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Well, I've got a sneaky trick up my sleeve that can help you out. It's all about creating custom sales videos that showcase your success stories, demonstrate your offerings, and encourage prospects to take action.

Creating personalized videos will make a lasting impression, show clients they're important, and build a trustworthy relationship. And don't just take my word for it! Check out our 11 inspiring sales video examples that prove the power of this strategy.

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Feast your eyes on 11 engaging Sales Video Examples  

1. Sam Kean at Fresh Relevance

The use of a well-known author and science communicator as the spokesperson: Sam Kean is a New York Times bestselling author and has appeared on popular TV shows like The Daily Show, making him a recognizable and credible figure.

  • The video uses live-action footage to keep the viewer engaged and make the content easier to understand. 
  • By showcasing the product directly in the video keeps the attention of the prospects, which could lead them to gain interest and, thus, even to purchase the product.

What sets this video apart

This webcam video was a new approach to creating a sales video where the personality represented the product's qualities by using it in the video.

2. Kayla Cytron-Thaler at Canny

Kayla Cytron-Thaler, a frequent user of Apollo, presents an innovative perspective to Krishan Patel in a video. Initially, she expresses discontent with Apollo's lack of a crucial feature. Later, she elucidates how her company can assist in incorporating this feature into Apollo and requests a meeting.

  • Using an appropriate tone of voice and body language can help establish trust and build a relationship between the brand and the potential customer.
  • This clearly explained the offered feature and how it can solve the viewer's problems or meet their needs.
  • The high-quality screen recording here made the video very effective in capturing the viewer's attention and conveying information quickly and easily.

What sets this video apart

Kayla, a real-life Apollo user, demonstrated personally experienced knowledge of their product to add more meaning.

3. Terminus’ Morgan Gillespie – Acme

Terminus’ Morgan Gillespie delivers a straightforward yet energetic video pitch. The opening shot, which also serves as the video's thumbnail, sets it apart.

In this shot, Morgan showcases the customer's product in one hand and a whiteboard with the prospect's name in the other, all while sporting a wide smile. It's a prime example of how props can be used to personalize videos, and Morgan's execution of the idea is flawless.

  • Morgan uses a whiteboard with the prospect's name and the customer's product in her hands to add a visual element to the pitch. This personal touch can help establish a connection with the viewer and make them more receptive to the rest of the pitch.
  • Morgan delivers a clear and concise message that's easy to understand. She focuses on the key benefits of Terminus' services and how they can help the prospect achieve their goals.
  • The video ends with a clear call to action, encouraging the prospect to schedule a demo with Terminus. This helps move the prospect closer to the next step in the sales funnel.

What sets this video apart

The conversational tone throughout the video helps build interest for the prospect, Rebecca and the other viewers who are watching the video. The way Morgan displayed all of her and Terminus' marketing skills, the potential customers would love to get connected.

4. Honey Baby Naturals | #HaveYouTriedThis

#HaveYouTriedThis is a suitable name for a sales campaign starring a real customer kid representing Honey Baby Naturals as the best conditioner for curly hair. The provision of a direct message creates a real connection with the audience.

  • The video showcases real customer sharing their positive experiences with the product. This approach is unique and gives credibility to the brand.
  • The video is playful and interesting regarding the child; the protagonist perfectly holds the viewer's attention without distraction from the message. 
  • Its extremely short duration lets the user focus on the video by understanding how the product will help.

What sets this video apart

The video's super short duration of 14 seconds and the use of voiceover of an adult instead of the child in the video for clear understanding. The direct usage of the product creates credibility among potential customers and, thus, makes the video stand out. 

5. Kelty Linger Side Table

Relax in style with the Linger collection. The Linger Side Table offers versatility, allowing you to take it from your backyard to a big game effortlessly.

Combine the table with a Linger chair and a Versant pack for on-the-go versatility. A great sales video should have this ultimate representation of the product by the protagonist in the video.

