Top 8 Examples of Kinetic Typography Templates That Elevate Your Brand

Kinetic typography animation is getting more and more love from the animators every single day due to its power to acquire and retain the attention of internet users in this attention economy. The statistic shows that 6 out of 10 people prefer online videos over the traditional counterpart.


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It is essential to produce and publish superb videos if you want to make your viewers take action after watching the content. With that said, it is not a smart option to create every single video from scratch, which is the reason we have templates.

By using existing kinetic typography templates, you can come up with a stunning video that will give you great results. But, you need to use top-notch templates to create a compelling video for your project.

Eight Kinetic Typography Templates that Can Supercharge Your Branding Effort

There are plenty of kinetic typography templates online, but not all of them are equally good. In this part of the article, I will cut down your research by revealing the top eight templates that you can use and take inspiration from, to create your masterpiece.

Here are the eight kinetic typography examples that you would love to use:

1. Corporate Titles

There are 40 titles that you can use in multiple projects. All of the titles and designs are easy to customize, and you do not need any additional plugins or some sophisticated skills to edit the template.


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You can use this very template for producing various qualities of videos, which also include 4k videos (3840X2160). It is easily compatible with any versions of Adobe CC if it is above 5.5. You have the option of customizing the colours of the templates, and there is also a free PDF tutorial, which will walk you through the customization process of the model.

The users who have tried out this template have had an excellent experience, and they have taken out the time from their busy schedule to leave the review after using this product. The majority of feedback reflects the satisfaction of the users.

2. Abstract Opener

Adobe After Effects is one of the best software for kinetic typography, and we can use this application for almost every type of project, which ranges from personal to professional ones. This template suits the nature of Adobe After Effects due to its versatility, and you can use it for videos of a different kind.


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This template is available for HD use, and it easily integrates with all versions of After Effects over 4, without the need for any additional plugins. The video created with this template is super fast, as you can use it quickly for advertisement videos without any need to make plenty of changes in it.

The developer of this template has used Arial font, which is excellent for presentation purpose. The colour manager here allows you to change the entire project colour with only 2-3 clicks.

3. Animated Shapes

For those who are fond of simplicity would love this template. Animated Shapes is a simple-to-use template, which is clean and fresh. You can use this template for various purposes like promoting your app, resume, service, website, and so on clearly and attractively.


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Animated Shapes revolves itself around only 3 scene, which may look like no variety, but you would be amazed by its style after using it. Changing color is incredibly easy, and you also have control over expression color.

Get both PDF and video tutorial on how to use this template, which enables you to use it to the fullest and get the best value from your money.

4. Reveal

Reveal is an excellent example of fluid kinetic typography, and this template is all about it. You get to reveal the critical information with suspense with the use of this product. It works great for both personal and professional projects.


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There are twelve places where you can position your texts in this template, and you have the option to choose from a variety of colours. It is easy to edit this template, and the video tutorial is available with this template, which allows you to learn and implement this template in the best manner quickly.

5. Franchise

The franchise is a free Adobe After Effects kinetic typography template, which is excellent for use with motion graphics projects.


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It is one of the most popular templates among the animators who want to finish their project without having to spend a lot of money on their projects. It has a bold and straightforward design that makes it an excellent fit for numerous types of projects.

This template makes use of only four colours and 25 frames.

6. Type-O-Matic

Type-O-Matic is a flexible and fresh template and is an excellent choice for anyone fond of playing around with fonts. This template lets you make a custom animated typefaces. You can use this template for free without paying a dime.


Image Source: Hamo

You get your hands on three kinds of templates with a unique design. It gives you full control on how you want to place your objects. It is possible to rotate, change opacity, experiment with velocity, scale, and more with this template.

7. Brush

If you are someone who likes fresh and colourful stuff, brush template is for you. It represents originality and freshness, and it will give a new twist to the boring typography that you usually see on the internet. Just integrate this template with the Kinetic typography generator and see the magic for yourself.


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All you need to do is position your message in the template and brush it up with different colours and adjust the scenes. You have all the freedom that you need to put your creativity on the screen. There are over 15 brushes that you get with this template and doing the editing job is pretty straightforward.

It is compatible with CS5 and above versions, and you require no additional plugins to use it.

8. Kinetic Typo Animation

Kinetic Typo Animation has over 100 different combinations that you can try in it to make your video outstandingly effective. All of the combinations are easy to edit, and you also get pre-rendered scenes, which make it less time consuming to complete your task.


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You can use this in 4k video quality without any distortion in the performance. There are plenty of text animations that you can try with this template. You get access to video tutorials that will teach you all that you need for using this template in a significant way.

Wrapping Things Up

It is essential to keep a note of your video production time as well. By using the premium templates, you can quickly publish a video to capitalize on the market trend or a growing market. There is no need to reinvent the wheel all the time when you can get success by just doing some minor tweaks on things that already exist.

All the templates that I’ve mentioned have produced excellent results for its users. Which one are you going to use first? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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