Do you want to transform your online experience? If yes, then Google chrome extensions can help you transform your workday.

Are you a busy marker and want to save your time and become more productive by efficiently doing the tasks? If yes, then you are in the right place. We have curated a list of best google chrome extensions for you. 

We have categorized the best google chrome extensions into 7 different categories for your better understanding, including Security, SEO, productivity, social media, blogging, new tab, and content sourcing. The extensions mentioned below are free tools, but they might have paid subscriptions and features. 

Now, let's take a rundown at the best google chrome extensions that help you work more efficiently. 

22 Best Chrome Extensions for 2020

Let’s get started…. 

Chrome extensions for Productivity

HubSpot Sales

Do you want to connect your Email with your CRM? Then go and install the HubSpot Sales extension. 

It will allow you to transfer the information directly from your Email into the CRM. It will not only save your time but also allow you to retain the essentials of customers. You can easily book meetings without moving back and forth as it can easily be synchronized with your google calendar. 

Another fantastic feature of the HubSpot sales chrome extension is contact management. You can manage data and close more deals from one centralized place. If you are planning to use this extension, you must have a free HubSpot account. 

If you want to create one, click on to get started. If you face any difficulty, you can contact us. Our HubSpot professionals are available 24*7 to resolve customer's issues. 

hub spot



You will be amazed to know that around 753 thousand people use this extension to increase productivity by limiting the visits to time-wasting websites. 

Exciting, right? It allows you to set your time as it's highly customized. Once you have used your allotted time to access a specific website, you would not be able to access it for the rest of the day. Also, it has a Require Challenge neat feature, which will allow you to update your locked time. 

stay focusd



LastPass is a password manager extension that saves the password of all the accounts. You don't have to remember the password for each application. LastPass does it all for you. It not only reduces the hassle of remembering but also maintains the security of the data. Yes! You can also call it a robust password manager tool.

The best part about this extension is that it supports various browsers and operating systems. So, if you want to attach docs, secure data, organize passwords, search data quickly, then LastPass can do all for you. 

pass sec



If email marketing plays a significant role in your marketing efforts, then you definitely need to consider the Gmass Chrome extension.

This mass email and mail merge system enables you to use Gmail for your email marketing processes. With it, you can send email campaigns to a large number of addresses, schedule mass email delivery, and use mail merge with data retrieved from Google Sheets.

And if you think that sending mass emails excludes personalization, think again. Gmass lets you personalize mass emails based on various aspects such as name, email address, or other available columns in Google Sheets.

Finally, you can track clicks and opens, send follow-up emails, see reports, create instant recipient lists based on search results, and so on. All these features will make your emails much more effective and more comfortable to send.

mail merge


Chrome extensions for SEO


Mozbar is an all-in-one SEO toolbar that gives you instant metrics of any page. You can get an insight into different websites without leaving the web browser. Just by clicking on one button, you can access the website's search ranking, domain authority, find keywords on a page, export your search engine results page to the CSV file, create custom searches, and perform other tasks for free. 

You can also get MozBar premium subscription to view keyword difficulty, get instant page optimization, or more metrics.

google moz



Impactana is another chrome extension used by more than 2 thousand people to find people and content that impacts. It offers a wealth of SEO, content marketing, and social media information for different web pages. 

It allows you to analyze Impact metrics and Buzz metrics of a Tweeter, Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, and Facebook. Also, It is easy to share with the HubSpot account and Buffer account. Thus, get a chance to share information like a publisher and author content information, which will further help you perform more professionally. 

buzz im


Check My Links

It is another commonly used google chrome extension that helps you quickly scan web pages. You will get a clear idea of whether your website is working correctly or not. If there is any broken link, then you will get a chance to build backlinks. All the bad links can easily be copied to your clipboard by clicking on one button.

saa gram


Chrome extensions for Security


Do you want to analyze whether your website is safe and optimized for search engines? 

Checkbot- a powerful website auditor will help you combine technical SEO with modern security. If we talk about Google search engine, it prioritizes website security besides content quality. This extension will help both web developers and content creators perform the task securely and rank the website in top searches. 

It will help you crawl 100s of pages in minutes and test them for speed, SEO, and security issues such as duplicate titles, unbroken links, mixed content errors, redirect chains, and many more. So, if you want to protect your website from unsafe material, then the Checkbot Chrome extension can do wonders. 

check bot



Whether you are using a PC, Mac, or Chromebook, clearing your browser history can create hassle, especially if you are searching and downloading material from the web constantly. 

But no worries! All your URL searches, cache, cookies, download history, temporary files, etc., can quickly be deleted by installing the Click&Clean extension in chrome. Moreover, it also scans your PC for Malware and cleans your hard drives to more space. 

All the tasks mentioned above can be done instantly with one click on your browser toolbar. And yes, it will make your device run faster and allow you to perform tasks more efficiently.

click clean


Avast Online Security

Another name of Avast Online Security is Web Reputation Plugin. By downloading this extension, you can browse the website without any worry. It examines each website you visit for suspicious information. If you visit a website with a bad reputation, you will get a warning message right away. 

It will reduce the probability of phishing attacks and automatically blocks annoying tracking cookies that gather the data of all the activities performed on the browser. Whenever you install this extension, make sure you read and agree with Avast's Privacy Policy. 

anti virus


Chrome extensions for Social media


Do you want to evaluate the performance of your content? Are you pondering over the best way to check whether your content is generating engagement or not? Install BuzzSumo expansion in chrome. 

