Videos can turn into your key partner in your marketing strategy. Animated videos are an extraordinary way to convey your business idea in a basic yet quick and appealing way. And why not? They are entertaining as well as engaging, fun, and cool. 

But did you realize that Cartoon Animation Explainer Video is also an amazing way to connect with your target audience considerably more? Character animation videos are the cherry on top and stand out among the most preferred ways to create explainer videos. 

Animated characters are not just an extraordinary asset to attract and cultivate a bond with your intended audience, but they also help you reach your objectives and improve your ROI. They are created to bring out the emotions and character of your business while instantly catching the eye of your target audience. 

An explainer video with animated characters is an astonishing way to attract the right audience, show who you are, what all you have to offer, and how to tackle their concerns. All this information in a short video, and that too with animated characters, who wouldn't watch it? In fact, it would be hard to resist hitting that play button instantly!

Do you want to create engaging videos that boost your conversions? If yes, start incorporating animated characters into videos because today, the videos are incomplete without animated characters. Have a look at this amazing character animation explainer video.

What is Character Animation?

Character animation is a part of the animation process, which involves bringing liveliness in characters. Animated characters play a similar role in videos to a film or stage actor; therefore, we call them actors with a pencil.

In an animated explainer video, the narration is the key, wherein your main animated character, who is none other than your valued client solves their problem with the assistance of your product or service. It's the animated characters that make the story “unfurl”!

Character animators try to make their characters look as real as possible to drive the feelings of thought, emotion, and personality. It differs from creature animation as it involves animating photo-realistic animals and creatures.

Animated characters are a great source to foster the brand and escalate the ROI. As per the analysis, 76% of the users tend to share the video with others if it is entertaining.

Thus, if you also want to increase the number of shares on your videos and humanize your brand like no other type of video, then it's the right time to upload animated explainer videos on the platform.

Now that you know character animation, let us move on to why character animators are added to the explainer videos. By the end of this article, we are sure you will get an in-depth understanding of why most organizations prefer incorporating animated characters in their explainer videos.

Now, without further discussions, let's take a rundown to know the importance of animated characters in an explainer video.

6 Main Reasons Why your Explainer Video Needs Animated Characters

Let's begin…

1. Add humour to your Video

Animated characters add humour to your animated video and also boost the engagement that you have dreamt of! With the help of crazy metaphors, wacky circumstances, unimaginable scenarios, etc., you can create engaging videos that give the audience a good laugh and make them memorable.

Not only will you be delivering your business idea in an attractive and cool way, but you also make your viewers have fun.

Isn't it just great?

The beauty of video marketing is that you can show your creativity while presenting your brand's features better.

Have a look at the 2D Character Animation Explainer Video created by our team for Remote Office which is an Australian-based Company, a fantastic Human Resources Provider.

2. Generates Empathy and Emotions

If your video successfully generates empathy and emotions, then there are more chances that the video will get popular.

Animated characters develop a strong connection with the viewer towards the story: the viewer experiences the same feeling that the animated character is experiencing, for example, happiness, sorrow, anxiety, fear, etc., depending on the content of the video.

Developing a connection is key to involving people in the story while encouraging them to take action. One can easily feel empathy by looking at the people's feelings, but getting the same through the marketing video is not a cakewalk. But this can be possible with animated characters.

Therefore, animated characters are good at bonding with your target audience.

Know more about how the character provides the solution.

3. Audience Identification

If people can relate the characters to their personal lives, they will feel closer to them, and this becomes easy by adding animated characters in an explainer video.

Animated characters not only help add the features you want but also help make fully customized videos that resemble your audience. Moreover, you will build your brand's reliability as they perceive that you are truly interested in making their audience.

So, if you want your viewers to understand your explainer videos clearly, provide them with an effective solution by creating animated ones.

Furthermore, if you don't have much experience in creating videos, you can also avail of explainer video services from us. We will help you make your company grow online through engaging and informative animated explainer videos.

4. Improves Conversions

Just think a moment: what is the primary objective of the organizations? If I am not wrong, all organizations aim to generate better productivity and increase conversions. Better will be your animated videos; higher will be your sales.

Some websites have even claimed that their conversion rates have increased by 144% after incorporating an explainer on their website. The main reason behind the success of animated explainer video is that it is easy to digest and fulfil the visitors' demands.

So, if you also want to upgrade your business sales, focus on improving the conversion ratio. This can be done effortlessly by incorporating animated character videos into the marketing strategy.

5. Characters are Trustworthy

Building a customer's trust via the Internet is one of the most challenging tasks. Are you the one who feels the same? Don't worry! An animated explainer video is a perfect solution to this.

Adding friendly characters into the videos helps build audience trust and allows them to purchase the new products or services. 

Always remember that the higher the trust, the better will be the business productivity. So, get ready to build better relationships with the visitors by using animated characters in an explainer video.

6. Storytelling

No matter how complicated your product is, the animated video will allow you to develop any storyline you want to showcase.

Through engaging stories, you can easily explain the product to the viewers, which ultimately leads to the product being purchased. There is no denying the fact that storytelling makes the video more entertaining and drives the visitor's attention.

So, if you want to explain your business idea to the people, then make sure the characters lead the story.

Note: Indeed, various professional organizations offer excellent explainer video services, but choosing the best video production company will help you to build an online presence without breaking the bank. They will help you fulfil your business desires by providing compelling videos that help you grab the visitors' attention and fulfil the business desires without hassle.

All Set to Create Amazing Characters for your Explainer Videos?

Cartoons are going to stay forever. Companies have started using these cartoons for marketing as they take us out of boredom by entertaining and educating us on a wide range of topics. Moreover, they are better at giving expressions than humans; cartoons seem more convincing to an audience when it comes to brand development.

Character animation explainer videos are the most well-known video marketing strategies. They offer astounding perks regardless of your organization type.

Besides, they are highly versatile and can be easily merged with other marketing strategies. But, hello… don't just blindly jump into creating an animated character video. Speak to experts who have been in this field for a long time, and if necessary, take their help to make your video fun and engaging and informative.

No matter what type of business you run(B2B or B2C), you can optimize your marketing efforts with a great explainer video, including animated characters.

So, what are you waiting for? Add animated explainer videos to your marketing strategy to hit viewers' minds. Still, if you have any queries, please comment below. Moreover, you can also contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the most famous animated characters is Mickey Mouse, created by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks in 1928. Mickey Mouse has become an iconic animation symbol and is widely recognized worldwide.

An animated character is often simply referred to as a “cartoon character” or “character animation.” These characters can be two-dimensional (2D) or three-dimensional (3D) and are brought to life through animation techniques.

Animated characters can be used in a wide range of videos, including cartoons, animated films, educational videos, explainer videos, advertisements, video games, and more. They are versatile and can suit various storytelling needs.

Animation attracts an audience through its visual appeal, storytelling versatility, and the ability to convey complex ideas or emotions in a captivating and entertaining way. Animated characters can evoke empathy, humor, and wonder, making them effective in engaging and retaining viewers' attention.