi, my name is Carol, and I'm the marketing director for Ageras. Recently, we needed an animated explainer video for our website, so we partnered with webdew to create one for us.”

Sam Brower

Account Manager, Launch Team, Inc.

“Hi, my name is Sam Brower, and I'm an Account Manager with Launch Team, Inc. We recently partnered with the webdew team to complete an animated video for a client.”


Testimonial Mashup Videos are dynamic compilations of multiple customer testimonials, edited together to create a cohesive and engaging video that showcases the positive experiences of your audience

The ideal video length depends on several factors, including the number of testimonials, the content, and the video's purpose. Generally, keeping it concise is key, with a typical range of 1-3 minutes.

Absolutely! webdew offers customization to align the video with your brand's style, incorporating your brand colors, logo, and typography for a consistent visual experience.

webdew can help you gather testimonials! We offer guidance on reaching satisfied customers and requesting video testimonials of their experiences. We then curate and select the most impactful testimonials for your video.

These videos showcase real customer stories, fostering stronger relationships. By highlighting positive experiences, they reassure and strengthen trust with your audience, making them feel valued.

The standard turnaround time for a Testimonial Mashup Video is 10-14 business days.

Our Team is Your Team

Your goals are our goals. Work with our talented team to produce compelling explainer videos that engage and convert your audience.

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