Have you ever wondered what SaaS stands for? Most people would say “Software as a Service,” but let's take a different perspective.

SaaS is a service that we can easily access through the internet. However, since it's not a physical product, we can't hold it in our hands or fully grasp how to utilize it.

But here's the thing: if we don't understand how it works, how can we truly benefit from it?

That's where SaaS video for onboarding comes into play.

Yes, you heard it right! These videos are designed to help users like you unlock the full potential of any SaaS product in an engaging and informative way.

If you're a SaaS brand owner or marketer, you might wonder how these videos can be a game-changer for your business. Well, in this blog, we'll explore the advantages of onboarding videos for SaaS, delve into the best practices and scenarios for incorporating them, and even showcase 11 amazing examples.

So, grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and don't wait any longer to dive in and expand your SaaS knowledge!

Why SaaS Onboarding Videos are a blessing for your marketing?

SaaS onboarding videos are a blessing for your marketing because they offer various benefits that help drive success for your business . Here's why: 

1. Enhanced User Experience

Videos of onboarding offer a visual and interactive approach to guide users through the initial steps of using your SaaS product. By presenting information in a visual format, these videos make it easier for users to understand complex concepts and grasp key features.

The visual demonstration lets users see the product in action, enhancing their comprehension and reducing the learning curve.

Additionally, the interactive nature of videos enables users to actively engage with the content, promoting a more immersive and enjoyable onboarding experience.

By combining visuals, narration, and step-by-step instructions, onboarding videos make the process more intuitive and user-friendly, setting a solid foundation for users to navigate your SaaS product from the start effectively.

2. Increased Engagement

In a world where complex and technical concepts often accompany SaaS products, capturing people's interest and making them truly understand and appreciate your offerings can be challenging.

That's where the power of engaging and captivating onboarding videos comes in. By leveraging the concept of these videos, you can achieve the goal of maximum engagement with your audience.

These videos have the ability to grab users' attention and keep them interested in your product or service. By delivering information in a dynamic and visually appealing format, onboarding videos can significantly increase user engagement and retention rates.

3. Clear Communication

Instead of relying on lengthy explanations or text-based content, SaaS onboarding videos provide a concise and compelling way to showcase your value proposition, key benefits, and unique selling points.

These videos allow you to demonstrate how your product can address the specific pain points and challenges that users may face. 

By visually illustrating the features and functionalities of your SaaS product, onboarding videos help users understand how it can solve their problems and improve their workflow. 

This not only increases their initial interest but also reinforces the reasons why they should continue using your product in the long run.

4. Time and Cost Efficiency

Videos of onboarding are an efficient and time-saving solution for the onboarding process. Rather than manually explaining the same information to each user, these videos allow you to provide a standardized and consistent message to all users.

By creating a video covering the essential aspects of onboarding, you can ensure that every user receives the necessary guidance and information to get started with your product or service.

This automation of the onboarding process not only saves time and resources but also ensures that important details are not missed or overlooked. 

Not only this, but users can also access the video at their convenience, allowing them to learn at their own pace and refer back to the video whenever needed.

5. Scalability and Accessibility

Creating videos of onboarding offers the advantage of easy sharing and accessibility across different platforms and devices. This accessibility and shareability contribute to the scalability of your marketing efforts.

These videos can be embedded on your website, in email campaigns, or shared on social media platforms. By leveraging the power of videos, you can effectively reach a wider audience and expand your marketing efforts.

Videos have a higher potential for engagement and shareability compared to other forms of content, making them an effective tool for spreading your message and promoting your SaaS product.

Whether your target audience prefers watching videos on their desktop, tablet, or mobile devices, onboarding videos provide a versatile and user-friendly way to deliver valuable information and engage with your audience. 

6. Brand Building

These videos offer more than just instructional content; they provide a platform to showcase your brand's personality, values, and identity.

Through the video's visual elements, storytelling, and tone, you can effectively communicate your brand's unique attributes and differentiate yourself from competitors. This helps to build a stronger emotional connection with your customers, fostering a sense of customer loyalty and advocacy.

When customers resonate with your brand and feel a strong connection, they are more likely to become long-term advocates, recommending your SaaS product to others and contributing to the growth of your business.

