Welcome to Magician's magic show!

Magician: Today, I will narrate my magic (because I cannot perform it).

Audience: Booo! Booo! We want to see the magic; show us some tricks!

You can imagine how bored the audience must have felt. In the same way, sitting in a lecture on 3D animation and its videos can make you feel monotonous if not presented with visual aids.

So, today, we have gathered here to watch and feel the magic of the top 11 3D animation video examples for business. 

Are you ready?

If not, be prepared, hold your breath for the upcoming animated videos, and bring a cup of coffee beforehand. Once started, you will want to finish watching all the videos and reach the end of the blog.

So, all the creative or non-creative minds sit back, relax, and let the magic of 3D animation video – the technology that is Beauty with Brains unfold before your very eyes.

11 mind-boggling 3D Animation Videos for business

Let's begin… 

1. 3D Explainer Video – The Story of Our Workflow

The first video in the queue is Kasra Design's – ‘The Story Of Our Workflow,' where they employed 3D animation to represent 3D animation. You all must be thinking, what does this exactly mean?

  • Kasra Design's “The Story of Our Workflow” is a remarkable 3D animation video that ingeniously uses 3D animation to depict the entire process of creating a 3D animated video.
  • The video shows the journey from meeting a client, conceptualizing ideas, storyboarding, animation, and delivering a high-quality video into a concise one-minute and 25-second visual narrative. This makes it an impressive business introduction video that effectively showcases their capabilities to potential clients.
  • It showed its ability to convey the complex process of creating a 3D animation in a visually engaging and informative way. It showcases Kasra Design's expertise and creativity, making it an excellent tool for attracting and impressing potential customers.

What sets this video apart

Drawing parallels with popular culture and using metaphors engages viewers in a thought-provoking and memorable way. Additionally, its association with an academic institution and collaboration with WWF, Hungary, further enhance its credibility and impact.

2. Slack Teams Do Amazing Things — “Traffic”

You must have seen cricket, hockey, tennis, and basketball doing wonders, but have you ever watched an animated ball giving a ‘Minion performance'? 

We mean to say cute, energetic, heart-touching, and loved by all performances.

You probably haven't, but today, you are in for a treat because you are receiving a sneak peek of Slack's incredible 3D animated corporate video. Watch the video till the end, though it wasn't necessary to say because you will view it again. 

  • The video boasts contemporary character designs that add a touch of sophistication to the overall presentation. These designs enhance the characters' visual appeal and create a refined and playful atmosphere. This approach boosts viewer engagement and leaves a lasting impression.
  • The video emphasizes the advantages of utilizing Slack as a team communication tool. It effectively communicates how Slack can enhance efficiency and simplify workflows for businesses and individuals. This practical aspect of the video resonates with those seeking solutions to modern communication dilemmas.
  • The video's storyline serves as a reminder of the challenges associated with contemporary communication, including information overload and fractured communication channels. It vividly illustrates how Slack can help businesses and individuals face these challenges, leading to more streamlined and effective communication.

What sets this video apart

In this awesome video, they use humour and characters you can relate to and smoothly put Slack into the video. It's a fantastic ad.

Also, the video mainly talks about how Slack can make you work better and get things done more easily. That's something a lot of people can get behind.


Listening to quality music has been G.O.A.T, the greatest of all time. And JBL has been catering to this need of humans with its super duper stylish and exceptional sound-producing speakers.

Do you want to increase Vitamin C levels in your body?

Do not overthink, guys, because I guarantee you that today, after watching JBL's orangy and tangy 3D commercial video, you are attaining that vitamin C boost beyond any doubt.

Ummmmm! Already feeling refreshed.

Hold it on and save it after watching the ad.

  • The JBL GO 3D commercial video is a vibrant and refreshing visual experience that captures the essence of JBL's exceptional sound-producing speakers.
  • The video takes viewers on a lively journey filled with orange and tangy visuals, creating a sense of energy and excitement.

What sets this video apart

Its ability to use bold and dynamic 3D animation to convey the feeling of freshness and vitality that JBL speakers bring to your music. It's a playful and visually stimulating approach that makes the video memorable and engaging.

