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    • Filmora is a popular video editing software developed by Wondershare. It is known for its user-friendly interface and wide range of features.
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    Lumen 5

    • Lumen 5 is a web-based platform that allows users to create engaging video content easily, even without prior video editing experience.
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    • Movavi Video Editor is a video editing software program developed by Movavi Software. The drag-and-drop interface makes video editing process easy.

Did you know that the first video editing software was introduced in the early 1990s?

We sincerely hope that you're not still using outdated video editing software. The world of video content creation has undergone a significant transformation, and with it, video editing software has evolved too. 

So, if you haven't updated your video editing tool lately, it's time to explore the latest options and take your editing skills to the next level.

But with so many video editing software available, how do you choose the right one? That's where webdew comes in. From industry-leading software to budget-friendly options, here we've put together a list of thirteen ultimate options that you should try in 2023.

List of the Best 13 Video Editing Software for 2024

This list is your go to option for choosing the suitable software as per your needs. Whether you want to edit explainers or social media videos, these thirteen perfect tools would surely take you to choose the right one.

1. Apple iMovie

This video editing program allows you to film and edit video from every Apple device, whether Mac, iPhone, or iPad . For devices other than Mac, you need to make use of AirDrop.

One fantastic feature of Apple iMovie is its green screen. It enables you to place characters in great places, such as Hawaii. For overlaying, it also lets you connect with iTunes and GarageBand to insert custom tracks .

Apple imobi 1536x795 1

Features of Apple iMovie

  • Intuitive interface for easy navigation
  • Support for 4K resolution videos
  • Advanced color correction and video stabilization
  • Built-in effects and filters
  • Audio editing and sound effects
  • Support for green screen and picture-in-picture effects
  • Integration with iTunes and GarageBand
  • Direct upload to YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo


  • Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate, even for beginners.
  • It has powerful editing capabilities for a free software.
  •  This free video editing app is great for beginners and casual video editors.
  • It does seamless integration with other Apple software and devices.
  • It also includes fast rendering and exporting of videos.


  • The tool has limited advanced features compared to professional editing software.
  • It lacks of customizable effects and transitions.
  • There is no support for third-party plugins or add-ons.
  • The free video editing tool is available on Mac and iOS devices.


This is free video editing software for Mac and iOS devices.

2. EaseUS RecExperts

EaseUS RecExperts is a top-notch screen recording software if you're into making webinars or recording videos on your computer.

EaseUS RecExperts 1536x678 1

Features of EaseUS RecExperts

  • Record all 2D/3D gameplay highlights without lag or time limit.
  • Capture any region on the PC screen along with audio or webcam.
  • Enhance user experience with embedded video editor and media player.
  • Advanced AI-powered noise remover.
  • Video enhancer for 4K/8K videos.
  • Auto recording & audio extractor.


  • Capable of capturing any region on the PC screen along with audio or webcam.
  • Supports recording all 2D/3D gameplay highlights without lag or time limit. 
  • Comes with an embedded video editor and media player to enhance user experience.
  • Features an advanced AI-powered noise remover and video enhancer for 4K/8K videos.
  • Supports auto recording and audio extraction.


  • Free version has limited features and puts a watermark on recordings.
  • Interface may be overwhelming for some users.
  • Customer support can be slow to respond at times.


Free version
The paid version – $29.95 per license

3. Bandicut

It's one of the best video trimmer and splitter software that helps you create amazing videos in a quick way.  Due to its easy-to-use interface, it gives a great and professional editing experience.

It can keep your video content original. Moreover, using this software, you can convert video to audio or MP3. Also, you can split the video into different files or join many video files.

So, if you are looking for all such features, you can add  bandicut video cutter to your bucket list. 

Bandicut 1536x670 1

Features of Bandicut

  • Bandicut allows you to cut and split videos without losing quality.
  • It supports various video formats, including AVI, MP4, MOV, and MPEG.
  • The software also supports hardware acceleration, allowing you to process videos faster.
  • Bandicut offers video encoding options, including H.264, Xvid, and MPEG-1.
  • The software has a built-in video player to preview your edited video.
  • You can also extract audio from video files using Bandicut.