7. Analytics and Optimization

Video analytics tools provide valuable insights into user engagement with your onboarding videos. You can better understand user behaviour and preferences by tracking metrics such as watch time, click-through rates, and drop-off points.

This data allows you to identify any bottlenecks or areas of confusion in your video onboarding process. With these insights, you can make data-driven decisions to optimize your videos, refine your messaging, and improve the overall user experience.

Furthermore, by addressing pain points and streamlining the onboarding journey, you can enhance user satisfaction, reduce churn, and increase customer retention, and thus, your thus, your customer onboarding strategy.

Where can Onboarding Videos be a great fit?

1. Sign-up or Registration Process

Including an effective onboarding video during the sign-up or registration process helps users understand what to expect and guides them through the initial steps. It can reduce confusion, increase user confidence, and encourage completion of the registration process.

2. User Dashboard or Interface

Such videos can be embedded in your SaaS platform's user dashboard or interface. This allows users to access relevant video tutorials or walkthroughs as they navigate and explore your product or service.

3. Email campaigns

Incorporating these videos in your email campaigns can be an effective way to engage with new users or subscribers. You can introduce your product and invite them to learn more through the video.

4. Help Center or Knowledge Base

Including engaging videos of onboarding in your help centre or knowledge base can provide self-service resources for users seeking guidance or troubleshooting. These videos can address frequently asked questions, show specific features, or provide tips and best practices.

5. Onboarding Webinars or Training Sessions

For more in-depth onboarding experiences and increasing customer satisfaction, hosting a live webinar or training session supplemented with videos of onboarding can be effective. This allows for interactive learning, real-time Q&A, and a more personalized onboarding experience.

6. Website Landing Page

Placing a video of onboarding on your website's landing page can be effective. It welcomes new visitors, introduces your SaaS product, and communicates its key features and benefits in a quick way.

When shouldn't Onboarding Videos be used?

In some situations, user onboarding videos may not be the most suitable option. There are two such cases; to bring them to your notice, we've mentioned them below in detail.

1. When the onboarding process consists of a series of complex steps or involves intricate details, relying on videos can be less effective.

Customers don't like long videos as they can make the process tedious. Users may need to pause, rewind, and replay sections frequently to grasp the information. 

A more concise and interactive walkthrough approach can provide a smoother onboarding experience in these situations . Walkthroughs guide users through each step with tooltips and interactive actions. Thus making it easier for them to follow along and understand the process without requiring extensive video content. 

2. When onboarding involves extensive customization or personalization for each user. Thus, creating a generalized video that caters to every user's unique needs becomes challenging.

Customization often requires specific instructions and guidance tailored to individual settings. It may be better conveyed by including interactive elements like tooltips and interactive walkthroughs in personalized video creation.

By considering the customization, complexity, and user experience level, organizations can determine whether onboarding videos or alternative approaches, such as interactive walkthroughs, are better suited for their specific onboarding requirements .

Best Customer Onboarding Video Examples to get Inspired From

1. Asana

Asana is a renowned SaaS company specializing in project management software. It provides teams and individuals a platform to collaborate, organize tasks, and streamline workflows.

When it comes to marketing and visuals, the Asana video stands out as a shining example of excellence.

Being one of the best SaaS videos, it combines compelling storytelling, stunning visuals, and effective marketing techniques . This combination creates an immersive experience of onboarding and increases customer retention.

  • This great customer onboarding video offers a concise introduction to using the platform. Thus, highlighting its key features and functionalities.
  • The video showcases the Asana logo, color scheme, and style, reinforcing brand recognition and familiarity.
  • The speaker emphasizes the benefits of using Asana to give status updates without relying on traditional spreadsheets.
  • The video utilizes the Asana user interface (UI) to show how to navigate tasks, view completed and incomplete assignments, and check overdue tasks.
  • A specific focus is placed on the progress tab. Users can update their status by dragging tasks from the highlights section and notifying team members.
  • The video concludes with a logo animation encouraging viewers to act and try out Asana. Thus, providing a direct link to the Asana website.

