• Best Overall


      Cryptohopper is a powerful tool for both beginners and experienced traders who want to automate their cryptocurrency trading strategies. It can help your own crypto trading bots – all from one platform.
  • Versatile


      TradeSanta is a cloud-based platform that lets you automate your crypto trading with pre-built bots. It's accessible for both newbies and experienced traders craving for automated strategies.
  • Cost-effective


      Mudrex simplifies crypto investing for both rookies and veterans. Build diversified and effective baskets, invest alongside pros, or automate your moves with bots and expert-crafted strategies.

Cryptocurrencies have become one of the most popular topics in the modern financial world. Institutional and retail traders are constantly finding new ways to leverage the best values of these currencies

Due to the sheer availability of learning tools, people have been learning the ins and outs of cryptocurrency recently. However, not all traders have enough resources and time to manage their trades effectively. 

This is where crypto trading bots can help you. The bots are designed in a way to make the trading process much more efficient while saving a significant amount of time

With these top crypto trading bots, you don’t need to worry about creating a solid bot trading strategy. But nowadays, it has become quite challenging for traders to choose the best one as several options are available. 

This article outlines the nine best crypto trading bots in 2024. I have considered several factors and chose the most reliable bots to begin your trading with. 

What are Crypto Trading Bots?

The cryptocurrency market works 24/7, and it’s highly volatile. If you manage to trade wisely, you can become very profitable. Nevertheless, the volatility factor also increases the risks of huge losses. 

Crypto trading bots can help you mitigate numerous risk factors. A well-designed cryptocurrency trading bot can complete essential functions, including portfolio balance, portfolio management, data collection, smart trading routing, and many more. 

However, you must take proper care of the basics before leaving the bot to complete the work. The primary objective of crypto trading bots is to automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks. 

List of Best Crypto Trading Bots

While this list of the best crypto trading bots is helpful and reliable, you should not depend entirely on them. 

They are meant to automate your repetitive tasks, not to replace your trading skills. At the end of the day, your own judgment and market research will help you gain profits. 

Without further ado, let’s get started. 

1. Cryptohopper

Cryptohopper is one of the best AI crypto trading bots. It allows easy portfolio management and automated trading strategies for numerous cryptocurrencies. Cryptohopper provides paper trading, grid trading bot, social trading, etc

With Cryptohopper, you can manage different aspects of your trading journey and exchanges, all from one place. Cryptohopper’s expert team also provides a superb trading community, helping users automate trading process. 


  • Automatic trading
  • Copy trading
  • Dollar cost averaging
  • Algorithm intelligence

From purchasing crypto trading bots templates to subscribing to signals, you can do everything with the Cryptohopper trading tool. You can also contact other professional traders, ultimately enhancing your trading skills. 

As Cryptohopper provides a free plan, I thought I should create an account. The process was simple and quick.

This is the rerasing dashboard, where you will get all the information. However, there's one thing you need to remember.

When I created an account, it asked me to connect to an exchange using my API key. As I don't have any, I chose to go with Paper trading.

As you can see, Cryptohopper gave me around $120 to get started with the platform. I could experiment with this amount to get accustomed to the bot. This money cannot be withdrawn as it's just for a demo purpose.


  • Simple UI/UX
  • Great learning material
  • Marketplace for new traders
  • Good coin support


  • Trading signals require additional cost

Cryptohopper relies on three major trading strategies. You can use the arbitrary strategy or market-making strategy as per your needs. In addition, you can also simulate your trading. 

Cryptohopper Pricing Plan

  • Free: $0

  • Explorer: $24.16/month

  • Adventurer: $57.5/month

  • Hero: $107.5/month

Cryptohopper provides both free and paid plans. While the paid plans are cost-effective, keep in mind that Cryptohopper doesn't offer a free trial.

👍 Why use Cryptohopper?
  • Cryptohopper allows you to automate your cryptocurrency trading strategies, freeing up your time and potentially improving your results. It also uses industry-leading security protocols.

Cryptohopper will also help you design your strategy according to your unique needs. One of the most notable advantages of this platform is that you don’t need any coding skills to trade crypto. 

Cryptohopper claims that many customers receive 100% profits daily, whereas others gain significant growth in their crypto wallet. 

2. 3Commas

3Commas will help you create a good crypto profile with little effort. It’s one of the most popular crypto trading bots designed for beginners. 

Besides a user-friendly interface, the 3Commas crypto trading bot platform will let you create a strategy as per 20 indicators. The small trading interface is best for portfolio management and copy trading. 


  • Single-pair and multi-pair trading
  • Portfolio creation and balancing
  • API access
  • Referral program

The dashboard of the 3Commas trading terminal will link you to the most notable crypto exchanges in the market. From there, you can set the trailing stops and gain profits

This is the dashboard of 3Commas. I tried to create an account, and 3Commas asked me to connect my crypto wallet. I chose to go with the demo account.


