Kids and everyone love cartoons, you, us, friends, and family, but do you think cartoon animated characters are limited to television and film?

If you think so, you are not at the same level as us. Cartoon animations have existed in business explainer videos, short motivation films, tutorials, and whatnot. They have been here to gain the spotlight for converting complicated things into beautifully crafted simple animations.

So, to make you feel that magic of cartoon animations in a different style, we have come here with a list of 11 best Cartoon Video Examples. This collection will let you ponder the eternal presence of such animations for casual and video marketing purposes.

Please do not wait for us to give a command of moving forward and watching the videos. Go, guys, it is already time for your flight.

Here you go with our top picks of animated Cartoon Video Examples

1. IBM – Supply Chain

The IBM supply chain animated video is an engrossing and informative animation that explains the concepts and benefits of a supply chain management system through AI, making it easy for viewers to understand.
  • The video employs colourful and high-quality graphics that enhance the visual appeal and overall quality of the content. These graphics are aesthetically pleasing and contribute to the viewer's understanding of the complex supply chain process.
  • Smooth transitions between scenes and animations are crucial in maintaining viewer engagement. The video's seamless flow keeps the audience connected to the narrative and prevents distractions.
  • Clever animations are strategically used to simplify and explain complex concepts related to the supply chain. These animations break down intricate processes into digestible, visually appealing segments, ensuring viewers can comprehend the information effortlessly.
  • The video adopts a conversational tone that makes the content relatable and approachable. This conversational style enhances viewer engagement by creating a sense of connection and ease of understanding.
  • Despite addressing a complex work process, the video keeps its runtime concise, spanning just two and a half minutes. This brevity ensures the content remains engaging and informative without becoming monotonous or overwhelming.

What sets this video apart

The use of colourful and high-quality graphics, smooth transitions, clever animations, and a conversational tone collectively contribute to viewer engagement. Furthermore, the video's efficient runtime successfully conveys a complex subject matter without inducing boredom.

This video's skilful integration of these elements positions it as an exemplary model of how animation can simplify intricate concepts and maintain audience engagement throughout the viewing experience.

2. Red Bull – Football 

“Red Bull gives you wiings”. This is the accurate tagline that the brand used that is suitable for its product, and the cartoon animated video commercials make it one of the unique whiteboard video examples.

  • The video's creative concept is a standout feature, making it memorable and differentiating it from typical advertisements. The transformation of a real-life man into a cartoon character is an entertaining and engaging idea that resonates with viewers, drawing them into the story from the beginning.
  • The ad seamlessly integrates Red Bull's branding into the narrative. The product is not just mentioned but plays a central role in the storyline. This effective brand integration ensures that viewers remember the product and associate it with engaging and enjoyable content.
  • This marketing video is designed to be memorable and shareable. Its unique concept and engaging storytelling have the potential to captivate audiences and encourage them to share the video on social media platforms. The combination of entertainment and branding increases the likelihood of the video going viral, extending its reach and impact.

What sets this video apart

The transformation of a man into a cartoon character adds an element of fun and engagement that keeps viewers hooked.

Furthermore, the seamless integration of Red Bull's branding ensures that the product is not just a passive part of the ad but an integral element of the storyline.

3. Curated Restaurants Now on Airbnb | Airbnb

The “Curated Restaurants Now on Airbnb” cartoon animation is a video showcasing Airbnb's innovative feature of providing curated restaurant experiences to its users during vacations.

  • One of the standout features of this animation is its meticulous attention to detail. Every element, from the characters to the restaurant settings, is carefully crafted to create a visually rich and immersive experience. This attention to detail enhances the overall quality of the video and draws viewers deeper into the narrative.
  • The use of vibrant colours and fluid animation techniques adds an element of dynamism and energy to the video. It effectively conveys a sense of excitement and anticipation, which aligns with the message of unique dining experiences. The animation's fluidity enhances viewer engagement and captivates their attention.
  • From a marketing perspective, this visualization effectively portrays the benefits of Airbnb's curated restaurant experiences. It visually communicates that Airbnb offers distinctive and authentic dining experiences while emphasizing the convenience and personalization of the service. This approach helps viewers see the value in choosing curated restaurants through Airbnb.
  • The video's use of colour and light is particularly noteworthy. It creates a warm and intimate ambience, underscoring that Airbnb saves users time on restaurant selection, allowing them to savour their meals more fully. Visual elements effectively capture viewers' attention and reinforce the key message.