  • It is lightweight and easy-to-use software, making it suitable for beginners and professionals.
  • The affordable software makes it an excellent choice for users on a budget.
  • It allows you to cut and split videos in a quick manner, saving you time.
  • Bandicut preserves your videos' quality, ensuring they look great after editing. The software supports a wide range of video formats, making it versatile.


  • Bandicut lacks advanced editing features such as color correction, special effects, and transitions.
  • The software does not support Mac OS, limiting its use to Windows users only.
  • Its free version comes with a watermark. To get it removed, you need the paid version.
  • Some upgraded features could be better.


Free version
The paid version – $29 per license

4. MiniTool

MiniTool is one of the professional and reliable video editing companies welcomed by users. It offers a powerful and easy-to-use video editing software MiniTool MovieMaker, which can easily merge the scattered source videos, photos, and sound into a beautiful digital memory.

MiniTool 1536x708 1

Features of MiniTool

  • Free video editing software that is easy to use and suitable for beginners.
  • Offers various video editing tools and effects, including trim, split, crop, rotate, and adjust video speed.
  • Provides built-in templates that allow users to create stylish and professional-looking videos quickly.
  • Offers a simple interface that makes it easy to navigate and find the desired tools.


  • Free to use with no watermarks on the edited videos.
  • Supports multiple video and audio file formats, such as MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, MP3, and more.
  • Easy to use interface that makes it suitable for beginners.


  • Limited advanced features compared to other professional video editing software.
  • Does not support 4K video editing.
  • May experience occasional crashes or slow performance. It is compatible only with Windows.


Free version is available 
Monthly Subscription – $12.99
Annual Subscription – $35.99
Ultimate plan – $59.99

5. Filmora

Filmora is a video editing software that has gained immense popularity among content creators and amateur video editors. Developed by Wondershare, it is a versatile and user-friendly platform that allows users to create professional-looking videos with ease. 

With Filmora, you can create videos for various platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, and export them in various formats and resolutions.

Filmora 1536x712 1

Features of Fimora

  • Filmora's interface is easy to navigate; users can find the tools to edit their videos.
  • Filmora offers a variety of filters, overlays, transitions, and other effects to enhance your videos .
  • Filmora allows users to perform up-to-date video editing tasks. It includes audio equalization, color correction, and noise reduction.
  • Users can simultaneously use Filmora to record their computer screen, webcam, and audio.
  • Filmora has various editing audio tools, including background noise removal, audio equalization, and volume adjustment .


  • Filmora is cost-effective compared to other professional editing software.
  • Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for beginners to start editing videos without extensive training .
  • The tool offers a variety of video effects, advanced editing programs, and editing audio features .
  • It works on both Windows and Mac operating systems.


  • Filmora's features are limited compared to other professional video editing software.
  • The free version of Filmora adds a watermark to the edited videos.
  • Filmora can be slow when rendering amazing videos, especially on low-end computers.


Free version
FilmoraPro $149.99 per year
Filmora X – $69.99 per year or $99.87 for a lifetime license
Business version – $199.99 per year

6. Corel Video Studio

The fourth one on the list is the Corel Video Studio. It is a professional video editing app  with high-level capabilities and features. It supports 4k video and 360-degree VR, lets you track motion, and does 3D editing.

Corel Video Studio 1536x715 1

Features of Corel Video Studio

  • Corel Video Studio has a clean and intuitive interface that makes it easy to navigate for beginners .
  • The software allows users to work with many editing tracks. It makes adding and adjusting various audio and video clips easy.
  • It offers a motion-tracking tool that allows users to track and follow moving objects in their videos .
  • Corel Video Studio offers advanced color correction and grading tools.


  • Its user-friendly interface and intuitive tools make it easy for beginners to create professional-looking videos.
  • Its 360° video editing support is a plus for users who want to create immersive videos.
  • Its multi-camera editing feature is a plus for users who want to edit footage from many cameras.


  • Corel Video Studio's audio editing program  is limited compared to other in the market.
  • This video editing software is available only for Windows users.
  • Its features may be limited for updated video editing needs.


Standard version – $59.99
Ultimate version – $99.99

7. Cyberlink Power Studio

Cyberlink Power Studio is a powerful yet simple editing software. Suppose you need clarification about how to use this video software. In that case, there is a tutorial on its product page explaining the features of Cyberlink Power Studio . It will teach you practical ways to use the functions for creating a stunning video.