  • The video does an excellent job presenting the Kelty Linger Side Table features clearly and concisely. It highlights the table's lightweight, compact design and convenient features, such as the built-in beverage holder and storage shelf.
  • The video features engaging visuals that showcase the Kelty Linger Side Table in action. This allows potential customers to visualize how the table could enhance their outdoor experience, making them more likely to purchase.
  • The video is relatable and inclusive, featuring diverse people enjoying the Kelty Linger Side Table in various outdoor settings. This makes potential customers feel like they, too, could benefit from the table, regardless of their lifestyle or interests.
  • The video includes a call-to-action, directing potential customers to purchase the Kelty Linger Side Table on the company's website. This makes it easy for customers to make a purchase and helps to drive sales for the company.

What sets this video apart

The video emphasizes the value of the Kelty Linger Side Table, highlighting its durable construction and versatility. This makes potential customers feel like they are making a smart investment rather than just purchasing a frivolous accessory.

6. Paid pitches Lafco

The representative demonstrated a keen understanding of the prospect's company, Lafco, by showcasing candle wax at the start of the video. This indicates his preparation and eagerness to secure the sale, which is a testament to the effectiveness of a simple prop. 

  • Purchasing props in bulk and showcasing them in the video serves the main target of showing the attention he paid to his prospect's business.
  • He also provides a clear call to action at the end to all his viewers to connect and receive answers to queries about building perfect marketing strategies.

What sets this video apart

First, building credibility among other users by thanking a prospect who signed up on his website and second, by providing a direct call to action of getting connected through a call.

7. Thank you. Paloma – Lyft

There's a good cause behind this sales video of Lyft, which offers mobility as a service. Humanized videos like these always get the upper hand regarding reliability, as when humans get involved emotionally, they tend to believe in more. We can't write more because these expressions must be seen rather than read. 

  • 100% emotional appeal to engage the viewer and create a connection with the Lyft brand. By highlighting how the Lyft service positively impacted Paloma's life, the video creates a sense of empathy among the viewers to see the value of the service.
  • This kind of storytelling creates a sense of authenticity by telling Paloma's story and how Lyft played a significant part in her life. It encourages viewers to see how the service can positively impact their lives.
  • From beginning to end, the story visuals convey the brand's core values and mission, which helps create a sense of trust and familiarity with the viewer.

What sets this video apart

The emotional appeal raised the brand's image in the audience's eyes. After watching this video, the viewer will surely consider those happy tears of Paloma as the door to reach their destination by using Lyft. 

8. Sierra Designs High Route Tent 1FL, designed by Andrew S

A tent that can help anyone, especially those who love camping. The perfect demonstration in a sales video leads to the perfect understanding of the product that a person may think to purchase. That too by Andrew Skurka, a National Geographic “Adventurer of the Year.”

  • The video starred a camping lover who explained the product from all aspects. Thus making the brand and product more credible for the audience.
  • The video clearly portrays that the High Route Tent 1FL is lightweight, durable, easy to set up, and suitable for various weather conditions, making it easy to carry on hikes and backpacking trips.
  • Leaving no point behind, the protagonist reached the depth by making it a perfect sales video.

What sets this video apart

Starring a suitable person for creating a product sales video and using live action with a clear voice for better understanding are the plus points of this sales video.

9. DollarShaveClub.com – Our Blades are Great 

What not to say about the sales skills of DollarShaveClub.com? This example of a sales video ultimately worked as a great way to increase the company's sales.

Please do not get shocked when we tell you that the brand received 12,000 orders within 48 hours of uploading the video to YouTube. Yes, 12000 orders in just 2 days. So, now, believe how video marketing can do wonders in reality.

  • The video uses humour to capture viewers' attention and create a memorable viewing experience. Using jokes and comedic timing, the video stands out from traditional marketing and advertising efforts and creates a sense of fun and playfulness around the brand.
  • The message “Our Blades are F**king Great” is simple, memorable, and effective at conveying the quality of the product in a way that resonates with viewers.
  • The video feels authentic and genuine. The company's founder, Michael Dubin, stars in the video and speaks directly to the viewer. This creates a sense of trust and transparency around the brand, which can be especially important for direct-to-consumer companies.
  • By providing a straightforward way to take action, it encourages viewers to sign up for DollarShaveClub.com and order their products.
  • The video effectively showcases the DollarShaveClub.com brand identity. Everything works together, from the humour and direct messaging to the visuals and tone, to create a unique and memorable brand experience.