What sets this video apart

This animation is characterized by attention to detail and the creative use of vibrant colours and fluid animation to evoke a sense of excitement and anticipation among its target audience. The main highlight is using cartoon animation to solve the problems of people who love travelling and having delicious local food.

4. Erie Insurance – Golden stories 

The Eerie Insurance – Golden Stories animated video starts with a dark and ominous animation that uses striking visuals and eerie sound effects to convey a sense of foreboding.

  • The animation in this video stands out for its meticulous attention to detail. Every character and object in the scenes is carefully crafted to create a sense of realism. This dedication to detail contributes to the video's overall quality and immersion, making the viewing experience more engaging.
  • The characters' movements in the video are executed with smoothness and fluidity, enhancing the overall sense of unease and tension. These seamless animations add depth to the storytelling and draw the viewer into the narrative, creating a stronger emotional connection.
  • The video skillfully weaves its message into the storyline. It emphasizes the importance of adequate insurance coverage to protect against unexpected events. The narrative serves as a cautionary tale, reminding viewers that accidents can happen to anyone. It effectively conveys the idea that having insurance coverage can provide peace of mind during uncertain times.

What sets this video apart

The carefully crafted characters and objects create an immersive and engaging viewing experience. The video's smooth and fluid character movements add depth to the storytelling, drawing viewers into the narrative's emotional core.

Furthermore, the video cleverly integrates its message about insurance coverage into the storyline, emphasizing its importance through a cautionary tale.

5. Med Mart App

The “Med Mart App” cartoon animation is a video content piece that effectively highlights the advantages of a healthcare application known as the MED MART APP.

This cartoon explainer video adopts a relatable scenario, showcasing a person seeking medical assistance, and smoothly transitions into demonstrating the app's features and functionalities.

  • The video begins with a relatable scenario where someone requires medical attention. This relatability immediately engages viewers, as many can identify with similar situations. This relatable starting point is a strong foundation for introducing the MED MART APP's solutions.
  • The video explains how the MED MART APP operates through simple graphics and animations. It breaks down the app's features and functionalities straightforwardly, ensuring viewers can easily grasp its benefits and user-friendly processes.
  • The animation employs detailed visuals with smooth character movements. These elements enhance the animation's overall appeal and convey that healthcare can become more accessible and user-friendly through technology. The attention to detail adds a sense of professionalism and reliability to the app's image.

What sets this video apart

The video's clear and simple explanation of the app's features ensures that viewers can easily understand its advantages. The detailed visuals and smooth character movements also contribute to the animation's overall appeal and convey the message that technology can enhance healthcare accessibility and user-friendliness.

6. Bankwest Halo

The Bankwest's cartoon animated video is captivating and entertaining, telling the story of a cycle rider who loves to add cycling adventures anywhere and everywhere, where his Bankwest Halo ring is his saviour to buy what he wants. It is characterized by its attention to detail and imaginative animations that evoke a sense of wonder and excitement.

  • The video stands out for its meticulous attention to detail. Every element, from characters to environments, is intricately designed to create a visually stunning and immersive experience. This attention to detail enhances the overall quality of the video and captures viewers' attention.
  • The use of colourful and imaginative animations is a standout feature. These animations contribute to creating a sense of wonder and excitement. They transport viewers into a world that showcases the role of banking in facilitating meaningful experiences and adventures.
  • From a marketing perspective, the video effectively communicates Bankwest's message of “Making banking easier.” It does so through a relatable storyline that resonates with viewers. By presenting the bank as a provider of simple and accessible banking solutions, the video reinforces the message that Bankwest is committed to customer satisfaction.

