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      FeedHive isn't just a platform; it's a powerful suite of social media management tools designed to streamline your workflow and amplify your brand voice. It can reduce time spent on social media management platforms.
  • Versatile


      Audiense goes beyond basic demographics, diving deep into their interests, online behavior, and the influencers they follow. This deep understanding lets you create content and ads that resonate specifically with your ideal customer.
  • Cost-effective


      Quit trying to figure out what to write. Presently, AI generates authentic social media content it's sure your audience will adore. Produce reliable, captivating content that turns top-notch leads into conversions for employees.

Social media platforms have evolved from being mere novelties to essential parts of our daily routine. And now, artificial intelligence and machine learning are doing pretty much the same. 

You will find 100+ advanced AI tools designed specifically for social media marketing. These tools will plan, create, manage, analyze, and optimize your social media platforms. 

With the help of automated AI based social media marketing tools, the process of social media strategies and social media content marketing will become easier

So, with so many availabilities, how can you choose the perfect automated AI based social media marketing tool?

Choosing the ones that will take your social media marketing to a whole new level is important, especially when you promote your business on social media channels. 

To find out, I did some digging and selected the best AI tools for social media marketing in 2024. I have reviewed them thoroughly, including their AI features, pros, cons, and pricing. Let’s get started. 

The Future of Automated AI Based Social Media Marketing

AI tools for social media marketing have been growing unprecedentedly for the past two years. This is why the demand for social media marketers is increasing. 

Some projections state that the AI social media market will reach $3,714 million by the end of 2026, with a great capital market of 28.77%. Let’s discuss the nine best automated AI based social media marketing tools.

1. FeedHive

FeedHive is one of the best AI social media platforms that is gaining a lot of traction lately. FeedHive offers different types of social media management features to create, schedule, monitor, publish, and manage AI social media posts. 

Whether you use Facebook or Instagram for your social media marketing strategies, you can manage your promotional content effectively

If you’re looking for an all-in-one AI technology that can manage your business’s social media activity, FeedHive should be your first choice.


  • Social scheduling
  • FeedHive AI
  • Analytics
  • White label

From an AI writing assistant to intelligent scheduling, FeedHive also has a hashtag generator, AI writing assistant, analytics, and a unified social inbox

This dashboard will open when you create an account on FeedHive. This page will let you connect to your business's social media account.

These features will help you manage all your social media messages, comments, and mentions within one dashboard. 


  • Post-recycling is great for suggesting the best recycling post
  • All social media platforms are supported
  • Short learning curve and simple to use
  • Constant updates and features


  • No mobile application is available
  • Support is slightly lower

One of the best features of FeedHive is content recycling. FeedHive will help you know which content you want to recycle, and re-publish content with just one click. 

Another great feature of DeepHive's automated AI based social media marketing is its dynamic variables and conditional posting

FeedHive Pricing Plan

  • Creator: $19/month

  • Brand: $29/month

  • Business: $99/month

  • Agency: $299/month

While FeedHive doesn't offer any free plan, you can get started for free. This way you will be able to know which pricing plan you need to choose. If you have a large business, make sure you choose the Agency plan.

? Why use FeedHive?
  • If you're juggling multiple social media accounts and craving efficiency, FeedHive is your hivemind partner. It lets you schedule posts for all your platforms, analyze performance with AI insights, and collaborate with your team.

FeedHive is a powerful tool for businesses, agencies, and individuals who want to take their social media presence to the next level.

2. Vista Social

Vista Social is an AI-driven social media management platform for your business’s social media profiles across multiple social media platforms. 

Unlike other AI social media tools, Vista Social has more unique features. From cross-platform communication to content scheduling, Vista Social can prove highly beneficial for your business

Vista Social

  • Cross-platform posting
  • Reporting
  • Social listening
  • Task and collaboration

Other beneficial features include detailed reporting, a unified inbox, social listening, and review management. Vista Social is famous for its scalability, making it a great all-in-one social media marketing platform.

This is the dashboard of Vista Social. From here, you can create all the different social media posts you want. Make sure you link your required social media.


  • Eye-catching features
  • All social media platforms are supported
  • Unique feature to manage reviews on all social media platforms
  • Simple communication process


  • Some features are exclusive to specific social media platforms only
  • Cannot access reviews and inbox through the mobile app

Influencers, creators, agencies, brands, and even enterprises can leverage its best benefits thanks to its affordable plans. 

The review management functionality is the standout feature of Vista Social. The feature will help you learn about new reviews from different sites. You can also respond to the reviews and gain insightful reporting on your overall reviews. 

