Every business wants to have a unique and memorable brand logo as its core brand identity. With an outstanding logo design, a business can capture customers’ attention.

However, logo designing is lengthy and costly for small business owners, especially those with limited budgets. Therefore, they need to pick a logo-designing service that doesn't break the bank. 

You must ensure you're getting your logo design cost-effectively. So, you should compare different logo design sites and assess their features. 

Designhill and BrandCrowd are the two most popular logo design sites for users. Business owners needing a unique logo as their brand identity must visit these two platforms to design their logos. 

As both these sites are completely different from each other, you need to know their core features. In this article, we will discuss Designhill vs BrandCrowd and help you choose the right one.

What is Designhill?

Designhill is a leading creative marketplace that has helped small—to medium-sized businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs meet their design requirements. The marketplace has thousands of unique logos and other design templates that users can quickly customize to create their brand identity. 

Design vs brandcrowd designhill

Designhill was launched in 2014 as a design crowdsourcing platform. Since then, it has become one of the best marketplaces for buying or selling creative resources worldwide


  • Email signature
  • Logo design contest
  • Digital business cards
  • AI logo generator

The marketplace is known for its affordable, high-quality design tools to create logos, websites, business card designs, stationery designs, packaging designs, and many more. 

The platform has more than 100 million designs in 55+ different design categories. With 100,000+ happy customers, DesignHill will undoubtedly benefit your business. 

What is BrandCrowd?

BrandCrowd is another online creative marketplace allowing users to access different logo templates. You can find hundreds and thousands of logo designs on BrandCrowd.


And the best part? These logos are highly customizable. This way, you can choose and personalize any best logo to make it relevant to your business and brand image. 


  • Business card maker
  • Logo design contest
  • AI signature maker
  • AI logo generator

This site offers plenty of pre-made logo templates from different graphic designers worldwide. I find this feature extremely helpful as it allows users to create the best graphic designs.

Choose your preferred colors, fonts, and backgrounds, and these templates will become yours exclusively. BrandCrowd is a popular marketplace where small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs can access affordable logos, business cards, flyers, posters, social media posts, and other designs. 

Comparing Designhill vs BrandCrowd features 

As a business owner, you will need high-quality and relevant logos and designs. You will also need access to helpful features to create a unique and impressive design. 

This is where Designhill and BrandCrowd come into the picture. These two platforms provide relevant features to satisfy your needs. 

While both Designhill and BrandCrowd help users create logos and other designs, they are certainly not the same. Let’s compare the features of Designhill vs BrandCrowd. 

1. Designhill vs BrandCrowd: Access to designers 

The first thing that you should look at while choosing between two logo makers is the access to designers. What I'm trying to say is how effectively you can hire or access designers.

One of the most eye-catching aspects of Designhill is the availability of designers. It has thousands of professional graphic designers

DesignHill graphic designers

Even if you need a particular design for your business, they can create it seamlessly. This includes logo design, business card design, social media design, flyer design, etc. 

You can check out a designer's work by going through their profile. Once you check their profiles, you can see their past works and determine specific design requirements

While choosing the perfect designer may take some time, it will prove highly beneficial. You can work with them and pay once they complete your project.  

BrandCrowd doesn’t have any registered graphic designers. Therefore, you cannot hire them for your design requirements. 

But that doesn’t mean BrandCrowd cannot fulfil your needs. BrandCrowd has eye-catching templates that will help you create something from scratch

You can also use its online logo generator. I admit that using the online logo maker to create professional logos will take effort. However, you won’t face any problems as long as you have minimal design skills. 

2. Designhill vs BrandCrowd: Launching a design contest

When it comes to comparing Designhill and BrandCrowd, it's important to know about the design contest. At the end of the day, it's an excellent method to get relevant logos. Let's see what they have to offer.

Designhill will let you launch your design contest. Now, I believe running a design contest is one of the best ways to get a professional-looking logo. 

These contests will help you get a professional logo design, business card, and other designs. But how do design contents work? 

Registered designers in Designhill will participate in your contest. They will pay close attention to your submitted requirements. Based on that, they will submit their design ideas. 

Launching a design contest in BrandCrowd takes quite a drastic turn. I mean, BrandCrowd is primarily a logo-making website

So, people who want to create professional logos mainly use this site. Therefore, the site is useless if you want to create your logo through a contest. 

3. Designhill vs BrandCrowd: Using logo maker

As mentioned earlier, your business must have a professional-looking logo. However, coming up with such an unique design is not an easy task.

Both Designhill and BrandCrowd offer a logo maker to help you create appealing logos. But are they the same? Let's take a look at their differences.

Designhill logo maker is perfect for users with budgetary concerns. If you’re looking for a free logo maker, Designhill will come in handy. 

designhill vs brandcrowd AI logo maker

Apart from being free to use, the logo maker can also create high-resolution logos. You can choose design styles and colors when you enter your company name. 

You don’t need to worry about customization; you will get multiple colors, fonts, icons, and symbols. Simply drop those elements and redo your logo in a few clicks. 

