Are you looking for the best way to keep your emails stand out in an over-cluttered inbox? 

Do you want the vast majority of people to open your messages and emails? 

Do you want to make your email campaign successful? 

If yes, combine videos and emails; video email marketing can do wonders! It will improve the email open rate and engagement and increase ROI and sales.

This powerful technique involves video in email campaigns, from informative product demos and video tutorials to visually stunning brand storytelling. 

Thus, to let you enter this world, we have gathered some special information on the best practices, ways to add video to email, and the benefits of using video email marketing. With not wasting even a second, join us on this informative journey!

Best practices to use videos for your Email Marketing

1. Add “video” to your email subject line

Most readers decide whether the email is helpful by looking at the subject line. If they find the subject line engaging and informative, there is a 90% chance that the reader will open the email and take action.

  • Thus, marketers prefer adding videos to increase the open rate of emails.
  • If you add a video term in the email subject, users will have an image of something extra and entertaining special for them.
  • This is one of the basic ways to use video, even as a word in your email. 

2. Display company culture with a video      

Your company's culture allows you to connect with your audience more personally and create a stronger emotional bond. 

  • With this, you can give your audience a glimpse of the people behind your brand.
  • This will make your brand more relatable and trustworthy. It can also improve your email open rates and click-through rates. 
  • Videos are more engaging than text or images to capture your audience's attention and keep them engaged.
  • By including a company culture video in your email, you can stand out and make a lasting impression on your audience.

3. Announce an event with a video

If your event is being held at a unique or appealing venue, a video can showcase its features and entice your audience to attend.

A virtual tour of the venue can give your email subscribers a sense of what to expect and help them visualize themselves at the event. 

  • Including testimonials or footage from past events in your video can help show social proof and encourage more people to attend.
  • By showcasing the positive experiences of past attendees, you can build credibility and trust in your event.
  • A video can also provide more information about your event. For example, you could use a video to introduce your keynote speakers, preview sessions, or highlight event sponsors.
  • Videos are highly shareable, meaning your audience likes sharing your event announcement video with friends and colleagues.
  • By creating an informative and entertaining video, there are more chances of sharing it on social media, email, or other channels.

4. Announce a product line or launch with a video    

By providing a sneak peek of what's to come, you can generate excitement and build anticipation among your audience. 

Explain the problem your product solves, how it works, and why it's better than the competition. This way, you can help your audience make informed buying decisions. 

  • Showcase the product in action, highlighting its unique features and sharing customer testimonials. This way, you can help your audience understand why they need your product.
  • A video can boost brand awareness by showcasing your personality, values, and voice. Use visual storytelling techniques, such as music, graphics, and animations. With this, you can create a more engaging experience that resonates with your audience.
  • Directing your audience to a landing page or product page where they can learn more or make a buy. With this, you can make it easier for them to take action and make conversions. 

5. Send out newsletters with videos

Incorporate different video types in your newsletter to make it entertaining enough for the user. This will help them to review your company's and industry's news. These video email content should focus less on what you want to give and more on what they want.

To make use of video in email copy a success, we have some suggestions for video types that can prove your marketing and sales efforts right. 

  • Behind-the-Scenes: Share videos that take your audience behind the scenes of your company or show how your products are made.
  • Customer Testimonials: Share positive experiences of customers using your products or services.
  • Thought Leadership: Share industry insights and perspectives of your company executives to position your brand as a thought leader.
  • Onboarding videos: With this, you can help new users get started with your product or service. This can increase user satisfaction, reduce churn, and drive more revenue for your business.

This is one of the best ways of combining video and email. It leads to Increased engagement, improved message retention, higher email click rates, better conversion rates, and improved brand awareness

6. Use engaging thumbnails

Starting using videos in your emails can be a game-changer when it comes to making boring content more exciting.

  • It grabs the visitor's attention and helps you build better relationships with them.
  • While adding videos to your emails is a way to increase conversions and attract readers, it's important to add eye-catching thumbnails.
  • These are the first things people will notice when they open your email, and they can be the key to encouraging readers to take action.

Think about it:  the more engaged your readers are, the higher the chances of making sales. So, start creating original thumbnails and videos for increased engagement and open rates of your emails.

7. Enable autoplay, but turn the sound off

Autoplaying videos with sound can annoy subscribers, especially if they're in a public place or need headphones. Turning off the sound will not interrupt your subscribers.

  • Enabling autoplay ensures that your video starts playing as soon as your subscriber opens the email. This can increase their chances of watching the video and engaging with your content.
  • Turning off the sound gives control to the subscriber to decide whether to watch the video with or without sound.
  • This creates a better user experience and ensures that your subscribers can consume your content in a way that works for them.
  • Some subscribers may be hearing impaired or prefer to read captions. Turning off the sound and adding captions to the video can make your content more accessible to various subscribers.

