With a vibrant and festive October coming to an end, you must be wondering what updates webdew might have this time. All your waits are over. We are here with the latest agency updates blog for the month of October. 

In every month’s agency updates blog, we always try to share the latest things that webdew did. Thus, for the month of October, our main goal is to grow together by sharing the right content with the right set of people. 

So, before we jump onto the campaign updates along with the milestones achieved by webdew in the month of October 2022, have a look at the highlights of webdew Diwali 2022. 

Welcome to webdew Updates! 

Let’s begin… 


Social media campaign 

Social media is one of the campaigns that is performing excellently and helping webdew to build stronger relations with the webdew audience without any hassle.

It is rightly said that “Social networks aren’t about websites. They’re about experiences”. This is what the webdew social team always takes into consideration while creating different social posts like pools, infographics, carousels, textual content, graphical images, animated videos, and many more.

There are various social media platforms on which webdew is taking its hold like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest. 

Now, If I talk particularly about  LinkedIn growth, then I am very proud to announce that we are now a family of 31769 on LinkedIn. People are not only getting engaged on our posts but also, it is helping them to make the right decision for their business. 

Along with this, Facebook and Instagram have also performed well in the last month.  On Facebook, our page reach, page visits, and page likes have increased to 849, 347, and 13 respectively. And on Instagram, we become a family of 721. 

Along with this, we have also taken a good hold on Twitter. Through this platform, we have grown to 951 members in webdew's Twitter account.

Pinterest is another platform that helped webdew grow its business. Due to exciting posts, we got 6.93K impressions, 109 engagements, 4.69K total audience, and 85 engaged audience on Pinterest which is actually a good number. 

In October, webdew also utilized Youtube to the fullest. We not only added new videos but also optimized previous videos which helped us to rank better on search results. 

This is not the end for social media, a lot of updates have been made for the coming year. Excited? Do stay in touch with us on LinkedIn.

Search Engine Optimization 

The month of October went well from a search engine perspective, but the domain authority of the website remained the same at 35. 

As our SEO team kept on working on the errors, we were able to see huge improvements in the website analytics. As per Google Analytics, our October users, new users, and page views have increased to 77267, 74199, and 157810 respectively in comparison to September users. 

Also, In October the clicks and impressions of webdew have been increased to 64.5k and 8.5M respectively in comparison to September which was 61.2K and 7.96M respectively. 

Here is the list of top-performing pages for the month of October. 

Here is the report of Ubersuggest keyword ranking that helps you better understand the webdew report. 

In addition to this, the average session duration, pages/sessions, and sessions for October month have increased by 40.45%, 5.70%, and 2.39% respectively in comparison to September. 

Learn Teach and Grow 

Learning never ends. This is what all webdians believe. Each family member of webdew not only works on enhancing their skills but also keeps on sharing their knowledge with others by writing blogs. 

Each blog post written by the professionals of webdew covers all the technical aspects that help individuals to identify the challenge and provides the best solution possible. In the month of October, we have published 25+ blog posts on different topics including HubSpotwebsitemarketingvideosbusiness, and sales

Email marketing Campaign 

Email marketing campaign is another major highlight that we started to nurture our marketing leads. The main point that we considered while creating an email is “It’s better to give than to receive. Especially advice”. Each email we created for our marketing contacts is not from the perspective of sales, it is all about helping the right set of people with the right content at the right time. 

The best part, the content shared in the emails is actually helping the contacts to take the right step forward at the right time.

Blog Campaign

We always consider that content is the base of marketing. If your content is not created appropriately then it won't be possible to convert the leads into customers. 

To keep on educating the audience, we created 10+different types of content related to HubSpot, CRM, websites, etc. along with LTG. 


webdew website campaign 

Websites are the base of every business. If the website is appealing, user-friendly, and error-free, then it will be easy to capture the visitor's attention and navigate through the entire site without any hassle. To make sure the website is working correctly, we keep on revamping the site and adding new pages to avail the services more easily. 

In the month of October, we published various directory pages on our website like G2clutch, etc. 

Along with this, we created a new page named webdew newsletter. The primary objective of this page is to keep the audience in touch with the webdew and land them on one single page. 

Also, we designed a HubSpot tutorials page to help HubSpot users utilize this amazing tool without any challenges. 


Directories campaign

We believe that knowing people about their experience with webdew is one of the easiest ways to improve the services and take the business to the next level. That’s why we keep on tracking our different directory profiles such as HubSpot, Clutch, G2, etc. 

In the month of October, we got a total of 6 reviews including:

  • HubSpot: 4
  • Clutch: 1
  • G2:1

Talking particularly about the clutch, we got 206 click-throughs, 302 profile views, and 2 new messages. 

Excited to read what our customers say about us? Read webdew reviews now.

Recruitment campaign

Hiring is a part of every organization. If it is done accurately, then it will take the company to the upper level, but if not then it might affect your company’s reputation to a negative extent. 

Considering all this, the webdew recruitment team puts a lot of effort into hiring the right talent at the right time. 

In October, webdew conducted 238 interviews, and 3 new members joined the webdew family.

Want to join our recruitment team or want to boost your knowledge about the HR field? Visit https://careers.webdew.com/blog/tag/hr-career

Internal Knowledge Base

Indeed, knowledge is the key to success. Sharing knowledge with others not only helps people to grow but also will allow you to grow all together. That’s why webdew keeps working on growing together by sharing content with the entire webdew family so that they can empower their knowledge and work on the task without any dependency.  

In October, we have around 616+ articles in total. Want to read what internal kb is all about? Click here. 

The Final Say 

This is all for the month of October, but yes, we are planning something really big for all of you. Not only in the form of campaigns, but also as a complete webdew. So, stay tuned for upcoming agency blogs. 

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