What sets this video apart

The Asana onboarding video stands out due to its clear and concise presentation of the platform's key features. Also, its inclusion of the logo animation and a call-to-action at the end of the video encourages viewers to take the next step and explore Asana further.

Type of Onboarding Video

The Asana onboarding video can be categorized as an explainer video

2. Squarespace

Squarespace has become popular for individuals, businesses, and creative professionals who seek to create stunning and professional-looking websites.

This video excels in marketing and visuals by effectively conveying the platform's features, benefits, and ease of use. Its visually appealing design captures the viewer's attention, while the demonstration-style approach helps users navigate the onboarding process with clarity and confidence.

  • The Squarespace video overviews the platform's features and benefits.
  • It shows Squarespace's ease of use and versatility for creating professional websites.
  • The video incorporates eye-appealing design elements and smooth transitions to enhance the viewer's experience.
  • It demonstrates the platform's customization options, templates, and editing capabilities. These empower users to create unique websites.
  • The video utilizes clear and concise explanations to ensure viewers understand the value proposition of Squarespace.

What sets this video apart

The video stands out due to its stunning and pleasing design. The use of kinetic typography, engaging animations, vibrant colors, and an upbeat music capture the viewer's attention .

Type of Onboarding Video 

The Squarespace video can be categorized as a demonstration or tutorial-style video.

3. Mailchimp

Mailchimp has become a trusted name in the industry, serving millions of users worldwide. The company provides a user-friendly interface, allowing users to create and send professional-looking emails, design customizable landing pages, and automate their marketing workflows.

Being a tool with various features, it becomes necessary to understand the use of each of them. Thus, to solve this problem, Mailchimp has created various tutorial videos. We have come here with one such video of editing an email in Customer Journey Builder. 

  • The Mailchimp video offers an engaging introduction to the platform's email marketing capabilities.
  • It showcases the simplicity and power of Mailchimp's features for creating and managing email campaigns. 
  • The creative thing about this video is that it utilizes a combination of eye-catching visuals, vibrant colours, and smooth animations to capture the viewer's attention.
  • It demonstrates the platform's user-friendly interface and intuitive workflows. Thus making it easy for users to navigate and understand.

What sets this video apart

The concept that sets this video apart from others is its ability to educate and inspire users about the power of Mailchimp.

Type of Onboarding Video

The Mailchimp video can be classified as an educational and inspirational type of video.

4. Microsoft Teams

The Microsoft Teams onboarding video stands out in its marketing and visuals by offering a straightforward and pleasant tutorial-like format. It communicates the process of creating a team in Microsoft Teams.

Thus making it easy for new users to understand and engage with the platform. The video's great script and user-friendly approach contribute to its effectiveness in onboarding users to Microsoft Teams.

  • The Microsoft Teams video showcases how easy creating a team in the platform is.
  • It follows a straightforward and pleasant format, presenting a step-by-step guide to help users understand the process.
  • The video incorporates a great script. It ensures clear and concise explanations resonate with viewers.
  • Text synchronization with visuals enhances the user experience by reinforcing key points and providing visual cues. 

What sets this video apart

This video stands out due to its explanation of the great customer onboarding process with simplicity and its focus on just one topic using Microsoft Teams service. This leads to maintaining a user's interest while watching the video and grasping the exact information.

Type of Onboarding Video

The Microsoft Teams video can be classified as a tutorial-style video.

5. Basecamp

The Basecamp video excels in its marketing and visuals by providing a comprehensive overview of the platform's UI .

It also showcases its key features and offers step-by-step guidance on how to use them. The video's clear branding, engaging narration, and inclusion of a call-to-action contribute to its effectiveness in onboarding users to Basecamp, a great SaaS company.

  • The Basecamp video provides a comprehensive overview of the platform's user interface (UI) and demonstrates how it facilitates team collaboration.
  • The video introduces viewers to Basecamp's key features and tools. These include Campfire, Message board, Todos, Schedule, Automatic check-in, and Docs & files.
  • The speaker's engaging and informative narration adds a personal touch to the video. Thus making it more relatable and engaging for the audience.
  • The video takes a step-by-step approach, giving background information about each tool and showcasing its functionality through demos.
  • The use of Basecamp's UI throughout the video helps viewers familiarize themselves with the platform's layout and navigation.