8. Thank your customers or provide information about a recent purchase

Thank your customers or provide info about their buying through a personalized video email. This will show that you care about their experience and value their business. This can create a positive impression and foster a strong customer relationship. 

  • A personalized video message can make your customers feel special and valued, which can help to build trust and loyalty.
  • Effective videos can convey more engaging information. It improves your customers' understanding and retention of the information.
  • A thank-you or more information video can help reinforce your brand's image and reputation, increasing customer loyalty and positive word-of-mouth.
  • You can use the video to offer complementary products or services to the customer, which can help to drive additional sales and revenue.

9. Reduce your thumbnail file size

Large thumbnail files can slow down the loading time of your email, leading to a poor user experience for your subscribers.

By reducing the file size of your thumbnails, you can ensure that your email loads quickly, improving the chances that your subscribers will engage with your content.

  • Smaller file sizes can improve deliverability. Every email with large file sizes can trigger spam filters or be rejected by email clients altogether, reducing your email's reach and engagement.
  • Finally, smaller file sizes can help you save on storage space and bandwidth, which can be especially important if you send a high volume of emails or have limited resources.
  • Reducing your thumbnail file size can improve your video email marketing campaign performance, deliverability, and cost-effectiveness. So, optimize your thumbnails before sending them out to your subscribers!
  • If you do not want your email to become spam, try to comprise the thumbnail size. According to Litmus, well-optimized emails don’t have more than 2.7MB of images. If your thumbnail is larger than that, adjust the size or compress it with a free tool available on the internet. (If you have a video platform, it’ll do this automatically.)

10. A/B Test your emails with video and measure the results

By conducting A/B testing, you can compare the performance of different elements in your email video, such as subject lines, thumbnail images, and calls-to-action.

This can help you identify the most effective strategies and make data-driven decisions about improving your campaigns.

  • Measuring the results of your video email marketing campaigns is equally important. You can track key metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, and conversions to determine your campaigns' effectiveness and identify improvement areas.
  • With this information, you can decide which elements to tweak or eliminate and which to double down on. This can help you optimize your campaigns for maximum engagement and ROI, leading to more sales and a stronger relationship with your audience.
  • Video in email is a best practice, but situations and audiences vary. Use A/B tests to see what converts better: Video or no video, static thumbnail or animated thumbnail, more or less text, and so on.
  • Record your results in a test log so your teammates can build upon your knowledge

Best type of emails to add videos within

  • Email blasts
  • Marketing emails
  • Event invites
  • Event follow-ups
  • Customer support emails
  • Triggered emails
  • Nurture emails
  • Email signatures
  • Newsletters
  • Onboarding emails

Know How to add videos to your Email Campaign

1. Add GIF to the Video Scene

Creating engaging and informative marketing videos is key. But did you know that incorporating GIFs can help you create an emotional connection with your customers and entice even more people to engage with your content?

GIFs are like images that our brains perceive as moving pictures. Not only are they entertaining, but they're also easy to embed into your emails.

By including GIFs in your emails, you can make your content more personal and grab your reader's attention, leading to higher conversion rates and more sales.

So, the next time you add a video within the email, why not incorporate some eye-catching GIFs?

It's an easy and effective way to take your video marketing through email to the next level and create a more memorable and impactful experience for your subscribers. 

2. Add a static image with a play button

Looking for a powerful way to ignite the interest of your email readers and attract more subscribers? Why not try adding static images with a play button – it's one of the easiest and most effective ways to grab your audience's attention.

Using this tactic, you can state what your email recipients will get from the video and encourage them to click the play button and watch it.

And the best part? It's easy to set up. Simply take a screenshot of your video and add a play button.

This approach increases targeted traffic to your website and makes your emails more optimized. So, if you're looking for a simple yet powerful way to take your email marketing to the next level, give static images with a play button a try! 

3. Embed a video in an email

Not generally recommended as some email providers do not support them and could also get flagged as spam. But this below-mentioned way can be used to do so for  

1. Use HTML5

It is another tactic marketers can use to compel the viewers to read the email without leaving the box. It is a bit tricky, especially for the non-techies, but helping marketers increase the interaction with the readers is affordable and saves time. 

Add a YouTube email to your email to ensure your video email campaign works best. It will compel all the visitors who use G-mails, etc. 

Rest integration of video hosting platforms with email providers or email marketing platforms can lead you to embed video in the mail easily. 

2. Embedding videos in Gmail

To add a video in Gmail, follow these simple steps:

If your video is smaller than 25 megabytes, you can follow these steps:

  • Click the paperclip icon at the bottom of the email window.
  • Select the video you want to add and click “Open.”

