Do you want to create highly compelling explainer videos that promote your brand? 

Well! Following a basic pattern while making your explainer video script rather than deciding on the spot and creating a mess. It enhances the video's quality and helps viewers understand the concept and relate themselves easily. 

Making an explainer video becomes easy and exciting when you have the right strategy. Those strategies can show the ways of creating the best explainer videos. But it's also true that writing a perfect script is not as easy as it seems. One needs to think creatively and logically. 

But, if you consider the below-mentioned points, you will create a fantastic script for an explainer video that will instantly connect you to the right audience. Have a look at this incredible explainer video created by our team.

 Tips and Tricks to Write a Great Script

1. Make it Short

The length of a video is inversely proportional to the average watch rate. Therefore, the higher the length of a video, the lesser the viewership number will be.

The longer a video is, the less likely people will watch it all through.

As per statistics, 85% of people watch a 30-second video to the end, and only 50% watch a video entirely for up to 2 minutes. So, if you want to make your video in the top searches, never ignore the length of your script. The script for the explainer video decides the length of your marketing video.

Now, you might be thinking about how you decide the length of your script for a video.

A one-minute video equals 160 scripted words in English. If you want to create a 90-second video, try to explain your story in a maximum of 240 words. 

2. Get Straight to the Point

If you want to increase the visitors' time span, then make sure to keep the script simple. A sort and engaging script will allow the audience to enjoy something fresh and unique and steer evident boredom.

No matter how short the video script is, ensure your content includes all the essential points. So, always hit the major points and give your audience only the required information.

Thus, craft a brief explainer video script while describing the core of your business. It will help your viewers turn into potential customers and then into promoters. 

3. Focus on your Audience

Whenever you write down the script for an explainer video, ensure you truly understand your target audience and how you can solve their problem. If you want to develop a trust and loyalty bond, show your helping attitude toward your audience rather than selling your services. 

Because if you only talk about your brand's features, the audience might bounce away, and you miss out on potential opportunities you might have won by portraying your brand in a user-friendly way.

So, build a close liaison between your brand and viewers by knowing your audience. Moreover, it will further increase your ROI and conversions. 

4. Follow a Proper Structure

Another important tip that helps you create a compelling explainer video script is following the classical structure. Basically, three stages help you make videos completely aligned with your client's requirements and goals. 

1. “What”

Start with a brief discussion on the problems of your target audience that your product will solve. If your audience could relate to your video, they would love to watch it till the end. So, always have a clear purpose in mind before creating the script for the explainer video. 

2. “How”

Once you target your audience's problems well, it's time to describe how your services or products exceptionally troubleshoot their issues.

Don't make it promotional, as it would describe your desire to achieve more sales. Always keep your approach explanatory by expressing your concern as this would generate interest in your services.

Make sure the solution has to be understandable and straightforward, leaving no chance of error.

3. “Why”

Always give your audience concrete examples to explain why they should choose you above the others. This is the most critical part of any video as your audience will compare you with your competitors.

All our created videos generate familiarity of the audience with one's brand to develop a sense of trust in your brand.

All these three stages will help you make your product outstanding and commonly chosen over other competitors. 

5. Have an Engaging Call-To-Action

Finally, it's your turn to appeal for a subscription. Explain viewers clearly explain what you want from viewers after watching your video.

From downloading an eBook to a free demo to sharing on social media, ask your viewers for call-to-action.

Trying for multiple calls to actions in one video might sound pushy to your target audience, or it will bring confusion that might not pay you off with subscriptions. Keep it to one straightforward, engaging, and clear.

Though there are some conditions when your marketing strategy requires different calls-to-action, then try to craft different versions of the same marketing video with a different call-to-action in each; then, conduct A/B testing to check which drives the traffic.

All Set to write a Compelling Explainer Video Script?

I hope the ideas mentioned above will help you in making a powerful script for explainer video. A good script is a gateway to higher conversions and brand presence.

Explainer videos are the lynch-pin for digital marketing, though many businesses are not aware of it. Explainer videos have great potential for attracting more prospects and converting them into leads if appropriately made.

Still, if you have any other queries, you can always contact us. Our experts will get in touch with you right away.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To write a script for an explainer video, begin with a clear introduction, explain the problem or need, introduce your solution, highlight benefits, and include a strong call to action. Keep it concise, engaging, and aligned with your brand's tone and style.

In an explainer video, you should convey essential information about your product, service, or concept. This includes explaining its purpose, how it solves a problem, its key features, and why viewers should take action. Use clear and engaging language to communicate your message effectively.

To write a 60-second video script, focus on brevity and clarity. Start with a compelling hook, introduce the problem, present your solution succinctly, and emphasize key benefits. Avoid unnecessary details and maintain a brisk pace to fit the content within the one-minute timeframe

A video script format typically includes scene descriptions, dialogue or narration, and timing cues. It specifies what happens in each part of the video and how the visuals and audio align. Proper formatting helps guide the production and ensures a cohesive and effective final video.