Cyberlink 1536x661 1

Features of Cyberlink Power Studio

  • This being one of the best video tools, makes it easy to navigate for beginners.
  • The software allows users to work with many editing tracks.
  • This software on our list offers advanced editing programs for audio, such as ducking, normalization, and scrubbing .
  • Cyberlink PowerDirector supports 360-degree video editing, making it possible to create immersive videos.
  • It offers advanced color correction and grading tools, making it easy to adjust the color and tone of its videos .
  • This video editing software comes with AI-powered features. This includes motion tracking, facial recognition, and object detection.


  • The tool supports end-to-end 3D and 4k videos.
  • It has fastest at rendering even in the case of multiple layers to be rendered.
  • 24/7 customer service support to get your queries resolved.


  • Cyberlink PowerDirector is currently only available for Windows users.
  • Some users may find its features limited compared to other video editing software.
  • The editing software on this list can be expensive for some users.


Standard version – $99.99
Ultimate version – $179.99

8. Adobe Premiere Pro

Talking about software such as Adobe Premiere Pro has many features supporting 4k and 360 VR videos . This software has all the essential features you need to create stunning videos.

The Lumetri Color tool is one of the critical features of Adobe Premiere Pro. It allows you to adjust and manipulate color to help you enhance the quality of the video. 

You also get a lot of titling options in Adobe Premiere Pro. You can use this tool by spending some more time with it. If still, you face any issues; then you can take the help of experts or hire a video editing company and avail of their services .

Adobe Premiere Pro 1536x702 1

Features of Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Adobe Premiere Pro offers many audio and video tracks, making working with complex projects .
  • Premiere Pro is part of the Adobe Creative Suite, which integrates with other Adobe tools, such as After Effects and Photoshop .
  • The software allows you to do multi-cam editing, making it ideal for multi-camera productions .
  • It has various advanced audio tools, including audio mixing and effects.
  • The software has powerful color correction and grading tools, allowing you to give your videos a professional look .


  • The software produces amazing video output suitable for broadcast, film, and web distribution.
  • It is available for Mac and Windows, making it easy to collaborate with editors using different operating systems.
  • The software has a large community of third-party developers who create plugins that extend its functionality.
  • Adobe regularly updates Premiere Pro, ensuring it remains up-to-date with the latest features and technologies.


  • It is not a very easy video editing software, making it challenging for beginners to get started.
  • The software requires a powerful computer to run smoothly , which can be a significant expense for some users.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro is only available through a subscription model, which can be expensive for some users.


Annual plan (paid monthly) – $20.99/month
Annual plan (prepaid) – $239.88/year
Monthly plan – $31.49/month

9. Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio is the ultimate video editing software for professionals, which supports 4k and 360 VR videos . It has lightning-fast video rendering capability. You also get motion tracking and multi-cam features.

You can access Pinnacle Studio for a one-time fee of $129.95. It has a user-friendly and intuitive user interface you would love to use. No need to regret paying extra bucks for a better experience and support.

Pinnacle Studio 1536x593 1

Features of Pinnacle Studio

  • Pinnacle Studio allows users to edit footage from many cameras simultaneously .
  • Users can record their computer screen and webcam simultaneously . This helps in creating tutorial videos, presentations, and demonstrations.
  • This feature automatically lowers the background music volume when there is dialogue. It ensures that the spoken word remains clear and audible.
  • This feature allows users to track and follow moving objects or people within a video clip .
  • Users can create complex animations and special effects by adjusting parameters over time.


  • Pinnacle Studio offers a straightforward interface that makes it easy for beginners.
  • Users can access a wide range of editing tools, including color grading, 3D video editing, and text overlays.
  • Pinnacle Studio offers good performance, even when editing large video files.
  • Pinnacle Studio supports a wide range of video and audio formats – MPEG-4 or H. 263 video compression, along with AMR audio compressions.
  • Pinnacle Studio integrates with cloud storage services. It allows users to access their projects and media files from anywhere.


