The 8 Best Types of Explainer Video Templates that Attract Your Customers

An explainer video is super useful in generating leads and increasing conversion rate. As per the study  it is possible to increase the conversion rate by as high as 80% by integrating a video. People often enjoy watching videos than reading text content. The figure below shows the future of online videos in the times to come.

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It can eat up a lot of time to come up with a high-quality video to publish online. However, the video templates can help you create amazing videos in a quick time without having to spend months on video production.

Admittedly, it will not be as creative and magnificent in comparison to the one that professionals create from scratch. With that said, your job is not to create the next Disney-style video or something similar.

There are plenty of explainer video templates online available for download. Some are free, while you need to pay for getting access to premium versions.

Check out the 8 best video templates available for download

It will take a lot of time if you start researching and experimenting with every video template. In this section of this article, I will reveal the eight best video templates that you can use. Many users have obtained excellent outcomes from the eight video templates that I’m about to list here.

Here are the eight best explainer video templates that will bring new leads to your business:

  1. 1. 3D Explainer video toolkit

The first explainer video template that I’m about to list is the 3D explainer video toolkit. It is an incredible template for those who want to jump-start their career in 3D animation. Although you can get this video template for free, it is not some low-class video template. You get to choose from a wide range of icons, scenes, and 3D characters.

The creator of this template has created the things in this template in two styles along with four transitions. The variety in this template will help you create a unique video that will give distinct experience to your viewers.

Furthermore, there are 800 scenes from various fields that enable you to develop an excellent motion design and will enhance the exposure of your business. This template meets the needs for commercial videos, product promo, and other business videos that will increase your leads if you do things right and use this template effectively.

Also, check out various explainer video script template to get scripts that will most likely make an impact on your audience.

2. Explainer Typography Kit

Explainer Typography kit is a template that works great for those marketers who want to explain their product benefits to their audience, making use of a variety of eye-catching typography. It is no brainer to edit the texts in this template and customize, as per your needs.

You can quickly create a video of your choice with this template. It is among useful explainer video templates after effects. You get to play around with 13 different scenes in this template, and the only thing you need to know is to use drag and drop tool for customizing the video.

There is a step-by-step tutorial that comes with this template, which will teach you how to use it to the fullest. Create an HD explainer video if that is the need of the project.


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3. Stylish App Promo Kit

The mobile app market is getting bigger and bigger. Here is how the mobile app download stat looks like:


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Stylish App Promo Kit is a mobile app explainer video kit that works like a charm. You can reach out to the people with a mobile app stylishly and professionally with this fantastic template.

It has a modular structure, and it works great for promoting both iOS and Android apps. You need no additional plugin to use this template. Furthermore, the creator allows the users even to make 4k videos with this template. Also, you do not need advanced animation skills to play around with this template.

4. Whiteboard Animation toolkit

The whiteboard animation toolkit can level up your whiteboard explainer video. You get a whopping 450 creative scenes along with featured design, icons, and characters. You get almost everything that you need to create a fantastic animation video.

You do not need to worry about the lack of characters, scenes, and so on, as it is almost sure that you will get all the icons, characters, and views in this template that you need for your story. You only need to invest in a story and a top-notch script for creating a video. The model will manage the rest of things for you.

5. Hand Explainer Kit

Hand Explainer Kit is a simple template that lets you easily explain your message. You can use it for various kinds of projects. There is no requirement for technical skills to create stunning videos with this template.

Wanna know what Explainer Video does for your business? 

There are galleries where you can find a lot of typography, 30 hand explainer, six backgrounds, ten shape layer, and more that will allow you to create an explainer video that your clients would love to use. No additional plugin requirement for using this template. However, there are no music, videos, and fonts in this template.

6. Business Character Promotion

Business Character Promotion is a beautiful template that allows you to create professional explainer videos. You have over 100 corporate scenes to choose from the projects that you can use to create videos for startups, corporate, education, business, and more. It also enables you to add your images and videos.

7. Character Adventures Toolkit

There are plenty of people who love traveling and exploring new places, which is the reason why the travel industry is massive. Character Adventure toolkit caters to the need of marketers who are looking to market travel-related businesses.

There are over 150 short animations, travel destinations, icons, and more that are enough to create great explainer videos. You can upload your images, music, customize texts, and use the available things in the template for creating a custom video. It can do an excellent job for hotels, air-ticket booking company, holiday services, and other similar companies.

8. Agency/Website/Service Advertisement

The final template on the list is the Agency/Website/Service Advertisement template. It is a great template that can effectively promote your website, agency, service, app, or any other types of internet-based business. It has a fresh and simple design that works great.

It is easy to change, delete, duplicate, and create your scenes. Professionally showcase your works, features, products, and services with this template. There are 12 scenes, 40 text layers, 60 media holders, and more that come with this template.

Over to You

You will undoubtedly get amazing results if you use the video templates that I’ve mentioned effectively, as per your needs. Experiment with different video templates and choose the best one that suits your needs.

Along with video productions, you should also play around with creating video scripts and work on marketing campaigns to get the desired outcome from your efforts. I hope you’ve found the list useful. If I missed out on any other video templates, do let us know by commenting below.

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