Top 10 Video editing apps for Android, Iphone and ipad

There were days when we used mobile phones for only texting and calling. We have come a long way since those early days of mobile phones. Today, smartphones have nearly as much processing power and storage as our laptops and desktops. Not only that, some smartphones are even more potent than low tier laptops. 

We can do almost everything with smartphones nowadays, which includes video editing. According to the report, mobile video consumption is experiencing rapid growth, growing at 100% every year. 

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It is incredibly easy to access any software with a mobile phone as you do not have to wait for turning on the desktop/laptop. Furthermore, it is also quite portable. The high usage of mobile phone has led to a drastic increase in the popularity of mobile video editing app

The newer mobile video editing app enables you to do many things like adding filters, texts, inserting visual effects, and more. There are so many video editing apps so it can be time-consuming for you to find the best video editing app for your needs. 

In this article, I will reveal ten best video editing app that allows you to polish and publish your videos from your smartphone and tablet. 

10 Superb Video Apps for Android, iPhone, and iPad

What is the best video editing app?

You can never find a straightforward reply to this question. It depends on the nature of the project, your preference, and more. However, there are some apps that people prefer over others. 

There are plenty of video editing apps on the market. In this section of this article, I will mention a free video editing app along with other paid apps. For starters, a free app is good enough for you. After reading this section of this article carefully, you can find the best free video editing app, or we can say the best app that will best meet your needs. 

Here are the best video apps for your needs:

  1. 1. iMovie

The first app on the list is iMovie, but it is only exclusive to Apple users. Apple users can use this app on their iMac, iPhone, and iPad. It is an excellent app for beginners, and it allows them to do every essential thing that they can think of doing with a video editing app. 

It has 14 stunning templates and features that you can use for editing logos, personalizing cast names, credit notes, and so on for your movie. 

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2. Lamafusion

Lamafusion is an excellent app for iPhone and iPad users that bring desktop-style editing user interface to Apple users. It has an extensive timeline combined with an impressive preview feature. 

Lamafusion is an app that offers much more than text overlays and significant transitions. It is a tool that even professional will admire. You can position your clip, play around with movements, add visual effects and audio, edit filters, and more with this app. It is best for those who want to move into video editing & marketing to capitalize on the growing demand for videos.

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3. Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe always comes into the picture when it comes to producing exceptional video for multimedia purposes. Adobe Premiere Clip is available for Android, iPhone, and iPad. It has tons of neat features included in it. 

There are automatic editing options along with advanced customization options for advanced users. You can do almost everything that you need with Adobe Premiere Clip. It is possible to sync video according to your sound beat, add finishing touches, insert titles, trim clips, and more. 

4. KineMaster

KineMaster, video editing app for Android, is for pro video editor who loves Android.

Although it is s a pro video editor, its user interface is simple enough for beginners as well. It can deal with subsequent trimming and transitions. 

It lets you insert media, effects, text overlays, and more. You can also enhance your video quality by improving your audio outcomes with its compressor controls that allow its users to refine original sound track. 

5. Quik 

Quik is a fantastic video editing app for anyone who loves automated video editing. It is one of the best video editing app for YouTube or Instagram. It is an incredibly simple-to-use tool that lets you use its simple to use features for choosing a theme, compiling the video, adjusting graphics, editing font, and more. 

It is also capable of editing playback speeds, cropping, adjusting trims, and so on. 

6. Clips

Clips is a great iPhone app for anyone who wants to record video quickly, add filters, add emojis, and share the video with the world. You can find practical tools for adding holographic selfie effects, add live subtitle, and so on. 

If you are looking for quickly editing and sharing your video with the world, go with Clips. Clips is among the best video editing app for Instagram. 

7. ActionDirector

ActionDirector is yet another fast video-editing app that lets you rapidly cut and edit clips using footage shot. There are speed and color tools for emphasizing on key moments, add background music, insert titles/stickers, trim video, and more with ActionDirector. 

8. Stop Motion Studio Pro

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Stop Motion is an excellent app for those who are interested in animation video editing, especially stop-frame animation. It lets you shoot frames manually or as per the user direction easily with this app. You can also import pre-made photos and make stills out of short videos. 

The overlay and grids can refine your video, even while recording it. You can manipulate frames, run multiple audio streams at the same time, and do more cool things with Stop Motion. 

9. PowerDirector

Power Director is a dedicated Android video editing software. It has multiple timelines for tracking videos, FX editing capabilities with simple drag and drop toolbox, editable backgrounds, and so on. You can find all general cropping and transition features with PowerDirector. 

You can get your hands on this software without any cost, but for HD and 4k video editing, you need to opt for the premium version, which will cost you some money. Video editing software helps you to make an incredible video and video marketing software allows you to promote and market that mind-boggling videos without many technical skills. 

10. Pinnacle Studio

The final app on the list is the Pinnacle Studio, which is full of cool features. You can edit your video on the go with Pinnacle Studio. 

All you need to do to publish video in Pinnacle Studio is add clips to the storyboard, make adjustment in the timeline, insert top-notch transitions, add sound, effects, and then export. Doing these things in Pinnacle Studio is more easier in comparison to many other apps. 

It allows you to create HD videos as well along with 4k clips. 

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Over to You

The ten video apps that I’ve mentioned have a considerable user base. Those apps have been able to satisfy their users with their features and ease of use. With that said, you must keep in mind that not all the apps are best for your specific needs. 

You may need only one app out of the ten that I’ve mentioned, or you could need multiple apps for handling different projects. Go through the previous section once again, check the app’s features, and decide the best app for your business. 

I hope my list has helped you figure out the best video editing app. Have I missed something? If you want to add that missing part, do let us know by commenting below. 

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