Have you ever considered why your mind automatically leans toward watching an animated video?

The answer is simple – creativity makes you see even a not-so-interesting video until the end. 2D animation is one member of this huge animation family that creates a curiosity to watch the video till the end and even again.

Its X factor of colourful visuals, animated characters, paper-cutting technique, storyline, and whatnot changes your perspective of grasping the information it is aimed to provide.

And after watching such an exciting video, you will say, ‘Oh, why didn't I see this before.' The magic of 2D animation connects all the wires in your mind to let you respond like you never did. (Obviously, in a positive tone, Hahahahha!)

And, and, and today, we are not here to deliver a lecture on this type of animation but to make you meet the 11 mesmerizing 2D Animation Video Examples.

P.S. – We will accept your ‘thankyou' only after you watch all of them. So, let us go!

Go through the list of the best 11 2D Animation Video Examples 

1. Honda “Paper”

The “Honda “Paper” 2D animation video is a remarkable work, earning recognition with an Emmy Award nomination and establishing itself as one of the finest examples of animated storytelling. It masterfully illustrates the evolution of Honda's engineering and innovation through an imaginative concept.

  • The video shines because of its incredibly creative concept. It artfully traces the journey of Honda's engineering and innovation over time, making it a captivating and informative piece for viewers.
  • An outstanding feature of this video is its use of 2D animation and paper-crafting techniques. It tells a story without relying on dialogue, conveying its message through visuals and sound effects. This unconventional approach grants the video a unique and endearing aesthetic, setting it apart from typical automotive advertisements.
  • The detail and craftsmanship invested in creating the paper world showcased in the video is awe-inspiring. Each scene is meticulously crafted to resemble a real-life diorama with miniature cars, landscapes, and even a working engine. This attention to detail adds to the video's charm and helped it garner accolades, including a Cannes Lion and a Clio Award.

What sets this video apart

By relying solely on visuals and sound effects to narrate its tale, it breaks free from the need for spoken language. This choice enhances its accessibility to a global audience, making it universally relatable.

Moreover, the extraordinary craftsmanship evident in every scene adds depth and authenticity to the paper world, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

The video's ability to convey a complex message through a unique and visually striking medium sets it apart as a masterpiece of animated storytelling and a standout example in automotive advertising.

2. Swiggy 

The “Swiggy Commercial | 2D Animation | ToonPandas” is a vibrant and dynamic 2D animation video that immediately captivates the audience's attention. It effectively aligns with the Swiggy brand and its food delivery service.

  • The video uses a dynamic and captivating animation style that immediately grabs the viewer's attention. The animation is visually engaging and perfectly complements the Swiggy brand and food delivery service.
  • This video conveys the advantages of using Swiggy's food delivery service engagingly. The script is well-written and infused with humour, making it informative and enjoyable to watch and share. The visuals seamlessly reinforce the narrative, enhancing the viewer's understanding of the convenience and speed offered by Swiggy.
  • From a marketing perspective, this animation promotes the Swiggy brand and its services. Rather than being a straightforward promotional or sales pitch, it provides an entertaining and relatable experience for the viewer. It successfully captures the essence of Swiggy's service while entertaining the audience.

What sets this video apart

It adheres to the Swiggy brand identity and entertains and informs the audience simultaneously. The infusion of humour into the script adds an enjoyable dimension to the content, making it highly shareable.

Moreover, the video promotes the brand and its services without appearing overly promotional, ensuring it remains relatable to viewers.

This video's ability to seamlessly convey the benefits of Swiggy's food delivery service in an engaging and entertaining manner positions it as a standout example in the world of marketing and brand promotion.

3. McDonald's – Drive Thru Car Free Day 

The McDonald's “Drive Thru Car Free Day” 2D animated video stands as a testament to stylish animation that leaves a lasting impact on the McDonald's brand. With its vibrant colours and simple character designs, the video effectively engages viewers of all ages.

