Instagram has become one of the most popular social network platforms. With over 2 billion active users, it’s the perfect place to consume content. 

However, Instagram isn’t limited to photos and videos. Nowadays, people prefer to see the stories of their followers and other celebrities. 

But, the challenge with Insta stories is that you need an account to view one. This is where the problem lies. 

For starters, you might not have an Instagram account. Or, you might not want to notify the user that you have seen their stories. 

So, what’s the solution? This is where InstaNavigation comes into the picture. With this Instagram story viewer, you can see stories anonymously. 

In this article, I will discuss the features of InstaNavigation. I will also highlight its pros and cons, as well as any potential issues that you may face while viewing Instagram stories. 

What is InstaNavigation?

InstaNavigation is one of the most effective Instagram story viewer tools. Users can use it to watch Instagram stories anonymously. As Instagram stories are gaining a lot of traction, InstaNavigation is an effective method of seeing the stories. 

InstaNavigator. Instagram story viewerwebp

When you visit someone’s Instagram account and see their stories, sometimes you may want to keep your identity hidden. 


  • Download IG stories
  • Excellent device compatibility
  • Privacy protection
  • 100% free

Usually, you would need an Instagram account to watch someone’s Instagram stories. However, with InstaNavigation, you can bypass it. 

You can see someone’s Instagram stories without any restrictions or difficulties. Additionally, you can also save those stories. All you need to do is enter the correct username. 

Features of InstaNavigation

While a couple of Instagram story viewer tools are available on the market, InstaNavigation stands apart. It has numerous usable and attractive features for its users. Let’s take a look at them. 

1. Unrestricted story viewing

As mentioned earlier, you need an Instagram account to view someone’s story. This is undoubtedly a hassle, and I don’t like it. For instance, sometimes, I want to see stories without letting the other person know. 

But with InstaNavigation, you can go through different Instagram accounts. You don’t need to worry about any restrictions. 

InstaNavigation will let you brows through different accounts like the original Instagram account. You can also use hashtags to find stories in bulk. 

2. Protected privacy

You can protect your privacy when you use InstaNavigation, an Instagram story viewer. This is one of the most beneficial features for privacy-concerned users like me. 

But why does privacy matter? Well, if you’ve been using any social media platform for a long time, you may know that these platforms track your data. Instagram is no exception to that, as they use user data to train the Instagram algorithm

But you don’t face something like this with InstaNavigation. This tool won’t collect your personal data. This way, you can ensure that scammers or hackers aren’t accessing the sensitive information. 

3. Completely free to use

This is another advantage of this Instagram story downloader. InstaNavigation is completely free to use without any financial commitment. 

It doesn’t matter how many times you use InstaNavigation to view stories, there’s no involvement of payment or anything. Just open your browser and start enjoying it. 

However, remember that you will need a stable internet connection. I occasionally experience slower download speeds because I don’t have a high-speed internet connection. 

4. Anonymous exploration

This is an important feature of InstaNavigation. If you don’t want to reveal your identity, InstaNavigation should be your primary choice. 

Similar to data history, your identity will also remain hidden. I have used InstaNavigation before and never faced any problem with anonymity. 

5. No registration required

I have seen countless Instagram story viewer apps that ask users to download the application first. I really don’t like this approach, as an extra app will consume HDD space. Moreover, you cannot use these apps without creating an account. 

With InstaNavigation, you don’t need to make any type of registration. This way, you can browse through Instagram accounts without creating an account on InstaNavigation. 

This feature focuses on the importance of anonymous story viewing. As you won’t need to create an account on the site, the other Instagram users can’t know who watched their stories. 

6. Story download

Apart from viewing Instagram stories anonymously, you can also download Instagram stories on your system. You can save them easily whether you’re using a PC, a smartphone, or a tablet.

While Instagram will let you download videos, the same doesn’t apply to stories. So, if your aim is to download the stories, you must use InstaNavigation. Moreover, each post and story has a separate video or image download button. 

How does InstaNavigation work?

Now that you know the extensive features of InstaNavigation, it’s time to know its working mechanism. Based on these features, you might think that InstaNavigator is hard to use. 

However, let me tell you that it’s as easy as it could be. Here’s how InstaNavigation works. 

  • Open the website: This is the first step. You need to visit the InstaNavigation website. The best thing about InstaNavigation is that the user interface is super simple. You won’t face any confusion or navigational problems. 
  • Search an Instagram profile: You will find a search option on the homepage. You can either search Instagram accounts by their usernames or links. Once you include them, click Enter. 
  • View the story: Once you do this, the profile will open, and you can view the stories. If the profile has different stories, just click on the one you need to view, and it will open. 

And that’s all! See – I told you the process is super simple. However, remember that sometimes you may face occasional lags. In such cases, just refresh the website once, and you’re good to go. 

Why you should use InstaNavigation?

The features might have convinced you to use InstaNavigation. Let’s examine its best benefits and see if it can meet your needs. 

1. Stalk profiles

One of the most eye-catching benefits of InstaNavigation is its easy profile stalking. While you can stalk someone’s profile on Instagram easily, there’s a catch. 

The catch is profile identification. For instance, if you view someone’s Instagram story, the algorithm will reveal your identity. There will be no such thing as anonymity. 

With InstaNavigation, you can view other people’s stories without letting them know. You don’t need to worry about revealing your identity. 

2. Excellent insights

InstaNavigation will help you gain statistical insights about someone’s Instagram profile. These metrics include the number of likes, followers, posts, and comments. 

Usually, you need an Instagram account to gain these insights. But if you don’t have one, InstaNavigation allows users to see the graphical version of your profile's growth. 

3. Free content 

Since InstaNavigation lets you download business Instagram content for free, this will benefit you as an Instagram content creator. 

For instance, you can download Instagram content from any account or creator. Then, you can edit and repost the content from your Instagram account. However, be aware of copyright guidelines. 

InstaNavigation pricing

As mentioned earlier, InstaNavigation is completely free to use. No financial commitment, no burden. Just use it as you please.

InstaNavigation Pricing Plan

  • Free: $0

You can view and download as many videos as you want.

Ready to use Instagram story viewer?

InstaNavigation lets you view stories of Instagram accounts as long as they are public accounts. It’s one of the best ways to leverage Instagram's full benefits while staying hidden. 

Why bother disclosing your identity when you can be anonymous? Whether you want to check out your friends or Instagram influencers, InstaNavigation gives you freedom. 

I hope you liked the article. Do you have any queries or questions? If so, let me know in the comments below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Make sure you choose high-quality images. Also, ensure that the quality doesn't get affected during the editing process. Last but not least, include a relevant or trendy song.

No, it's not accessible to all users. You can only see story analytics as long as you have an Instagram business account.

Some of the best elements to include into Instagram stories are images, icons, emojis, songs, etc.

If you have your Instagram account open, everyone can see your stories.