Top 20 motion graphic animation trends of 2019

The taste and preference of people are always changing in the modern, fast-paced world. There is still an immense competition among businesses to come out with innovative ideas and strategies to lure customers to their product/service.

The tremendous changes in the world today also lead to innovation in the world of motion graphics animation. You cannot expect to get desired results by publishing the same old style of animated videos over and over again. To give what the market wants, you need to be aware of the latest trends in motion graphics.

However, you need to learn how to make motion graphics animation before you can fully capitalize on the market trends.

Cisco predicts that the internet will surpass 1 million minutes of video each second by 2022. Here is another chart that shows the massive growth in the market for online videos.

quy_tech_reportImage Source: QuyTech

20 Motion Graphics Trend in 2019 to Note Down

The trends are always changing, which is the reason you need to be aware of the market. Some trends stay on the market for a long time, so there is a chance that what works in 2018 could do well in 2019 as well.

Let’s look at the current 20 motion graphics trends to know what market wants:

  1. 1. 3D Everywhere

3D Everywhere comes first in the list where motion graphics artists are emphasizing inserting 3D elements everywhere from the sales presentation to game design.

2. Merge 2D and 3D

Mixing 2D and 3D is still gaining momentum in 2019, as people love how the video tells the story when motion graphics artists combine 2D and 3D.

Integrating 2D and 3D animation, inserting 2D overlayers with movement are some examples of it. We are not only observing this trend in big-budget advertisement videos, but also digital ads of small scale.

3. Kinetic Typography

We generally prefer not to stretch or do something unconventional with fonts and images. However, there are times when we can break the rules and still produce great results. The kinetic typography is all about stretching, twisting, and distorting letters and people are loving it.



4. Broken Text

The designers are now playing around with fragmented texts for giving poetic meaning to the video and people are taking it positively. We can see many others experimenting with it.

5. Sophisticated VFX

Adding complex visual effects to a video is now catching the attention of the audience. We can see all sorts of scenes added in a video like explosions, firestorm, and other computer-generated animations.

6. Animated Logos

Even huge corporations are buying into the idea of motion graphics logo animation. It works perfectly in capturing users’ attention, as we can add all sorts of visual effects in a logo.

webdew logo


7. Seamless Transitions

Designers are now using sleek technologies and bringing down the number of cuts to give a more natural touch to the video, which results in a smooth flow of a video.

8. Thin Lines

Lines have numerous functions in a video like giving a direction, deciding the shape, and more. The artists are now trying to draw thin lines like an original drawing for experimentation, and it does look good.

9. Grain

The grain is a tool that we use for adding life to dull visuals. It is an excellent way to insert texture to vector imagery, and it also adds roughness.

10. Retro Motion Graphics

You can expect more use of retro motion graphics in 2019. The designers are using it to make videos fresh and add nostalgic feeling to the video.

11. Morphing

The concept of morphing logos, images, and other things in a video is gaining popularity to present quick and smooth transition, appealing to the short attention span of users.

morphinImage Source: MIT

12. Web and Apps Motion Graphics

The study shows that around 38% of users will not engage with unattractive sites and apps. The use of motion graphics templates in web and mobile apps is getting typical for retaining visitors with animated logos and giving life to boring graphics and loading screen.

tubikImage Source: Tubik

13. Liquid Motion

The designers add a fluid motion to make video creative by replacing clean transitions into more of splashy shifts. It is delighting in seeing the liquid transforming into new shapes.

14. Isometric design

Isometric design is about representing 3D elements on the 2D screen. This type of design is successful in bringing attention to objects that matter.

15. Huge and Bold Typography

The large and bold fonts are in use in various motion graphics videos to communicate the messages by giving it extra emphasis.

16. Digital-surrealism

Digital-surrealism is about adding spectacular visuals that seem simultaneously familiar. The users see evaporating objects, the magical formation of things, and more.

17. Gradients

We call colour transitions as gradients, and it is getting trendy due to its use by large organizations like Stripe, Instagram, and so on. It comes out like a vibrant UI, illustrations, and background.

dribbleImage Source: Dribble

18. Fantasy

The use of fiction in motion graphics is also trending with its use in popular series like Game of Thrones. It is about adding reality with the mix of fantasy characters like mythical beasts or magical landscapes.

behanceImage Source: Behance

19. Virtual Reality

The video for virtual reality is now increasing as we can now see designers focusing on superior quality surreal effects in the video. There is no limit to the creativity that you can use in motion graphics animation for virtual reality. The market size of virtual reality is expected to touch $44.7 billion in 2024 with a compound annual growth rate of 33.47% (Source).

20. New Minimalism

The final trend that we are mentioning in this article is New Minimalism. It is an advanced form of minimalism, which is nothing more than stripped down texts. In new minimalism, we add more to the video by inserting added textures, loopable sound, bold fluid styles, and more.

Over to You

Despite the trends and popularity of certain types of videos, a motion graphic artist must keep in mind that the selection of videos highly depends on the nature of your video. For instance, you cannot insert rock music in an intro if you are selling medical supplements, just because the trend is there on the market.

Having all that said, there is an excellent chance that the trends that I’ve listed above will be useful in cases of most of the types of businesses who need motion graphics animation. Go through each one of them and select the most appropriate trends that will serve your purpose.

I hope you have found our insights useful. Let our team know what you think about our content by commenting below.

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