  • Affordable and scalable plans
  • Impressive features
  • Responsive support team
  • Comprehensive learning materials


  • Overwhelming and time-consuming onboarding process

Additionally, the algorithmic trading bots are also highly customizable. For instance, you can buy from the bull markets easily. You can also consider more composite options for higher customization

3Commas Pricing Plan

  • Beginner: $4/month

  • Pro: $25/month

  • Expert: $40/month

3Commas has an active social media community and a support team to help you have a smooth experience. The Pro and Expert pricing plan comes with multi-pair DCA.

👍 Why use 3Commas?
  • 3Commas offers a wide range of pre-built trading bots that cater to different strategies and risk levels. This makes it easier for beginners to get started without needing to code their own bots.

It doesn’t matter how many crypto trading bots you use; as long as you know how to use them effectively, you can gain profits every time. The safety orders will also prevent you from taking huge losses.  

3. TradeSanta

Introduced in 2018, TradeSanta aims to make AI trading accessible to everyone.

While the dashboard of TradeSanta, a distinguishable feature of this platform, looks simple, it’s undoubtedly one of the most influential crypto trading bots


  • Long and short strategies
  • Stop loss
  • Technical indicators
  • Extra orders

TradeSanta automated crypto trading on six major exchanges, including Houbi, Binance, and HitBTC. Traders will have no problem setting up crypto trading bots within minutes

If you’re a trader and you’re unaware of the approach you need to take, you can test the effectiveness of your strategies using virtual crypto trading bots


  • DCA and grid trading strategies
  • Manual trading for multiple exchange platforms
  • Virtual trading for backtesting
  • Mobile app availability


  • Only 3-days of free trial
  • The support team is not highly responsive

Traders will also have a traditional terminal for making traders on different exchanges through a user-friendly interface. Let's take a look at the pricing structure.

TradeSanta Pricing Plan

  • Basic: $18/month

  • Advanced: $32/month

  • Maximum: $45/month

The Basic plan will give you only 49 bots and a trading terminal. On the other hand, the Maximum plan will give you unlimited trading bots, trailing take profit, custom TradeView signals, and more features for the users.

👍 Why use TradeSanta?
  • The platform boasts a user-friendly interface and offers pre-built trading bot templates, making it suitable for both new and experienced traders.

The TradeSanta platform is constantly improving, providing new features to the users while connecting to new exchanges. Thanks to the extensive ready-to-use templates, TradeSanta can become your go-to crypto trading bot. 

4. Coinrule

If you’re looking for a great place to start your crypto trading bots journey, Coinrule won’t disappoint you. Being one of the newest crypto trading bots in the market, Coinrule allows advanced algorithms to ensure crypto trading is highly accessible for everyone

Coinrule was created with the best interests of beginners in mind, thanks to the learning materials, comprehensive tutorial, and eye-catching UI. 


  • Price-based accumulation
  • Integrations
  • Managed volatility
  • Trend-following rebalancing

You can set specific conditions for your traders from Coinrule’s interface. Furthermore, no coding background is required to use this platform. The trade orders you give on the platform will be called “Rules”. 

The platform also comes with a simplified Rule Base interface. Let's take a look at the dashboard.

This is how you can create a Rule in Coinrule. If you have a crypto account such as Binance, you can connect it with Coinrule for a more effective Rule.

You can visit the Rule Page section to develop a trading strategy according to your portfolio and risk assessment. The best thing is that Coinrule will help you with the process.


  • Daily free emails with insightful trading strategies
  • Professional-level trading
  • Fast execution
  • Robust security and encryption


  • Lack of technical indicators

A great thing about Coinrule is that it will give you complete access to your crypto trading bots for smart funding. From there, you can choose from 150 Rules

Coinrule Pricing Plan

  • Free: $0

  • Hobbyist: $14.95/month

  • Trader: $34.95/month

  • Pro: $199.50/month

If you choose the yearly plan, you will get 25% off. Additionally, if you invite your friends and they trade using Coinrule, you will get paid up to $200.

👍 Why use Coinrule?
  • Coinrule is a great option for traders at all levels who are seeking user-friendly automation. It lets you build your own crypto trading strategies like Lego blocks, backtest them before risking real money, and run them 24/7.

If you don’t like the pre-built rules, you can create your own Rules whenever you want. You can also leverage the benefits of the crypto trading bots on your preferred exchanges such as Kraken, Binance, Coinbase, etc

5. Shrimpy

Shrimpy provides a robust platform for rookies and professionals to simplify their trading process. Users can leverage the benefits of many features to help them stand out. 

Shrimpy has smart routing for trades, providing you with the best rates on crypto trading bots. You don’t need to choose their direct trade pairs. 

