Top 10 Video Marketing Strategies that Enhance Your Business Growth

There is a tremendous demand for online videos in the world today. As per the research, users watch over a billion hours of content on YouTube alone every single day. It shows the immense potential of video marketing. With that said, there is also an exponential growth of videos uploaded on YouTube. The figure below gives you an idea about it.


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You can see that over 300 hours of content is uploaded on YouTube every minute. It shows the increase in the competition for getting users’ attention and views. How to get attention and results via your videos? You need to use effective video marketing tactics and strategies.

10 Proven Video Marketing Strategies that Works

You will get plenty of advice from here and there if you go on asking for suggestions with random people. The chances are that over 95% of those tips will not work for you. Here we present ten amazing strategies that have done wonders for other companies and have a good chance of working for your business as well.

1.Your Audience Comes First

Before creating a video, you need to be crystal clear on who your audience is and what they want. It is not your passion that brings traffic to you, but a love for your potential customers. Try to know essential details about your audience that will allow you to create various tactics for your video.

Know about your audiences’ age group, demographics, interest, gender, and so on. It will help you decide the type of video, its tone, design style, and so on. The kind of audience highly dictates your video. For instance, the stats shows that millennials give more priority to 10-seconds spots, whereas Generation X want more of a traditional 30-seconds ad.

Here is one more thought-provoking fact:


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2. Decide the Appropriate Length for Your Video

The duration of the video is a crucial factor that decides the fate of your video. According to the study, the videos with a length below 2 minutes account for only 10% of total engagement, while the videos over 5 minutes range sum up to 69% of whole watch time.

I’m not trying to imply that you should always create long videos here. For instance, a straightforward short video works excellent for explainer brand awareness video. It all depends on your objective, the nature of your product, and your audience. Some products demand a long explanation, while some other products only need short and simple video.

3. Use Social Media

There is no point in creating stunning videos if only people who are watching your video is you and your family members. One of the great ways to reach a mass audience is via social media platforms. Again, I’m not saying that only viral videos can bring revenue to your business.

Getting your videos out on social media platforms can help you gain momentum with people engaging and leaving comments on your video. You can reach out to those who are interested in your video and build a relationship with them via social media platforms. As per the study, social video has 1200% higher shares rate than text/image posts combined.  


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4. Leverage the Power of Influencers

It is a great tactic to publish your videos on various online platforms and using paid traffic. However, you will not be able to maximize your reach by just doing that unless you have deep pockets.

Harnessing the power of influencers allows you to reach out to a massive number of the targeted audience without spending a lot of money.

There is no need for you to be in touch with celebrities. Getting in touch with micro influencers in your niche and giving them a free product or a reasonable sum of money in exchange for a post can make your video generate leads and sales for you.  

5. Survey and Know What Your Audience Want to Create Better Videos

Researching your audience is fine, but it is not always necessary that you can find everything on your own. A survey is a great tactic to understand what is the current wants of your audience, and you can also ask them for tips to improve the video like you can use the video editing templates for video editing and creation..

There are tools like SurveyMonkey that makes things easy for you to get opinions of your targeted audience.

6. Be Omnipresent, but Focus more on Significant Platforms that Work Best for You

Being ubiquitous is a great way to make your targeted audience believe that you have an excellent reputation online. With that said, you cannot focus on every online platform as it will only lead to making you good at nothing.

As per the nature of your business and past results, you should select the best platform to invest your time on. For instance, focusing a lot on Instagram can be great for fashion brands, while LinkedIn can be an excellent platform for B2B companies.


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7. Add Video in Your Email and Landing Page

It is no secret that email marketing and landing page are two powerful tools for generating leads and traffic. You can make it even better by integrating video in your email and landing pages. One  report shows that embedding a video in an email can boost your click-through rate by as high as 300%.

8. Use Live Videos

The popularity of live videos has increased since its introduction. Your audience has a chance to connect with you live and get that in-person feeling and real-time interactions if you go live. It will help you build a regular audience for your business that actively follows your brand.


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One of the great things about live videos is that you can answer objections on the spot that could be bothering your viewers from taking action. As said, one should hit the iron when it is hot; there is more chance of you convincing your potential customers to do business with you when they are pumped up after watching a live video.

9. Use Instagram Stories

Instagram is a fast growing social media platform that is quite popular among the younger group of people. Just recently, Instagram surpassed 1 billion active users, and it is still growing at a rapid pace.

Publishing a standard post can get you a lot of engagement, but it does not create urgency among your audience. If you post a fantastic video on Instagram stories, it only stays there for 24 hours, which is developing a sense of urgency among people. If your video is that exciting, people are more likely to take action if it is in an Instagram story.

10. Use Custom Music and Sound

There are millions of videos online, and there are uncountable hours of videos uploaded every minute on the internet. There is no chance for your video to stand out amid the crowd if you are like everyone else on the market.

Many publishers usually go for free themes, audio, and so on that make the track familiar on the internet. By using custom music and sound, you can make your video stand out among the rest, giving you an edge over other publishers.

Over to You

By using the ten strategies that I’ve mentioned above, you increase your chances of growing your business and getting more views to your video. However, you should not give up after trying only once or twice.

Are there any other strategies that have worked for you in the past? Feel free to share it with us and our audience by leaving your thoughts below.

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