List of Top 8 Video Editing Software for Beginners

A superb video is a critical part of a marketing strategy for modern marketers. Whether you are a small company or a massive corporation, integrating video marketing to your plan is a must. According to the Cisco prediction, over 80% of the total internet traffic will be video by 2022. The demand for video is enormous, and if you are not creating one for your business, you are missing out on a massive opportunity.


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There is no need for you to purchase expensive pieces of equipment to create your very first video. All you need is a decent camera, even an iPhone camera is good enough for starters, and an appropriate video editing software. There are expensive video editing tools on the market, but a beginner can start with free video editing templates or other cheaper alternatives.

What are my options?

There are plenty of options on the market, which is good, but it can also be confusing for many people. In this section of this article, I will reveal the eight best video editing software that you would love to use for your project.

  1. 1. Apple iMovie

The first software that makes to the list is the Apple iMovie. It is not for those who are working in windows operating system, though. It is a secure video editing software that is great for beginners. It includes ten high-fidelity filters among which a few of them are classiest.

You can film and edit the video from every Apple device, whether it is Mac, iPhone, or iPad. For devices other than Mac, you need to make use of AirDrop. One fantastic feature of Apple iMovie is its green-screen. It enables you to place characters in some great places, for instance, Hawaii. For those who are a fan of overlaying, it also lets you connect with iTunes and GarageBand for easily inserting custom tracks.

It comes up free with the purchase of Mac.  

2. Lumen 5

Lumen 5 lets you edit video professionally without having many technical abilities. It is an excellent asset for digital marketers. You can easily create fun and flashy promos in no time with Lumen 5. It is an excellent tool for bloggers who want to move into video marketing to capitalize on the growing demand for videos.

The stat shows the sharp increment in the budget for video marketing among corporations. It is an excellent tool for freelancers as well who want to serve businesses with video creation. The most basic skill that you need to use for creating a video with Lumen 5 is an ability to use their drag-and-drop tool.

You need to drag gifs, screengrabs, add music, and so on for creating an alluring video for your business.


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3. Video Wizard

Video Wizard is a great tool that makes it incredibly easy to bring your video to an appropriate format, as per your need. It is not only suitable for computers, but it also lets you convert your videos to fit into iPhone and iPod or even Pinnacle Studio.

However, the software is not available for Mac users.

4. Corel Video Studio

The fourth one on the list is the Corel Video Studio. It is a professional video editing app with high-level capabilities and features. It supports top-notch software that provides support for 4k video, 360-degree VR, and it also lets you track motion.

You can keep track of specific items in your video making process like blurring the face, putting on a funny hat, and so on, while the movie is playing. Corel Video Studio has one of the best motion tracking capability in the entire video editing software industry.

Another significant advantage of Corel Video Studio is the speed factor. It goes neck-to-neck with some of the advanced video editing software on the market.


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5. Cyberlink Power Studio

Cyberlink Power Studio is an easy-to-use and powerful video editing software. If you are confused about how to use Cyberlink Power Studio, there is a tutorial in its product page that will thoroughly explain the features of Cyberlink Power Studio, and it will teach you practical ways to use the functions for creating a stunning video.

There are plenty of effects and options offered by the creator of the software. Although there are plenty of features, the tutorial will walk you through it, so there is no need to be overwhelmed. I recommend you to invest your time in learning the features of the software before using it.

When it comes to speed, Cyberlink Power Studio is one of the fastest video editing software. It has employed the latest cutting edge technology for quickening the process of video editing. The software supports 4k video and 360-degree video.

The super fast rendering capability and its amazing effects are its strengths. You can get access to this software for a one-type fee of $79.99.   

6. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is an excellent software for beginners along with intermediate and advanced video editors. It has a wide range of features with support for 4k and 360 VR videos. This software has all the essential features that you will ever need to create stunning videos.

Lumetri Color tool is one of the critical features of Adobe Premiere Pro. It allows you to adjust and manipulate color to help you dramatically enhance the quality of the video. There is a multi-cam feature let you work with multiple camera angles. You also get a lot of titling options in Adobe Premiere Pro. You can easily use this tool by spending some more time with it still if you face any issue then you can take help of experts or hire the video editing company and avail their services.

You can get started with this software for under $20.

7. Camtasia Studio 8

Camtasia Studio 8 is a beginner-friendly video editing software that enables the user to capture the screen and record the video. It is prevalent among video makers who focus on making tutorials let’s play genre and another type of videos that need users to capture the computer screen.

It has got a robust set of features that allow you to convert your captured screen video into a professional one. It has an amazing green screen module that lets users add clicks, arrows, pointers, and so on in the video. Furthermore, there is also a smart-focus feature that will help you show more emphasis on specific objects, which is essential for tutorial videos.

8. Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio is an ultimate video editing software for professionals, which supports the 4k and 360 VR videos. It has a lightning fast video rendering capability. You also get motion tracking and multi-cam features.

You can get access to Pinnacle Studio for a one-time fee of $129.95. It has a user-friendly and intuitive user interface that you would love to use. There is no need to regret paying a few extra bucks for a better experience and support.

Over to You

Choosing the best software for your needs is one of the most important decisions for those who are trying to set their foot in the door. It is because you need to invest your time in learning how to use various features of the application and choosing a wrong one could mean a waste of time for you.

I’ve provided eight best choices for beginners in this article. You can also choose the HUD concept for video editing and then go for the best one that suits your needs. You can select a few for now and choose the one that resonates with you. I hope my list has cleared your confusions about the choices that you have on the market. If you want to add more, let us know about more alternatives.

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