What sets this video apart

The video stands out due to its clear branding and continuous use of Basecamp's UI. Thus, reinforcing the platform's identity ensures consistency in the viewer's experience. Also, including a call-to-action at the end and listing platforms for further questions demonstrates a thoughtful approach to customer support and help.

Type of Onboarding Video

The Basecamp video can be categorized as a tutorial and a demo-based video.

6. Trello

Trello is a widely-used project management software that enables teams to collaborate and manage tasks efficiently . With its intuitive interface and versatile features, Trello has become a go-to choice for individuals and businesses .

Trello created tutorial videos to make its business a little easy to understand for new users.  We have one such for you with the starting point of knowing ‘What is Trello board?'

The video's animated explainer format effectively simplifies complex concepts, making it an excellent tool for onboarding new users to Trello's project management system.

  • This effective customer onboarding video captures attention right from the start with animated characters that showcase the brand's personality and user interface.
  • The soothing voiceover introduces the video's purpose and sets the tone for a helpful and informative tutorial experience.
  • The video guides the user through a step-by-step process of navigating Trello's project management dashboard, including managing lists, cards, and project members.
  • It highlights the optimization of workflows through Trello's “to-do, doing, and done” system, emphasizing its practicality and effectiveness.

What sets this video apart

The not so short tutorial video is concise, and its focus on delivery ensures that users grasp the core functionalities of Trello without feeling overwhelmed. I t an excellent choice for new users seeking a visual and interactive customer experience.

Type of Onboarding Video

The Trello onboarding video falls into the category of animated tutorial videos.

7. Grammarly

Grammarly is a renowned SaaS platform that provides writing and grammar-checking tools to help individuals improve their writing skills.

Its advanced algorithms and user-friendly interface make it a trusted companion for writers, professionals, and students.

To make the user experience easier and more interesting, it has remarkably worked on the concept of video marketing. With one such example, you'll watch one of its onboarding or customer-attracting videos here .

  • This is one of the best customer onboarding videos we've ever seen. It adopts a marketing-oriented approach, resembling an organic, commercial-like video that promotes the product while educating viewers about its features.
  • The video captures attention with its catchy visuals and straightforward messaging. Thus, engaging viewers from start to finish.
  • It showcases the platform's key features. These features include grammar checking, spelling correction, style suggestions, and plagiarism detection.
  • This onboarding video shows how Grammarly integrates into various writing platforms. Thus, making it accessible and convenient for users.

What sets this video apart

By resembling a commercial, the video creates a sense of excitement and aspiration. Thus, making users eager to try Grammarly for their writing needs.

It combines marketing techniques with educational content. This style provides a balance between promoting the product and delivering valuable information.

Type of Onboarding Video

This awesome onboarding video can be classified as an educational marketing video.

8. Jotform

JotForm is a leading SaaS platform that enables users to create customizable online forms and collect data in a seamless way. This video of Jotform helps to bring the technical aspects and processes of this SaaS brand in a captivating way.

  • The JotForm onboarding video is part of a series of quick tips videos designed to assist users with onboarding . It also helps to familiarize them with the platform's features.
  • The video begins with upbeat music, setting a positive tone and creating an engaging atmosphere for viewers.
  • It takes viewers through the step-by-step process of creating a form on JotForm. It demonstrates how to sign in, navigate the dashboard, use templates, themes, and features, and explore support and pricing options.
  • The video provides a detailed walkthrough of the form creation process. Thus, showcasing the platform's user interface and leaving little room for confusion or doubt.
  • The callout at the end of the video, inviting viewers to try JotForm's free starter plan, is an effective call to action. It encourages users to take the next step in their onboarding journey.  

What sets this video apart

This video stands out with its upbeat and energetic tone. It captures viewers' attention from the start and maintains engagement.  The video aims to educate users about JotForm's form creation process and empower them to use the platform.

Type of Onboarding Video

The JotForm onboarding video can be classified as an instructional video tutorial.

