Are you looking for a creative and engaging way to communicate your message to your audience?

Look no further than whiteboard animation videos! These animated videos are visually appealing and highly effective at simplifying complex ideas and delivering them in a fun and engaging way.

To help you get inspired, we've compiled a list of the 11 best whiteboard video examples out there. From educational content to marketing campaigns, these videos showcase the power of whiteboard animation in captivating viewers and delivering a message that sticks.

Whether you're looking to promote a product or service, explain a concept, or entertain your audience, these whiteboard video examples will give you plenty of ideas to work with. So, grab a notebook and a pen, and let's dive in!

Watch the 11 most engaging and best Whiteboard Video Examples

1. Content 2020 by Coca Cola

The “Content 2020”  by Coca-Cola is an exciting and visually appealing whiteboard piece outlining the company's new content creation and marketing approach.

  • The video employs a simple yet impactful whiteboard animation style. Hand-drawn illustrations and bold, colourful text convey the company's message effectively. This style creates a visually engaging and memorable experience for viewers.
  • The video starts by addressing the changing landscape of marketing and advertising, making it clear that traditional methods are becoming less effective. This sets the stage for the message that follows.
  • The animation emphasizes the importance of creating relevant, valuable, and shareable content. This message resonates with the audience, as it reflects the evolving preferences of modern consumers.
  • From a marketing perspective, the video introduces Coca-Cola's new strategy, positioning the company as forward-thinking and adaptive. It shows that Coca-Cola is aware of industry changes and actively leads the way in content creation and marketing.

What sets this video apart

Even though Coca-Cola used whiteboard animation, it didn't lose the essence of its brand. It added the bubble element to this animation style to maintain brand consistency.

The video also positions Coca-Cola as a thought leader in the marketing and advertising industry, a brand that is in touch with consumer trends and proactively addresses them.

2. Red Bull’s Whiteboard Series

In this video series, Red Bull delves into the world of pushing human performance to out of its limits. The videos blend whiteboard and digital animation to bring concepts to life, infusing them with excitement and energy.

  • The video series effectively uses a combination of whiteboard and digital animation to make complex concepts accessible and captivating. This approach enhances the viewer's understanding and engagement.
  • The videos show imaginary human activities, aligning with Red Bull's brand identity as a promoter of extreme sports and adventure. Thus making it appealing to their target audience by involving them in the funny and out-of-the-normal world.
  • The whiteboard and digital animation blend adds movement and depth to the visuals. This dynamic presentation style enhances the sense of excitement and energy, keeping viewers engaged.
  • The combination of informative content and visually appealing animation techniques ensures the audience is engaged throughout the series. This keeps viewers interested and encourages them to explore more of Red Bull's content.
  • Effective storytelling is a key aspect of the video series. It takes viewers on a journey, presenting information in an entertaining and informative narrative format.

What sets this video apart

Sometimes, out-of-context or unrealistic elements capture the audience's attention, and Red Bull has capitalized on this. This video and the entire video series stand out because of its use of whiteboard drawings and various cartoon-like experiences that vividly illustrate its tagline, “Red Bull gives you wiings

3. Unilever – NCCA Football

Join us on an inspiring journey with “Unilever NCAA Football,” a remarkable whiteboard animation video created through the collaboration of Unilever and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) as part of the Dove Men+Care campaign. In this heartfelt video, viewers will discover the profound significance of care in the context of male strength and resilience. That, too, with a visually interesting twist.

  • Through the magic of animation, the video uses real-life situations that men of different categories face. The animation makes it interesting.
  • The video demonstrates how caregiving positively impacts the lives of men, breaking stereotypes and highlighting the strength found in nurturing and caring for others.
  • By presenting relatable stories, “Unilever NCAA Football” fosters empathy and understanding among viewers, encouraging them to appreciate the significance of care in men's lives.
  • This video aligns with the Dove Men+Care campaign's mission to redefine masculinity by showcasing that care and strength coexist harmoniously.

What sets this video apart

In this video, there are two things that makes it stand out – its strong voiceover that matches the context of the video and the use of smooth transitions in animation with a convincing CTA.

4., one of the cartoon video examples, uses the power of whiteboard to explain how a clever and engaging marketing tool that uses hand-drawn illustrations and text promotes the benefits of the company's online education platform.