  • Pinnacle Studio offers limited customer support compared to other video editing software providers.
  • Pinnacle Studio is only available for Windows and macOS, making it unsuitable for Linux users.
  • It lacks a feature for automatically stabilizing shaky footage. Thus, it can be time-consuming for users to do it on a manual basis. Rendering can be slow, particularly when exporting best-quality videos or using effects.


Pinnacle Studio – $59.95
Pinnacle Studio Plus –  $99.95
Pinnacle Studio Ultimate -$129.95

10. Lumen 5

Lumen 5 lets you edit videos professionally with few technical abilities. It is an excellent asset for digital marketers. You can create fun and flashy promos in no time with Lumen 5. It is an excellent tool for bloggers who want to move into video marketing to capitalize on the growing demand for videos .

The stat shows a sharp increment in the budget for video marketing among corporations . It is an excellent tool for freelancers who want to serve businesses with video creation. The most basic skill that you need to use for creating a video with Lumen 5 is the ability to use their drag-and-drop tool.

You need to drag gifs, screengrabs, add music, and so on to create an alluring video for your business.

Lumen 5 1536x696 1

Features of Lumen 5

  • Lumen 5's AI tools can automatically analyze text and images to generate video content .
  • The tool offers a media library with millions of royalty-free photos, videos, and audio clips that users can integrate into their videos .
  • Users can create storyboards within Lumen 5, enabling them to plan out their videos before starting the editing process .
  • It offers integrations with popular social media platforms. It makes publishing and sharing videos across various channels easy.
  • Users can customize their videos with text overlays, music, and transitions and choose from a range of pre-made templates . It helps in creating attractive videos.


  • Lumen 5 has a quick and easy editing design, making it easy for beginners to create the best-quality videos.
  • The AI-powered tools within Lumen 5 can save users time and effort by automatically generating video content.
  •  Its media library offers millions of royalty-free assets, making it easy for users to find the right content for their videos.
  • It is a cloud-based software, meaning users can access their projects and media files from anywhere.
  • Its pricing is affordable compared to other video editing software providers.


  • While Lumen 5 offers some customization options, more is needed for users who want more control over their videos.
  • It offers fewer editing characteristics than other video editing software providers.
  • As a cloud-based software, users cannot edit videos without an internet connection.
  • As a cloud-based software, users cannot edit videos without an internet connection.
  •  Lumen 5's features for audio are limited , which may be a drawback for users who want to create complex audio effects.


Starter – This free plan
Business – This plan costs $49/month
Enterprise – The Enterprise plan offers custom pricing

11. Da Vinci

Da Vinci Resolve is a professional video editing software developed by Blackmagic Design. It is widely used in the film and television industry due to its powerful and advanced editing features.

One of the key advantages of Da Vinci Resolve is its ability to handle large video files and high-resolution footage with ease. It also provides real-time collaboration capabilities, allowing multiple users to work on the same project simultaneously.

Da Vinci 1536x705 1

Features of Da Vinci Resolve

  • DaVinci Resolve is known for its world-class color grading tools. It allows users to adjust the color and tone of their footage with precision and ease.
  • With its built-in Fusion visual effects toolset, users can create stunning visual effects and motion graphics . This is easy to do without switching to a separate application.
  • DaVinci Resolve offers collaborative editing options that enable various users to work on the same project simultaneously .
  • It offers advanced audio post-production tools through its Fairlight audio engine. It allows users to create and mix soundtracks easily .
  • DaVinci Resolve offers several AI-powered features, such as facial recognition, object removal, and speed warp .


  • DaVinci Resolve provides professional-level editing software in film and television.
  • It offers a free version with many of the same features as the paid version, making it accessible to new and aspiring editors .
  •  Despite its professional-level features, the software has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate for new users.
  • It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.
  • The software is updated regularly with new features and improvements.


  • DaVinci Resolve's professional-level features may need a steep learning curve for new users.
  • The software requires a powerful computer with a dedicated graphics card to run smoothly , which may not be accessible to all users.
  • The free software version only allows users to export videos in limited formats.


Free version 
The paid version – $295

12. Movavi

Movavi is a user-friendly video editing software that is popular among beginners and enthusiasts. It offers a wide range of basic editing tools such as trimming, cropping, and splitting video files. With Movavi, users can also add text, captions, and stickers to their videos, as well as apply special effects and filters.