4. Step into a Miniature World of Animated Paper Wildlife 

The “3D Explainer Video – The Story of Our Workflow” delves into the critical issue of wildlife conservation, shedding light on how human activities have been a major cause of the decline and extinction of wildlife species.

  • The video creatively tackles the familiar subject of wildlife conservation by presenting it uniquely and imaginatively. It draws inspiration from popular culture, likening it to the defeat of the villain Thanos by the Avengers in “Avengers: Endgame.” This unexpected approach captures the viewer's attention and offers a fresh perspective.
  • The video is a thesis project by filmmakers at MOME (Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design) created for WWF, Hungary. This academic association lends credibility to the content, emphasizing its educational and informative aspects.

What sets this video apart

The use of paper animation in the video sets itself apart by highlighting the challenges faced by wildlife through the lens of a human's study desk. This metaphorical approach effectively conveys the idea that our actions impact the natural world and its inhabitants, encouraging viewers to consider the consequences of their actions.

5. Modern Home Designs: 3D Walkthrough Animation Abuja City

Imagine walking through your dream house and just sitting at home.

Aahhhh! It will feel fantastic, too, but how will it happen?

Are you thinking about images?

Nahhh! Videos? Partially yes.

What exactly will it give you a real walkthrough vibe? It is a 3D animation video.

  • Modern Home Designs: 3D Walkthrough Animation Abuja City” offers a virtual tour of dream homes, allowing viewers to explore and experience them without leaving their homes.
  • Unlike static images or regular videos, this 3D animation video provides a dynamic and immersive walkthrough experience. It showcases modern home designs in Abuja City, offering viewers a sense of space, flow, and design details that images or traditional videos cannot match.
  • This immersive experience can be incredibly valuable for those interested in real estate, architecture, or home design, providing a glimpse into the future of property visualization.

What sets this video apart ?

What sets this video apart is its ability to transport viewers into the world of modern home design. It goes beyond the usual presentation by offering a realistic and interactive exploration of architectural concepts.

6. Designed with Love by Microsoft Design

Microsoft plans to make you an ally of the technological universe by coping with its tagline – ‘Be What's Next. The company wants you to adapt to the tech-changing globe like a piece of cake. The video below lets you understand how creatively Microsoft wants you to receive a great user experience.

  • “Designed with Love by Microsoft Design” is a video that aims to demystify technology and make it accessible to everyone, regardless of their tech expertise.
  • The video emphasizes Microsoft's commitment to creating user-friendly and innovative technology. It highlights how Microsoft Design puts user experience at the forefront, ensuring its products are functional, enjoyable, and intuitive.
  • The video employs visually striking elements, such as vibrant colours, sleek and modern design aesthetics, and seamless scene transitions. These elements make the video visually pleasing and align with Microsoft's image as a forward-thinking and innovative tech company.

What sets this video apart

This voiceless video focuses on Microsoft's dedication to user-centric design. It goes beyond the technical aspects of technology and showcases how design thinking can transform complex technology into user-friendly solutions.

It seems that one is watching an aesthetic film in theatre, and this element is what makes it look and feel apart from others.

7. Lark – Magic Share

Are you a person who works remotely or a business that deals with the same criteria?

Then, this three-dimensional animated video could be your saviour. Telling you everything here would be an injustice to the beauty of the video. Thus, watch the video now; to get more details, you can go through the points below.

  • The video introduces Lark as the ultimate solution for remote work challenges. It highlights how Lark can streamline and simplify daily tasks for remote workers and businesses, making it a one-stop platform for various needs.
  • 3D animation adds a visual appeal that captures the audience's attention. It creates a modern and futuristic atmosphere, aligning with Lark's positioning as a cutting-edge technology solution.
  • Lark simplifies complex remote work processes through the video's narrative. It illustrates how Lark can replace multiple tools with a single, user-friendly platform, saving time and effort for users.
  • The video effectively communicates how Lark enhances remote work communication, collaboration, and productivity. It showcases features like real-time document editing and video conferencing, making it a compelling choice for remote teams.