What sets this video apart

The video's intricate design creates a visually stunning, immersive experience that captures viewers' attention and evidently shows the motive of Bankwest Halo “Making Banking Easier”. The colourful and imaginative animations add an element of wonder and excitement, transporting viewers into a whimsical world.

7. Cartoon Animated Explainer Video Example – Toonly

The Toonly video is a great option for understanding the portrayal of the storyline through cartoon animation. This animation style successfully conveys that Toonly makes it easy for anyone to create high-quality explainer videos while highlighting the software's versatility and flexibility.

  • The video excels in portraying its message through clear and engaging animation. It effectively demonstrates how Toonly simplifies the process of creating explainer videos, making them accessible to many users.
  • Toonly's video emphasizes the software's versatility and flexibility. It illustrates how the tool can be used for various purposes, such as creating marketing videos, educational content, or entertaining animations. This versatility makes Toonly a valuable asset for both businesses and individuals.
  • The video focuses on the practical benefits of using explainer videos as a marketing tool. It highlights the advantages of visual storytelling in conveying messages effectively. This practical dimension resonates with businesses and individuals seeking to promote their products or services.

What sets this video apart

The video emphasises the software's versatility and flexibility, making it an attractive solution for many users. Furthermore, the video's focus on the practical benefits of explainer videos adds a real-world dimension that appeals to businesses and individuals seeking effective marketing tools.

8. Slack Teams Do Amazing Things — “Traffic”

Oh Slack! we were waiting for your only. Finally, you arrived.

“Slack Teams Do Amazing Things — “Traffic”” cartoon video uses clean and modern character designs, enhancing the presentation's visual appeal and memorability.

  • The video features clean and modern character designs that elevate the overall quality of the presentation. These designs make the characters visually appealing and create a polished and playful atmosphere. This approach enhances the viewer's engagement and makes the information more memorable.
  • The video's primary focus is on highlighting the benefits of using Slack as a team communication tool. It effectively conveys how Slack can improve productivity and streamline workflows for businesses and individuals. This practical dimension of the video resonates with those seeking solutions to modern communication challenges.

What sets this video apart

In this masterful video production, the clever use of humour, relatable characters, and seamless integration of the Slack product make it a great promotional video.

Additionally, the video's primary focus on Slack's benefits, such as improved productivity and streamlined workflows, adds a practical dimension that resonates with a broad audience.

9. Sesame Street Monster Meditation #6: Play 123 Freeze with Elmo and Headspace 

The “Sesame Street Monster Meditation #6: Play 123 Freeze with Elmo and Headspace” video by Headspace presents meditation playfully and engagingly. This cartoon video features cute animated characters and a conversational storyline that portrays meditation as a solution for managing emotions.

  • The video uses fun, colourful, engaging animation to capture the viewer's attention. It features beloved Sesame Street characters, making it appealing to children and adults. The smooth, crisp, and vibrant animations enhance the overall viewing experience.
  • Sesame Street characters are crucial in conveying the message of using meditation to manage emotions and anxiety. This skill is essential in today's world, and the video presents it in a relatable and understandable way, particularly for children.
  • Headspace's collaboration with Sesame Street is a strategic marketing move. Leveraging the popularity of Sesame Street allows Headspace to reach a wider audience, increasing brand awareness and exposure. The inclusion of Sesame Street characters enhances the video's appeal.

What sets this video apart

This timely message about managing emotions and anxiety adds to the video's impact and relevance. Overall, the playful animation, relatable characters, and relevant message make it effective and memorable content.

10. Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina // Today We

The “Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina // Today We” cartoon video is a compelling presentation highlighting the advantages of choosing Blue Cross Blue Shield as a responsible healthcare provider.

It emphasizes various aspects, such as offering the right doctor advice, providing nursing training, fostering a supportive doctor community, and more.