Movavi 1024x464 1

Features of Movavi

  • This tool offers a simple and intuitive interface that is easy to navigate for new users.
  • Movavi Video Editor offers advanced editing options such as color correction, chroma keying, and slow-motion effects .
  • The program offers an automatic video creation tool that can easily generate videos from photos and video clips .
  • Movavi Video Editor is available for Windows and Mac operating systems.
  • The software provides a screen recording tool that allows users to capture their computer screen and create tutorials or video presentations


  • The software has a simple and intuitive interface that is easy to navigate for new users.
  • Movavi Video Editor is cost-effective, making it accessible to users on a budget.
  •  The software provides fast exporting times, which saves users time and effort.
  • The software supports many video and audio formats, making it versatile for different projects.
  • Movavi Video Editor offers a free trial.


  • The software lacks some advanced features that professional video editors may have.
  • It provides basic editing audio tools but lacks some advanced features in other video editing software.
  • The software lacks advanced collaboration tools that allow many users to work simultaneously on the same project.


A free trial is also available
Standard version – $39.95 
Plus version – $59.95

13. Video Wizard

Video Wizard is an easy-to-use video editing program that makes it incredible to bring your video to an appropriate format per your need . You can use video editing software for computers. It lets you convert your videos to fit into iPhone and iPod or even Pinnacle Studio.

Video Wizard 1536x638 1

Features of Video Wizard

  • Video Wizard has an easy-to-use interface, even for beginners.
  • It offers a variety of editing options. These include trimming, cutting, adding transitions, applying effects, adding text, and more.
  • Video Wizard supports many file formats, including MP4, AVI, MOV, and more.
  • Users can export their videos in various formats, such as DVD, Blu-ray, and online platforms like YouTube and Vimeo .
  • Video Wizard allows users to edit audio tracks, adjust volume levels, and add sound effects .
  • It offers a variety of pre-designed templates for users. It lets them create professional-looking videos in a quick way.


  • Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate, even for beginners.
  • Video Wizard is affordable compared to other video editing software.
  •  This paid video editing software has a fast rendering features.
  • Users can export their video projects in various formats.
  • Video Wizard's audio editing tools are a plus for users who want to create high-quality videos.


  • Compared to more advanced video editing software, Video Wizard may need some of the advanced features.
  • Video Wizard is currently only available for Windows users.
  • The software doesn't offer a free trial, which means users need to buy the software to try it out.


One-time purchase – $59.95

Ready to boost your Video Editing game with these tools?

Picking the right video editing software is super important when starting out because you'll spend a lot of time learning how to use it . If you choose the wrong one, you'll waste your time. So, here is the list of the best video editing software!

You can select a few for now and choose the one that resonates with you. I hope my list has cleared your confusion about your choices in the market. 

If still you need any help for video creation and editing, feel free to contact us

Frequently Asked Questions

The answer to this question depends on factors such as the user's experience, budget, and specific requirements. However, some of the most popular and highly recommended video editing software in the market include Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and Sony Vegas Pro. These software offer advanced features such as color correction, special effects, editing audio, and multi-cam support. It's best to try out different software and choose the one that works best for you and your preferences.

Most YouTubers prefer using Adobe Premiere Pro to edit their Youtube videos professionally. Other top 3 best video editor options include Final Cut Pro, iMovie, and Filmora. This video editing software for YouTube offer video stabilization, motion graphics, color grading, and 4K support. Ultimately, the choice of software depends on the user's experience, budget, and requirements.

For beginners, choosing software that is easy to learn and use is essential. Some of the best video editing software for beginners include iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, and Filmora. These software offer user-friendly interfaces, drag-and-drop functionality, and a range of essential features such as video trimming, transitions, and immediate effects. As users gain more experience, they can transition to more advanced software that offer additional features and functionalities.

No, Adobe video editor is not free. Adobe offers a subscription-based model where users can purchase a monthly or yearly plan to access the software. Adobe Premiere Pro is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, which includes other tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects. However, Adobe offers a free trial period where users can try out the software before committing to a subscription plan. Adobe also offers the best free video editing software overall called Premiere Rush, which provides basic video editing tools and is suitable for mobile devices