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Website Migration


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Fast and Secure Website Migration Services

Keep your business running smoothly with less downtime. Our website migration services are here to help you.

Migrating your website doesn't have to be a headache. At webdew, we've perfected the art of seamless transitions. We ensure your website migrates smoothly and securely, resulting in zero downtime. Our team of experts understands the intricacies of moving platforms, switching hosts, or consolidating multiple sites. We handle the technical heavy lifting so you can focus on your business.


  • Zero Downtime Guarantee: We meticulously plan and execute your migration, ensuring your website remains accessible to visitors throughout the process.
  • Complete Data Preservation: Your content, design, and SEO value are safe in our hands. We transfer everything seamlessly to your new platform or host.
  • Technical Expertise: Our experienced team handles the complexities of DNS changes, database migrations, and platform-specific configurations.
  • Performance Optimization: We don't just move your site; we optimize it for speed and performance on your new platform, ensuring a great user experience.
  • Ongoing Support: Our commitment doesn't end with the migration. We consider your feedback to address any issues and ensure your site continues to thrive.

We will ensure you don’t face excessive downtime during the migration. Here’s the process we will follow:

  • Discovery & Planning: We start with a detailed consultation to understand your specific needs, goals, and any concerns you may have. This helps us create a tailored migration plan for your site.
  • Technical Assessment: Our experts comprehensively audit your existing website, identifying potential challenges and ensuring a seamless transfer of all data and functionality.
  • Content and SEO Migration: We meticulously transfer your website's content, images, and SEO elements, preserving your search engine rankings and ensuring a smooth user experience.
  • Thorough Testing: We conduct rigorous testing on a staging environment to ensure that all links, functionalities, and design elements work flawlessly before going live.
  • Seamless Go-Live: Once everything is perfect, we execute the migration during a pre-scheduled timeframe, minimizing downtime and ensuring a seamless transition for your visitors.

When you choose webdew for your website migration, you're not just getting a technical service; you're investing in a customized solution designed to maximize your online presence. Here's what we deliver:

  • A Seamlessly Migrated Website: Your new site will be a perfect replica of your old one, with all content, design, and functionality intact.
  • Improved Site Performance: We'll optimize your site for speed and efficiency on the new platform, ensuring a fast and smooth user experience.
  • Preserved SEO Value: Your search engine rankings and organic traffic will be protected during the migration, ensuring your visibility remains strong.
  • Comprehensive Testing & Quality Assurance: We leave no room for error. Rigorous testing ensures your new site works flawlessly before it goes live.
  • Detailed Migration Report: You'll receive a comprehensive report outlining the migration process, results, and any recommendations for further optimization.
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Start your project with a custom quote designed to fit your needs!

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What Our Clients Say

Hear why our clients love our website services and the results they’ve achieved.


Senior Manager, Paystone

“We contracted webdew to build our new website. And let me tell you, they did a fantastic job. They were very efficient, they had great attention to details.”

Nishtha Maheswari

CEO, Pinkpowerco

“We worked with webdew to help us build our HubSpot website and they did an amazing job with it. They were very quick.”

Conrad T. Walz

Vice President, Clinical Operations

“Recently we reached out to Webdew for a website inside of HubSpot and they also did some mocking automation for us. They were a great company easy to work with”

Megan Walker

Owner & Director, Market Savvy

“I very happily provide this testimonial for the recent work that Aman has done from Webdew for my website. Where I first was wanting to find a developer offshore.”

Uday Jose

Managing Director, Enate India

“Webdew team was quite honest and quite easy to work with in terms of taking feedback implementing it, showing that it doesn’t happen again and things like making sure that it meets our expectations.”


At webdew, we prioritize minimizing downtime. We plan and execute migrations during off-peak hours and use techniques like DNS pre-warming to ensure a seamless transition. Our goal is zero downtime for your website.

We take SEO very seriously. Our team follows best practices to preserve your search engine rankings during the migration. We meticulously transfer all metadata, redirects, and other SEO elements to ensure your website maintains its visibility in search results.

The duration of a website migration depends on the complexity of your site, the platforms involved, and the specific customizations required. We'll provide a detailed timeline during the planning phase, so you know what to expect. On average, most migrations take a few days to a couple of weeks.

Transparency is importantYes! We offer post-migration support to address any issues that may arise and ensure your website functions optimally on the new platform. We will be available to answer questions and provide assistance. to us. We'll provide regular updates on the project's progress, share milestones, and give you access to a project management tool where you can track tasks and deadlines.

We're a full-service digital agency, so we can definitely help with that! We offer website redesign, content optimization, custom development, and other services to enhance your online presence alongside migration.

Our Team is Your Team

Your goals are our goals. Work with our talented team to produce compelling explainer videos that engage and convert your audience.

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