Instead, the platform will use the best rates across different exchanges. This way, you can automate your crypto trading more profitably. 


  • Threshold rebalancing
  • Crypto portfolio management
  • Spread/spillage control
  • Smart order routing

A notable benefit of Shrimpy is that it supports multiple exchanges, including Coinbase, Binance, Houbi, and others. Shrimpy stated that they have plans to add other popular crypto exchanges. 


  • Comprehensive portfolio management
  • Simple backtesting
  • Cost-effective plans
  • Social trading


  • API has limited functionality
  • No mobile application

You can also get API access to place and balance trades from their website. This process will disallow funds to be moved from exchanges. You can also use their APIs to create third-party apps. 

This is the primary reason why Shrimpy has great automated training and portfolio management. With Shrimpy, you can balance your crypto coins across multiple exchanges. 

As mentioned above, Shrimpy has affordable pricing plans. Let's take a look.

Shrimpy Pricing Plan

  • Free: $0

  • Standard: $15/month

  • Plus: $39/month

Even though Shrimpy has a free plan, I couldn't create an account as I had to connect my crypto account mandatorily. On top of that, it's limited to 1 day only.

The Standard plan comes with the most features. But, if you need API access, you need to purchase the Plus plan.

👍 Why use Shrimpy?
  • Shrimpy simplifies crypto portfolio management by automating rebalancing, letting you set asset allocations and relax while it buys, sells, and diversifies, all while offering powerful market analysis.

If you're tired of the constant manual adjustments and monitoring required to maintain a balanced crypto portfolio, Shrimpy might be your perfect match.

6. Zigdao (Previously Zignaly)

Zigdao is another new platform that provides automated trading opportunities to users. Started operating as a reliable crypto signal provider, Zigdao has become a reliable trading software with numerous tools

Zigdao offers highly effective crypto trading bots, a crypto terminal, and copy trading. This cloud software has a brilliant team focused on simplifying the crypto trading process for the users


  • Time-tested platform
  • No minimums
  • Robust security and encryption
  • No monthly or yearly fees

An eye-catching feature of Zigdao is its ability to integrate signals deeply. Zigdao will bring signals from your favorite providers, allowing you to trade on these signals automatically. 

As Zigdao is a free-to-use platform, I created an account to check the dashboard.

While the dashboard looks simple, keep in mind that you need to have some trading knowledge to understand it completely. Depending on the profit-sharing platform you choose, you can invest a specific amount. You will also know how much of the success fee you need to pay upon trading.

As Zigdao is partnered with CryptoTrader, users can leverage the benefits of automated tax reporting.


  • Numerous signal providers
  • Simple platform
  • Safe automated management
  • Cloud-based interface


  • Users need to have some trading knowledge

As long as you have some trading knowledge, you can use Zigdao without any complications. Here's how much you need to pay for Zigdao.

Zigdao Pricing Plan

  • Free: $0

Zigdao is a completely free platform for automated crypto portfolio management and other tasks. The free plan offers coin pairs, exchange accounts, and positions.

👍 Why use Zigdao?
  • Zignaly offers various features like copy trading, crypto profit sharing, and trading bots, allowing you to automate your trading strategies and potentially save time and effort.

Users will also find the copy trading options on Zigdao highly beneficial. It will help them copy the professional traders and gain profits as they do. 

7. Mudrex

Mudrex made crypto investments as easy as mutual funds and stock market investments. Backed by Y-Combinator, Mudrex offers different types of crypto trading bots as per your strategies. 

Unlike other crypto trading bots, Mudrex is transparent. Not to mention, the pricing strategy is undoubtedly one of the most cost-effective I have ever seen. 


  • Diversified crypto baskets
  • Automated trading bots
  • Profit-sharing models
  • Copy trading

Mudrex is also backed and connected by other top exchanges in the crypto market. Besides providing the best functionality, Mudrex created a versatile marketplace that helps professional crypto traders configure and develop crypto trading bots. 

Mudrex ensures that all information regarding the crypto trading bots is available publicly. This is the primary reason I have stated that Mudrex has high transparency


  • Simple design
  • API-based investing
  • more cost-effective pricing structure
  • Great security


  • Slow UI

This way, you will be able to understand the navigation and use of the bots. The trading strategy builder provided by Mudrex is also highly advanced. Here are the pros and cons of Mudrex.

Mudrex Pricing Plan

  • The pricing depends on the amount each user wishes to invest. Hence, there are no specific fees. You also don't need to pay any monthly or yearly platform fee.

Keep in mind that Mudrex is not available on the web. This means that you cannot trade crypto from the website itself. You need to download their app, which is available in both the Andriod Play Store and the Apple App Store.

👍 Why use Mudrex?
  • Mudrex simplifies crypto investing with features like diversified crypto baskets, personalized guidance, and easy crypto transfer – ideal for both cautious newbies and active traders seeking smart investment options and profitable automated strategies.