  • From an animation perspective, the video adopts a clear and concise style. This approach effectively conveys the message of's convenience to the audience without unnecessary complexity.
  • The video opens with a compelling start, featuring a bold, colourful title and an engaging soundtrack. This attention-grabbing introduction immediately positions as a standout and accessible option compared to traditional higher education.
  • Through animation, the video conveys the key message of being a convenient and affordable alternative to traditional education. This message is crucial for capturing the viewer's interest and encouraging further exploration.
  • The animation style used throughout the video remains simple and minimalist. This consistency in animation style reinforces the marketing message, ensuring that viewers stay focused on the core benefits and features of

What sets this video apart

Effective visual storytelling is evident in the video's use of animation. It communicates convenience and paints a compelling narrative about how can positively impact the viewer's educational journey.

5. Elevations Credit Union

The Elevations Credit Union video can also be considered one of the explainer video examples that communicated the credit union's benefits clearly and concisely.

  • The video adopts a clear whiteboard animation style that eliminates distractions and directs viewers' focus towards the presented information. This style promotes a clean and uncluttered visual experience.
  • From a marketing perspective, the video engages and educates potential customers about the advantages of becoming a member of Elevations Credit Union. It effectively communicates the value proposition.
  • The video serves as a valuable tool for showcasing the diverse range of services and products offered by Elevations Credit Union. It highlights how these offerings align with and cater to the financial goals of potential customers.

What sets this video apart

The video's narrative structure is designed to guide viewers through the benefits systematically. By avoiding technical ideas or finance-related jargon it takes viewers on a relatable journey.

This video makes it easier for them to comprehend how Elevations Credit Union can enhance their financial well-being.

6. Where Good Ideas Come From

Throughout the whiteboard animated video, the presenter uses it to visually illustrate the key points ‘From where the good ideas come,' making it easy for viewers to follow along.

With a clean visual style, black and white drawings, and text on a white background, the presenter's hand is visible on the screen, drawing the images and text in real-time.

  • The video employs a clean and minimalist visual style, using black and white drawings against a white background. This simplicity helps focus the viewer's attention on the content without distractions.
  • The presenter's hand is skillfully visible on the screen, drawing images and text in real time. This human element adds a personal touch to the video, making it more relatable and engaging.
  • The video maintains the viewer's attention through its engaging visuals and narration. Gradually revealing information as it is drawn keeps viewers curious and eager to see what comes next.
  • Effective storytelling is a key aspect of this video. It takes the viewer on a journey, illustrating ideas as they are explained, which aids in comprehension and retention.
  • From a marketing perspective, this video provides educational value by presenting a complex idea simply and visually appealingly.

What sets this video apart

One of the standout features of this video is the perfect synchronization between the voice-over narration and the visuals being drawn on the screen.

This synchronization ensures that viewers can easily follow the narrative and understand the presented concepts.

7. Oxfam

“Welcome to ‘Raising Her Voice' by Oxfam, a powerful whiteboard animation video that forms a part of the Raising Her Voice campaign. This campaign is dedicated to empowering women and girls in developing countries, enabling them to raise their voices and advocate for their rights.

  • The video effectively aligns with the campaign's mission of empowering women and girls by telling their stories and showcasing their resilience. It amplifies their voices and encourages others to support their cause.
  • The hand-drawn animation style brings a personal and relatable touch to the video. It allows viewers to connect emotionally with the stories, making the content more impactful.
  • The use of simple yet powerful illustrations aids in storytelling. It simplifies complex issues, making them accessible to a wide audience while maintaining the emotional depth of the narratives.
  • The video's smooth transitions between illustrations provide a seamless viewing experience. This ensures that viewers stay engaged without distractions, allowing them to absorb the content effectively.

What sets this video apart

It is difficult to put such a topic in front of the world through an interactive medium. But Oxfam did so by using whiteboard animation.

This video stands apart from other such videos because it focuses on detailing in just 90 seconds.

8. WOW Motorcycle

a captivating whiteboard and B2B example that introduces WOW's motorcycles in an informative and engaging way. Prepare to be drawn into a journey where a skilled artist brings WOW's motorcycles to life on a whiteboard, using animation to convey key information.

  • The video is an effective informational tool by presenting key details about WOW's motorcycles. It educates potential buyers about the features and benefits, making informed decisions easier.
  • Using a skilled artist drawing on a whiteboard and adding animated scenes creates an engaging visual narrative. This approach captures viewers' attention and keeps them interested throughout the video.
  • The video effectively highlights essential features of WOW's motorcycles, such as engine power, fuel efficiency, and speed capabilities. This information is crucial for potential buyers who are looking for specific details.
  • The video broadens its appeal by emphasizing the value of motorcycles for various lifestyles and purposes.
  • It uses a casual voiceover that enhances the purpose of the video without leading it towards a serious tone.

