• Best Overall


      Looka's Business Name Generator is a free AI-powered tool that helps entrepreneurs and individuals brainstorm catchy and relevant business names. It uses NLP and ML to analyze keywords and generate unique names.
  • Versatile


      The Hostinger business name generator is a free tool used to help small business owners find the perfect name for their online brand. It utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to come up with creative and unique company name ideas.
  • Cost-effective


      The Renderforest business name generator is a free online tool that helps you brainstorm and find the perfect name for your new brand. It combines advanced AI to suggest creative and relevant business names in seconds.

Choosing a perfect name for a business is something most entrepreneurs need help with. You must consider many factors before choosing a perfect name for your business. For instance, a business name should be memorable.

The process can be costly and time-consuming, especially for startups and small businesses. You may also waste lots of resources without a proper naming strategy

This is where AI business name generator tools come into the picture. These tools use AI to create catchy and unique business name ideas for your services and products. 

These tools are extremely easy to use and can generate memorable business names quickly while considering affordability. 

In this article, I will discuss the best AI business name generator tools that can help you generate memorable and unique business names. 

Best AI Business Name Generator

Below, I have listed the most effective AI business name generator tools. While the perfect one that that helps you find the perfect name depends on the provided keywords, they come with unique features. 

1. Namelix 

If you’re looking for the best AI business name generator, Namelix should be your top priority. It’s versatile, AI-powered, and capable of generating short and catchy names. 

Entrepreneurs looking for an AI tool to generate business name ideas using AI algorithms would find Namelix helpful

The most beneficial aspect of Namelix is that it’s completely free. It doesn’t matter how many business names you generate; this free business name generator tool won't cost you a penny


  • AI-powered name generation
  • Customizable filters
  • Domain availability check
  • Learning algorithm

All you need to do is enter the “Keyword” in the Input box. Remember that the effectiveness of your business name will depend on the keyword. Hence, make sure you choose relevant keywords so that the name can leave a long-lasting impression. 

Here, I gave a specific keyword and chose the tone. Namelix generated these results instantly. It would also gave me options to choose the length of the business name.

You can also choose a name style for your brand, such as Alternative spelling, a Brandable name, non-English words, and more. 


  • The business name generation services are completely free
  • Highly customizable as per user's needs
  • Integration with Brandmark.io
  • Domain availability check for smooth registration


  • Might lack creative spark
  • Logo is not free

There are three types of randomness available: Low, medium, or high, so choose the best one according to your needs. 

You can also make the AI-generated business names more fined by entering a short description of your brand. You can add some unique touches. 

? Why use Namelix?
  • As Namelix is completely free, you can generate as many business name ideas as you want, no strings attached. This is perfect for business owners and entrepreneurs looking for a one-time solution.

Namelix can generate business or brand logos thanks to its connection to logo-making software Brandmark. 

2. Looka

Looka AI business name generator is another eye-catching tool. It can generate high-quality and unique online business name ideas within seconds. 

Additionally, if you’re looking for product name ideas, Looka can also stand apart from competitors. Its advanced algorithms will create names capable of attracting your target audience.


  • Keyword-driven
  • Smart filters
  • Social media handle check
  • Slogan suggestions

It will even allow you to check the availability of the business names and social handles. To sweeten the deal, it will also provide various logo ideas for your brand

I gave Looka a keyword named Content Writing. It gave me these results. I am quite satisfied with the results as I could regenerate it.

This all-in-one AI business name generator utilizes advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms


  • Fast and efficient
  • Convenience features
  • Highly customizable
  • Integrated branding workflow


  • AI-generated names may not align with your goals every time

Depending on your requirements, Looka will generate names in four different categories: Invented names, Traditional names, Multi-word names, and Compound names. 

? Why use Looka?
  • If you're in the early stages of brainstorming business ideas and need a quick and diverse pool of ideas to jumpstart your creative process, Looka is perfect for you.

Users can also filter the search results by altering the character count or the name length. This feature will come in handy when you need multiple-word creative business names. 

3. Hostinger

Hostinger is a popular name in the web development and domain world. But do you know Hostinger provides an AI feature to generate memorable business names?

Introducing Hostinger AI business name generator, an excellent option for business owners to create the best brand name ideas. 

Do you want your company to stand apart from the crowd and capture the attention of the target audiences? Don’t forget to try Hostinger. 


  • Relevant filters
  • Brandability analysis
  • Web hosting integration
  • Keyword driven

Hostinger utilizes modern AI technology. Therefore, it can generate incredibly catchy and memorable service or product names to match your business’s identity. 

I tried Hostinger's AI business name generator once, and it gave me these results upon analyzing keywords. If you don't like the results, you can regenerate them again.

