Without a doubt, you need to create videos to achieve tremendous outcomes from your online marketing campaigns. The study finds that online users watch over 500 million hours of videos in aggregate daily on YouTube.

A 2D animation video is one of the kinds of videos you can create from the comfort of your living room without spending considerable money on video production. You only need to use some free 2D animation software online to create 2D animation video.

Check out this incredible 2d animation video created by the team of webdew.

How can you come up with your 2D animation video?

Using 2D animation production company for your video production task is the best way to minimize your time-wasting and risk your brand image. However, it does not mean you cannot work independently to produce 2D animation videos.

Here are some tips that will help you create and polish your 2D animation video:

1. Plan everything in advance

Before doing anything else, you must plan everything, as an animated video is not only about bringing together a bunch of characters and scenes and adding background music. You need to plan many crucial things to produce a 2D animation that will deliver results.

You need to conduct research and decide your ideal audience, the objective of your video, the length of the video, note down attractive and sharp points that you want to include in the video, call to action, script, the message of the video, timing of each section, and so on.

After you note down important details, research the various kinds of 2D animation videos like explainers, infographics, product demos, and so on that will best serve your objective to focus on the type of video that matters the most.

2. Research and find the best 2D animation software

You need 2D animation software to create your 2D explainer video. There is a lot of options when it comes to selecting the ideal application for your project. However, not all the available software online will best serve your purpose.

Research the best 2D animation software and check out their features. Some are free, while some are paid versions. Also, each software has its specialities and set of features. Some software could be challenging to use but offer you more sophisticated features, and some could be simple.

In some software, there are many 2D templates, media files, and pre-made characters that you can use. Check them all out and do what is best for your company.

3. Don't be afraid to go extreme with your animations if needed

A study shows that the attention span of a human being is now less than that of a goldfish, and we are always craving new and exciting things. To arouse your audience's curiosity, do not be afraid to use some extreme forms of animations like exaggeration, intense effects, attraction, and so on.

The 2D animation video company knows how to effectively use extremes, which make the videos go viral and make users stick to the video as they got held by glue. Intense effects work well because internet users are already used to realistic movements and expressions.

You will be able to attract more audience and make users curious about what will happen next if you use extremes.

4. Be aware of Facial Expressions and Characters

Understand what you are trying to communicate before you choose the premade characters. Some actors may have a jolly appearance, but it may not be suitable for your video and the type of message that your clip consists.

Taking a more in-depth look at your characters' facial motions and emotions is crucial. Just try using the selected animated personalities and see if they express a message that would impact the audience.

If not, you should consider using the other actor. You will need to experiment with multiple characters to develop the best version of the 2D animation video.

5. Create Strong Keyframes

Another thing what 2D animation company does well is create powerful keyframes that would polish the videos, making them look professional.

Depending on the type of 2D animated video and the nature of it, you may need to use a strong keyframe for emphasizing on a particular movement. If you design the set of characters by yourself, you should ensure the action looks natural and real.

6. Take a look at some of the Best Examples that Match your Project

You may feel that you have it all figured out after making a plan and playing around with characters, but there could still be a lot of room for improvement. The best way to take inspiration and get ideas is by looking at some of the top-notch, relevant 2D animated videos.

Here is a link to the list of some of the best 2D animation video examples. Go through several examples and see what they did in a unique manner that made their videos amazing and learn from it. You can extract innovative ideas from their video to make it stand out and perform.

7. Compile and make changes

The last tip for you is to compile all the characters, objects, backgrounds, themes, and other media files sequentially to test how the video plays. You must experiment and make changes, even after finishing all the crucial video production tasks.

Most of the times, you will find that you need to make a lot of minor and significant changes to the video if you are compiling and playing the footage for the first time. After making changes, publish and promote the video. Take the video promotion part seriously, as this activity decides what outcome you will get from your video.

Even after publishing your video, you may need to make minor changes later. Do not hesitate to do some editing and republish the video. You will see your desired outcome from your video if you get everything right. If you lack video marketing skills, you may need to learn them or get help from some marketing agency or an individual counsellor.

All set to create an amazing 2D Animation Video?

You can combine characters and other pre-made templates from the software and easily create a video, but producing compelling 2D animation videos is not that simple. If it were that straightforward, everyone would have gotten the desired results from their efforts.

If you work on the tips I've mentioned in this article, you can create and enhance the quality of your 2D videos. However, continually explore new tactics and improve your skills to create videos that produce outstanding results.

I hope you found this content useful. If you want to share your thoughts with our community, please express your feelings in the comment section. And if you need help with your 2D animation video, get in touch with us now!

Frequently Asked Questions

You can create 2D animations for free using various software and tools. One popular option is Pencil2D, which is an open-source and user-friendly program for traditional hand-drawn animation. Additionally, Synfig Studio offers a free platform for vector-based 2D animation, while Blender is a versatile software that allows for 2D animation alongside its 3D capabilities. These tools, along with others, offer valuable resources for creating 2D animations at no cost.

To make 2D animations online, you can utilize web-based animation platforms like Biteable, Animaker, or Powtoon. These online tools provide user-friendly interfaces with pre-made templates and assets, allowing you to create 2D animations directly in your web browser without the need for software installation. They are great options for quick and easy online animation projects.

Creating a 2D animation video for YouTube for free involves using software or online tools like those mentioned earlier. You can design your animation using one of these platforms, add sound effects and music, and export the video in a format suitable for YouTube. Additionally, YouTube provides a free video editor that allows you to combine multiple clips, add transitions, and make basic edits to enhance your animation before publishing it on the platform.

The choice of the best software for 2D animation depends on your specific needs and preferences. Adobe Animate is a widely recognized and versatile software for creating 2D animations with a range of features. Toon Boom Harmony is another professional-grade option favored by many animators for its advanced capabilities. If you're looking for free options, Pencil2D, Synfig Studio, and Krita are popular choices that offer robust features without the price tag. The best software for you will depend on your skill level, project requirements, and budget.