  • This video exemplifies stylish 2D animation, creating a memorable impression for the McDonald's brand. Its bold, bright colours and uncomplicated character designs add relatability and captivation to a diverse audience.
  • The video's central message revolves around promoting car-free travel to McDonald's. Through this, the brand effectively communicates its dedication to reducing carbon emissions and contributing to environmental preservation. This aligns with growing societal concerns about environmental responsibility.
  • The video was primarily designed to promote World Car-Free Day. It ingeniously connects societal responsibility and the brand's image in a captivating manner. By participating in this global initiative, McDonald's portrays itself as a socially responsible company, positively influencing its brand perception.

What sets this video apart

It employs out-of-the-box animation with quirky concepts and colours to convey the importance of car-free travel, aligning with environmental concerns. Moreover, the video's promotion of World Car-Free Day positions

McDonald's as a socially conscious and responsible brand, resonating with an audience that values environmental stewardship.

The video's capacity to convey a meaningful message while maintaining visual appeal is a prime example of animation's power to engage and inspire.

4. CoronaVirus

The Ted-Ed production, “What is a Coronavirus? – Elizabeth Cox,” is a valuable and engaging 2D animation video that effectively educates viewers about the science and facts surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. It clearly and concisely explains the virus, its transmission, and preventive measures.

  • The video stands out for its ability to present complex scientific information clearly and straightforwardly. It explains what the coronavirus is, how it spreads, and the precautions to prevent transmission using language that is easy to understand, making it accessible to a wide audience.
  • An impressive feature of the video is its incorporation of visual aids and 2D animation to illustrate complex scientific concepts. These visual elements enhance comprehension and engage the audience, making the content more digestible and memorable.
  • Given its focus on the COVID-19 pandemic, the video addresses a highly relevant and globally significant topic. It provides valuable information that can benefit educators, students, and the general public during a time when understanding the virus and its prevention is crucial.

What sets this video apart

It bridges the gap between intricate knowledge and general comprehension by offering clear and concise explanations.

Furthermore, the timely and relevant nature of the content makes it a valuable educational resource suitable for a diverse audience.

The combination of accessible language, engaging visuals, and a focus on a critical global issue positions this video as an effective and standout educational tool in pandemic communication and scientific education.

5. HubSpot CMS

The HubSpot CMS 2D explainer video is a captivating blend of animation and marketing prowess. It effectively communicates the value of HubSpot CMS while engaging viewers with its creative animation.

  • The video employs colourful and professional 2D animation that instantly grabs the viewer's attention. Its visually appealing and engaging design adds a fun and playful element to the content, establishing a positive connection between the brand and the audience.
  • One of the video's strengths is its ability to convey the key features and benefits of HubSpot CMS clearly and concisely. The well-written script is easy to follow, making it accessible to experienced users and newcomers. The visuals complement the narrative, enhancing the viewer's understanding of the product's core advantages.
  • From a marketing perspective, the video balances promoting the product and delivering informative content. It maintains a light and enjoyable tone, avoiding an overly promotional style. Instead, it offers an educational and engaging experience, making it more relatable to the viewer.

What sets this video apart

It captures the essence of HubSpot CMS while maintaining a fun and engaging tone. This balance between entertainment and information makes it more memorable and relatable for the audience.

It successfully promotes the product without overwhelming the viewer with overt advertising, resulting in an enjoyable and educational viewing experience.

This video's ability to effectively convey complex information in a visually appealing and approachable way positions it as a standout example in marketing and product promotion.

6. Freighty

The “Freighty – Explainer Video” is an exemplary 2D animation video that effectively conveys information and creates a positive and well-crafted brand association.

This video's success lies in its ability to convey comprehensive information while maintaining viewer engagement and ensuring a positive brand impression, setting it apart as an exceptional example in the realm of B2B marketing and explainer videos.

  • The animation style chosen for this video sets it apart as one of the great B2B video examples. It skillfully establishes a positive association between the brand and its product through well-crafted visuals.
  • The video explains the features and advantages of Freighty's logistics management software. It showcases how businesses can deliver specific information user-friendly, catering to logistics industry professionals and general viewers.
  • The visuals use brand colours in the video to harmoniously complement the narrative, enhancing the viewer's understanding of the software's benefits. The visual storytelling adds depth and clarity to the message, making it easier for the audience to grasp the software's advantages.