You don’t need to face any roadblocks in terms of uniqueness when you use Hostinger AI brand name generator. 


  • Simple interface
  • AI-powered Creativity
  • Domain check integration
  • Customizable options


  • No trademark check
  • Sometimes outputs are too generic

On top of that, you will require literally zero technical knowledge to use Hostinger. Enter the keywords, describe your business/product/service, and Hostinger will take care of the rest. 

One standalone feature of Hostinger is its domain name availability check. You don’t need to visit any third-party websites to check if the domain name is available as per the generated business name. 

? Why use Hostinger?
  • Hostinger can suggest names you might not have thought of on your own, expanding your possibilities. It also eliminates the need to search domain availability manually.

As it comes with a website builder, you can create a website for your business from the same dashboard. This is super convenient and time-saving for business owners. 

4. BrandCrowd

Despite coming fourth on my list, BrandCrowd’s AI business name generator is also an excellent option for entrepreneurs and business owners

If you want perfect name options for your business in mere seconds, BrandCrowd can help you achieve that. 

It’s a highly advanced platform that uses cutting-edge ML algorithms to browse through hundreds and thousands of business names on the internet. 


  • Natural Language Processing
  • Length control
  • Style customization
  • Industry specificity

Upon scanning, it will create a list of potential and relevant business names that align perfectly with your brand’s vision. This way, you can ensure your brand name remains relevant. 

As BrandCrowd runs on prompts, you need to explain what your business does. I did the same, and it generated these names. I could also download the brand logos by just giving my email information.

Remember that you don’t need to enter prompts when using BrandCrowd. Making mistakes when entering prompts will jeopardize your outputs. 


  • Offers slogans, logos, and branding tools
  • Advanced filtering and customization
  • User-friendly interface
  • Branding resources


  • No trademark guarantee

Furthermore, choose the style and length you want for your business names. One-word business names are always more engaging and memorable than the others. 

? Why use BrandCrowd?
  • BrandCrowd's business name generator is a powerful tool for jumpstarting your brainstorming and exploring a wide range of naming options. It's user-friendly, offers valuable features, and helps you save time by checking availability.

Not only does BrandCrowd generate business names, but it also suggests logo options, something you will rarely find in any other AI company name generator. 

5. Fantasy Name Generator

Fantasy Name Generator can help business owners and entrepreneurs save from the headache of creating a business name from scratch

Coming up with a business name is undoubtedly a hard task, and starting the process from scratch makes it harder. 

Fantasy Name Generator

  • Category specific
  • Eye-catching names
  • Saving Mode and Edit Mode
  • Random generation

With Fantasy AI business name generator, you can ditch the complicated process. It will give you business names or the inspiration and ideas to get started. 

Fantasy Name Generator will provide you with a list of ten random name suggestions. However, remember that it’s more inclined towards creating abstract and creative business name ideas

While I liked the names, I found them somewhat unprofessional. As the name suggests, they are more into fantasy styles, not professional styles. I also couldn't give any specific keywords or change the length of the names.


  • Wide range of name generators
  • Completely free of cost
  • Can create gender-specific names
  • Can generate origin-specific names


  • No customization options

One of the best things about this AI business name generator is that it can include real-life terms. Enter the prompt, and it will generate the most relevant results. 

? Why use Fantasy Name Generation?
  • If you need a witty or fantasy type of name for your business to capture the attention of your target audience, make sure you use Fantasy Name Generator.

If you don’t like the AI-generated business names and need a name with more relevance, click on the “Get Company Names” option, and it will create ten more business name ideas instantly

6. Renderforest

While many other AI business name generator tools use AI and ML algorithms, Renderforest took this game a little far. 

The artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms of Renderforest are so high-tech that they will create the right business names on the first go


  • Natural language input
  • Domain name check
  • Instant name suggestions
  • Aligned with branding

Creating impactful business name ideas will be possible with the Renderforest AI business name generator. Not to mention, the names will resonate perfectly with your brand image and vision. 

Renderforest will analyze the descriptions and will provide meaningful company name ideas based on the provided descriptions. The results will be generated in seconds. 

Just like other tools, I gave a description stating what my company is and what services I offer. I really liked the loading animation of Renderforest. Additionally, the generated outputs are also excellent and unique.

Users must give short descriptions or keywords showcasing the products and services. You can also enter your brand image or describe your logo. 


  • Each name will come with a brand logo
  • Perfect brand alignment
  • Free to use
  • Highly responsive UI


  • Customization is limited
  • Downloading logos will require premium plans

Renderforest will let users know the availability status of the business names, which will ultimately prove beneficial during the shortlisting process

? Why use Renderforest?
  • Renderforest is a valuable tool for getting started with your business name brainstorming. It's an excellent tool to overcome creative blocks and generate a wide range of business name ideas.