What sets this video apart

What makes this video unique is its interactive storytelling approach. It engages the audience by showing relatable remote work scenarios and then seamlessly demonstrates how Lark's features address these challenges. The viewer can easily connect with the depicted situations.

8. Insmed: Unbreakable

After viewing the thumbnail, you must have thought it was merely a cartoon film.

We wondered that you would wonder so.

But it is more than that. 

The typical 3D character animation of Insmed: Unbreakable reflects how people face challenges before receiving proper treatment for tuberculosis.

  • Instead of presenting a straightforward documentary, this 3D animated video takes a creative approach. It weaves a compelling narrative around the challenges people face before receiving the proper treatment for tuberculosis. Using animated characters like the bunny, pigeon, and lady makes the topic more engaging and relatable.
  • Through the use of animated characters, the video humanizes the struggles and triumphs of individuals dealing with tuberculosis. It allows viewers to connect with the characters on an emotional level, fostering empathy and understanding.
  • By the end of the video, viewers are not only informed about the issue of tuberculosis but also motivated to take action. The resilience and determination of the characters inspire viewers to support efforts to combat the disease.
  • The video demonstrates the power of 3D animation as an innovative technology for addressing serious and complex issues. It shows how animation can be a versatile tool for conveying important messages in an engaging and visually appealing manner.
  • 3D animation ensures that the video captures the audience's attention. The high-quality visuals and character animations keep viewers engaged throughout, effectively conveying the message.

What sets this video apart

The purpose behind adding this video was not to show you a short motivating film but to let you understand that sometimes, using such a storyline helps create good quality content for the awareness stage of your funnel.

This video gets highlighted because of its film-like structure but with the purpose of education and not just entertainment.

9. Young MacDonald Had A Headache – Nursery Signs

Nursery rhyme can be so helpful.

Yes, you read it right.

The original old MacDonald's nursery rhyme did wonders here by making it necessary for Early detection = Early prevention, here in the case of childhood cancer.

  • Unlike traditional educational videos, this animation takes an innovative approach by incorporating a well-known nursery rhyme, “Old MacDonald Had a Farm.” This creative twist immediately captures the attention of both children and parents.
  • The video effectively utilizes the power of storytelling to raise awareness about childhood cancer. Using a familiar nursery rhyme conveys a serious message about early detection and prevention in an approachable way for children and their caregivers.
  • The 3D animation brings the story to life with engaging and colourful visuals. It uses characters and scenes that are relatable to children, making it easier for them to understand and remember the message.
  • While the video is entertaining, it also serves an educational purpose. It educates parents and caregivers about the importance of recognizing signs and symptoms of childhood cancer early, which can potentially save lives.
  • By using a popular nursery rhyme, the video has the potential to reach a wider audience and generate more awareness about childhood cancer. It encourages parents and caregivers to proactively seek medical attention if they notice any concerning symptoms in children.

What sets this video apart

The video's use of a familiar nursery rhyme melody and lyrics effectively conveys the message that early detection of childhood cancer is crucial. The main focus here is relatability – using a child-related theme to raise awareness about childhood cancer.

Rather than presenting the emotions and causes of the disease in a disheartening manner, this video employs the perfect theme to add some excitement to the educational message for viewers.

10. 3D Animation for Beauty Brand

Beauty company Almay marketed its brand products and their applications in a way that is a bit different from others.

Yes, this has happened here.

If you are excited to know how, watch it and feel the brand's luxury that can be provided to you.

  • Unlike many promotional videos that rely on spoken or written explanations, this 3D animation video effectively communicates the brand's message through visuals. It demonstrates the power of visual storytelling, allowing viewers to understand the product applications without needing words.
  • The video captivates viewers with its high-quality 3D animation. It uses detailed and lifelike visuals to showcase the brand's beauty products, making them more appealing to the audience. The use of 3D animation adds depth and realism to the presentation.
  • By forgoing spoken language, the video transcends linguistic and cultural barriers. This universal approach ensures the message can reach a global audience, regardless of their native language or background.
  • The video exudes luxury and sophistication, aligning with Almay's brand identity. It effectively communicates the premium quality and desirability of the beauty products, enticing viewers to explore the brand further.

