8 best video marketing software that enhance your business growth

There is no doubt that video is dominating the world of marketing today, whether it is online or offline. The recent report revealed that 83% of businesses are now using video as a tool of marketing, which is 63% higher than the previous year. The demand for video is going to further increase in the future.

Here is a figure that will make you think like a business owner.



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By the way, only publishing videos for the sake of publishing is not enough to gain reach and revenue. You need to focus on the quality of the video, message of the video, promotion, and more. With the use of video marketing software, you can take advantage of the growing demand for videos.

Video marketing software allows you to create mind-boggling videos without many technical skills. With that said, you need to learn about story writing, script writing, creating storyboards, and more. But, do not worry about them as you will discover them over the period if you keep on playing around with video marketing and keep on learning.

8 Top Video Marketing Software for Boosting Your Business Reach and Revenue

Amid many low-quality video editing tools, it can take a lot of time to select a few pieces of software that produce excellent results. We’ve done research part for you and came up with 8 top video marketing software that will work great for your needs.


  1. 1. Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere Clip is the first name on the list that is extremely user-friendly and non-technical people can quickly learn and use this app to its full potential. It is incredibly easy to edit your videos on Adobe Premiere Clip, which makes it an excellent tool for marketing professionals who are looking to edit videos quickly.

To edit videos on Adobe Premiere Clip, you only need to upload and select media files like images and videos, and after doing that, this software will automatically create a customized video for your business. It is possible to change titles, music track, edit images/clips, and more on Adobe Premiere Clip.

You will not find it suitable if you are looking to carry out complicated editing tasks on Adobe Premiere Clip, but if you are looking for quick editing, this marketing video software will significantly serve your purpose.

Both Android and iPhone users can download and use it.



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2. Filmora Go

Filmora Go is a useful software for desktop users, which not only is user-friendly but also equipped with tons of valuable features that can help you significantly enhance the quality of your video. If you check out this video marketing software review, you will find a lot of people leaving good reviews after using this app.

You have a wide range of features to play around like themes, transitions, editing texts to advanced capabilities like trim, speed control, reverse voice over, crop, and more. You can also get this tool for both Android and iPhone.

3. Adobe Spark Video

Adobe Spark Video is another product by Adobe that makes it to the list. You can get access to its features without paying a dime for it. It has multiple storyboards, and you get a variety of themes and layouts with this app that you can use to edit and polish your videos.

The only job of yours is to get your broken pieces of media files together and compile it in the storyboard to let Adobe Spark Video do its job for you. There is a small Adobe watermark with this software, but that does not make much difference if you are a regular user.

If you are among those who want premium features, you can be a member of Adobe Creative Cloud and get access to all its features. You can also remove a watermark with a paid version of this software.


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4. Wistia

Wistia is a great software for marketers who want to get their video out as quickly as possible. It allows you to get started with it in minutes. There is a detailed guide that you can follow that comes up with the software that will enable you to quickly get a grasp of all the features of Wistia and how you can use it for creating amazing videos.

With Wistia, you have a choice of choosing a custom colour that fits your brand taste. In addition to that, you can loop videos, insert and edit images, add a call to action on videos, compose texts, and more.

It is more than an ordinary video software, as it also lets you collect emails and integrate other genuine marketing features alongside the video. The digital marketers love this software as it provides them with much-needed tools to get their job quickly and at a rapid rate.

5. Renderforest video

Renderforest is a software for individuals and businesses to help them create stunning quality videos. It claims that a creator can produce broadcast quality videos by using the features of this software.

Renderforest is simple software that lets you design your logos, animated videos, promos, and more. It has plenty of templates for you to create explainer videos, promo videos, logos, and more. You also get access to many great commercial musical tracks that you can use in your video. The only job for you is to get pieces together to create a video.



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6. Vimeo Business

The recent report revealed that around 55% of people watch online videos every single day and all credit goes to the marketing video production companies. Vimeo Business helps in saving time for businesses enabling them to create videos without spending a lot of time on it.

It has a massive storage of 7TB and a fantastic collaboration that allow the publishers to quickly create, save, and embed the video anywhere on the internet. You can add image, rearrange clips, add titles, and more on the go with Vimeo Business. It is possible to edit and publish videos of any size on the internet.

7. Animato

Animato is a fantastic animated marketing video software that is suitable for engaging professional video. There are many professional designs for marketers to work with inside Animato.



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You also have plenty of music videos for integrating it with the video. You can add images, characters, adjust colours, fonts, and more with Animato for creating HD videos with this software.

8. VideoScribe

VideoScribe is a user-friendly animation software that assists you in creating an educational, business, or any other types of videos.

You have an option, and the software automatically saves it as SVG file that you can use in videos. You can add own media files or use one from its library and rearrange it to create brilliant videos that will boost your sales.

My Final Thoughts

In my opinion, I would say that there is no single best online video maker  that appropriately fits all business types as per their desired needs. Some companies may prefer one software, whereas some other businesses may want to go with another software. It all depends on the needs, nature of the market, and the type of videos that you want to publish.

There is an excellent chance that you will get the best software for your needs if you experiment with the pieces of software that I’ve mentioned. However, you cannot expect to find the most appropriate software for you right away in a single try. Also, you may want to use two or more pieces of software as per your need.

I hope I’ve cleared your confusions about the selection of video marketing software. In case you want to add more to this article, feel free to leave your thoughts.

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