has become one of the most popular AI paraphrasing tools in the market. More and more users are joining the platform and leveraging its benefits to a great extent. 

It doesn’t matter if you want to use for academic or professional purposes; it will cater to your different needs. 

It's a good fit for students, writers, digital marketers, researchers, copywriters, bloggers, and anyone who needs to rewrite text efficiently and instantly.

However, before you purchase a premium plan, you need to know its effectiveness and features. This is why I’ve written this article for you. 

If you want to use but are looking for a detailed review, you’re in the right place. In this article, I will share a comprehensive review. So, without further ado, let’s get right into it!

What is is a web-based solution that uses the latest artificial intelligence and natural language processing techniques. Thanks to such AI technologies, it can rewrite text while retaining its original meaning.

The tool can quickly analyze any given text and then reproduce it uniquely. But how does it work? Well, the online AI tool uses synonyms and alternative sentence structures.

ParaphraseTool logo
  • Unlimited paraphrasing
  • Free version
  • Different paraphrase modes
  • 24/7 support

The great thing about this AI paraphraser is that the generated output will be free of typos or grammatical errors. Moreover, it can assist in rewriting text with proficiency and accuracy. 

One of the primary purposes of is to convert complicated texts into simplified ones. Whether you’re a student or a working professional, it will benefit you.

For instance, if you want to change some aspects of your content, paste that information into the Paraphrase Tool and get a revamped version. Review: Key features

Paraphrasing has become simpler than ever with artificial intelligence. Now, you can get tons of information paraphrased online in a breeze. Paraphrase Tool AI brings a few good features writers can benefit from while paraphrasing text.

As mentioned before, comes with AI-powered capabilities. If you choose the correct modes, it will help you paraphrase anything you want. 

So, what’s so good about the core features that allow to stand apart? Having used Quillbot before, I can certainly say has more eye-catching features. 

1. Paraphrasing Tool

This is the most unique feature of When you open the site, the Paraphrasing tool will be the first thing you see. This is the dashboard. review

I must say it looks super clean and unique. Everything is easily accessible, from the different modes to the import and export functions. 

If you have used Quillbot before, you will find the user interface quite similar. Just paste the text you want to paraphrase and hit the Paraphrase button. The output will be visible on the right side. 

But I wouldn’t recommend if it only has basic options. It takes the paraphrasing capabilities to the next level. What I am talking about is the paraphrasing modes. 

You can choose specific modes based on your needs to get more relevant results. There is no need to worry about getting the same genetic paraphrased text repeatedly. 

But how effective are they? Does the generated output pass Hemingway and plagiarism checks? Let’s put them to the test. 

1.1. Creative Mode

This is the first mode you will come across when you open Basically, when you open the website, you will land upon the Paraphrasing Tool, and the Creative mode will start working. 

Now, the real deal. To test its effectiveness, I have pasted a paragraph from an article on mine. Apart from giving the paraphrased results of, I will also give Quillboit results. This will help you gauge their performances better

I thought I would give the output directly, but there’s something else I would like to share. When I pasted my text and hit the Paraphrase button, the website opened a captcha, stating that I needed to pay to remove them and the ads. 

Creative mode

I really don’t like this. It's undoubtedly an annoying way to ask customers to subscribe to their premium plans. Nevertheless, let’s take a look at the output now. 

Creative results

As you can see, has generated an output on the right side of the screen. It also shows the percentage of paraphrased words to unchanged words. Moreover, it highlights the paraphrased texts for better visibility. 

So, what’s my verdict? I really love the effort they have put into training their AI. The sentence paraphraser is amazing, with no mishaps. They have also maintained the original meaning of the texts, so thumbs up for that. 

Now that I know the effectiveness of the Creative mode, I turned to Quillbot, the all-in-one platform. While there’s no such thing as Creative mode, I chose the standard one. 


This is the output Quillbot gave me. It’s not bad, but I think it sounds a bit robotic. 

Moving along, I previously mentioned that I would check the output on Hemingway and Grammarly Premium’s plagiarism checker. Here are the Hemingway results. 


Even though the readability grade is 12, you won’t need to question's effectiveness. Because it can only paraphrase texts, not change the meaning or add commas or full stops in between sentences. As long as the original text passes Hemingway check, so will the paraphrased text. 


Grammarly stated that it has one incorrect noun, which is true. But there are no plagiarism issues. While this is good news, I myself don’t rely on Grammarly’s plagiarism checker 100%. 

1.2. Anti-Plagiarism Mode

The next mode is Anti-Plagiarism. This is another unique thing that you won’t find in Quillbot. Though the output generated in the Creative mode was also plagiarism-free, I believe this mode takes it to the next level. 

So, how do you access this mode? Simple, just click on the Anti-Plagiarism mode from the above list and you’re good to go. 

Anti plagiarism

And the working mechanism is also similar. Just like the Creative mode, this is also free. You don’t need to pay anything. 