9. Square

Square is a leading SaaS company that offers a range of innovative solutions for businesses. These include point-of-sale systems, payment processing, and other business management tools.

Thus, the company opted to create such an amazing video to create a more positive impact on its target audience.

  • The Square onboarding video focuses on showcasing the features and uses cases of their Point of Sale app .
  • The video incorporates various visual elements. These include 3D animation, kinetic typography, 2D animation, screengrabs, UI screen recordings, pop-ups, live footage, and pictures.
  • These visual techniques engage the video and hold the viewer's attention throughout onboarding.
  • The video utilizes the app's interface to show key functionalities. These include product naming and organization, quick checkout through product pictures, employee permissions, customer directory management, and business performance tracking on the Dashboard.
  • The video showcases how the Square app works on laptops and mobile devices. Thus, providing a comprehensive understanding of its capabilities.
  • The video educates users about the app's capabilities and entices them to explore Square further.

What sets this video apart

The Square onboarding video stands out due to its innovative visual approach. Combining various visual elements creates an engaging and entertaining experience for viewers. Diverse visual techniques keep the video dynamic. It also ensures viewers remain interested and involved in the onboarding process.

Type of Onboarding Video

The Square onboarding video can be categorized as a promotional and instructional video.  

10. HubSpot

HubSpot is a leading SaaS company that provides a comprehensive marketing, sales, and customer service software suite . Their platform enables businesses to attract, engage, and delight customers through inbound marketing strategies .

By watching the video given below, you'll be able to understand how HubSpot can help you in a better way.

  • The HubSpot onboarding video offers an informative and eye-appealing introduction to their software suite .
  • The video employs a combination of animations, screen recordings, and live footage to show the platform's features and functionalities. 
  • It highlights key aspects of HubSpot's tools in an effective way. These include email marketing, lead generation, and customer relationship management (CRM).
  • The video provides step-by-step instructions on integrating Dropbox sign with Hubspot. Being a fully technical topic, this video fulfils the need for a resource to make understanding easy for users.
  • The presenter's engaging and enthusiastic tone keeps viewers interested and motivated throughout the video.
  • Clear and concise explanations and visual cues make the onboarding process easy to follow and understand.

What sets this video apart

The HubSpot onboarding video stands out due to its seamless animations, screen recordings, and live footage integration . This combination creates an eye-appealing and dynamic viewing experience.

Type of Onboarding Video

The HubSpot onboarding video can be categorized as an instructional and promotional video.

Ready to bring Growth to your Business with an Impactful SaaS Onboarding Video?

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From showcasing product features to providing step-by-step instructions, these videos can educate, inspire, and leave a lasting impression.

With the right combination of creativity, strategic messaging, and user-centric design, onboarding videos can unlock long-term customer loyalty and success in the ever-evolving landscape.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Onboarding a SaaS user involves guiding them through getting started with your software. It typically includes providing clear instructions, tutorials, and support to help users understand the features and functionalities of the product. By offering a seamless and user-friendly onboarding experience, you can ensure that users feel confident and empowered to make the most of your SaaS solution.

The onboarding model for SaaS refers to the specific approach or framework used to onboard new users. It outlines the steps and strategies involved in introducing users to the software, educating them about its benefits and usage, and helping them become proficient in using the product. The onboarding model may vary depending on the nature of the SaaS solution and the target audience, but it generally focuses on providing a smooth and engaging user experience.

Improving SaaS onboarding involves analyzing and optimizing the onboarding process to enhance user adoption, engagement, and retention. Some strategies to improve SaaS onboarding include simplifying the user interface, providing interactive tutorials and guides, offering personalized assistance and support, and collecting user feedback to identify areas for improvement. By continuously refining the onboarding experience, you can increase user satisfaction and maximize the value they derive from your SaaS product.

A welcome video for SaaS onboarding should be informative, engaging, and concise. It should introduce users to your software's key features and benefits, showcase its value proposition, and guide them through the initial steps of getting started. The video can briefly overview the product's capabilities, demonstrate navigating the interface, and highlight any unique or important functionalities. Additionally, it's essential to keep the welcome message convey a friendly and welcoming tone to make users feel comfortable and excited about using your SaaS solution.