Mudrex has backtesting software. This specific engine will help you develop and test strategies before you deploy them in real life. 

8. Quadency

If you’re looking for crypto trading bots with top-notch backtesting, Quadency should be your primary choice. Quadency uses information based on numbers and data for highly advanced backtesting. 

You can gain additional information when you know the performance of a paid plan based on its historical data. This will ultimately make your crypto investments more refined.


  • Trading bot automation
  • Smart order crypto swaps
  • Multi-exchange smart trading
  • Crypto portfolio tracking

With Quadency, you can trade and manage your crypto portfolio hassle-free. You can also automate your trading strategies while monitoring your offline wallets. 

This is the dashboard of Quadency. You can control everything from this dashboard. From depositing funds to withdrawing funds, Quadency provides an easy and navigational UI for crypto traders.


  • Integrated with top crypto exchanges
  • Unlimited exchange accounts
  • Advanced orders for higher return trades
  • Robust portfolio management


  • No mobile application
  • Minor social community

Quadency will give you 3500+ pairs and the leading exchanges of the crypto market. They use sophisticated trading algorithms to help you easily train crypto trading bots. Take a look at its pricing structure:

Quadency Pricing Plan

  • Lite: $0

  • Pro: $39/month

  • Unlimited: $79/month

Beginners should use the free Lite package. If you're an active asset trader or portfolio manager, the Pro package will suit your needs. The unlimited package will suit the more advanced traders and algorithm developers.

👍 Why use Quadency?
  • Crypto enthusiasts seeking powerful automation, portfolio management, and advanced trading tools should consider Quadency. It can manage your crypto across platforms, all in one intuitive interface.

You can choose from numerous pre-built strategies and customize them as per your taste. You can also track your asset’s performance over time, giving you more flexibility. 

9. Kryll

Are you planning to create your unique trading strategies without any coding interference? This is where Kryll comes into the picture. 

Kryll runs 24/7, allowing you to manage your crypto portfolio even when you’re asleep. It has integration with top technical analysis platforms and crypto exchanges.


  • Trading bot automation
  • Smart order crypto swaps
  • Multi-exchange smart trading
  • Crypto portfolio tracking

You can backtest your crypto trading strategies with Kryll with zero hindrance. Once you connect to your favorite cryptocurrency and blockchain exchange, you don’t need to set any API withdrawal rights manually

As it's compatible with mobile devices, you can use any smartphone to access Kryll and run your best strategy.


  • Responsive support team
  • The block system is super user-friendly
  • Intuitive interface
  • Great pricing model


  • The platform is relatively new

Thanks to Kryll, centralizing your trade and portfolio is possible without any distress. Kryll takes the complicated idea of automatic trading and makes the process easier. Here's the pricing structure.

Kryll Pricing Plan

  • You don't need to pay any subscription fee to use Kryll. The pricing you pay will depend on the time you use the platform. The backtesting is free and has highly accurate data.

Thanks to this pricing structure, Kryll is much more cost-effective than other crypto trading bots.

👍 Why use Kryll?
  • Crypto newbies and experts alike can benefit from Kryll's diverse ecosystem. Build your own automated trading bots with visual scripting, choose from a marketplace, test, and trade across multiple exchanges.

Kryll is also one of the top crypto trading platforms for unique and customized online trading experiences. Try Kryll today and let the crypto trading bots automate monotonous tasks

Try the Best Crypto Trading Bots Today!

Crypto trading bots undoubtedly provide numerous advantages, making them popular choices in the world of cryptocurrency trading. As a result, many companies have built their own crypto trading bots to streamline the trading experience for users. 

These bots are more than capable of helping beginner and professional crypto investors automate some portions of their tasks, ultimately saving time and effort. 

However, keep in mind human emotions are imperative in crypto trading. Combining human touch with crypto trading bots is the best way to become an experienced crypto trader. 

What do you think of these automated crypto trading bots? Are you planning on getting started with crypto trading bots? Let me know in the comment section. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Crypto trading bots are one of the best options for professional traders planning to automate their trading strategies. To trade crypto using a bot, make sure you execute a thoroughly backtested trading strategy.

Yes, crypto trading bots are legal, and so is trading with these crypto bots. However, make sure you comply with the rules and regulations while following the jurisdictions.

Not all crypto trading bots are safe. Make sure you choose a reliable provider with higher levels of security and encryption.

Yes, technical difficulties or bugs may affect the functionality of crypto trading bots, making you vulnerable to huge losses. This is why you should never rely entirely on these bots.

As long as the platform is legit, you can trust the crypto trading bots.

Whether you use a bot or not, the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, and you may suffer from losses. But don't forget that you will also receive significant gains from trading.