Vista Social Pricing Plan

  • Standard: $39/month

  • Professional: $79/month

  • Advanced: $149/month

  • Enterprise: $379/month

Whether you choose the Professional or Enterprise pricing plan, you will get a 14-day trial. Additionally, you don't need to give any credit card information to get started.

? Why use Vista Social?
  • Whether you're a solopreneur or social media maestro, Vista Social offers an all-in-one toolbox to streamline your workflow. Save time, boost engagement, and gain valuable insights – all within one platform.

Vista Social is an excellent option for businesses with a social media presence. It also provides cross-platform management features. 

3. Audiense

Audiense Connect is an insights and in-depth tool focused specifically on Twitter. Audiense provides thoroughly detailed information on Twitter audiences. 

With Audiense, you will gain insights into your social media to curate content and develop highly engaging Twitter campaigns

Built specifically for Twitter, the Audiense will provide highly detailed and proper insights that only a few other tools can provide. 


  • Community management
  • Identification and segmentation
  • Influencer identification
  • Digital PR and outreach

From monitoring the Twitter posts to uploading a Tweet, you can use Audiense to automate your Twitter account. Additionally, you don't need to worry about any data theft.


  • Highly detailed analytics
  • User-friendly and suitable for every business
  • Easier to identify relevant brand ambassadors and influencers
  • Easy and quick audience segmentation


  • Only supports Twitter
  • Pricing is highly expensive for small businesses or individuals

Reports provided by Audiense include audience demographics, media affinity, interests, and even personality traits. Let's take a look at the pricing structure.

Audiense Pricing Plan

Audiense is one of the most effective tools if you’re looking for an in-depth audience analysis of your Twitter account. In addition, make sure you use social listening, ambassador identification, and audience segmentation. 

? Why use Audiense?
  • You should use Audiense if you want to crack the code on your target audience. You can reach the right people with the right message, ultimately boosting engagement and return on investment.

Audiense delves deep into social data to reveal their interests, affinities, and influencers, empowering you to tailor content.

4. Lately

Lately, a comprehensive automated AI based social media marketing platform can create and manage social media content

Just like other social media management platforms, Lately offers numerous features such as scheduling and publishing content according to your content calendar. 


  • AI content generation
  • Enhanced social media management
  • Content amplification
  • Brand voice learning

It will also help you manage multiple social media accounts and platforms to create detailed reporting and analytics. 


  • Combines content management and content creation
  • Useful analytics to post
  • Social media brand presence
  • Streamlines social media content management and creation


  • Some specific features may lag
  • Doesn't come with post-boosting

Lately stands apart from its competitors due to its advanced AI-assisted content generation. With Lately, you can write and edit content, including hashtags and social schedule content, from one platform. 

Lately Pricing Plan

  • Lite: $49/month

  • Starter: $119/month

  • Professional: $199/month

  • Enterprise: Request demo

While Lately offers a free 7-day trial, you cannot access it for free. You need to give your credit card information. You will get the free trial after the payment is processed.

? Why use Lately?
  • If you're a professional services firm wanting to skyrocket your social selling game, Lately's AI platform is your secret weapon. It streamlines content creation and lets employees share pre-approved content on personal channels.

You can also use the employee advocacy program to use the parent-child accounts. This way, your employees can share your company's content. 

Lately also offers social media monitoring and listening, making it an advanced AI tool for social media marketing. 

5. Ocoya

Are you looking for a robust automated AI based social media marketing platform to provide you with all the services in the same dashboard? Introducing Ocoya.

Whether you need content scheduling, creation, or publishing, Ocoya is here to help your business. Ocoya is one of the few platforms that offers graphics and image generation


  • AI content generation
  • Enhanced social media management
  • Content amplification
  • Brand voice learning

The in-app image generator works superbly well. When used correctly, you don’t need to use any other image-generation software, such as Canva or Photoshop. This is why the popularity of AI image generator tools is increasing. 

Here are the pros and cons of Ocoya.


  • Super simple to use
  • The hashtag generator works effectively
  • In-app graphics creator and image generation work great
  • AI copyrighting saves time


  • Slower customer support
  • Cannot be integrated with Google Analytics

You can also write captions or generate hashtags for your social copies. Thanks to Ocota, you can create highly engaging social posts in minutes. 

I found one specific feature of Ocoya highly beneficial to Ecommerce business owners. 