What sets this video apart

This video has two standout features – a well-written script and the flawless use of the band colours.

The script is comprehensive and clear, making it accessible to a diverse audience. It effectively conveys the value of the software while maintaining a professional tone.

The colours hold the viewers' attention and make it relatable to the brand.

7. Slack

The “Work, simplified. | Slack” 2D animated video serves as an exemplary video marketing tool that effectively addresses the needs of its target audience, combining animation and marketing strategies.

  • This video delivers a powerful impact through 2D animation that enhances the video's storyline with no voiceover. It offers an in-depth exploration of the Slack messaging app, showcasing how it simplifies work processes, particularly for corporate users.
  • From a marketing perspective, the Slack video stands out as a masterpiece. It avoids excessive self-promotion, instead focusing on providing viewers with valuable information and education. The video adopts a friendly and inviting tone, fostering a sense of community among the audience. It effectively communicates the values of communication and collaboration, which are central to the Slack platform.

What sets this video apart

The harmonious blend of animation and marketing sets this 2D animated video apart. It skillfully conveys the essence of Slack by illustrating and creating a self-explanatory narrative that includes visuals with appropriate sounds, effectively showcasing its features and benefits through animation.

8. 2D animation video for business

The “2D Animation for Business – Corporate Video Presentation” is a testament to the versatility of custom 2D animation tailored to reflect a brand's personality and message. This animation format simplifies complex ideas and creates a memorable and engaging experience for viewers.

  • The video employs a custom 2D animated format, featuring animated objects and characters uniquely designed to align with the brand's personality and message. This customized approach adds a personalized touch, making the content more relatable and distinctive.
  • Through 2D animation, the video effectively simplifies complex ideas and concepts, ensuring that the audience easily comprehends the message. This approach enhances the viewer's understanding and retention of the content, making it memorable.
  • An essential point is that 2D animation is generally more cost-effective than 3D animation. This factor makes the video a practical and accessible option for businesses, particularly those with limited budgets. It demonstrates that quality animation doesn't necessarily require a substantial financial investment.

What sets this video apart

Tailoring the animation to align with the brand's identity creates a unique and engaging viewer experience. The video's ability to simplify complex information through 2D animation also sets it apart, ensuring the message resonates effectively with the audience.

Moreover, its cost-effective nature makes it a practical choice for businesses seeking to leverage the power of animation without breaking the bank. This video's fusion of customization, simplicity, and affordability positions it as an excellent example in the realm of corporate video presentations.

9. Google Cloud – Navigating AI

The “Google Cloud – Navigating AI” 2D animated video is a prime example of how to effectively convey intricate concepts related to artificial intelligence in an intuitive and engaging manner.

The video reinforces the narrative through its visuals and graphics, elucidating the advantages of Google Cloud's AI capabilities.

  • The video excels in providing an intuitive explanation of complex AI concepts. It makes AI accessible to a broad audience by breaking intricate ideas into easily digestible visual representations. This approach aids in demystifying AI technology, making it comprehensible and engaging.
  • The visuals and graphics used in the video play a pivotal role in enhancing the viewer's understanding of Google Cloud's AI capabilities. These visual elements are beyond mere decoration; they serve as illustrative tools that reinforce the message, making it more relatable and memorable.
  • The video positively associates the viewer with the Google Cloud brand through its compelling visual storytelling. It accomplishes this by demonstrating the practical applications of AI, increasing the likelihood of potential customers considering Google Cloud's AI services.

What sets this video apart

What sets the “Google Cloud – Navigating AI” 2D animated video apart is its capability to make complex AI concepts accessible to a wide audience. It does so by utilizing clear and intuitive visual explanations.

It showed the game of visuals, energetic music, and no voiceover that attracted viewers through its bright colours.

10. Prophesee

The Prophesee 2D animated explainer video is an exemplary piece of content that effectively utilizes animation to illustrate how individuals or companies can enhance employee productivity and achieve success.

