It is only wise for any business, regardless of its size, to save as much capital as possible. And it will only be beneficial if they can efficiently manage their resources and data. For this, making use of the HubSpot Enterprise license would be one of the best decisions. 

Enchanting Travels was managing two different brands in two different HubSpot portals. They wanted to manage these two brands in the same enterprise-licensed portal that provides the capability to segment the assets for both brands efficiently.

Being a HubSpot Diamond partner and having an efficient team of certified HubSpot experts, webdew was able to help Enchanting Travels in migrating data from the two old portals into a new single HubSpot Enterprise portal. HubSpot Migration makes it possible to move data between portals with ease, be it WordPress to HubSpot migration, migration from your ordinary CRM to HubSpot, or even from HubSpot to HubSpot. 


The assets that were the point of concern are listed below:

  • Emails
  • Landing pages
  • Lists
  • CTAs
  • Workflows
  • Chatflows
  • Forms
  • Snippets & Templates

Let us look more into what webdew was able to merge two HubSpot portals into a single HubSpot Enterprise portal so that Enchanting Travels can scale up their business

Merging two Portals to scale Business

As this was done in parts, here is a detailed explanation of how our HubSpot team was able to cater to the requirements.


We created over 550 automated emails in the new portal that included Nurture emails, Transactional emails, Announcement emails, Discount emails, Brochure sending emails, Pre-departure emails, Thank You for booking emails, etc. From basic to complex ones, all of them were added to the portal.

We created smart emails based on list memberships so as to showcase different data to contacts enrolled in different lists. Apart from this, easy-to-use custom modules were also created. These custom modules show unique content when a specific brand is selected from the module in the drag-and-drop editor. 

A total of 10 custom modules were created that included a custom email header module, custom email footer module, custom pre-footer module, custom standalone social media banner module, etc. These were used in 550+ emails to show the dynamic content of the brands. 

By doing so, unique and segmented content for brands was created and customized for the use of each of the brand’s emails in a single module. HubSpot’s custom module features were beneficial in this process. 

You can add additional features to your blog, websites, or emails using the design manager tool. HubSpot custom modules allow for full content customization in the page, email, or blog editor.



While the emails were created, personalized tokens were required. For this, HubSpot properties were used. 

Data on HubSpot records can be stored in what are called “properties.” The field type you choose when making a custom property in HubSpot depends on the data you intend to collect and store. It is possible to change the property's type or settings after it has been created for certain field types.

We created 200+ properties in the HubSpot enterprise portal of Enchanted Travels. There were both common and unique properties for the 2 brands of the client. Therefore, to understand what property is being used in a specific brand, clear naming was done by giving prefixes like ‘SS’ and ‘TM.’

Landing Pages

Landing pages are necessary for any business. Especially in the travel industry, landing pages are important for driving traffic and getting conversions. 

HubSpot lets you create customized landing pages for business websites. We created 280+ landing pages, ranging from simple to complex for Enchanted Travels. 

Custom modules were required to be designed so as to display unique content on the selection of specific brands at the backend. While 7 custom modules were created for both brands separately, 12 were created to accommodate both brands in a single portal. 

The possibilities for creating custom modules and designing specific landing pages using HubSpot are endless. These can also be reused for any future templates. 



Lists lay the foundation of any report that you build on HubSpot at the Enterprise level. It not only helps in sending emails but also helps identify the contacts in your database who have common traits. 

Enchanted Travels had a lot of contacts as well as emails to be sent and lists are an unavoidable part of getting on with the process of sales and marketing activities. 400+ active lists so as to cater to over 550 emails, as mentioned above, were created by us. The lists were segmented by the naming convention so as to make them searchable through names and establish an easy and smooth process. 


Call-to-actions play an important role in scaling up and growing your business. From emails to landing pages and websites, CTAs can drive a lot of traffic, sales, and growth. 

Enchanted Travels needed CTAs to drive sales from their target audience. For this, 50+ basic and smart CTAs were created based on the list membership. The HubSpot team added different redirection links for different lists in a single CTA with multiple variants. 

Also, 10-12 versions were further created for a single smart CTA. Smart CTAs will allow Enchanted Travels to display a customized button for their visitors based on their HubSpot contact record. This will be shown regardless of the type of device, country, referral source, or preferred language of the audience. 

