The landscape of backlink building and SEO is constantly changing. However, the importance of ranking on the first page of search engines remains the same. In fact, with eventual digital transformation, it is vital than ever to strengthen your SEO game

Whether you are a new brand or have a substantial amount of experience in link-building, this blog will cover certain grounds that will benefit you either way. So, continue reading to take away some invaluable strategies or tactics regarding backlinks in SEO.

How are Links Created?

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The Beginning

The first part of a link is called the anchor. Anchor opens the link tag and points to the search engine that a link directs to something else following it. The anchor is identified by “a”.

Link Referral Location

The referral coalition indicated where the given link is pointing—for example, a web page, a downloadable file, or an image. Referral location is identified by “href”.

Visible Text of the Link

This is the part of the link visible to the users and contains some portion of text. It typically appears blue with an underline, making it stand out from the rest of the surrounding text.


As the name suggests, this part of the link indicates to the search engines that the link is complete.

Link-Building Tactics that will help you make the most of your Backlinks in SEO:

There are many ways to get quality backlinks and improve SEO rankings. However, these tactics' success largely depends on the resources available to you and the industry you belong to. 

If you are in a well-established industry with big brands as your competitors, it will be harder to establish your authority, and thus you have to play more aggressively at link building. On the other hand, in new and blooming industries, the opportunities are rich and more comfortable to grab.

With that in mind, we have shared some link-building strategies that work in almost all industries. 

Guest Blogging

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It is not a new strategy for marketers to use guest blogging to get backlinks on their SEO. The formula is simple: create content, add anchor text, and approach authoritative websites to post the content on their blog pages. But since some marketers misuse this opportunity to publish anchor text loaded, poor content, Google has tightened the regulations. 

To help your SEO, using backlinks, you must produce high-quality content. You should also consider free authoritative websites that accept only high-value content for your guest post instead of paying webmasters and publishing anything at all.

Google has gotten very good at detecting and devaluing poor content and commissioned link-building, so focus on your content.

Ego Bait

In this SEO link building strategy, we create content where we mention our competitors in the industry or authoritative websites, hoping that they will be inclined to share the content with a link. Here are some examples of the same: 

List of Best Software for Web Design in 2020

List of the best Corporate Video Production Companies

35 Affordable and Professional Video Production Companies

These types of content will help you get the attention of the companies or websites you have featured. While ego-bait is a great way to get quality backlinks for SEO, it will not get you high volumes of links, as they target particular people or websites.

To execute the ego-bait technique, consider the following steps:

  • Develop a concept and research the targets whom you can feature on your content.
  • Write the content and include links or screenshots of the website you have mentioned.
how can you make the most out of backlinks in seo

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  • Reach out to the featured people using email to make them aware of your contribution. 

Hi Jason,

I wanted to let you know that we have mentioned you in our blog Top Ten Video Production Companies of 2021 – URL LINK.

We included you since we love the quality of work you produce and the blogs you publish on video production are beneficial.

Feel free to take a look and ensure I've got all of your details right. I'd really appreciate any feedback you have, as well. It would be fantastic if you share the blog on your social media platforms or give us a referral in your blog.


Pro tip: Keep it simple and straightforward to make sure you convey your message quickly.

  • Follow up on the people you have featured to know the status of your content.

Broken Link Building

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The internet is crowded with broken links. Sometimes you can find these links on authoritative websites and high-quality pages. It is a widespread practice that thrives on the premise of helping webmasters fix broken links by providing them with superior alternatives for them to link to.

The primary process includes the following steps: (Specifications may vary)

  • Research on broken links and segregate good targets.
  • Create relevant and fresh content.
  • Outreach to the targets using emails, the same as before.

Here is an example: suppose you are a video production company and want links to your service pages. You find a digital marketing company that happens to have a video page on their website, but many of their links are broken. 

You reach out to the webmaster and point out the broken links. In a helpful approach, you offer your newer and up-to-date resource as an alternative. The webmaster then links to your video service pages.

In this process, you can use your existing content or create fresh content specifically for the purpose.

Link Reclamation

A little different from broken link building is a practice called link reclamation, where you try to recover or “reclaim” links that once pointed at your site but not anymore, and even if they do, they do not provide any SEO value. 

Here are some of the proven link reclamation strategies that can help you:


404s are links that direct the users to the pages that do not exist anymore. There are tools available in the market that can help you find these pages. You can perform a “top pages” search then sort the 404 pages out. You can either fix these links or redirect them on your end or ask the webmaster to change them.

Non-linking Brand Mentions

Sometimes websites and authors write about your website without linking to it. To secure those like, you can send them an email like we mentioned above, just asking them to add the link. How can you find such blogs? Use tools like Google Alert,, and Fresh Web Explorer. 

Non-linking Images

We often use images from other sources, right? But not all those who borrow our images attribute it to us. You can take advantage of this situation. Instead of filing copyright charges or DMCA takedown notice, you can trade a link with them. 

You can use tools like TinEye or Google Image Search to spot the webmasters that published your images and ask them to embed do follow backlinks.

Wrapping up

As you have already figured out, there are several benefits of using backlinks in SEO and multiple ways to secure high-value and authoritative backlinks on your content. These strategies are some of the most successful ones when implemented correctly.

But before you embark on this journey, make sure you have optimized your website and your content. In order to get backlinks and rank higher in search engines, you have to deliver the best version of yourself. So, without any slacking, make the most out of your website.

For any assistance regarding backlinks and SEO, contact us! We are happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

In search engine optimization (SEO), a good backlink is like a recommendation from a reputable source. It's a link from a high-quality website that's related to your content. This link, placed in the main text of a page, can boost your website's credibility. The best backlinks even use keywords related to your topic in the link text, making them even more powerful for SEO. They help search engines locate your content better and can improve your website's ranking in search results.

The strongest backlinks come from websites that are important and related to your content. When these websites link to yours, it tells search engines that your site is not fake and is reliable. This can boost your rankings in search results, making it easier for people to find you online. So, getting links from respected and relevant sites is very valuable for your website's success.

When other websites link to your site, it's like a vote of confidence. Search engines consider these links as a sign that your site is important. So, if you have lots of good-quality links, your site is more likely to show up higher in search results. This means more people will find your site, bringing in more visitors. So yes, backlinks can definitely help increase your website's traffic!

The number of backlinks you can create each day varies and depends on following guidelines. You can create just one backlink or as many as 500 if you do it properly. There's no strict limit, but you must abide by the rules. In essence, there's no one-size-fits-all answer to this question.