  • The video employs animated characters to represent making employees' jobs more productive and attainable. Incorporating relatable characters simplifies complex ideas and adds a human touch to the content, making it more engaging and accessible.
  • An outstanding feature of this video is its use of abstract shapes, patterns, and vibrant visuals. These elements and a voiceover create a futuristic, high-tech atmosphere that aligns perfectly with Prophesee's brand values. This approach captures the viewer's attention and effectively conveys the brand's identity and concept.
  • The video's ability to swiftly convey Prophesee's brand concept is worth noting. It utilizes animation, abstract visuals, and narration to deliver a clear and concise message, ensuring viewers quickly understand the brand's value proposition and offerings.

What sets this video apart

By featuring characters and situations that viewers can relate to, the video connects personally, making the brand's offerings feel relevant and valuable.

The practical demonstration of product benefits further strengthens this connection. Additionally, the video's ability to explain technical details in a clear and accessible manner ensures that it remains inclusive and engaging for a wide audience.

11. Amazon Smart Home

The “Amazon Smart Home” 2D animated explainer video seamlessly upholds the reputation of the popular Amazon brand. It accomplishes this by incorporating relatable characters and scenarios to illustrate the advantages of Amazon's Smart Home products.

  • The video effectively maintains the brand's quality by featuring relatable characters and real-life situations. These relatable elements demonstrate how Amazon's Smart Home products can enhance daily life and address common challenges. This relatability resonates with viewers and helps them grasp the practical value of the brand's offerings.
  • The video showcases how Amazon's Smart Home products can improve everyday life and solve common problems. By demonstrating the tangible benefits of these products, the video enhances the viewer's understanding and appreciation of the brand's offerings.
  • A noteworthy feature of this 2D animated explainer video is its ability to explain the technical aspects of the products without using any jargon or technical terminology. The script employs straightforward language and clear and intuitive visuals to ensure that the video remains accessible to a broad and diverse audience.

What sets this video apart

By featuring characters and situations that viewers can relate to, the video connects personally, making the brand's offerings feel relevant and valuable.

The practical demonstration of product benefits further strengthens this connection. Additionally, the video's ability to explain technical details in a clear and accessible manner ensures that it remains inclusive and engaging for a wide audience.

Get Inspired with these amazing 2D Animated Video Examples

2D animation has come a long way from its early beginnings and is a popular medium for storytelling and entertainment. With its ability to bring characters and environments to life through vibrant colours and smooth motion graphics, 2D animation remains a favourite among audiences of all ages.

This blog's top 11 2D animation video examples portray animation studios' incredible talent and creativity worldwide. From classic cartoons to modern animated films, these videos demonstrate the power of 2D animation to transport us to new worlds and inspire our imagination.

Whether you're a fan of animation or appreciate great storytelling, these 2D animation videos will surely blow your mind and help elevate your game of video marketing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

2D animation is a type of animation that is created using two-dimensional images. There are many examples of 2D animation videos, including classic cartoons like Tom and Jerry and The Simpsons and modern animated films like Moana and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. 2D animation videos can also be found in advertisements, explainers, and educational videos.

2D animation is a type of animation that is created using two-dimensional images. In 2D animation, characters, and backgrounds are created on a flat surface, like a piece of paper or a computer screen, and then moved or animated to create the illusion of motion. An example of 2D animation is the classic Disney film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs or the popular Japanese anime Dragon Ball Z.

2D animation and 3D animation are two different types of animation. 2D animation is created using two-dimensional images, while 3D animation is created using three-dimensional objects and environments. An example of 2D animation is the cartoon series SpongeBob SquarePants, while an example of 3D animation is the movie, Toy Story. Both 2D and 3D animation have their unique styles and techniques.

The three stages of 2D animation are pre-production, production, and post-production. In the pre-production stage, the idea and concept for the animation are developed, and the storyboards and animatics are created. In the production stage, the animation is created, with the characters and backgrounds drawn or created digitally and then animated frame by frame. The final touches are added in the post-production stage, including sound effects, music, and editing. The final product is then ready for distribution.