Top 7 reasons to hire an explainer video production company

There is a massive demand for online videos these days, and the market is going to keep on increasing. Below is the graph that will give you an idea about the online videos explosive demand growth.

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However, it does not mean that you can publish the video on some video streaming platforms and it will get a lot of traffic right away. According to the recent survey, YouTube creators upload around 300 hours of videos every minute.

Your videos will end up nowhere if you take a chance by publishing a low-quality video. Even if it does get attraction, you will end up ruining your brand image. 

However, there is a reward for publishing high-quality videos. One study reveals that one can boost their conversion rate by 80% by embedding a video on a landing page. If you have both time and skills, you can create and upload your videos. If not, you can rely on the most appropriate explainer video production company to look after the video development task for you. 

There are many appealing reasons why you may want to outsource your video production task to a third-party. After reading this article, you will find enough reasons to hire an explainer video production organization. 

Why would I even bother with explainer video production company?

If you have never hired a video production company before, you may have many queries in your mind right now. I aim to clear most of your confusions with this section of this article by revealing 7 top reasons for giving explainer video company a try. 

  1. 1. Quick publishing and time saving

It is crucial to get your video out on the internet as quickly as possible to take advantage of the hot market. By hiring a professional video production team, you will not have to spend a lot of time on learning skills that you need to create and publish a explainer video. However, all video production companies will not meet your expectations. 

Before hiring a company, you should research on the benefits of explainer videos and then based on that you can check the best explainer video companies and select the most appropriate team that will suit your project needs. 

When you select the most appropriate video production company to do the job for you, you will not only get your video out on the market quickly, but you can also utilize the time on things that can increase the revenue of your business. 

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2. Higher conversion rate

Creating an explainer video could be a part-time work for you, but it is the bread and butter of video production companies. The best video production teams research and work on video productions every single day. 

Like we’ve discussed earlier, adding an explainer video on a landing page can significantly boost the conversion rate. By hiring a video production company, you are allocating the task to a team that knows what they are doing. They will consider human psychology and many other factors to create a video that will increase the conversion rate of the page. 

3. Your video creation process will be systematic

If creating a video is not the core task of your business, you will not be focusing a lot on video creation and sharpening your skills. Also, you will not have a systematic process of creating a spectacular video. 

An unprofessional video creator usually misses out a lot of steps and details in a video creation process that determines the quality of the video. 


Image Source: Explainvisually

The above figure shows the process of creating an explainer video. Inside each step, there are a lot of details and works that one needs to do to complete the stage. 

A dedicated video production company has a team that takes care of minor details and consider it for creating a video. The whole video creation task goes through a systematic process that increases the chance of coming up with a compelling explainer video. 

4. Irresistible pitch

No businesses create an explainer video having no objective. An ultimate aim of an explainer video is to educate the viewers to increase leads and sales of the company. You need an irresistible pitch to increase sales. 

You need a script from a professional copywriter to pitch your product effectively via an explainer video. By hiring a professional explainer video production team, you are also hiring a professional copywriter who knows his craft. Your video is likely to contain all the key elements that will make your video an irresistible pitch for your product. 

5. Top-notch branding

You can undoubtedly educate your viewers about the importance of your product. In the process of teaching your potential customers, you are also creating a connection between your potential customers and your brand via an explainer video. 

According to the report, over 60% of customers have a relationship with the brand because of shared values. The professional video creation company select the best background, music, and other creative elements that will correctly represent what your brand stands for and what you aim to offer with your product/service. 

By making an impact with your video, you create a connection between your company and your potential customers, which will make them take action in the present and it will also encourage them to build a long-term relationship with your brand. With marketing company video explainer, you can amplify your impact. 


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6. Competitive advantage

We talked earlier about the number of videos that creators upload in a minute. However, most of those videos make little to no impact on their audience. Some videos do not get even a few views. According to the analysis, only 0.33% of YouTubers are capable of earning their living by YouTube alone without involving themselves in other jobs. 

Creating a video is easy in today’s age, and many creators take video production for granted. Many upload videos without putting in work to learn the skill and following the process. The professional video production company can create a stunning explainer video that will immediately give you an edge over many mediocre videos on the internet. 

7. Professional equipment, and team

The final reason for hiring a video production company is because of their professional equipment and crew. There is no point in purchasing expensive pieces of equipment for creating a video if that is not the main task of your company. One cannot hire a team for occasionally creating a video as well. 

The best way to have a professional video without spending a lot of money on professional equipment like professional voiceover and a team is by hiring an explainer video production company. 

My Final Thoughts

In today’s fast-paced world, the factor determining your success is not only the quality of the product or advertisement but also the time at which you can launch your product or marketing campaign. Due to the speed factor, modern companies with no in-house team is relying on third-party organizations to carry out various functions for them. 

There are plenty of video companies that can create and promote your explainer videos for you. All you need to do is have a valuable product and service in place. 

I hope the reasons that I have listed are good enough for you to go along with a video production studio. Do you have some more insights to add? If yes, leave it in the comment below without hesitation. 

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