Digital marketing seizes a business's life. Not to deny, its usage has uplifted to a great extent. However, to generate good results and to make it worthwhile for you, the website visitors must be converted into potential customers for your businesses. Here, landing pages come into play. 

The aim of creating a landing page is to generate an inflow of conversion rates. The WordPress landing pages are a robust tool that is used to encourage a particular action from the users.

It enables you to eliminate the noise and clutter so that the customers can focus on the service and products you are dealing with.

What is a Landing Page?

The landing page is known as the web page, which is directed to the users so that they can perform the demanded action. It can be downloading an eBook, subscribing to a newsletter, purchasing a product, etc. 

Also, to improve the conversion rate, the landing pages assist in monitoring, optimizing, and enhancing the marketing campaigns. You can even develop a single landing page for every offer or product you are promoting. But, the landing pages are mostly dependent on some explicit campaign goals. 

Essentially, it integrates the below vital elements:

  • Strong Headline or Title: It reveals what the landing page is and what it is dealing with.
  • Quality Images: The high-quality images enable the visitor's attention and hence, break up the content.
  • Engaging Content: The landing page content must consider the natural language that can be digested easily.
  • Call To Action (CTA): It is the essential element of the landing pages. The Call to Action must be more prevalent than any other element of the web page.

The structure, design, and content of the landing page work comprehensively to carry out the desired action. Considerably, it must show some sort of urgency. The essential thing about landing pages is that their only intention is to perform a particular action. Hence, anything irrelevant to the offer at hand is not inevitable.

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Why is WordPress Preferable for Creating Landing Pages?

Surely, WordPress is the leading and most popular Content Management System out there in the market. The features it amalgamates convert it to the best platform for website development and for landing pages as well.

Its' nature is totally user-friendly and flexible. WordPress has made it seamless to customize and organize the website for those who have less or no technical knowledge. 

Because of its powerful plugins and themes, the landing pages become more useful. The statistics reveal that WordPress holds 37.8% of all the websites on the internet. Despite the task you want to perform on WordPress, several online resources and tutorials are there to assist. 

The WordPress landing page assists you in boosting sales, driving traffic, and collecting leads. You can choose layouts for WordPress sites or work with an expert custom WordPress development services provider to help you rapidly and consistently make a delightful and highly converting landing page.

Besides, if you leverage some other CMS for the website, then you can even use WordPress to make the landing pages.

Helpful Tips & Tricks for Building Powerful WordPress Landing Pages

1. Generate Real Objective 

Do you know your aim behind building the landing page? If not then, at first, you must make it happen. Know why you want to create the landing pages. The aim should be on your mind as there is no fun in making the landing pages as same as your competitor.

2. Do not Forget the Source

Each landing page accumulates the source. The source could be the special offer link on social media, a redirect from a remarketing ad, or an email marketing campaign. It does not matter where the traffic is generated, even though what is essential is to keep the regular messaging intact between the landing page and the source.

3. Begin with the Headline

Each landing page requires a unique selling proposition (or USP). What is the purpose of the USP? How is it different from others? 

After knowing the USP, you can include it in the headline and attract visitors from the get-go.

4. Create Call-to-Action

With the increase in the number of options, the time, cost, and effort of collecting information to make a good choice also improves. And the apprehension that they will dislike their choice boosts.

5. Don't Stretch the Pop-ups

Try to avoid exaggerating pop-up windows. Realize that visitors do not like to see many windows appearing on the desktop. Showing the pop-up with advantages when the customers prefer to leave the landing page can assist in increasing the conversions to an extendable level.

6. Make Effective Forms

It is not essential that the landing pages accumulate the sign-up form with similar fields. Those fields should be included that are advantageous for potential customers and for marketing promotion. Do not forget that the more fields the form has, the more lead detail you can attain, but be cautious about the dropout rate.

7. Align with the Branding

As the landing pages are not displayed in the website's navigation, they must align with the WordPress website branding and look. It does not imply that it has to be equivalent to the website design to 100%; besides, there must be a transparent correlation between the two.

8. Navigation Customization

A minimum percentage of options your visitors have does not imply that you have one CTA. It also means that you may prefer to cancel the navigation on an all.  

In this way, a unique path will lead to the visitor's conversion. If you like to have the outbound links, then it is advised to maintain the simplicity and make them competitive.

The redirects to the related products and services landing pages and links for social sharing are some of those examples.

9. Strategize the Color Usage

We cannot forget the colours; they have their own psychology, and yes, colours are essential for landing pages. The colour must appeal to the visitors; they hold the ability to optimize the landing pages and boost conversion rates.

These show the general colour theory and explain how they can be used to reveal the absolute emotional feedback from the visitors.

10. Include Trust Marks

The sole aim of the landing page is to convert visitors to leads. Hence, it is not wrong if you add some social proof or trust marks to give them some peace of mind and additional assurance of securing the decision.

These trust marks encompass the partner logs, customer testimonials, case studies, and security badges.

11. Include a Video When Demanding

We all prefer to watch videos than read text because it is convenient and easily understandable. Even from the statistics, it is revealed that landing pages that integrate video can improve the conversion rate to a great extent.

If you have customer testimonials in the video, a small explanation video, or other content that captures potential customers more efficiently than other texts, then create a video-oriented landing page.

12. Leverage Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is the preferred monitoring and performance-tracking tool for every WordPress website. If you think the conversion module in this tool is very concerning, now is the time to carry this out.

From the Admin dashboard of Google Analytics, several goals of the landing pages are created. This includes time-on-page, video clicks, Thank You page arrivals, and time-on-page.

It assists you in tracking the page performance and finding out the probable missteps created in the design or copy that might be limiting visitors from converting.

Wrapping Up

The landing pages are of utmost importance when it is about driving conversions and leads from the WordPress website.

Landing pages are one of the most efficient ways to influence visitors to land on your website. This could be used to maintain the trust, exhibit value, or provide something they cannot live without. 

We have mentioned the most useful tips and tricks for creating the best landing pages. Take a look and start implementing it now. We assure you that your visitors will definitely be converted into potential customers. 

Hopefully, you liked this piece of article. If there are some suggestions or queries, then let us know in the comment section below. 

Thanks for reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

To design a simple landing page in WordPress, you can utilize a page builder plugin, such as Elementor or Beaver Builder, which allows you to design and customize your landing page without coding.

To create a landing page menu in WordPress, follow these steps:

  • Create a personalized menu in WordPress if you don't have one already.
  • Add your landing page(s) to the custom menu.
  • Set the custom menu in the WordPress theme settings as your primary navigation menu.
  • Customize the menu order and hierarchy as needed.
  • Save your changes, and your landing page menu is set.

Yes, landing pages can be profitable when used effectively for specific marketing and conversion purposes.

If you opt for free landing page hosting, you can avoid hosting costs and may also obtain a free subdomain. To create your landing page, you can utilize content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, or HTML and CSS for a more traditional approach.