A Comprehensive List of Explainer Video Software to Make a Classic Video

Top business pages on Facebook like Tech Insider, NowThis, Buzzfeed, Tasty, etc., use explainer videos as a way to market their content to their target audience. While they have set new benchmarks with a tonne of likes every single day, other similar platforms juggle hard to reach that level and spend a considerable amount of money to attract viewers.

As technology is expanding at the faster pace than ever before with new software or tools hitting the market every day to boost online presence, companies have become sceptical of choosing the tools that can generate the results they aspire.

What are the Explainer Videos?

An explainer video is a graphical presentation of an idea, product or service to attract the target audience and generate new prospects. By inculcating engaging graphic elements while illustrating those graphics through meaningful content, organizations take advantage of explainer videos to establish their brands online.


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The study shows that the human brains process visuals 60,000 times quicker than texts, which is one of the reasons why explainer videos are so effective in conveying a message to users. Furthermore, it also evokes emotions within human beings that make people want to watch the video until the end and take action that we want them to take.

Here is an example of a compelling explainer video:

Slack // Work, Simplified (Director's Cut)

There is no need for you to spend tons of money on video production if you want to create an explainer video for everyday purposes. To do that, you do not need highly technical skills. All you need is software. By saying software, I’m trying to say the best explainer video software that perfectly suits your needs.

In the next few sections, we will discuss the explainer video software that will allow you to create spectacular videos without having to learn complex mathematical problems and animation techniques.

Explainer video software

Probably anyone can bet on the quality of Adobe After Effects, developed by Adobe Systems when compared with other explainer video software as Adobe is used to create professional explainer videos.

Through Adobe AE software, graphics experts can design and produce highly engaging graphics motion videos. As its terminologies are a bit complex, beginners might need to learn about this tool, in the beginning, to get hands-on it.

It is not recommended to use it as the primary tool to make videos for marketing campaigns unless you have an expert in using this sophisticated tool.

Top 10 tools to create stunning Explainer Videos

The two things that have taken social media to the next level are the mobile industry which has streamlined web surfing and explainer videos which have become an integral part of any marketing strategy.

A device friendly explainer video that works excellent for autoplay, vertical and sound-off viewing functionalities can make a difference in developed a recognized online presence. Let several eyes look at your product and services through explainer videos while pasting them on social media sites.

1. Typito


Typito is an animated explainer video software that has been able to position itself as a tool that can generate and compile beautiful typography, images, and brand layouts. It is quite easy to get familiar with this application due to its user-friendly, web-based drag-and-drop tool to create video explainers.

Since the day of its launch to the present date, this tool has gone through some upgrades which make it one of the appropriate video making tools. You can quickly put in engaging motion graphic text, which otherwise you have had to go through a desktop based program which is not easy.

Making a video with Typito is quick and easy, as there are already plenty of templates that you can choose, edit, and create your video right away. If you want to make changes, there is a preview-on-a go feature to observe how your video will play on the screen.



2. RawShorts


With the drag and drop interface, this tool is easy-to-use software for animated explainer videos. It has an archive of templates, graphics libraries, animated charts, etc. which make it an excellent tool for creating a video. Moreover, it allows recording sound explanations.

One of the features that Raw Shorts is heavily emphasizing right now is its AI feature that allows you to convert texts into a video draft automatically. It will find the right media templates for you by scanning through your script, and all you need to do is edit it to create a video.


3. Renderforest


Renderforest is a famous explainer video maker that makes the video creation process scalable and straightforward. Now, create different types of videos using your browser without installing any software.

It is an all-in-one tool that you can use for creating intros, logo animations, promo videos, music visualizations, and more. There are plenty of media files that you can use when you subscribe to its plan like music, hundreds of thousands of images, and so on. It also supports HD videos, and you can easily adjust the quality as per your requirement.



4. Biteable

biteable-logoWith a big pool of pre-made video explainer templates, this tool helps video makers to create engaging videos in no time.

Best of all, you can try its amazing features without spending a dime on it. It has tons of professional templates and a massive library of media files that enable you to get started in a matter of a few minutes.

You can also use your media files, edit it with its user-friendly tools for customizing your videos.


5. Powtoon


A professional look and feel are essential to engage a viewer to the end. It is a cloud-based software which is perfect to create animated presentations and videos.

Here is a glimpse of this software:

It recently acquired Showbox, and it has been getting better over the period. It has excellent support and a vast library of clips, templates, and other media files to let you create a professional video in a few minutes.

Its drag and drop tool is all that you need for making tweaks in your videos, as almost everything is already there inside the software.


6. Promo by Slidely


Image-based vignettes with texts and music are trending these days. Creating them is not as easy as they require creative skills, time, and sophisticated software. Using this tool will give you access to millions of premium video clips along with the latest music.

All of its templates are tested and have proven its worth on the market. Promo makes it simple to create and share videos with your users on various social media platforms and sites. Its editor allows you to add texts, change the style, adjust colour, and more in the video.



7. Vemely


Being a video editing application it allows users to create intuitive and inspirational marketing video memes. It has four steps: upload a video, clip the magical moment, select a template, and add your caption.

It has plenty of templates that you can select, and all you need to do is add subtitles and make it attractive enough for creating virality. Its speech recognition and transcribing feature speeds your video creation that is what you need to develop world-class videos without much effort.


8. Topvid


TopVid is a Facebook video ad builder which helps people to promote their product on social media in the best way. With a variety of templates, video makers can construct product showcase videos at a minimal cost.

It is an excellent tool for anyone who wants to get started with Facebook ads within a few minutes. It automatically optimizes your videos for Facebook advertisements, and you do not need to spend your time on making tweaks.

Here is one interesting fact that would make you even more excited to use Topvid right away. The study shows that native Facebook videos get ten times more share on Facebook than YouTube videos.



9. Crop.video


Want to optimize marketing videos for mobile devices? Go for Crop.video!

It uses smart technology based on Open Computer Vision.The uploading of video results in splitting of it into shots, which further gives you suggestions for cropping depending on object recognition and face. Moreover, users can easily add a logo, trim videos and subtitles.

By using this tool, you can optimize your videos for various social media platforms easily that will make your videos get more love on many different platforms.


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Over to You

You must have realized by now that all pieces of software do not serve the same purpose and is not fit for everyone. Some application may be useful for some specific industry or an individual, while some others may do an excellent job with another software.

Now that you are aware of the nine applications that are widely in use in the world today, you have a much better chance of selecting the best software that will serve your needs. I’m pretty sure that you will find the right application from this list.

With that said, you may want to give a few of the applications on the list try to decide which one is the most appropriate for your projects. Is there something that you want to add to this material? If yes, do not hesitate to share your thoughts with our audience.

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