Before discussing how to use kinetic typography in advertising, we have a small question for all of you.

When you think about the advertisement of your product or ads, what all pops up in your mind?

If not wrong then, your product will need a good platform to get people to know about your product. Your product must have perfect visuals and fonts to attract attention, whether on social media pages, websites, YouTube ads, posters, etc.

When advertising and marketing your product, you might choose many ways and mediums, including traditional sources like newspapers, magazines, catalogues and leaflets, signs, billboards, posters, book covers, typographic logos, graffiti, etc. 

What has changed over the years? Businesses have moved to a digital platform to promote and advertise their product. A few modern ways of advertising are through social media posts and banners, videos, motion graphics like GIFs, animations, blogs, etc. 

The one common thing we will always follow in product showcases is typography, or the art of making the text appealing and readable when displayed. We use multiple typographic styles to make our products engaging in traditional or modern advertising. 

One of the typography styles is Kinetic Typography. This blog will discuss kinetic typography and ways to use it in advertising. 

What is Kinetic Typography?

Kinetic Typography animation is the technique of mixing motion with text to express ideas and emotions. It is an animation technique that uses moving text to set a tone, capture attention, and for entertainment purposes.

It seems to be everywhere right now, mobile apps, commercials, advertisements, movies, and websites use it to make their words more impactful.

Benefits of Kinetic Typography

1. Eye-catching and makes content memorable

People are more likely to pay attention to moving objects than still ones. This eye-catching kinetic typography animation may highlight your advertising video's most significant features.

Even when the video ends, people tend to easily recall the words and the message conveyed, as kinetic typography is a blend of motion graphics and words.

2. Enhances your brand identity

You can incorporate more of your brand identity when advertising with the help of kinetic typography. It makes it possible for your brand to be presented in a creative manner that will help you stand out through the use of moving text. 

As words have a powerful impact, the type of font, colour, the way the text moves, etc., give the audience an idea about the nature of your business/brand or product. 

3. Used in different types of content

The options are practically unlimited in terms of how you can incorporate kinetic typography. Almost every animated or live-action video may benefit from this method due to its very nature.

It can be used in social media animations, explainer videos, educational videos, brand videos, business presentations, internal communication videos, etc. 

How can you use kinetic typography in advertising?

1. Commercial Ads

You must have noticed many advertisements that are a play of animated words in different forms. When discussing commercial ads, we follow animation techniques to save time and easily interact with audiences. Commercial advertisements aim to capture the audience's attention, raise brand awareness and boost sales. 

Kinetic typography is one of the best techniques to show your product or brand advertisement with the help of motion text.

The example in the video below is made by ad agency YCN STUDIO, collaborating with LA-based production company BUCK to create a powerful animation in “Childline: First Steps

2. Movie trailers and feature films

When we talk about kinetic typography in movies, the only name that comes into my mind is Sir Alfred Hitchcock’s movie North by Northwest (1959), which is known to be the first feature film to use kinetic typography. Watch the opening title sequence in the video given below.

While the way the lettering glides on and off-screen now appears crude, it was innovative when the picture was produced. From North by Northwest to Spider-Man, kinetic typography has made the promotional trailers, starting and endings of movies and feature films amazing. 

3. Websites

Kinetic typography helps to create an amazing website for your business. You can use kinetic typography on the home and landing pages to look more attractive and engaging to the audience.

GIFs are quite common and can be incorporated into the website design. Here is an example of a GIF portraying amazing kinetic typography. This GIF is from the website by Sir Hacker Noon. 


4. Tell your story

Storytelling is quite an attractive strategy to make your business memorable. Storytelling videos can include animated typography and other animated objects, characters, etc. Believe it or not, words can powerfully impact the audience. 

Some artists also use kinetic typography to tell the story of anything that can emotionally affect their audience. I have a good example of that, too! Check out the video that Sir Eli Guillou makes. 

5. Posters

Not only in motion videos, but we guess kinetic typography is also helpful and makes an impact when used to create beautiful animated posters and templates with engaging text.

These work better than static graphic posters. It can be used in many places like social media, messaging apps, big screens, etc., and act as a short but effective advertisement for your product. 

Mr. Andrie's posters are the best examples as he creates them with the help of kinetic typography.

6. Animated logos

Logo animation is also one of the best examples of kinetic typography in brand or business advertising. As we all know, a logo is the face of a brand or company, and if it is created by kinetic typography, it will impact differently to your target audience.

It makes the brand memorable and instills in the audience the brand's nature through the typography used. This is one of the best forms of advertising a product or business using kinetic typography.

The example below is by the InDesign blog that uses kinetic typography for logo animation. 

All Set to use Kinetic Typography in your Advertisements?

Kinetic typography is the art of bringing the text to life. You may say actions speak louder than words. But, if you consider kinetic typography, words are in action, and the impact doubles. 

If you are looking to create amazing motion graphics, 2D animationwhiteboard animationcharacter animation, etc., or looking for video editing services, you are in the right place! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Kinetic typography animates text elements to create motion, rhythm, and visual impact. It involves manipulating fonts, size, color, positioning, and timing through dynamic text animations to convey a message or story.

Kinetic typography is used to make textual content more engaging and memorable. It adds a dynamic dimension to communication, making it suitable for presentations, advertisements, music videos, and other forms of visual storytelling.

To create kinetic typography in After Effects, you can start by importing your text and using keyframes to animate its properties, such as position, scale, rotation, and opacity. After Effects provides various animation tools and presets to help you achieve dynamic text animations.

The cost of kinetic typography depends on the tools and resources you use. There are free online platforms and software options available for creating basic kinetic typography. However, for more advanced and professional results, you may opt for paid software or hire an animator, which could incur costs.