It's worth mentioning that video marketing has become the gold mine of the digital marketing world. Why? Because in this digital and fast-paced world, anyone would prefer watching a video over reading, be it best explainer videos, how-to videos or ads for educational purposes, entertainment, or just for fun.

Give a child the option of reading a storybook or watching a video of the same story. What do you think he would pick? It's not just the kids; this holds for any human.

According to HubSpot, “About 58 per cent of B2B buyers saw videos in 2014 to make a buying decision. Moreover, 95 per cent of buyers prefer shorter formats for content, and 86 per cent want on-demand access.” This clears that viewers look for actionable explainer videos.

Why does every Startup need an Explainer Video?

  • It generates results faster than a website.
  • It would act as a token for your business process.
  • Videos help startups easily explain their new product to customers in an engaging way that ultimately helps them improve online visibility.
  • A sixty-second video is equal to a thousand-page collateral. Indeed, an explainer video is better at driving more customers.
  • Want an edge over your competitors? An Explainer Video is your solution.
  • Want to raise funds? Investors look into your video before giving an appointment.
  • It plays a vital role in SEO by increasing your website's average visiting time. Post a video on your website homepage now!

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Wondering how to make explainer videos? Well, explainer video creation is not an easy task. For creating a terrific and entertaining animated explainer videos for business, one needs to consider various things. Some of them are mentioned below.

Things to consider while creating an Explainer Video

  • Crisp and short:- Make sure your video describes a clear purpose
  • Simple but interactive:- Don’t stretch it long. Keep it a maximum of 60 seconds.
  • Be Specific:- Don’t beat around the bush. Keep your approach straightforward to hook up with your audience.
  • Demo your startup:- Skim over your app features to understand a viewer better.
  • Problem solution:- Viewers expect solutions to their problems. Make sure your video skillfully expresses your concerns and offers a solution that sets them into action.
  • Call to action:- At the end of the video, remember to appeal for your app download, subscribe or register to your audience.

These prerequisites for every explainer video need to be considered to fulfil marketing purposes. Keep your video compelling enough to hold your target audience and get your brand the status you have always aspired for.

There is no denying that video marketing strategy has become a trend that allows companies to portray their vision through compelling visual storytelling. However, what kind of explainer video would work for your business is a dilemma that most of businesses face in the initial stages.

Are you a newbie in the field of explainer videos? Want to grow your business and reach a wider audience using explainer videos like Gisteo intro explainer, but still clueless about where to start? Ready to dive into the vast ocean of opportunities that will follow explainer videos but still looking for which direction to jump in?

Don't worry, we heard you. We are here to help you eliminate all your fears and confusion. 

Now, without further discussions, let's look at the most famous and the best explainer videos that have raised the level of animation and helped the organization by giving new ideas to present products and services better.

5 Best Explainer Video Examples

Let's begin…

1. Hubspot

It goes without saying that HubSpot is a leader in inbound marketing. What makes them a pioneer in marketing? One fundamental factor that contributes to its success is powerful explainer videos.

The idea is the same that is hitting on the consumer’s problem first, then offering a solution. The script of this video is free of fluff and ends within three minutes.

The animated characters added in the video makes it more entertaining and informative. Moreover, the combined effects allow the viewers to stay on the video and watch till the end.

2. Guest Post Engine

It is another incredible explainer video produced by Webdew. Through this video, the organization helps digital marketers to get familiar with a fantastic tool i.e., Guest Post Engine.

The idea behind the video is hitting the minds of viewers. Even those unfamiliar with the term guest post will understand what this tool works for and how it helps organizations accelerate their business productivity.

The video mainly focuses on the product and the common problem the marketers face that convinces people to purchase by the end of this video. Additionally, using characters is appropriate as it makes the video more entertaining and builds the viewer's trust.

3. Sonic Box

While crafting an animated explainer video, you need to focus on your brand’s voice. Any diversion from a user perspective can boggle down the goal behind making a video.

This is what the speaker in this Sonic Box has taken care of. The visuals explicitly describe the utility of the file-sharing service, particularly in the way that it blends well with your techno-culture.

It convinces viewers about sending and accessing files anywhere and anytime. It uses visual metaphor and humour to keep its audience engaged while addressing their problem well.

4. Coca-Cola

When it comes to the video making of Coca-Cola, a viewer expects an immense creative effort along with curated content that gives a virtual taste of its drinks. The brand truly satiates viewers' taste buds using centralised themes throughout the video.

Following the whiteboard style, this video is visually stimulating yet informative. It gives you the required information as it has taken care of only necessary visual stimuli.

5. Pinterest

Pinterest has raised the expectations of viewers with this video. By initially stating the video's length and tailoring this simple how-to video to their audience's requirements, Pinterest portrayed itself as the right platform to pin images of any type.

The placement of data and usage of sound is appropriate which makes the video high-quality.

By viewing the examples mentioned above of explainer videos, you might be getting excited to make the one for you.

Don't have technical skills, need not worry! There are a number of explainer video software tools available online. Or you can always hire a professional explainer video production company and get yourself explainer videos best in the business. They will help you reach your business goals without any hassle.

Still, having second thoughts? Go through This is why you need an explainer video production company and you'll finally be out of your dilemma. 

Got Inspired by these amazing Explainer Video Examples?

Marketers become sceptical when planning a marketing campaign, as it can make or break a brand. Therefore, they hunt for the best marketing strategies that can highlight the features of their products. If you want to experience the best of marketing, try explainer videos.

Animated explainer videos will soon sweep across all sectors as they can drive audience and convert them to customers. As a marketer, you need to understand your target audience, its requirements, problems, and what role your services play in solving its problems.

This would give an idea of your prospects and how to involve them in your business. Psychologically, a person tends to learn more visually than orally. This is where you get all the answers regarding a marketing campaign.

Rather than posting a number of blogs stuffed with exaggerated content, get down to explainer videos. Take a step towards visual learning and get ready to see the magic.

If you still have any doubts, feel free to contact us. Our experts are available 24/7 and ready to resolve all your queries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The best explainer videos are made by professional video production companies and skilled animators who understand storytelling, animation techniques, and the specific needs of the client's product or message. Quality varies depending on the team's expertise and creative approach.

A good explainer video effectively communicates a message or idea in a clear, concise, and engaging manner. It should have a compelling script, high-quality visuals or animations, a strong call to action, and resonate with the target audience.

Yes, explainer videos remain effective in conveying information and engaging audiences. They are versatile and can be used in various contexts, including websites, social media, and presentations, to simplify complex topics and promote products or services effectively.

An explainer video for a product is a short video that introduces and highlights the features, benefits, and usage of a specific product. It aims to educate potential customers about the product's value and how it can address their needs or problems.