This mode's primary purpose is to remove and alter plagiarised content. It can change the entire text or paragraph without altering the original meaning, making it a highly sought-after feature

To test its effectiveness, I have copied and pasted content from Google. If I use this content, it will 100% detect plagiarism, making me vulnerable to copyright infringement problems. claims that they can change all the plagiarised text and make it look new, all without changing the original content, its tone, and its meanings. Let’s take a look. 

Anti plag

It looks like they're keeping their end of the bargain. I checked the paraphrased text on Grammarly, and there’s no plagiarism issue. However, this mode needs to be faster. 

1.3. Fluency Mode

The next free option is the Fluency mode. This mode maintains a natural flow of the paraphrased text. While the other modes might sound robotic sometimes, the Fluency mode helps you tackle that

Fluency mode

I am super impressed with this Fluency mode. As you can see above, the paraphrased output has excellent flow and sentence structure, which was missing from the other modes. 

Quillbot also has the same mode, but how does stand apart from it? Let’s take a look. 

Quillbot results

Here’s Quillbot's output. While I can see the fluency, it’s not too different from Quillbot’s other modes. 

But's Fluency mode is amazing. I could see its difference from the other modes. If you don’t get your desired results, simply rephrase the text again. 

1.4. Formal Mode

As the name suggests, the formal mode will help you turn normal texts into professional ones. This is particularly beneficial for people planning to paraphrase content for C-suite executives

For example, let’s say you have a business idea. While drafting the idea, you might have written it casually with no professional tone. Now, rewriting it again to make it more professional is super time-consuming. 

Why put in manual effort when you have’s Fluency mode? This mode will change all informal language, sentences, and slang to create a professional presentation. 

1.5. Academic Mode

Whether you’re a college student or an academic writer, this mode is extremely beneficial. The Academic mode itself is a highly popular feature. 

If you’re in the academic field, you know the importance of conveying accurate information. One mistake and you will face dire consequences. 

With the academic mode, you can create formal and accurate content that meets industry guidelines. There is no need to worry about writing something vague or unprofessional. It will also retain all important citations, references, quotes, and more. 

1.6. SEO Mode

Gone are the days of minding SEO aspects only if you’re an SEO expert. Professional content writers like me need to pay close attention to different aspects of SEO

We must ensure the content we write is SEO-friendly and capable of achieving higher search engine ranks. However, paraphrased content sometimes fails to oblige all SEO requirements—not because Google is against paraphrased content but because such tools cannot implement SEO tactics. is the first AI paraphrasing tool that has overcome this limitation. With the SEO mode, you can easily make your content SEO-friendly

This mode will maintain the same order and placement of the targeted keywords. This way, you can enter them organically without worrying about keyword stuffing. But remember that this mode is paid for. 

2. Essay Rewriter

Now that you know about the Paraphrasing tool and its different modes, the next feature is Essay Rewriter. It will take your existing academic content and paraphrase it in a matter of seconds.

This feature works fine for all kinds of essays. As essays are an important part of academic writing, you can ensure you’re meeting the standard guidelines. 

Essay rewriter

The Essay Rewriter not only ensures you get high-quality paraphrased output but also does that without any grammatical mistakes. Moreover, The flow will be like human-written content without any plagiarism. 

Here’s the list of essays that you can rewrite with this Essay Rewriter:

  • Argumentative essays
  • Expository essays
  • Descriptive essay
  • Persuasive essay
  • Narrative essays
  • Cause & effect essays

This feature will prove highly beneficial for academic professionals, researchers, and students looking to rewrite essays efficiently. The cool thing about the essay rewriter is that it maintains accuracy and efficiency at all levels. On top of that, it’s free. 

3. Grammar Checker

One of the most common concerns is ensuring the grammatical accuracy of your papers. Paraphrase Tool AI’s grammar checker is a simple solution for checking your write-up for any possible errors without wasting time.

That means you don’t need to manually proofread your piece to catch and fix errors. Instead, add your text to this grammar checker, click the ‘Check Grammar’ button, and see results immediately. The tool will highlight problematic areas that need a fix. You can make some quick adjustments to remove errors, typos, and mistakes.

The grammar checker feature is useful for preventing errors in all your unchecked drafts, removing wrongful spellings, boosting text tone and style, and instantly improving text quality.

4. Text Summarizer

How many times do you want a shorter version of the text? Despite your profession, there must have been several instances where you needed just the gist of a long passage. The text summarizer does exactly what it says.

You just have to paste a long-form content piece in the left box and click the ‘Summarize’ button. This will prepare a shortened version for the box on the right side.

Text summarizer

You can take a quick look at the generated piece to ensure no critical information is missed. Once you feel perfectly satisfied, click the ‘Export’ button on the bottom right and choose your desired format for the exported file

This feature is a perfect fit for those wanting a short and concise text in a few seconds. You can use it to generate an overview of long-form articles, get error-free summaries of write-ups, and obtain a human-like abstract immediately.

