You must have heard a lot about the power of whiteboard videos. It is an incredible way to educate your potential audience about a complicated concept and sell them an idea. A study shows that you can increase your landing page's conversion rate by a whopping 80% if you embed a video on it.

Some of you must have also come across an idea of making a whiteboard animation video within an hour or outsourcing it for dirt cheap via Fiverr seller. If it were that simple, all businesses would have achieved great success.

A recent report revealed that around 400 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube every single minute.

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How to make whiteboard animation that will perform well amid a massive number of videos? You need to follow some strategies for creating animation videos that will help you achieve your goals.

9 Pro Tips that will give your Whiteboard Animation Videos an Edge over Others

You may come across a lot of ineffective pieces of advice that will not work. This section of this article will reveal nine proven tips that will enhance the quality of your whiteboard animation videos.

1. Add a Compelling Story

Before making an animation or inserting fancy characters, you must think about the story. The story is like the heart of your video. You can get away with a mediocre quality video, but no one will stick to your clip if you have a messed up story. 

Every explainer video script must have a hook, story, and call to action. If you are not an expert copywriter, you may want to consult with a copywriter, or a learn the art on your own (which takes a lot of time).

After you complete writing the script, distribute it to your team, read it loud, and make possible improvements in it.

2. Do not try to Deviate from a Classic Whiteboard Style

The technology and taste of the people have evolved a lot. However, the reason for the whiteboard animation video's effectiveness is still the same, and, i.e., a classic style of a whiteboard video.

The traditional style of whiteboard video always have three things:

  • The white background
  • The drawing hand
  • The continuous drawing

You can use modern fancy technologies and add whiteboard animation after effects to make your whiteboard animation video more entertaining, but you should not deviate from the classic whiteboard style.

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3. Add Interesting Animated Characters

The characters animation plays a massive role in making the video enjoyable. It would be best if you chose compelling characters relevant to the story you are telling your audience.

It is also essential to ensure that the figures represent your viewers' taste and preference, as it will add a personal touch and make the whiteboard animation video memorable.

4. Do not miss out the Drawing Hand

A recent study of neuroscientists found mirror neurons and how it works. These neurons allow us to feel the joy, pain, and satisfaction of others by observing them.

A whiteboard animation video is so useful in convincing people to take action because of the drawing hand. We feel like we are involved in the particular activity that is happening on the video by observing the video's drawing side. We get second-hand satisfaction from it.

You can omit the drawing hand, but keep in mind that it is the hand that contributes a lot to the effectiveness of the video.

5. Play around with Colors, but not too much

A traditional whiteboard video is all about black ink drawing and a plain white background. However, the recent whiteboard animation video contains many colorful characters, and there is no harm in adding it.

It enhances the video's effectiveness if you do not deviate a lot from the traditional whiteboard principles, which is the key to the power of the whiteboard video. All you need to figure out is which software for whiteboard animation will work the best for you or your brand.

You can add colors to the essential parts of the video. Learn the psychology of many different colors and make sure that the color suits the brand and characters and effectively deliver the message.

Here is an example of a great whiteboard video where the producer has inserted some tones, but not overdone it

6. Insert Emotions

The study proves that human beings make their buying decision based on their feelings and later justify their decision with logic. It is not about a product, but how you make your viewers feel that motivates them to share your video with others.

You should add emotional lines according to your video's nature and the audience you are serving. It could be happy, fun, empathetic, and so on.

If you keep them emotional until the end of your video, they are more likely to take the action you want them to take.

If you analyze the top-notch movies, you will see that the scriptwriter add emotional lines and scenes throughout their films to keep their audience engaging till the end. After watching the video, they tell their friends and family about their experience.

7. Add Education with a Touch of Entertainment

An explainer video is all about simplifying the complex topics and sharing them with the viewers to educate them. However, the entertainment factor much dictates the quality of the clip.

By adding a new script, bright characters and background, music, and so on, you make the video engaging, making the viewers stick to your whiteboard animation video.

The people who watch your fun-filled videos have a higher chance of understanding the message that you want to convey. Check out the video, which is educational and entertaining at the same time.

8. Add Suspense and make the Link

Your audience stick to the video by wondering, “What’s next?”. You should add suspense with a continuous drawing of interconnected characters, which will keep them anticipating the future of the video. Also, add a twist in the video by coming up with scenes that can surprise the viewers.

9. Consult with Professionals or a Whiteboard Video Production Company

If you are not an expert, there is no point in taking a chance trying to do everything on your own. A low-quality video will not only end up anywhere on the internet, but it can also ruin your brand image.

Consult a professional or whiteboard animation studios to take advantage of their expertise. You can also use whiteboard animation software to produce mind-blowing and productive videos.


A whiteboard animation video is a powerful tool to communicate your message and effectively. However, there is no point in creating a video if you do not want to put in hard work to develop and polish the video, as it will not work out for you.

The steps that I’ve mentioned will work, but you need to spend time in the whiteboard animation video creation process for integrating the tips within it. You will see an increase in your engagement rate if you apply the tips strategically.

Did you find this article useful? If yes, do let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whiteboard animation tools vary in pricing. While some offer free versions with limited features, comprehensive and professional-grade software often comes with a subscription or one-time purchase fee.

To animate a whiteboard, you'll typically use specialized software that allows you to create illustrations, add text, and incorporate movement to simulate the effect of a hand drawing on a whiteboard.

Whiteboard animation is a versatile tool. It's excellent for educational content, presentations, storytelling, and more. It allows you to convey complex ideas in a visually engaging and easily digestible manner.

When it comes to the best free whiteboard animation software, options like VideoScribe and Doodly offer free trials. However, for more advanced features and access to their full libraries, a subscription or purchase is usually required.