Whether it is purely for entertainment, product promotion or educational purposes, professional voice overs for videos continue to shine and flourish.

Regarding making a video, there are a few things you simply need to get right. While the nature of the video must be spot on, the audio or voice quality is equally significant, given that it helps you convey your message and grab the attention of your target audience. 

Indeed, the video seems incomplete without a voiceover. If you create a fascinating script that is entertaining and informative but not narrated properly, all your efforts are in vain. However, narrating a video perfectly is not a cakewalk. One needs to focus on various things like quality, pitch, and many more. 

But, why do we need voice-overs?

  • A professional voice represents your brand, products, and services. The voice you hear is a significant component of any business as it conveys the brand's tone and describes what your business actually stands for. 
  • A professional voice-over can give your business the boost you always wanted. This is particularly significant for businesses considering making convincing explainer videos to level up their marketing strategy.

Subject to the target demographic and market, the voice may sound like an educated proficient, the guy next door, or maybe an expert or a researcher from a particular subject.

If you are a startup and wish to create a compelling profile in the market, it's the right time to integrate explainer videos into your marketing strategy.

Below are some of the reasons that will help you understand how a professional voice-over helps in driving sales and conversions.

Top 7 Reasons Why Professional Voice Over Impacts Conversions

1. The Game of Tone

An uninspiring voice over with a boring and lacking tone may frustrate the audience and lower the overall value of your video. Thus, to maintain the essence of the video, it's crucial to speak the script engagingly.

So, make sure whenever you create a video, make sure you hire a professional voice-over actor. An impressive tone in the video will help you attract and retain customers.

2. Audience Connection

If you want to keep viewers stuck to your video and convert them into potential customers, you must narrate the video script in an influential way.

Yes! A professional voice-over can draw in a bigger audience. So, always make sure what your audience craves for. Once you get an idea, you will be able to select better a voice that not only generates a feeling of belongingness with your brand.

Have a look at the 2D Character Animation Explainer Video created by our team for Uber that helps people understand the concept and feel connected.

3. Build Audience Trust

You might be thinking how a professional voice can build trust in your audience for your brand?

Choosing the right selection of an experienced professional whose voice is confident and credible will generate brand loyalty and make viewers feel connected.

Most of the brands have witnessed wonders with a professional voice over. So, if you want to generate trustworthy relations with your customers, then never underestimate the power of voice-over.

4. Triggers Call to Action

The organisation's primary objective is to attract an audience and inspire them to make a purchase. You might wish the same.

If yes, then make sure to address the voice-over professionally and concisely, no matter what the ‘type’ of the video and your target audience. An engaging voice-over attracts the visitors, guides them in the right direction, and paves the way for your online presence.

5. Gives an Edge

A professional voice actor ensures the safety of your video and, hence brand. As he/she will add character and personality to your video, your audience will watch it to the end.

An interesting voice over delivers a sense of enlightenment and complexity in a way that your audience frequently visits your video. This will hang on viewers to every word and create brand awareness in the best possible way.

6. Defines Video Look

If the viewers can relate with your video, then congratulations, your video is successful. 

Well! It’s about highlighting your brand, and when the quality is high, your audience will watch it to the end, generating interest to learn more about your company and services.

Embedding the best visuals and a professional voiceover is the best way to enhance the visitor experience and increase the conversion rate. If you don’t have the experience, then no worries! Then, you can always hire a professional video production company to get an ultimate end-product that matters, like an animated explainer video.

Watch this cool animated video that helps our clients to achieve the business goals easily.

7. Easy to understand 

If you want to improve your online presence through explainer videos, then focus on voice-overs.

A voiceover with a clear voice and professional accent integrates an element of attraction that can give your brand a unique identity. Choose a voice over actor with whom you can work for a longer time and offer various services. 

All Set to Use a Professional Voice Over in your Video?

A professional voice-over actor is critically significant, offering considerably more than simply a voice to ‘talk over' a video. He or she comprehends what you and your video require. Finding the right voice for your business will add the perfect dash of emotion and tone to lift your video to an expert and engaging level instantly. 

No matter where your voice actor comes from, select the one who aligns with your needs well. You can find a voice-over actor through different techniques, but using an online platform can introduce you to thousands of professionals worldwide.

Still, if you have any doubts regarding professional voice-over services, feel free to ask. You can also contact us to learn more about the role of videos in business enhancement.

Frequently Asked Questions

To create a professional voice-over, start by practicing your script, warm up your voice, and use high-quality recording equipment. Maintain clear articulation, appropriate pacing, and emotional resonance while recording. Edit and clean up the audio, removing any background noise or mistakes, to achieve a polished result.

The professional term for voice-over work is often simply referred to as “voice-over” or “voice acting.” Voice actors or voice-over artists are individuals who specialize in providing voices for various media, including commercials, animation, narration, and more.

A voice-over professional is responsible for lending their voice to various projects, such as advertisements, films, video games, audiobooks, and presentations. Their job involves interpreting scripts, delivering lines with emotion and clarity, and working closely with directors to achieve the desired voice performance.

Yes, many voice-over professionals earn a living by providing voice-over services. Payment can vary widely based on factors like experience, project type, and usage rights. Opportunities for paid voice-over work exist in various industries, including advertising, entertainment, and e-learning, among others.