Advertising is an audio or visual marketing communication that uses a non-personal, explicitly sponsored message to promote or sell a product, service, or concept. 

No offence, but people tend to dislike advertisements. But even then, many advertisements stay “rent-free” in people's minds. Effective advertising is when people remember the product or service that is being advertised. 

In 2022, where people continuously use videos for almost everything from entertainment to education, making video ads is advantageous yet challenging. With the rising demand for videos, so have video production companies grown. Many types of videos, like explainer videos, animation, etc., are used by businesses to advertise their products. But to be the best, you should be aware of the tips for creating best product video ads.

Video Marketing has emerged as a huge industry relevant to advertising and marketing.  Moreover, many video marketing software is available for any business to leverage video marketing strategies

In this blog, let me give you some tips for creating best product video ads for your business. Before that, if you are wondering why you need a product video advertisement for your business.

Why create Product Video Ads?

Commercials have gone from TV to YouTube, social media, landing pages, apps, etc. It's everywhere. If you don't have a video ad for your product, you miss out on higher click-through rates, sales, profit, etc. 

The importance of videos cannot be underestimated. And that is the biggest reason why video advertisements are to be created. Still, if you plan to create a video ad, you need more reasons just to be sure why you are investing your time, money, and effort into this. 

1. More likely to attract Customers

According to HubSpot research, more than half of consumers prefer to see brand videos over any other type of content. Furthermore, according to Amazon and eBay, including a video ad in a product description boosts the likelihood of a customer purchasing that product by up to 35 per cent.

2. It will be Remembered

Video ads portray sound and movement. This helps the viewers understand your product better, as people are more likely to remember things when visually presented with sound effects. 

3. Easily Shared

Remember that time when you saw a product video ad on Instagram and was able to share it with a friend who was looking for something similar? Videos are easily shared. It is a known fact that videos tend to go viral quickly, mostly because of this particular feature.

Be it on any social media platform; videos are easily shared without taking up much space. This makes it more preferable than any other form of advertisement.

4. Stay on Trend

It's a Gen-Z and Millennials thing! Young people are more specific now when it comes to buying products. They understand, evaluate and compare the available options before purchasing. And a product video ad has become a standard in the new advertising age to stay in business. 

There are many more reasons why you should use product video ads, but I think these are the main reasons you should use product ads while moving forward in 2022. But these tips will not achieve the desired results unless you make a creative product ad video. So, here are a few tips for creating the best product video ad for your business. 

Tips for creating the Best Product Video Ad

1. Identify the Customer

Before making a video product ad, you must complete research on your product and identify the target customers. Sounds very cliche! But it is very important to know who will buy your product. 

All 7 billion people on earth may not be buying your product! So, it is important to remember the demand and supply principle and identify the customer who needs your product. Understanding this will help you create the ad in a way that your audience will resonate with why they need your product. 

For example, if your business is about a baby product, it only makes sense that the target audience is parents. So, the video ad should be made so that parents can easily understand their need for the product for their babies. And the ad shouldn't be for babies!

2. Taglines to grab Attention

People don't buy just anything! In today's world, it isn't just about the quality; the cause and how you present it also matters. Therefore, it is important to present your product with something unique. 

One way to do it is through taglines. Taglines remain memorable, and people start identifying your product with the tagline. So, it will be a wise idea to include a catchy and short tagline in the script of the product video. 

For example, the Orbit ad tagline: “Dirty mouth? Clean it with Orbit chewing gum!” Another example is that of Red bull: “Red Bull gives you wings.” These taglines highlight the issue the audience faces or the feeling they get when they consume the product. 

3. Offers and Discounts

You probably can relate to scrolling through your phone to find that coupon code. Similarly, your audience would love some offers and discounts that prompt them to buy the product. Including the offers and discounts in the product video ad makes sense. 

These offers could be anything like free shipping, free trials, etc. Including these will give you a better chance of getting sales than your competitors when the customers compare the product.

4. Know your Competitors

From the above statements, you might have learned that you need good knowledge of your competitors. It will help you identify their strengths and weaknesses. 

When you make a video ad for your product, knowing your competitors will help you identify what elements to add to the video and what not to. Design your product video ad in a way that can give you a comparative advantage over your competitors. 

5. Design and Advertisement

The appearance of the video ads should be appealing to your audience. It should also be noted that the colours and theme align with the product. You can make the advertisement effective by designing the way it looks and feels. 

The product should be portrayed such that the audience gets a clear message of why they should buy your product. The ad should be, however, designed according to different stages of product display. It can be designed for pre-launch, introducing the product, etc. 

Also, the product ad video should be designed, considering the platforms on which it will be displayed. It can be designed for YouTube, Instagram reels or videos, Facebook videos, landing pages, etc. You can choose one video for all or different videos based on the platforms. 

All set to make a viral-going Product Video Ad?

The marketing trends have changed, and it is important to level how you advertise. Videos are a proven way and method for products and services to reach out to the audience. The best thing about making videos for your products is that it will be interesting and take less time for your audience to understand your product better. 

Are you thinking of making videos for marketing your business? Make videos with webdew! Contact us to know more. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

To create visually stunning video ads, focus on high-quality visuals, compelling storytelling, attention-grabbing graphics, effective use of color and composition, and seamless transitions. Also, consider the target audience and platform for optimal impact.

To make a successful product ad, showcase the product's benefits, features, and uniqueness. Use engaging visuals, highlight the problem it solves, incorporate storytelling, and include a strong call to action to encourage viewers to take the next step.

To create a product overview video, start with a clear script outlining the product's purpose, benefits, and key features. Use visual demonstrations, animations, or real-world usage examples to showcase the product effectively. Keep it concise and engaging.

Video production typically involves four main stages: Pre-production (planning and preparation), Production (shooting or recording footage), Post-production (editing and adding effects), and Distribution (sharing or broadcasting the final video). Each stage plays a vital role in creating a polished and effective video.