What sets this video apart

Combining striking visuals and the absence of dialogue creates a memorable and immersive viewing experience. Viewers are likelier to remember and associate the brand with the positive feelings and aesthetics directly conveyed through the visuals with no interference from the background voice.

11. 3D Product Animation Video

  • This video provides viewers with a highly immersive experience. 3D animation and sound effects create the illusion that the sports shoe is coming to life, immediately capturing the viewer's attention and drawing them into the product's world.
  • Unlike static images or conventional videos, this 3D animation video effectively demonstrates the features and functionality of the sports shoe. Viewers can see the details of the product, including how it is laced up, which can be difficult to convey through traditional means.
  • Craft's sportswear is made more appealing through this video. The dynamic presentation showcases the product's design, functionality, and overall value. It entices viewers to explore the product further, potentially increasing interest and sales.
  • The video immediately grabs the viewer's attention with its visually captivating 3D animation and the shoe's interactive behaviour. In a world saturated with marketing content, this video stands out and ensures the product doesn't go unnoticed.

What sets this video apart

The video's ability to make an inanimate object appear lively is engaging and memorable. Viewers are more likely to remember the product and its unique features due to the creative use of animation.

How are 3D animation videos an inspiration?

So, how did it go?

We hope that your mind has given a positive response to this question.

Now, after watching all the 11 3D animated videos, we need to shift our focus towards the king of the questions for today – How do these videos feel inspiring?

The common answer to all the videos is that they come with ‘EDUMARK,' i.e., marketing is done with education. The power of education has been beautifully showcased in the frame of marketing by neither overvaluing nor overselling, and this is the biggest influencer any piece of content can provide. 

Whether it is Kasra Design's workflow video that persuaded us to apply skills to present skills and impress the viewers by not leaving scope to think, ‘Why should people choose you?' because you presented the best of your skills and how you apply them. 

Or it is an animated short film by Insmed: Unbreakable that motivated people through its message of attaining the proper treatment after facing challenges due to lung disease and the beautiful video creation that led people to watch it till the end and on loop.

Similarly, all the other videos here influenced us by putting forth their message of marketing a product, spreading awareness of the medical condition, and urging us to get the early and best treatment, company corporate video, technology, and live-like experience of a place.

All this is done swiftly through 3D animation and the criteria for creating the best 3D animation video.

Inspiration is not just in providing knowledge but how it is provided to you. Thus, instead of explaining the motivation here through words, we suggest watching the videos and learning to apply the objectives the way they did.

Do not worry because that extra motivation lies within you; you need to ignite that spark. 

Ready to give your ideas a 3D twist?

There you go, folks! Your bunch of motivating original ideas and the inventiveness you gained today can let your business, company, or organization live in the minds and hearts of the customers eternally with the addition of a little help from ours through some easy-to-use ways.

Wondering how to make a 3D animation video? Let experts do the job for you. Check out The Best 3D Animation Companies you can rely upon. Feel free to reach out to us in case of any queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Its uniqueness lies in its ability to create highly realistic and detailed characters, environments, and special effects that can be manipulated in various ways. It allows for greater control over the animation, such as adjusting lighting, camera angles, and movement, which can create a more immersive and engaging experience for the viewers.

Three benefits of employing this type of animation include, the ability to create highly realistic and detailed visuals, greater control over the animation, allowing for more creative freedom, the ability to create animations that are not possible with traditional animation techniques.

Animations can create a magnetic aura among the viewers by creating visually appealing and irresistible content that is easy to follow and understand. It can also employ humor, relatable characters, and relatable themes to connect with the spectators. emotionally.

Animation can be effective for advertising and marketing because, with its various benefits, it attracts viewers much better than other tools. It smoothly explains the products, services, and the whole brand in a comprehensive manner that is easy to share on social media and other platforms and reaches the masses.