If you have an Ecommerce business website, you can integrate Ocoya into your website directly. This will simplify the process of creating and uploading product-related content

Ocoya Pricing Plan

  • Bronze: $15/month

  • Silver: $39/month

  • Gold: $79/month

  • Diamond: $159/month

If you're an individual or small business owner, the Bronzer, Silver, and Gold pricing plan would suit you the best. On the other hand, the Diamond pricing plan will prove best for large businesses and enterprises.

? Why use Ocoya?
  • This AI-powered tool helps you create engaging posts, captions, and blogs in 26 languages, schedule across platforms, and optimize campaigns for maximum reach and conversions.

Unlike other competitors, Ocoya offers a link shortener, which will reduce the size of the social copy link

6. Flick

An all-rounder marketing platform that will help you create and manage your social media content ten times faster than the traditional methods. 

With AI-powered features, this automated AI based social media marketing platform is an excellent option for entrepreneurs, content creators, and social media managers.

Recommended by Instagram, Flick will be a great addition to your social media marketing strategy. Small business owners should never overlook the importance of creating a solid social media strategy.


  • AI social assistant
  • Post scheduler
  • Hashtag tools
  • Analytics and reporting

Flick’s most notable benefit is the AI social media marketing assistant. This allows users to develop creative content ideas for social media scripts and video captions

The AI will also help you evaluate the performance of your posts. This way, you can know which post is ranking, getting better engagement, or receiving traffic. 


  • Flick offers a fast and easy way to capture and share short videos
  • Flick encourages creative expression with a variety of editing tools
  • The short format and vertical orientation are optimized for mobile viewing
  • Flick is a free app available on iOS and Android


  • Flick collects user data
  • Videos may not be suitable for all content types

Flick has an Instagram hashtag tool to enhance marketing efforts. This tool will help you know the high-performance hashtags to boost your account reach. Each suggestion will give you 40 hashtags, and the manager is accessible from any device. 

Flick Pricing Plan

  • Solo: $11/month

  • Pro: $24/month

  • Agency: $55/month

If you have an in-house social media marketing team that generates an extensive number of social media posts, the Agency plan would prove best. No overlapping, thanks to the 5 user login feature.

Additionally, you should also use the Flick’s analytics. Don’t forget to measure the historical metrics, such as conversion rates, followers rate, time spent on each post, reach rate, and engagement rate. 

? Why use Flick?
  • If you're struggling with Instagram hashtags, Flick can be your saviour. It cuts through the guesswork with AI-powered hashtag research, saving you time and boosting your post reach.

To help social media users navigate through the tools easily, Flick provides extensive resources – from training modules to blogs. 

7. Publer

Publer is an automated AI based social media marketing and social media management tool to schedule, collaborate, analyze, and upload posts across different social media platforms. 

Publer comes with content creation and hashtag generator options. Furthermore, you can also create images and videos using VistaCreate and Canva integrations


  • AI social assistant
  • Post scheduler
  • Hashtag tools
  • Analytics and reporting

The in-app editing features will help you make changes to your post easily. But what if you’re facing writer’s block and can’t think of something unique? The AI copyrighting assistant will help you. 

One of the best things about Publer is that you can create an account and use this platform for free. You can create, schedule, and publish social media posts all within this dashboard.


  • Quick and knowledgeable customer support
  • Collaboration tools for enhanced coordination between teams
  • Posts can be scheduled for the best times for each platform
  • Can split texts automatically


  • Occasional bugs and glitches
  • Steep learning curve for some specific features

Publer can automatically add your business’s signature and logo to all videos and images. You can also customize it to suit your brand image. Here's how much you need to pay for Publer.

Publer Pricing Plan

  • Free: $0

  • Professional: $12/month

  • Business: $21/month

Keep in mind that these prices aren't fixed. The price will vary depending on the number of platforms you need to manage and the number of additional members.

? Why use Publer?
  • If you're juggling multiple social media accounts and feeling burnout, Publer can be your one-stop superhero. This tool lets you schedule posts across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The analytics and reporting will help you know how your campaigns and posts perform across social media profiles and platforms. 

Overall, Publer is a great automated AI based social media marketing tool that offers everything you need, all within affordable pricing plans. 

8. Buffer AI Assistant

Struggling with social media? Feeling lost in a sea of bland posts? Fear not, friend! Buffer's AI Assistant has your back, like a superhero for your content calendar.

Whether you're after witty Twitter threads, catchy Insta captions, or LinkedIn wisdom that wows, this AI can generate up endless fresh ideas in a flash. You don't need to waste hundreds of hours planning something.

