One of the most important things for the growth of a business is attracting visitors to your website. The more visitors you have, the better it is for your business. When attracting visitors to a site, you have to act smart.

People are getting impatient in the modern era, and their attention span is getting shorter and shorter. According to research conducted in 2019, the attention span has fallen to eight seconds, even lower than a goldfish's average.

So, in a society where people fail to realize the value of delayed gratification, how would you ensure that your website's landing page quickly grabs the visitor's attention?

Well, landing page explainer videos helps you do that. Now, think if you would prefer reading long paragraphs to understand a product or watch an exciting video that tells you everything in seconds.

The research found out that 72% of the customers prefer watching videos over written text. So, this makes it clear that most people receive videos very well, which is a great way to increase the conversion rate.

Are you still wondering why explainer videos on the landing page boost its conversion and what would be the benefits of explainer videos?

Well, don’t worry!! This article will take you on the rundown to everything you need about landing page explainer videos. So, without any further delay, let’s roll.

Why Create Landing Page Explainer Videos?

1. The Best Standalone, Promotional Tool

Gone are the days when people spent huge amounts of money sending their teams to other cities to promote.

This is the digital age; everything can be done easily by being in your comfort zone while saving a lot of money. You can effectively use an explainer video to promote your product/service through your website, social media platforms, email, YouTube, etc.

Your target audience might not be interested in your product/service earlier. Still, there is a high chance that they may turn into your customers and promoters after understanding your product/service through the video.

2. Allows you to Stand Out

A landing page explainer video can make you stand out in the competition. It does not matter what you are offering to your audience; thousands of competitors sell the same product/service.

With such stiff competition selling the same thing, the chances are that they might be using the same strategy to describe their offerings.

Now, this is your chance to stand out from your competitors by using an explainer video to lure your audience's attention. The more creative your landing page explainer video is, the easier it will become for you to grab people's attention.

When you use an innovative and compelling explainer video, you grab more people's attention by explaining your product/service differently in an engaging way.

3. Allows you to have a Professional yet Engaging Website

Creating and having a professional website is not that difficult these days. Anyone can create a professional website and offer their product/services to the target audience.

Well, that’s something everyone does. So, what can you do to boost the conversion rate?

The best solution is creating a different and compelling home page. Now, how would you create a professional and creative homepage?

You can use an explainer video to add a hint of creativity to your professional website. When the visitors land on a site with explainer videos, they conceive an image of a more dedicated and reliable company and refer their friends/family to check out the same. This results in an increased conversion rate of the website.

Having an explainer video on the landing page means that you can quickly tell a lot about your business, and that too, without taking as much space as a text would.

4. Allows you to Build an Emotional Bond with the Visitors

The best thing about an explainer video is that it allows you to describe your product/service through stories. About stories there is no human alive that does not like stories.

We listen to a story and start relating the same to ourselves, which eventually creates an emotional bond. Via an explainer video and its interesting characters, you can easily create a quick emotional relationship with your audience, leading to engagement.

The emotional bond creates a sense of confidence, eventually creating an urgency in your audience to take the desired action. When they take the desired action, it is called a conversion. And that’s what you always want.

5. Easily Integrates in your Digital Marketing Campaigns

One great thing about videos is that you can use them anywhere and up your marketing game. The present era is digital, and you don’t need to consider using explainer videos in your digital marketing campaign.

Your Website

Adding a video on the homepage of your website can help you increase your conversion rate by up to 64%.

Email Marketing

Adding a video in your email can boost the click-through by 96%.

Social Media Platforms

Videos on social media platformss 1

Source: oberlo

Sharing videos on social media can help you reach more people in less time. Did you know? Videos on Facebook are shared 12 times more than texts and links.

Are you wondering what it has to do with your website? Well, these tactics help you get more exposure, driving more traffic to your website and increasing your conversion rate.

Now that you know how an explainer video on your website's landing page can boost its conversion rate, I hope you will never have to give a second thought to using videos on your website and create a long-lasting impression on visitors.

Ready to Create an Amazing Landing Page Explainer Video?

Explainer videos are fantastic. They allow businesses to deliver even the most complex information in the easiest way possible. With videos, the viewers stay hooked to your website and are likelier to share the same with their friends and family. So, your chances of exposure and conversion rate increase, making it easy to create a separate identity in the competitive business world.

Hopefully, the points mentioned regarding how landing page explainer videos boost conversion make sense to you. Many businesses have established themselves as brands by leveraging landing page explainer videos. So, what is holding you back?

To take your business to another level and increase revenue, you must employ a video strategy to see the desired results.

It’s always good to hear from you. So, if you have already got your hands on this powerful weapon or have a query about creating compelling videos or how to use them effectively, feel free to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, videos are often highly effective for landing pages. They engage visitors, convey information quickly, and can result in higher conversion rates by showing products, services, or key messages in a visually engaging manner.

A landing page video is a short video strategically placed on a website's landing page. It aims to capture the viewer's attention, provide valuable information, and encourage them to take a specific action, such as signing up, making a purchase, or filling out a form.

An effective landing page video should include a compelling introduction, a clear explanation of your offer or message, benefits or value propositions, a call to action, and visuals that align with your brand and message. Keep it concise and engaging to hold the viewer's interest.

For adding a video to the landing page, first, choose a video hosting platform like YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia to host your video. Then, embed the video by pasting the provided embed code into the HTML of your landing page. Various website builders and content management systems offer easy-to-use tools for embedding videos, making the process straightforward.