The logo maker is also easier to use. Just give your business name, choose your logo style and template, and get AI-generated logos per your brief. 

Then, you can choose the one that expresses your brand personality. But that’s not all the customization you can make with this logo maker. 

To make things better, Designhill provides you with more customization options. You can choose your business industry and company size, as well as your budget, to get more relevant logos. 

Now, let’s talk about BrandCrowd. Like Designhill, BrandCrowd is also a logo-maker tool that creates logos independently. 

BrandCrowd logo maker

It has extensive design elements like colors, fonts, and symbols. These are more than enough to design your own logo. 

I personally love BrandCrowd’s user-friendly editing tools. The paid plans include unlimited edits and downloads. 

While the collection of logo templates is large, they are paid. So, I suggest a paid plan if you want to use BrandCrowd for professional purposes. 

Still, BrandCrowd comes with some disadvantages for small businesses when creating logos. Here are the cons 

  • Users are asked to share their email addresses even when they want to access free logos. Many users may find sharing their email unnecessary. 
  • Although many templates are available, you cannot change the icon while editing a template. 
  • Users are forced to buy an exclusive license to remove the icons from the website, besides the standard logo package,

4. Designhill vs BrandCrowd: Ready-made templates

The templates you use when designing a logo willl make or break it. Thus, the platform you're choosing must provide you with engaging templates. This way, you don't need to start everything from scratch. Let's see which logo maker platform comes with the best templates.

The success of designing a beautiful logo relies heavily on templates. Designhill is aware of this and lets you access its massive library of templates

These templates will undoubtedly help you improve your skill level. No matter the design you have in mind, you will always find a suitable template. 

BrandCrowd also offers hundreds of design templates for generating logos, business cards, and other designs. While some of these templates are mediocre, they are mostly amazing. 

These pre-made templates are a great help when experimenting with different logo ideas. They also allow for image and text editing and build interactive content. 

5. Designhill vs BrandCrowd: Customer Support 

No matter how reliable a logo maker platform you choose, overlooking customer support is a big mistake. I have seen many users face problems with a tool's customer support.

To ensure your queries get resolved faster, you need to engage with a business with a knowledgeable customer support team. Let's take a look.

Designhill provides excellent customer support through its collaboration tools. Both clients and designers can use different collaboration tools by sending their complaints regarding an issue at support@designhill.com.

You can also contact them via phone. The 24/7 live chat support service can resolve any problem you face during custom logo creation. 

BrandCrowd's customer support is not considered as good as it should have been. Its support system is slower and focuses on supporting the parent company, DesignCrowd. 

The site offers basic support through its FAQ section. Users can also use the site’s blog for inspiration and logo design tips

You can also get help from the site by phone. However, the phone number is primarily for the parent company, DesignCrowd. They can only help you through email, Instagram, Facebook, or the X platform. 

6. Designhill vs BrandCrowd: Pricing plans 

Choosing the right logo-making platform involves paying close attention to the pricing structure. Both Designhill and BrandCrowd have their own set of pricing plans for the users. Let's compare the pricing plans.

Designhill is a free logo maker tool that you can use to create a logo for design inspiration. However, when you download your logo design files, you will ultimately pay a nominal charge, making it ideal for small businesses, bloggers, etc.

Designhill Pricing Plan

  • Free: $0

  • Basic: $20 one-time

  • Premium: $65 one-time

  • Enterprise: $125 one-time

That's not all. Design contests start at $249, offering 20 design concepts, with higher-tier plans offering additional features. Fast Track, Standard, Executive, and Premium plans range from $249 to $999.

BrandCrowd does not offer free plans to access the logos you created using its tool. When downloading the design you created, you will ultimately pay for a BrandCrowd subscription. The usage rights are also given to the users only after they subscribe. 

BrandCrowd Pricing Plan

  • Premium logo pack: $5/month

  • Premium logo pack+website: $7/month

However, BrandCrowd's pricing structure is often confusing to users. When you visit the website, you do not find the pricing page easily unless you scan the entire site. You finally learn about the pricing after you download the logo. 

Ready to use the best logo maker tool?

I believe Designhill is the clear favorite when compared with BrandCrowd. Designhill has a whole gamut of options for users needing a perfect logo. They can access a free logo maker and launch a design contest for hundreds of designers. 

Both Designhill and BrandCrowd are popular platforms for accessing logo designs for businesses. However, Designhill is preferable for its unique and helpful features, such as logo-making and design contests. Customer support at Designhill is also more efficient than at BrandCrowd. 

Frequently Asked Questions

There are different logo-making websites you will find in the market. Remember that there's no best software. It all depends on your unique needs. So, make sure you evaluate your requirements and choose the right one.

Yes, using AI is one of the simplest methods to create appealing logos. For instance, Designhil has an AI logo generator that can craft eye-catching logos in a matter of seconds.

High-quality logos often depend on the pixels. As long as you maintain proper pixels during the logo design and creation process, you won't face any problems.

When you're creating your brand logo, you need to pay close attention to your brand image and slogan. The logo has to reflect every aspect of your business as it's going to become your business's face.

No, you need to pay a fee to download and use the logos.