Overall, the Renderforest AI business name generator is an excellent option for companies planning to rebrand their business, as they can select a name easily. 

7. Durable

Durable is a mind-blowing AI business name generator to create memorable and special business names for your organization. 

Creating business names is super easy with Durable. You need to specify the type of business you’re planning to build. 


  • Different name styles
  • Filters for clarity and brandability
  • Community and expert feedback
  • Saved lists and analysis

When you provide this information in the input box, you need to enter the location of your business for more personalized results. 

After this, Durable will create five unique business names based on the given information. However, sometimes, you may find the results unappealing. 

Even though Durable gave me a few great business name ideas, I found them somewhat less professional and odd.

If you find the business names unsatisfactory, click on the “Regenerate” option, and Durable will regenerate names instantly. 


  • Additional features like logo designs and trademark check
  • Quick and easy
  • Highly creative options
  • Domain availability check


  • No brand strategy consideration
  • Less customization

Durable’s features aren’t limited to business name generation only. Users can leverage the benefits of Durable’s AI website builder and write advertising copies for their business.  

? Why use Durable?
  • With Durable, you can filter names based on your industry, ensuring they align with your field and resonate with potential customers.

Remember, the ideal business name is unique, memorable, and perfectly reflects your brand. Use Durable to find the name that takes your business to the next level.

8. 10Web

If you’re looking for an advanced AI business name generator that can quickly generate memorable and engaging names for your brand, then 10Web is made just for you. 

Apart from generating business names, 10Web is also one of the best WordPress website builders.

Using 10Web is easy, as you don’t need any technical expertise to operate it. With a simple interface, every user can generate business names without problems


  • AI-powered name generation
  • Trademark checking
  • Customization options for filtering
  • Thorough name checking

On top of that, the machine learning algorithms will understand your brand identity and generate names accordingly. 

These are the business names 10Web gave me upon describing my business. They are quite good and unique. I loved the results.


  • Efficient name generation
  • 10Web integration
  • Numerous customization options
  • Displays availability of domain names


  • Cannot understand brand nuances

You need to describe what your business does and your products or services. You can also choose the characters and lengths. If you have any desired style, you can choose it too. 

Once you provide all the necessary information, 10Web will handle the rest. Within a few seconds, 10Web will give you the best business name ideas you can ever imagine. 

? Why use 10Web?
  • The generator can quickly generate hundreds of suggestions based on your keywords and industry, giving you a wide variety of options to choose from. This can be especially helpful if you want to compare different styles and approaches.

Don’t forget to experiment with the styles such as Classic, Modern, Fresh, Playful, and Catchy. It can also generate business names in numerous lengths like long, medium, and short. 

9. Hootsuite

Ending my AI business name generator list with Hootsuite, a free tool that can create memorable, catchy, and unique business names instantly. 

One of the most eye-catching features of Hootsuite is that it can create names that will showcase your professionalism and brand identity


  • AI-powered name generation
  • Trademark checking
  • Customization options for filtering
  • Thorough name checking

Users will need to choose their preferred language and the brand category. After that, they will need to choose the tone. 

I gave the prompt that Hootsuite generated satisfactory results. However, Hootsuite gave me only three names. It could have been better.

Don’t forget to describe your business in a few lines. You need to ensure you’re including all the necessary brand elements


  • Easily understandable interface
  • Hootsuite integration
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Refined suggestions for inspiration


  • Generic suggestions
  • Limited creativity

When you’re done with these steps, click on “Generate” and see the magical aspects of Hootsuite. 

? Why use Hootsuite?
  • Hootsuite's AI Business Name Generator is a good starting point for sparking ideas and narrowing down options. It's easy to use, free, and offers valuable features like domain checks and language support.

Based on your requirements, Hootsuite will generate relevant and best names. Whether you need to name your business, products, or services, Hootsuite can create business name ideas in seconds

Ready to use the Best AI Business Name Generator?

AI business name generator tools are gaining extreme popularity amongst business owners and entrepreneurs. This is mostly due to their capabilities in creating memorable and unique names

When you use these AI-powered business name generators correctly, you can find a name with creative ideas to represent your business goals and values

Whether you’re planning to start a new business or rebrand your old company, don’t forget to use these AI brand name generator tools. 

I hope you found this article helpful. If you have any questions, let me know in the comment section below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you're planning to use AI to create a business name, you need to provide your business's description, set the tone, and determine the length. These aspects will allow AI to create the best business names.

You need to consider your business's goals, brand vision, products, and services to come up with a catchy business name.

The full name of AI is artificial intelligence.

A unique brand name is something that will make your business look highly professional as well as memorable.

One-word business names are always better than two-word or multiple-word business names. This is because one-word business names are always more eye-catching, engaging, and memorable.