By clicking on the BuzzSumo extension button, you can quickly check the metrics like the total number of backlinks, social shares, etc. Also, the top-performing content formats can easily be analyzed. Moreover, you can easily share the contact via Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest and perform competitor analysis to uncover strategies. 

buzz sumo


Save to Facebook

Around 2.4 million people are using the Save to the Facebook extension to improve social media tasks' performance. By installing this extension, you can easily save all the things that you see on the internet. 

The best part is all your saved items can be shared on your timeline, in groups, or anywhere else. Also, you can access your saved items from anywhere, anytime. 

facebook ad



RiteTag is another tool that helps you know how hashtags on Twitter and Facebook are performing. Once you looked In, you will get real-time analysis of your hashtag just by looking at the color codes. 

Say, if the color of your hashtag is green, then your content is seen now. If it's blue, then it symbolizes that your content will be seen over time.

But, if your hashtag is red, then it symbolizes that it's better to use another hashtag because there are chances that your content might disappear in the crowd. And if your hashtag is green, then choose another hashtag because it has minimum engagement.

get hashtag


Chrome extensions for Blogging

Office Editing for Docs, Sheets and Slides

If you are working in a team, this extension will allow you to work on the same document from different operating systems. You will get a chance to collaborate on a live document together, further streamlining the process and becoming more productive. 

Moreover, you can quickly transfer Microsoft Office files directly into Google Drive. Furthermore, you can view and edit the messages dropped into your drive without any hassle. The best part is that you can save each file in its original format and convert it into sheets, docs, or slides. 

lucy st


More than 10 million people have installed the Grammarly extension in chrome to write more professionally and without any grammatical issues. It is an application that reviews the content for proper spelling, grammar, and other words. 

No matter where you are writing content, Grammarly extension will suggest the perfect words and eliminate the writing errors. Moreover, Grammarly premium will elevate your quality writing and even detect your plagiarism. Yes! This extension will help you grow predictably and healthily. 

gram marly


Quick Write Text Editor 

Quick Write Text editor is another blogging extension that allows you to write productively, especially when you are writing online. 

It is a customizable full-screen text-editor that creates a distraction-free environment while writing. After clicking on the button, you will redirect to a clean and neutral text editor. All the content added will be saved automatically. You can start the content from where you have stopped writing.

avast p


Chrome extensions for New tab 


Momentum is a simple chrome extension that inspires you to be more productive. Around 3.8 million users have installed this extension to create the life you want to live. Also, it allows you to set a daily goal, shows a bookmark bar, set up time and downtime with balance mode, etc. 

daily ins


Infinity New Tab

Infinity new tab is another commonly installed chrome extension that helps you replace the original new tab with your saved bookmarks. By installing this extension, you will get access to the Speed Dial feature that produces shortcuts of the website icons frequently visited, as shown in the screenshot added below. It will save you time and help you perform the tasks effortlessly. 

Besides this, you can also customize the wallpaper on your new tab page, read and manage your history, customize search engine, and a lot more.

sear moon


Earth View

The users of this fantastic chrome extension are around 1 million because this extension allows the users to make the browsing experience much more comfortable than expected. Whenever you open a new tab, a beautiful landscape will be opened on the new tab only if you have installed an earth view extension. 

Having this extension will not only broaden your geography skills but also offers better quality for high-DPI screens. 

ggogle earth


Chrome extensions for Content sourcing

HubSpot Collect 

Are you one of those readers, who prefer saving the articles they like? 

If yes, then you should definitely install the HubSpot collects extension. Having this document will allow you to save the document and application directly to your HubSpot software. Also, you can create and publish quality blogs that drive traffic and convert readers into customers. 



Evernote Web Clipper 

Evernote web clipper is another commonly installed extension that helps you save essential things found while browsing. It allows the users to save links on a clipboard that matters most. Moreover, it also takes screenshots of the information to know what the data is all about. 

screen shots


Bookmark Manager 

Indeed bookmarking websites manually is a tedious task. So, installing the Bookmark manager helps you organize websites that you want to save without opening them into a new browser.

It allows you to restore the session page and search history from the extension popup. You can also delete duplicate URLs, create folders, save websites to bookmarks, and add notes with one click. 

This is also one of the best chrome extensions for students. Just bookmark the page you were reading and you are good to go.



Over to you 

Now that your browser is loaded with some of the best google chrome extensions and add-ons, you can smoothly perform your day to day tasks more efficiently. 

If you face any difficulty while installing any of the extensions, feel free to contact us. Also, don't forget to share your experience with us after installing these Google Chrome extensions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Chrome extensions can be valuable for enhancing browsing and productivity, but their quality varies. Research and read reviews to ensure they meet your needs and don't compromise security or privacy.

In general, Chrome extensions do not have access to your passwords or other sensitive information unless you explicitly grant them permission to do so. However, it's crucial to be cautious and selective when granting permissions to extensions. Only install and use extensions from reputable sources and review their permissions carefully.

Chrome extensions can vary in their RAM usage. While most are designed to be efficient, some can consume more resources, impacting browser performance. To manage this, limit unnecessary extensions, update them regularly, and choose those known for efficiency.

Chrome extensions are highly popular and widely used among Google Chrome users. The Chrome Web Store offers a vast library of extensions, ranging from productivity tools to ad-blockers, and there are extensions available for various purposes. Many users rely on Chrome extensions to enhance their browsing experience, improve productivity, or add specific functionalities to the browser. The popularity of Chrome extensions is a testament to their usefulness and the customization options they offer to users.