Even as winter sets in, webdew is energetic and excited about upcoming celebrations. November has been quite a month, and I am excited to tell you about the highlights. 

One of the most important things in running a business is keeping transparency. That is one reason why I make it a point to inform our readers of all the updates in webdew. Our growth is through our readers, followers, and clients, making it much more important that we give you an idea of what happens every month. 

Let's begin by looking at the biggest highlight of webdew for November 2022.

Most reviewed in 2D animation

“Customer experience is the next competitive battleground. It'sIt's where businesses are won or lost.” – Tom Knighton

Getting a great review is one of the biggest achievements for any business, big or small. Reviews can speak for themselves regarding the quality of service any business can provide. It is, therefore, a great moment to have been recognized as the most-reviewed global 2D animation company by The Manifest. 

The Manifest annually recognizes the best B2B services in each sector and region. Any business that has received a significant number of positive reviews on The Manifest over the course of the past year is eligible for this honor. 

Read more about The manifest recognition here: The Manifest crowned webdew as the most reviewed Global 2D Animation Company

webdew has, over the years, become a leading video marketing company. We have a skilled and professional video team who are experienced in making different types of videos. In case you have not looked into our portfolio, make sure to check it out now. 

It is indeed a joyous moment, but we will challenge ourselves to do more, learn, and achieve more. 


Social media growth

Business marketing has grown such that social media is unavoidable and holds much importance today. Social media growth is essential today for businesses as it is relevant for any company to develop as a brand and generate leads. 

webdew is active on multiple social media platforms: LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest. We intend to share knowledge, constantly update, network, and engage with our followers through these platforms. 

Did you know that LinkedIn is a fast-growing platform with at present around 830 million users? We share polls, knowledgeable content, updates, and many more on this platform, so you shouldn't miss out on these. 

Now, webdew is, as you have seen in the image above, a network of 34480 followers. And we ensure that we post quality content that our followers find interesting, engaging, knowledgeable, and helpful for their business. 

As webdew is committed to HubSpot and is an advocate of inbound marketing, our HubSpot specialists are constantly trying to help businesses make the most of the CRM.

In the previous agency update, we already told you that we launched a YouTube channel with tutorials on using HubSpot software. Now we have a growing LinkedIn page dedicated to HubSpot tutorials, and the page is titled HubSpot Tutorials by webdew.

Our Instagram and Facebook platforms have been slowly but steadily growing. As November closed, we had 115 followers on Instagram. Also, we have constantly been engaging on Facebook and Twitter platforms, thereby maintaining our network and growth. 

In case you haven't noticed yet, webdew has a social media page that lets you look into life at webdew. We share quite a lot of relatable memes, activities of our team, and many more. Our Instagram page, webdewlife, has 715 followers, while our LinkedIn page, webdians, has over 200 followers. 

Search Engine Optimization

We are constantly working on optimizing our website to perform better. We have been steadily improving our SEO, and this is quite important for any organization that is focused on growth. However, the DA continues to be 35. 

Errors were efficiently dealt with by our SEO team, and there are significant improvements in our analytics and traffic. In the month of November, we saw that there were 4000+ users when compared to the previous month. Also, new users have also increased rapidly and stated in numbers, and there were around 5000 new users. 

Here is a quick view of the Google Analytics traffic comparison for the months of November and October. 

Clicks and impressions of webdew had increased to 69.6k and 8.2 M, respectively, in the month of November, compared to 62.1k and 7.98 M in October. 

Take a look at the search and clicks comparison of October and November from Search Console:

You might want to take a look at our top-performing blogs of November:

If you're having trouble making sense of the webdew report, here's a report that shows you how well each keyword performed in Ubersuggest.

Learn Teach and Grow Campaign

Everyone in the webdew family is constantly learning new things and then blogging about them to help others. We believe that knowledge shared is knowledge multiplied. 

The experts at webdew ensure that every blog post they publish addresses every technical detail necessary for readers to pinpoint the source of their problem and implement a suitable solution. We have written and published 12+ blogs covering various topics, including HubSpot, websites, marketing, videos, business, and sales, in the month of November.

Blog Campaign

There is a reason why ‘content is King!' We believe in providing quality content, and you would want to check out the CRM blogs and HubSpot problem statement articles as well, apart from LTG blogs.

We have published 4 HubSpot problem statement articles that are put together by our HubSpot specialists. These articles give you technical insights into how our team was able to solve our client's problems and satisfy the requirements. 

Email marketing campaign

We continue with our email marketing to nurture our leads with rich content. At the same time, we have also released our newsletter for the month of November, which was mailed to our subscribers. Our newsletter contains curated content. We also let you in on webdew activities through our newsletter. 

If you wish to check out our previous newsletters or subscribe to the same, click on this link: https://www.webdew.com/newsletter

Directories campaign

We feel that asking consumers about their webdew experiences is one of the best ways to improve services and propel the company forward. So, we keep an eye on our different profiles in directories like HubSpot, Clutch, G2, etc. We have prepared a Christmas gift card offer on the page to engage the customers and encourage them to provide feedback: https://www.webdew.com/reviews/write.

In the month of November, we got a total of 13 reviews:

  • HubSpot: 4
  • Clutch: 4 
  • G2: 5

We received 200 click-throughs, 285 profile views, and 1 new message in the Clutch platform alone. 

If you are wondering what our customers say about us, read webdew reviews to find out!


webdew website campaign 

Having a website is essential for any business today. If the site is well-designed, simple to use, and free of bugs, the visitor will have no trouble staying on it and exploring its contents. 

We are continually updating the website and adding new pages in order to make it simpler for users to gain access to the various services that are offered. This helps to ensure that the website is operating well.

There were many updates around our Dew HubSpot theme, as we have made it more appealing and user-friendly. Around 25 new Dew theme pages were published in the last week of November. Check it out: https://www.webdew.com/hubspot/themes/dew 

We have also resolved over 6000 SEO errors and are currently working on our website’s responsiveness, loading speed, interlinking, etc. However, thanks to our efficient team’s efforts, our website performance has improved in the month of November. 

Apart from that, our directory landing pages were updated with the new design and structure. 


Recruitment campaign

Hiring, when done correctly, will elevate the company, but if not, it could harm its reputation. webdew's recruitment team works hard to hire the right talent at the appropriate time.

Not just that, we also make sure that we provide useful tips, tricks, and insights to candidates and people who look forward to attending interviews. 

In November, webdew conducted 240 interviews, and 5 new members joined the webdew family.

Want to join our recruitment team or want to boost your knowledge about the HR field? Visit https://careers.webdew.com/blog/tag/hr-career.

Internal Knowledge Base

We believe self-learning and exploring are some of the best experiences. Of course, when a new member joins webdew, we assist them. But what's more helpful is the internal knowledge base. Not just the new members, but the whole webdew team gets a clear idea of every update as well as knowledge and work on the task without depending on anyone through the knowledge base. 

In November, we worked on around 631 articles. Want to read what internal kb is all about? Click here

Over and out!

That was the month of November for us. We still have a lot more coming up in the next month, so make sure you keep up with us.

Have any doubts? Feel free to contact us