Logo Animations : Why is it Very Important to Animate Your Logo

A logo is a crucial part of the overall brand. Some may perceive it as a mere art of a brand, but that is not the case. A logo plays a crucial role in determining the overall value of the brand, and top corporations know it, which is the reason why the management spends tons of money in logo creation.

The study conducted by the University of Loyola found that color can boost brand recognition by 80%. Today, most of the people relate blue with Pepsi and red with Coca Cola. 


Many people can quickly recognize the brand by only looking at the logo if the organization effectively does branding. Now, that you know the importance of a logo, let’s talk about logo animations. 

What is an animated logo?

An animated logo is a step ahead of the static/image-only logo where there are no effects whatsoever. An animated logo is about adding effects and all sorts of animation to the logo, which can range from simple dynamic effect to a whole short video presentation. 

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The company logo animations depend on various factors like the objective of the business, nature of the brand, and so on. One must assign the job of logo design to a skilled animator or a motion graphic expert, who knows about SVG logo animations and other concepts, to get the best-animated logo for the company. 

Why should brand bother investing their time and money in animating their logo?

Many huge corporations have invested a lot on logo animation. Are they spending a huge sum of money for nothing? Surely, an animated logo looks fancy, but is it the only benefit of an animated logo? 

In this section of this article, I will reveal why corporate logo animations and logo animation software, in general, is gaining momentum. 

  1. 1. It is unique

Many companies have similar logos, which give people no reason to take a second look at their logo. Thanks to animated logos, you can strike the minds of your potential customers and existing customers. 

By adding special effects and animation to your video, you can leave an impression in people’ minds. A great designer can add some motion and different visual effects that will set your logo apart from others. There is no limit to creativity when designing an animated logo. 

2. Great in capturing the attention

We are living in an era where attention is a scarcity, which is the reason why some experts call our economy, “an attention economy.” The study found that an average human being has a lesser attention span than a goldfish. 


You should do all that you can to capture your users’ attention, and one of the best thing you can do is come up with cool logo animations. The first few seconds decide how people perceive your product and brand. If your logo is outstanding, they are likely to pay attention to what you have to say. 

Your potential clients and customers will remember your brand if you send a strong signal right at the beginning with a powerful logo. 

3. Effective brand awareness campaign

The dynamic images and content are easier to remember than static pictures. The current research shows that only a single minute of a video is worth 1.8 million words. Some animations can stretch up to 10 seconds. If you display an impressive animated logo in your brand awareness campaign, they will not only pay attention, but their brand will retain it as well. 

Msgwow-Gif-Logo--AnimationThe brands who have invested in an animated logo have found more significant outcomes after applying logo animations in their branding strategy. 

4. You can communicate your story in an effective way

The people relate themselves with the brand if the brand has a strong story to tell to the people. When people watch an animated logo, they get attracted to the logo, and if you combine it with a story, it can work wonders for your company. 

Your customers are spending a major chunk of their time  on the internet. Advertising on the internet provides you with more flexibility. By using the animated logo that suits your brand, you can attract them to your page and explain to them how the logo connects with the cause that your company stands for. 


You must have seen marketers using animated explainer videos for communicating their message to the world. Having an animated logo means you are expressing your story and your belief to the audience immediately when they encounter your brand. 

5. Evoke the emotions of the people

According to the analysis, people make decisions based on their emotions and justify it later with rational arguments. An animated logo is much more effective in evoking the feelings of the people than a static logo. A unique logo will surprise the viewers, and it can later trigger the emotions of joy, excitement, and other positive emotions. 

When you trigger the emotions in the very beginning, you are more likely to convince your viewers to take actions that you want them to take. Furthermore, they will relate your brand with something pleasant for a long time. 

6. Increases the company’s standard of presentation

We want to do business with a professional company that can deliver the promises. The first factor that we consider for determining the standard of the company is usually their presentation, and in that process, we take a look at the quality of their logo. 

With an animated logo, you can also keep up with the latest trends on the market. By adjusting the presentation, according to the need of the market, you can reveal your professionalism to the people. The corporation like Google uses animated logo superbly to make people love their service. 


How can you leverage the power of animated logos?

There is more than one way of leveraging the power of animated logos. Here are some places where you can promote your new impressive logo to stand out in the competitive business world. 

  • Social media: Use GIF animated logo and compose it with a message or insert it in a video to publish on social media for getting more engagement. 
  • Company site: You can use the animated logo on your company’s website for retaining your visitors’ attention and leave a positive impression on them. 
  • Presentations: You can include animated logos to demonstrate originality to the people. 
  • Promotions: Finally, you can use animated logos in your promo article, sales page, and sales videos for capturing attention and making the viewers excited to listen to the message. 

What’s Your Take?

In my opinion, if you are starting and is serious about building a strong brand, you must invest time and money in coming up with a dashing logo. By adding animation to your logo, you can take it to the next level. 

There are a lot of companies on the market and having a crappy logo will do nothing to make you distinct in this highly competitive business environment. I believe the reasons that I’ve provided are strong enough to invest in logo animation. 

Many companies think so as well, which is the reason they are investing in logo animation and getting a significant return on investment from their branding activities. 

Are you convinced to invest in animating your logo? Do let us know your decision by commenting below. 

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