Become a Motion Graphic Artist: 5 Pro Tips to Become One

I assume that you are starting in the world of animation and is interested in becoming a motion graphics artist. Inevitably, a motion graphics According to Glassdoors report, the average salary of a motion graphics designer is around $63,000, which is above a national average wage.


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What is motion graphics? We will discuss the basics of motions graphics at first before moving forward. Motion graphic animation is all about organizing the digital footage or animation together to create movement or rotation, generally combined with audio to make it suitable to use in multimedia projects. Here is a video that explains the duties of motion graphic artist.

It is likely that you will find plenty of sources of information, giving you all sorts of legit and unpractical solutions about how you can start learning motion graphics. The beginning phase is the hardest in every profession, and it applies to motion graphics as well. In this article, we will give you actionable tips extracted from experts that will work for you.

How can you advance your career in motion graphics?

It is possible to find pieces of information and learn on your own. However, without the right guidance, you will waste a lot of time on unnecessary things that you do not need to do. Here are the five pro tips that will help you advance your career in motion graphics.

  1. 1. Know the market

The first tip for you is to know the market and major players that you want to model. It is almost impossible to know what to learn if you have no clear idea of what you want to achieve. To see the market, you should be aware of the top studios on the market along with professionals and their works.

Check out the projects carried out by world-class studios like Buck and Psyop to know about what is possible when you master the motion graphics skill. There is no need to be overwhelmed with the quality of works that you produce and think that you can never reach that level. Remember that it takes a lot of time to master the skills.

After you check out their works, you should see what type of motion graphics video they are publishing on social media. It will give you an idea of what is the market trend and how you should customize your learning tasks.

The report shows that users consume over a billion hours of content on YouTube. If you manage to produce a fantastic scene, you have the potential to reach out to a lot of users and make an impression on their lives.

2. Build a solid foundation and then try modifying the rules

Once you are aware of the landscape, you should focus on mastering the basics. There is no point in trying out many fancy things at once by looking at tutorials before getting your foundation right.

For instance, a guitarist who learns about notes at first is much more skilled than a guitarist who knows nothing about the notes but has practised some songs by going through some tutorials. The one who knows about notes can easily create new music than those who only know how to play some random songs, but has no idea about notes.


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There is a plethora of information online that can confuse you when you are just starting your journey. You should join the course, which will teach various concepts of motion graphics like shape layers, effects, text animation, and so on. Just Google “Best foundation courses for motion graphics” and you will be able to find out the most appropriate course for you.

Once you have a strong foundation, seek out for the most appropriate software for you and practice, according to the rules. Once you master your basics, do some experiment to get better and to unleash your creativity.

3. Go and get a real-world experience after building a foundation

You will never sharpen your skills without implementing your knowledge in a real-world project. The best way to get better is to practice what you learn. Many beginners get caught up in only teaching theories, but it never works for anyone. For instance, an amateur boxer will never get to the advanced level without doing a sparring match and participating in a tournament.

Work for freelance clients or get an intern to start your journey. By working on real-world projects, you will learn from other team members, make mistakes and learn from it, and will also know what your employers or clients want.

Keep on watching tutorials and practising to get better.


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4. Start a hobby project from scratch and also learn how to use templates

At first, you can try templates for your new project. The only thing you need to do is customize the project file like editing a demo video, replacing the image, editing the text, and so on. It is a quick solution for creating a video for capitalizing on the hot market trend.

The study shows that social video gets 1200% more shares in comparison to the regular text posts. You can come up with a decent video, not a unique masterpiece, for getting your message across your audience in a quick time. However, you will not get in-depth knowledge about motion graphics if you only depend on templates.

Try making a template from the very beginning and create a project out of it, which will drastically increase your level of video editing.


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5. Seek out for the best resource for further learning and enhancing your skills

The learning never stops, and it applies to every other field in the world. You should keep on exploring new types of videos and techniques for advancing your skills. Check out the new courses that will increase your level, be updated with the trends, and so on to keep on updating and upgrading your skills.

You should also network with other experts in the industry and converse with them for being a part of the community. Thanks to the internet, you can easily find an appropriate group to network. If you are the part of the community, you will acquire others’ knowledge and learn from their experience to avoid the mistake in the future.

Are you ready to follow the process?

By keeping the pro tips that I have revealed in this article, you will be cutting out the confusions and learning curve. However, you must keep in mind that, like every other skill, you need to spend numerous hours to master the art of motion graphics. Also, the learning never stops.

You might need years of practice to be an expert. With that said, it does not mean that you should practice for years before going out to work in the real world. What I mean is that you need to keep on learning, while using the skills at the same time to make money. I hope the insights in this article is useful. Let us know what you think of the material by commenting below.

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