What sets this video apart

This unique ad approach worked really well. In just 1 minute and 10 seconds, WOW Motorcycles helped bike lovers achieve their dreams. They made it engaging by showing real people's thoughts. Plus, they saved money by not using live-action.

9. UNICEF – Data Manifesto

In an era where data drives innovation and informs decision-making, UNICEF presents a compelling narrative through the “UNICEF Data Manifesto” whiteboard animation video.

It harnesses the power of various data representations, from dynamic graphs and charts to enlightening maps, to elucidate progress made towards diverse development objectives.

  • Using illustrated characters and real-time whiteboard creation is a captivating narrative device that hooks viewers.
  • Smooth transitions between concepts and ideas ensure a fluid viewing experience, making complex topics more approachable.
  • The character's hand movements and actions create a relatable connection, humanizing the data and making it more accessible.
  • By incorporating various data visualization techniques, such as graphs, charts, and maps, the video makes it easier for viewers to grasp progress towards global development goals.
  • The video empowers the audience to understand the profound impact of data in shaping the future, fostering a sense of global responsibility and unity.

What sets this video apart

“UNICEF – Data Manifesto” is more than just a video; it's a visual journey that inspires action and underscores the transformative power of data. Explaining such a topic isn't easy at all. But this video stands out due to its usage of animation to explain such a topic.

10. TruScribe Whiteboard Video Animation

exemplifies TruScribe's expertise in simplifying complex concepts through the captivating medium of hand-drawn animation. Its engaging and interactive nature ensures that it serves as a potent vehicle for communicating the exceptional advantages of TruScribe's services to potential clients.

  • Immerse yourself in the world of hand-drawn illustrations that breathe life into the video, offering a visually captivating and authentic experience.
  • “TruScribe Whiteboard Video Animation” breaks down complex ideas into bite-sized, comprehensible pieces, making it an invaluable tool for conveying TruScribe's services to prospective clients.
  • This video isn't a passive experience; it invites viewers to actively participate in the learning process actively, fostering a deeper connection and understanding.

What sets this video apart

A carefully composed voiceover guides you through the video's story, keeping you interested and helping you understand what's happening.

11. DC HomeBuzz

Step into the world of “DC HomeBuzz,” where the power of animation takes center stage to illuminate and inform. This whiteboard explainer video is a shining example of how animation can bring a brand's services and expertise to life in a captivating and informative manner.

  • This video serves as a powerful promotional tool for the DC HomeBuzz brand. It showcases their services and highlights their expertise in the real estate domain, instilling trust and confidence in potential clients.
  • The animation keeps viewers engaged while imparting valuable information. It strikes the perfect balance between entertainment and education, making it an effective marketing tool.
  • Complex real estate jargon and processes are simplified and presented clearly and concisely, ensuring viewers comprehensively understand DC HomeBuzz's offerings.

What sets this video apart

“DC HomeBuzz” is a prime example of how animation can be leveraged for effective video marketing, reaching a wider audience and conveying the brand's message in an engaging way. Focusing on real estate and financial topics is difficult, but this video did well.

Elevate your marketing game with the power of whiteboard animation!

We hope you loved all the 11 best examples of whiteboard videos highlighted here to demonstrate the power of this medium to inform, educate, and entertain audiences.

Whether you want to create the best whiteboard explainer video, a product demo, or a training module, this animation can effectively engage viewers and communicate complex information.

By studying the examples we've showcased, you can gain insights from top creators in this field and get inspiration for new experiments.  Take your content to new heights with these marketing secrets in 2024 and beyond. If something is still bothering you, then feel free to reach us.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a type of video that utilizes the traditional classroom whiteboard as a visual aid to explain concepts or ideas. It is a popular explainer video that combines hand-drawn illustrations, animation, and narration to create an engaging and effective educational tool. 

To create a whiteboard video, you need a script, a whiteboard or whiteboard animation software, and a microphone to record the voiceover. First, write a script that outlines the key points you want to convey. Then, record the voiceover for the script. Next, use whiteboard animation software or a physical whiteboard to create the visuals. Finally, synchronize the voiceover with the visuals, and add any additional sound effects or music.

It should be clear, concise, engaging, visually appealing, and easy to follow. The script should be well-written, and the voiceover should be clear and easy to understand. The animation should be timed well, with illustrations appearing at the right time to complement the voiceover. Keeping the video short and focused on one or two main ideas is also essential.

Whiteboard animation videos are used for various purposes, including education, marketing, and training. They also promote products or services and provide employees with training or instruction. Teachers, trainers, and businesses often use whiteboard videos to communicate information engagingly and memorably. They can also be a visual aid for presentations, conferences, and webinars.