  • The video effectively conveys that Blue Cross Blue Shield offers many healthcare solutions. It addresses the importance of choosing a responsible healthcare provider to assist individuals in their health journey, from doctor advice to nursing training.
  • The video stands out for its meticulous attention to detail. It uses animation to create a visually engaging and informative experience. This attention to detail adds depth to the storyline and makes it more relatable for viewers.
  • The video concludes with a strong call to action, making it easy for viewers to understand how to avail themselves of the brand's services. This approach simplifies the process for potential customers, encouraging them to take action.

What sets this video apart

The video pays close attention to small things and smoothly includes important information, making it work really well. It also tells people exactly what to do at the end, making using the brand's services simple.

11. Credit Karma // Credit Comeback: Thomas

The “Credit Karma // Credit Comeback: Thomas” cartoon animated video demonstrates the value of Credit Karma's credit monitoring services. It achieves this by highlighting the common challenges people encounter when attempting to monitor and enhance their credit scores.

  • The video excels in making complex information accessible and engaging for viewers. It effectively conveys the advantages of using Credit Karma to manage and improve one's credit score.
  • The video pays attention to detail, explaining the credit monitoring process and Credit Karma's service features. It uses clear and straightforward language to ensure viewers easily understand the content.
  • A significant aspect of the video is portraying a strong bond between a man and his pet. This symbolism underscores the idea that choosing the right partner can improve circumstances. In this context, Credit Karma is portrayed as the right partner for managing and enhancing credit scores.

What sets this video apart

The video pays close attention to small things, using the relationship between a dog and its owner with a clear and mature voiceover that matches the character's personality. Thus making it work really well. It also tells people exactly what to do at the end, making using the brand's services simple.

Ready to add Cartoon Animation to your business world?

The use of cartoon animated videos as a marketing tool has become increasingly popular due to their ability to engage and captivate audiences. Look over our compiled list of the 11 most engaging cartoon video examples, each with unique features and qualities that make them stand out.

From the mesmerizing visuals and captivating storytelling of the Airbnb video to the inspiring message and stunning animation of the Credit Karma video, each video uniquely captures the viewer's attention and conveys its message effectively.

These videos are excellent examples of how cartoon animation can communicate complex information, convey emotional messages, and create a lasting impression on the viewer. They showcase the power of storytelling and the ability to engage and connect with audiences deeply and personally.

Whether you're a small business owner or a marketing professional, these videos provide valuable insights into using cartoon animated videos as a marketing tool and inspire future projects.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A cartoon video is an animated video that uses hand-drawn or digitally created characters to tell a story or convey a message. Cartoon videos are often used for entertainment, educational purposes, marketing, or advertising. They can range from simple sketches to complex, detailed animations created using various software programs and techniques. 

Making a cartoon video involves several steps, including planning, storyboarding, animating, and editing. First, you'll need to develop an idea or message you'd like to convey. Once you have an idea, you can create a storyboard of the story or message. This helps to organize the scenes and characters and plan out the animation. Next, you must create the characters and backgrounds using digital or hand-drawn methods. Now, you can animate the characters and add sound effects to bring the video to life. Finally, you can edit and refine the video until you are satisfied with the final product.

Cartoon videos are often called animated videos, animated shorts, or animated films. Depending on the intended audience and purpose, they may also be called cartoons, animated commercials, animated explainer videos, or animated educational videos. The term “cartoon” can also refer to the hand-drawn or digitally created characters.

The five main types of cartoons are: Traditional animation involves drawing each animation frame by hand, which can be time-consuming and expensive; 2D animation involves creating characters and backgrounds using computer software and animating them in a 2D space; 3D animation involves creating and realistically animating characters and backgrounds in a 3D space using computer software; Stop-motion animation involves using physical objects, such as clay or puppets, to create the animation frame by frame; Motion graphics to create animated graphics and typography, often used for explainer videos and advertisements.