Buffer AI Assistant

  • Start Page landing pages
  • Shopify analytics
  • AI assistant
  • Zapier integration

No more staring at a blank screen, wondering what to post. You'll be churning out engaging content that magnetizes likes and followers faster.

But it's not just about one-liners and likes. The AI Assistant digs deep, taking up Facebook posts that feel like intimate conversations, LinkedIn insights that make you sound like the ultimate guru, and even TikTok magic – imagine text overlays so slick they'll have your video rocketing to the top of the charts.


  • Boosts creativity and saves time
  • Engaging content suggestions
  • Repurpose existing content
  • Tailored content for each platform


  • Accuracy limitations
  • Limited knowledge of current events

This isn't just about posting more; it's about posting smarter. The AI analyzes what resonates, crafting content that's tailor-made for your audience. Here's the pricing structure:

Buffer AI Assistant Pricing Plan

  • Essentials: $6/month

  • Team: $12/month

  • Agency: $120/month

It's like having a team of social media experts whispering “genius” in your ear, helping you build a community that clicks, shares, and screams for more.

? Why use Buffer AI Assistant?
  • Buffer AI Assistant is a valuable tool for social media marketers, especially those looking to boost their content creation and engagement.

Furthermore, you can alter the tone of your social media post from formal to casual or vice versa in just a click.

Buffer AI Assistant is a valuable tool for social media marketers, especially those looking to boost their content creation and engagement. However, it's important to be aware of its limitations and use it wisely alongside your own content judgment and strategy.

9. Phrasee

Phrasee is a content optimization and creation platform. It uses computational linguistics and AI to optimize, generate, and analyze your marketing content

The real-time testing and optimization will undoubtedly make you choose Phrasee over the other apps. 

It can identify the top-performing posts for your audiences on Instagram and Facebook, along with SMS, email, push, and web campaigns. 


  • Automate A/B/N testing
  • Content experimentation
  • Performance data and language insights
  • Customer lifecycle

Phrasee focuses on on-brand content optimization. It will allow you to set control and thoroughly review the content at scale


  • Excellent translational capabilities
  • Content creation for mobile and digital marketing
  • AI generation is at its peak
  • Impeccable customer support


  • Integrated with Instagram and Facebook only
  • Not perfect for small businesses

If your primary aim is to create on-brand and high-quality social media posts across all channels, Phrasee won’t ever disappoint you.  

Phrasee Pricing Plan

Phrasee's pricing plan is not transparent. Not to mention, it's not suitable for small businesses.

? Why use Phrasee?
  • Struggling to write click-worthy marketing messages that convert? Phrasee's your AI-powered secret weapon. It crafts personalized and high-performing content for every channel.

In terms of social media marketing, Phrasee will also help you out. Phrasee will also test and iterate organic posts. The paid social ads ensure that your ROI and engagement are always high

Ready to use the best AI Social Media Marketing Tools?

The advantages of automated AI based social media marketing tools are increasing every day. They are becoming more popular, helping people automate their social media needs

As we’re in the age of artificial intelligence now, it is time to leverage the benefits of AI to polish and streamline your social media marketing needs

There are 100+ AI tools for social media marketing that cover everything from social media management to automation to create content, reporting, and AI-driven analytics

What are your opinions on these AI social media tools? Choose the right AI social media marketing tools today!

Frequently Asked Questions

AI helps marketers with posts, feedback, and a better understanding of their customers so they can make smarter plans. AI will help your marketing team generate various social media content. With the social media scheduling tool, the generative AI will help them know the best time to post content on various social media platforms.

You can leverage artificial intelligence to customize your webpage, providing tailored product suggestions and adjusting pricing based on individual customer preferences. Through AI algorithms, you can deliver personalized recommendations instantly, be it on your website, in email campaigns, or within personalized advertisements.

AI excels in crafting ads that resonate with the intended audience. Keep a keen eye on social media to grasp your audience's preferences. Additionally, AI-powered social media tools can efficiently generate posts and captions, significantly reducing the time and effort required.

Social platforms employ AI to analyze user preferences and behaviors, recommending relevant content and tailoring the user journey. Furthermore, AI systems are crucial in identifying and removing fake news, hate speech, and other detrimental content, ultimately improving social media content strategy. 

Indeed, AI can produce Instagram posts by utilizing data like images, text, and hashtags. However, human supervision is frequently necessary to guarantee the content's suitability and appeal.

Influencer marketing is undoubtedly one of the best social media marketing strategies you can choose for your business.