5. Humanize AI Text

This is another eye-catching feature of you need to know. But why do I focus on this specific feature so much? 

Well, for starters, most content writers nowadays are using different types of AI tools to write their content. While many companies didn’t have any issues, recent Google update has created panic amongst business owners

This made most clients and businesses implement AI detection tools. So, how can you bypass AI content detection easily? Use’s AI text humanizer option. 

This feature will help you humanize the AI text you generate using AI content writing tools. On the other hand, Paraphrase Tool AI’s text humanizer offers a quick way to transform robotic text into humanoid output.

All you have to do is choose Humanize AI Text from the left navigation. A new page will open where you can add input text, click the ‘Humanize’ button, and get your human-like version ready in the right box.

6. Plagiarism Remover

I have previously mentioned the importance of removing plagiarism. The same features are available in the Paraphrasing Tool modes. 

So, what do they provide as a standalone feature to remove plagiarism? It’s because it’s more powerful than the other plagiarism removal options. 

Although paraphrasing removes plagiarism easily, you can also use the dedicated plagiarism remover feature to ensure the uniqueness of the text.

This feature is extremely beneficial for getting accurate and consistent results. It will use advanced algorithms to paraphrase your text and remove all the plagiarised content. 

Benefits of using

The is beneficial in many ways. Apart from the many features I have mentioned earlier, there are other perks. 

Are you interested in knowing how can help you? Let’s check out some of the most notable positive aspects.

1. Saves time can rephrase text flawlessly, saving you a significant amount of time. Just go to the website, add your text, click the ‘Paraphrase’ button, and receive your paraphrased text within seconds. However, make sure your internet connection is stable so that you don’t face disruption.

2. Unique and original content

The paraphrased content you generate is completely unique and original. No one could tell that this is a paraphrased version of an existing piece. That’s why many people use Paraphrase Tool AI to meet their rewriting requirements.

3. Improved writing style

If you feel that your written content doesn’t look good, you need to use this paraphrasing tool. Its AI algorithms can convert bland writing into a polished one in seconds. It can also improve the flow of your article.

This tool will swap complicated terminologies with common phrases to boost readability. Furthermore, you can remove typo errors.

4. Safe and Secure to Use

People with sensitive information might be a bit sceptical about security and privacy. The tool offers guaranteed protection against third-party access to mitigate such concerns.

Even the input is removed from its systems after the successful paraphrasing request. This means you do not have to worry about compromising the sensitivity of your text.

5. Multiple Language Support

The tool greatly supports non-native speakers looking for an online paraphrasing tool. You can choose your preferred language from the available options.

Currently, the tool supports Dutch, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, Polish, French, Spanish, and Indonesian.

6. No Installation or Registration

The developers know the hassle of downloading and installing applications. That’s why they designed with easy accessibility in mind.

You do not have to download or install anything on your personal device. Simply visit it online through any browser and start using it right away. pros and cons

After learning about the features of, you might think it's the best AI paraphrase tool on the market. However, it also has a few disadvantages. Let's discuss them.


  • Numerous modes for easy paraphrasing
  • It can generate results without grammatical errors
  • Humanize the AI-written content
  • A free version for everyone


  • The free version has a limited word count of up to 250 words
  • Too many ads

While the word limitation can be overlooked, I cannot say the same for the advertisement part. Sometimes, the ads get too annoying. They should really fix this. review: Pricing plans

Now, let's talk about the pricing plans for the review. You know the features are great, but is it affordable? Here's the pricing structure you need to know. Pricing Plan

  • Free: $0

  • Weekly Plan: $6.95/week

  • Monthly Plan: $14.95/month

  • Yearly Plan: $8.33/month

While there's a free plan, it offers three free access up to 250 words. In the free version, you can choose creative, fluency, and anti-plagiarism modes.

But what about unrestricted access? In such cases, you can choose weekly, monthly, and yearly pricing plans. The weekly plan is a good fit for academic writers and bloggers.

On the other hand, the monthly Plan is ideal for students who have short-time paraphrasing requirements. If you like the features of and are looking for a long-term commitment, the yearly plan will benefit you.

Ready to use

The Paraphrase Tool AI is a complete solution for those needing an efficient and reliable online solution to paraphrase text with additional features. With advanced AI models, you won’t be disappointed with the results.

The intuitive interface is also easy for beginners and professionals. It continuously receives updates, which makes it a good solution to tackle present-day paraphrasing challenges

What is your opinion on this review? Are you eager to use it? Make sure you let me know in the comments below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you're looking for a better alternative to Quillbot, you need to try It has more features and perks than Quillbot, especially for professionals and students.

Yes, AI detection tools can use different types of advanced algorithms to detect paraphrased content. So, make sure you have human touch in your AI content.

Turnitin cannot detect the paraphrased content from It's undoubtedly one of its biggest advantages.

Yes, is a trusted platform. They also don't store the texts you paraphrase. So, you don't need to worry about data leaks.