2D, 3D, 2.5D Animation: 3 Reasons to create animated videos

The animation videos have been able to get a lot of love from users, which is the reason why many businesses are now opting to promote their product/service via animated videos. A great video can bring you lots of leads and sales, but only if you do it right.

According to the prediction made by the Facebook executive, the platform will soon turn into a no-text platform. It shows the immense popularity of videos.

Below is one more chart that shows the love for videos among people.


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The common types of animation are 2D animation and 3D animation. However, there is a new type of animation that is gaining momentum, and that is 2.5D animation. In the upcoming blocks of this article, we will cover some important facts about these types of animation along with revealing three compelling reasons to go for animated videos.

Understanding 2D, 3D, and 2.5D animation

At first, we’re going to discuss the three different types of animation, 2D, 3D, and 2.5D, and then jump onto reasons to create animated videos.

2.5D animation

Most of you must have heard a lot about 2D and 3D animation, but not much about 2.5D animation. The 2.5D animation stands in the middle ground between 2D and 3D animation. In this type of animation, we use 3D objects in a 2D environment. We base the background in 2D, but the characters and hero objects are 3D.

We can give particular emphasis to objects in this type of videos as they are the centre of attention. It provides a unique feel and texture, which is something that users would love to observe. There are plenty of 2.5D animation examples, and later I’m going to post one 2.5D video.

How to make 2.5D animation?

The same software that you use for creating 2D and 3D animation will work out for you. Before that, you need to know the fundamentals of animation. After you master the fundamentals, you should focus on various techniques that will help you create a 2.5D animation video. Start with the basic video before you jump into an advanced one.

Here is how you can create 2.5D animation After Effects.

Below you can find an example of a 2.5D animation video.

2D animation

It is the most straightforward type of animation that you can create and is still useful for many different kinds of projects. You will have a flat background and character, but it is a great medium to tell stories and productively display images and stats.

3D animation

It is the most sophisticated form of animation among the three that I’ve listed, and it is also the most visually immersive animation. It offers great depth, and it is incredibly entertaining to watch. With that said, it is also the most expensive animation among the three types of animation.

Why should you create animated videos?

The type of animation video that you create depends on your requirement. If you are dealing with corporations, you may need to use 3D animation tools a lot. However, that may vary as well, depending on what the business want.

As per the study it is possible to boost your conversion rate by 80% by integrating a video. You can get a massive return on investment if you manage to publish the right type of video. The video is compelling and here is how the growth of the use of video is growing.


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Here are three compelling reasons to go with animated videos:

1. Simplifying complex techniques

Not every product/service is easy to understand. For instance, you need to give away a lot of information before you can convince a person to purchase a weight loss product or software. It can be tough to make them understand your product without any demonstration.

Thanks to an animated video, you can convey your message and break down complicated processes with ease. There is no need for you to rely on your voiceover when you are creating an animated explainer video. Your characters and other visuals will do the heavy lifting for you.

The study has found that human brain processes visuals 60k times faster than texts. The visuals that you put in can show your potential customers a step-by-step method to achieve something or show them the impact of problems and how your product can help them out.

Moreover, the animated video is also capable of capturing the attention of users. What this means is that a great animated video can get people to see your video and will make them stay in your video till the end. 

2. Low cost and lesser time required

Creating videos were only for corporations with a huge marketing budget in the past, but not anymore. You can now see that even a solopreneur publish their video online and get a lot of love from users.

There is no need for you to wait for months to shoot the video and hire highly professional videographers. You only need software and superior animation skills to create a video that will do the trick for you. Even the 3D video will cost you less than live action videos, as there is no cost of lighting, hiring videographers, cameras, shooting pieces of equipment, and so on.

Even hiring an agency for creating animated videos is affordable for small businesses.

3. Coming out of the monotony

The advertisers are always trying to put all kinds of messages to us these days. They want us to check out their billboards and see some celebrities endorsing some product. Most of the people expect those advertisement videos and are used to it.

However, an animated video is different from all other types of advertisement videos, and it helps companies to come out of the monotony. It is not a pushy video that asks users to purchase the product right away. The animated video is fun to watch and educational, which gives enough reasons for the viewers to act on the offer.


Image Source: YouTube

You can use animated videos for both internal and external communication.

The Takeaway

If you manage to pull off a single great animated video, it can bring you an influx of traffic, leads, and profit. It does not take a lot of money to create a cost-effective animated video, even if you hire someone else to do the video production for you.

The craze for animated videos is not going anywhere. You can expect the demand for animated videos to further grow in the future. The technology is evolving, and there are always new trends coming out on the market that keeps on gaining the attention of users. There is no limit to the creativity that you can integrate into your videos if you master the skills of video animation.

I hope I’ve presented convincing reasons for you to go with animated videos. If you have more reasons to add, you can do that by commenting below.

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