10 awesome explainer videos examples that will skyrocket your traffic

There is no need to reinvent the wheel for producing excellent results that you desire. There are plenty of people who have already achieved what you want to make, which mean that you can find plenty of top-notch explainer videos on the internet that you can dissect and learn.

With a rapid increment in the demand of videos, you cannot afford to spend a lot of time trying to come up with a brand new concept unless your goal is to create something unique like Avatar or Avenger. The figure below shows the increase in the time spent by adults watching online videos.

The best thing you can do to produce explainer videos that your audience want is by observing multiple examples of fantastic explainer videos. Finding the best explainer video examples could be time-consuming. I am going to take some of this burden away from you by listing out some of the top explainer video samples that you can watch and learn.

10 Fantastic Explainer Video Examples for Boosting your Traffic

In this section of this article, I’ve selected the 12 incredible explainer video examples that did wonders for their respective creators. Here are the 12 explainer video samples that you can check:

  1. 1. Dissolve

The first explainer video that you should watch is Dissolve. It has incorporated a lot of cyclical humor without being complicated. In this video, they have not done anything fancy. The only thing they have done is compiled old footages and bought it together beautifully. It is an example of how it is possible to create a great explainer video without doing anything out of the world.

As the business is carried out in multiple regions, they have tried to bring the issues of people from all over the world to make it possible for the viewers to resonate with the things that they want to explain. Due to its excellent communication, it got a lot of love from viewers, as they made it viral in a short time.

2. European Investment Bank

Banking is a boring concept for many people. Some people do not even want to know anything related to bank, which pose a stiff challenge when creating an explainer video for the banking industry.

Despite being in a dry industry, European Investment Bank was able to create an explainer video that could bring them tons of attraction and leads. It simplifies the concept of investment loans and funds and lures the viewers into taking action. The video is not pushy by any means, but it is entertaining and educational that motivates viewers to watch it till the end.

3. Experian

The third explainer video example on the list is Experian. It has created a superb explainer video that clearly explains the problem that may occur and a solution that can help business people solve their problem.

Once a viewer watches this video, he/she will clearly understand the importance of data management and how Experian can increase their profit by taking away the hassle of data management from them. The video makes use of simple animated characters and graphs along with entertaining texts to make it enjoyable.

4. Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club is one of the biggest competitors of Gillette. The targeted customers of the company are men who need to shave. The company understood its customer base and used swear words and utilized humor that got love from men, making this video go viral.

The mix of humor, irrelevant visual gags, and swearing make boring shaving concept into an interesting one.

5. Microsoft

Understanding cloud service is a challenging task for many business people, even tech guys. They understood that not all their audience would know about technical terms. For this purpose, Microsoft came up with an explainer video that educates businesses about the benefits of using their Hybrid Cloud Service.

The video uses simple animation and addresses all critical issues that matter to a business owner like cost, security, scaling, and so on.

6. FiftyThree

Fifty-Three is a pencil-shaped mobile stylus. This explainer video only relies on images and music to communicate their message. It demonstrates the power of the product without uttering the single word, which is impressive. If you do not want to add a voiceover, you may want to learn from it.

7. Nest Thermostat

Nest Thermostat has used plenty of smart marketing tactics in this explainer video templates. This explainer video is a superb example of how you should structure a live-action video that can attract and motivate the viewers to take action right away.

If you carefully observe the flow of the video, you can see that it has inserted essential points in the video that paints the reality. It makes viewers dive into the fact that the video is painting and give them a strong reason to purchase the product.

8. Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is a fantastic product that allows its users to analyze their web page to know the reasons for the lower conversion rate. The digital marketers are aware of this tool, but not all small website owners are techy.

This video caters to both tech and non-tech people and explains its use in a simple way. It demonstrates the problems that many small business owners face and show them how easily they can use Crazy Egg tool for solving lower conversion rate issue.

9. GDPR Legal Services

EU implemented GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) recently, which is probably one of the most important policies that will affect businesses that operate online. Not complying with GDPR can get companies into serious legal troubles.

The explainer video by GDPR legal services point out all the anxiety and shows the way to the viewers about how they can get rid of the hassles of GDPR. It also shows you what to do if there are cases when your data gets stolen or damaged.

10. Tech Insider

The final explainer video example is the Tech Insider explainer video. It is a perfect sample that teaches you how you can create a video, according to the nature of your audience. Tech Insider usually answers technical, or we can say geeky questions.

The explainer video software helps to create an awesome video that properly explains the concept by adding an element of fun to it. This video has a great hook, and the flow is proper with superb animation and “Twilight Zone” font. Some people may even Google “dumbo octopus” by pausing the video.

Over to You

Most of the fantastic videos that you see in the market are inspired by tried and tested videos in the past. Surely, you can create an explainer video with a whole new idea now and then, but it is not always feasible in this fast-paced world.

If you learn and follow the principles of the videos that I have mentioned in this article, you have a higher chance of coming up with an explainer video that can achieve your goals. With that said, you cannot simply copy the whole video. There is a need for a bit of creativity and the addition of your own style. 

I hope the list will prove to be helpful to you. Is there something missing in this article? Do let us know by leaving your thoughts below.

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