What sets this video apart

The number of orders we mentioned above is the major plus point that can set any video apart from others. The humour with a touch of comedy also brings the video above others.

10. Matt Hall at Woodway UK

Matt Hall, employed at Woodway UK, a packaging company, becomes a seamless fit for him to unbox his prospect's products and demonstrate how he could enhance their offerings.

The video helped Matt secure two meetings after creating only eleven videos, which was impossible before connecting with his potential customers with interesting and knowledgeable videos

  • A good sales video will connect with the viewer personally. Matt Hall established a personal connection with the viewer by sharing his own experiences unboxing the packaging by other companies.
  • A successful sales video should clearly communicate the product's or service's value. Matt Hall explained how much waste the other brand used and how beneficially Woodway UK can do packaging. It helped to persuade the viewer to make a purchase.
  • The video has high-quality visuals that showcase the product in good quality.

What sets this video apart

Matt Hall can provide a compelling call to action by communicating the unique selling points of the Woodway UK packaging. It can help to convert viewers into customers

11. Wooden Crate Grand Opening

Any sales video becomes grand when the representative tries to show it as grand. Here, the wooden crate product showed how strong and durable it is and will not let the inside item get damaged at any cost.

The brand made a solid sales video by attracting the audience with the best quality, strong voiceover, and expressions.

  • The video uses a combination of creative real-life footage to showcase the beauty of the Wooden Crate store.
  • The video has a clear narrative reflecting the wooden crates' durability, which will keep everything safe and secured. 
  • The compelling and conversational tone makes it easy for viewers to connect with the brand.
  • The video highlights the unique shopping experience customers can expect at Wooden Crate.

What sets this video apart

The video is well-produced and polished, with high-quality audio, visuals, and editing. This level of production value gives the brand a professional and trustworthy image, essential for attracting and retaining customers

Ready to take action to boost your sales?

Sales videos have become essential for engaging audiences and driving sales. The examples highlighted in this blog post demonstrate the power of creativity, storytelling, and effective messaging in capturing viewers' attention and delivering a compelling message.

Incorporating these best practices into your video marketing strategy can increase engagement, generate more leads, and drive more sales.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A sales video should include several key elements to be effective. Firstly, it should have a clear message or story that resonates with the target audience. Additionally, the video should showcase the benefits of the product or service being sold and provide evidence to support its claims. It should also have a clear call-to-action that encourages viewers to take action, whether to purchase, sign up for a trial, or request more information. Lastly, the video should be visually appealing, engaging, and easy to understand.

First, you should identify the target audience and understand their needs and pain points. This will help you create a story that resonates with them. Next, clearly define the product or service's benefits and provide evidence to support its claims. You can reinforce your message using customer testimonials, case studies, or statistics. It's also essential to include a clear call-to-action that tells the viewer what action you want them to take. Lastly, it would be best if you wrote a script that is engaging and easy to understand.

First, define your target audience and what you want to communicate. Craft a compelling script highlighting your product or service's unique features and benefits. Use visual aids such as graphics, images, and videos to enhance the message and engage the viewer. Keep the video short and to the point, preferably under two minutes, and include a clear call to action at the end. Optimizing the video for search engines is also important by using relevant keywords in the title, description, and tags. Finally, could you promote the video through social media and other channels to reach your target audience and drive traffic to your website?

The four selling pillars are prospecting, presenting, closing, and follow-up. Prospecting involves identifying potential customers and reaching out to them to generate interest in your product or service. Presenting involves showcasing the benefits of your product or service in a way that resonates with the customer's needs and pain points. Closing involves sealing the deal and getting the customer to commit to the sale. Follow-up involves nurturing the relationship with the customer after the sale is made, ensuring their satisfaction, and potentially generating repeat business or referrals.