If your video is larger than 25 megabytes, you can follow these steps:

  • Click the Google Drive icon instead of the paperclip.
  • Select your video and click “Insert.”

3. Embedding videos in Outlook

Here’s how you can embed a video in an Outlook email:

  • Open your video and click the URL.
  • Right-click and select “Copy”.
  • Create a new email and paste your link into the email body.

4. Embedding YouTube videos in emails

Embedding YouTube videos in emails is easy. Simply follow these steps:

  • Copy the YouTube video URL.
  • Paste the URL into your email.
  • Once the email is opened, the video player for the video will be displayed.

Following these simple steps, you can easily embed videos in your emails to make them more engaging and impactful.

What does Video Email Marketing have to give you?

  • Higher Engagement Rates: The use of professional video content is more engaging than plain text or images. Creating and using a video in your emails can capture your audience's attention and keep them engaged, leading to higher engagement rates.
  • Improved Click-through Rates (CTR): Adding video to your email can encourage recipients to click on the video and lead to your website or landing page, leading to higher click-through rates.
  • Increased Conversions: Video content can be highly persuasive and effective in convincing viewers to take action. Adding video to your email campaigns can increase conversions and generate more leads and sales.
  • Better Brand Recognition: Videos offer a unique opportunity to showcase your brand's personality and values, helping to improve brand recognition and establish a more personal connection with your audience.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Videos can provide valuable information to customers in an engaging and easy-to-digest format, improving the customer experience and making it more enjoyable.
  • Easy to Share: Videos are easily shareable on social media platforms, email, and other channels. Including share buttons in your emails can help to expand your reach and attract new customers.
  • Improved ROI: Using video email marketing can help to improve your return on investment (ROI) by increasing engagement, conversions, and brand recognition, leading to more revenue and business growth.

Maybe our words seem not convincing to you, but these special facts can. Here are some surprising statistics that will help you have a clear insight into how it helps companies boost open rates and conversions.

This is why more businesses are creating and using more videos while many marketers are contemplating adding videos to their video content marketing strategy.

Ready to get started with Video Email Marketing?

Incorporating video into your email marketing strategy can improve your open rates and drive better results.

Following the video email marketing best practices, such as creating engaging content, optimizing your videos, and segmenting your audience, can enhance your campaigns and attract more customers.

Additionally, using effective video email marketing tools and measuring your results can help refine your strategy and achieve even better results over time.

So why wait? Start using these best ways today and take your email campaigns to the next level! 

Still, if you have any doubts about creating videos, feel free to contact us. Our video experts will help you clear all your doubts and ensure you provide the best services quickly. 

Editor:  Vaishnavi Jain

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes, videos can be a great addition to your email marketing strategy. Involving videos in your emails can help capture your audience's attention, engage them more dynamically, and provide a more immersive and memorable experience. Videos can also help you to convey complex or emotionally charged messages more effectively, showcase your products or services in action, and build stronger relationships with your subscribers by giving them a more personal and authentic view of your brand. However, it's important to remember that not all email clients support video playback, so you'll need to use a compatible format or provide a link to a video hosted on a third-party platform.

It is a marketing technique that involves sending emails to your subscribers comprising videos. This can include product demos, how-to videos, customer testimonials, or any other type of video content that is relevant to your audience and your marketing goals. This marketing is designed to capture your subscribers' attention, engage them dynamically, and provide a more immersive and memorable experience. Using video in email marketing can build stronger relationships with your subscribers, increase the visibility and impact of your messages, and ultimately drive more conversions and sales.

Use of videos within email marketing campaigns can be done in various ways. One option is to embed the video directly into your email, which can be done using HTML5 or a video platform that supports email embeds. However, it's important to note that not all email clients support video playback, so it's a good idea to include a fallback image or a clickable thumbnail that links to the video hosted on a third-party platform, such as YouTube or Vimeo. Another option is to include a GIF or a short video snippet that showcases the key highlights of the full video and entices subscribers to click through to watch the full version. Whatever method you choose, test your emails thoroughly to ensure that the video plays correctly on different devices and email consumers.

Video email offers several benefits for marketers and subscribers alike. For marketers, video email can help to increase engagement rates, boost click-through rates, and drive more conversions and sales. Video content is more eye-catching and engaging than text or static images and can help you to convey complex or emotional messages more effectively. Using video in your email marketing can also build stronger relationships with your subscribers by giving them a more personal and authentic view of your brand. For subscribers, video email can provide a more immersive and memorable experience and help them better understand your products or services. Additionally, video content is often more shareable and can help to extend the reach of your marketing messages beyond your existing subscriber base.