The CTAs were segmented again by the naming convention, thereby creating separate CTAs for the two brands. This way, both brands will have CTAs that drive traffic to the respective business. 



HubSpot's workflow tool allows businesses to streamline and expand marketing, sales, and support operations with minimal effort. Workflows improve efficiency, productivity, and consistency, which can help Enchanted Travels scale its business. 

A total of 90+ workflows to automate emails for both the brands of Enchanted Travels. The workflows created were both contact-based as well as deal-based workflows. 

It was used for nurturing leads through emails, set/copying, clearing properties, enrolling records from one workflow to another, etc. The team segmented the workflows by creating two separate folders and then adding the workflows to the respective brand’s folders. 

Get a complete idea of how HubSpot workflows and forms by reading this blog: How do HubSpot workflows and forms help implement event strategies?


Nowadays, it is important for any business to help their customers with their queries on live conversations and chats. HubSpot allows real-time conversations between website visitors and someone from the team for quick assistance and good customer relations. 

Enchanted Travels has multiple inboxes with which HubSpot Chatflows were connected. We created 11 chat flows connected to 11 separate inboxes as they were using 2 websites on different pages for different purposes. 

These chat flows were created in a 5-5 layered hierarchical structure. This was quite a challenge on the implementation side but it was successfully done by the HubSpot experts in webdew. It was also taken care that no action or branching was missing. Furthermore, as the flow was different for each of the 2 brands, the inboxes were easy to manage and needed no segmentation. 


HubSpot forms are quite beneficial for businesses in gathering data about their website visitors and contacts. Enchanted Travels had multiple forms that were being used in the old portals. 

With a difficulty ranging from easy to complex, we created 200+ forms for Contact us, Sign-up, surveys, quote requests, event registration, brochure request, etc. The forms were distinct for each of the brands, and they were organized into folders and given appropriate names so that they could be easily managed. 

Some of these forms required the functionality of progressive fields and dependent fields, which were implemented effectively. The usage of progressive fields allows the user to bypass the section of the form where basic details are provided and go straight to the section where the information is actually needed. Forms can be made smarter and more efficient by using progressive fields.

It is advantageous to use progressive fields because it is not necessary to collect data on customers more than once. It is also helpful in understanding more about the audience and having more questions prepared for them. Also, progressive fields give returning audiences a better experience that takes less time.

Respondents can be guided through a series of options using dependent forms. It is highly effective in setting up consultations, as visitors can be directed automatically to the appropriate persons based on the responses they provide to the questions asked.

For better data collection and comprehension of respondents' motivations, dependent forms are invaluable. In doing so, it is possible to find out other details that are not on the form.


Snippets & Templates

For any business, it is time-consuming to repeatedly form messages, while there are many other tasks that require attention. HubSpot Sales Hub makes it simple to streamline communication processes with pre-made templates and snippets.

Enchanted Travels had a large set of templates and snippets that existed in the old portals. We created 500+ templates and 1500+ snippets in the new portal so as to automate their communication quickly and easily. The assets of both brands were kept separate by creating separate folders, segmenting data, and naming conventions. 


Custom Object

The creation of custom objects enables you to represent and arrange CRM data in accordance with the specific requirements of your company. The Custom Objects API is used to define new CRM objects, as well as their properties and relationships to other CRM objects.

So as to satisfy the business requirements of Enchanted Travels, custom objects were created by webdew’s HubSpot team. It helps them manage the CRM with flexibility and also matches their business needs and data structures. 

Hub DB tables

Hub DB tables act like spreadsheets as they allow making tables that store data. It can be customized according to business needs and can be accessed through HubSpot and through the Hub DB API. 

Webdew’s HubSpot team created 2 Hub DB tables that dynamically pushed the data for both brands of Enchanted Travels into the emails, office addresses, respective footer modules, etc. Using Hub DB, they will be able to store, filter, and display data in their HubSpot website pages. 

Wrapping Up

With the right assistance and HubSpot services of webdew, Enchanted Travels were able to scale up its business by merging two of its old HubSpot portals into a single HubSpot Enterprise portal. 

Being HubSpot Diamond Partners, webdew has a team of HubSpot-certified professionals who can help you with all you need to grow your business. To read more blogs like this, visit

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