It's no secret that video has become an integral part of our daily lives; however, it's not just limited to entertainment anymore. The video has become a crucial component of any successful video marketing strategy for any product or service.

In fact, research shows that video marketing has become so effective that 87% of businesses now use video as a marketing tool. 

But have you ever thought about why videos are so effective for marketing?

They're highly engaging and can evoke emotions that text or images simply can't. Videos also allow brands to showcase their products or services in action. In addition, with the rise of social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, videos can be created and shared easily.

So, whether you're a small business owner or a marketer at a large corporation, it's important to understand the power of video marketing.  Here, we'll be showcasing 19 must-see video examples that highlight the power of video marketing. Let's dive in!

Feast your eyes on the best 19 Video Examples

1. 3D Explainer Video – The Story of Our Workflow (3D Animation Video Example)

Kasra Design's “The Story Of Our Workflow” is the initial video in the queue, which showcases their exceptional use of 3D animation to represent their 3D animation process.

To clarify, the Kasra Design animators utilized three-dimensional animation technology to illustrate their entire work of developing a 3D animated video for a client.

We watched a complete film in 1 minute and 25 seconds, from meeting the client in person or virtually to delivering the final high-quality video. This proves to be an amazing illustration of a business Intro video to attract customers in one go.

  • The animation in the video is very smooth, and the characters' movements are natural and fluid. This is due to the advanced 3D animation techniques that allow for more realistic and seamless movements.
  • The video shows attention to detail in the 3D models, textures, lighting, and shading. The characters and environments are intricately designed and rendered, which adds to the overall quality and realism of the animation.
  • The video also has a unique colour scheme and visual style, which helps it stand out from other animated videos. The bold, bright colours and modern, sleek design give the video a fresh and contemporary feel.

What sets this video apart

The seamless integration of 3D animation to show the process of making 3D animation makes it overall aesthetic. This impacts the animation studio and how prospects get attracted to the kind of work they do. 

2. HubSpot Culture (Onboarding Video Example)

HubSpot's 3-minute and 30-second welcome video effectively illustrates the company's culture of embracing new team members.

To truly make newcomers feel like they belong, the company needs to create an environment that fosters a sense of community rather than relying solely on words. This successful integration strategy can be instrumental in achieving this objective.

  • The video uses a storytelling approach to engage viewers & helps connect with the company's culture/values.
  • The real HubSpot employees share experiences & create authenticity/transparency to build trust among the viewers.
  • Focuses on the company's culture/values, helping new employees align with vision/mission.
  • Visually appealing with engaging graphics, animations & footage, making onboarding enjoyable.
  • Communicates important information clearly & concisely, aiding understanding & expectation clarity.

What sets this video apart

Combining animation and live-action in a video creates an engaging and captivating experience for all employees, allowing them to learn about HubSpot company until the end. This makes it one of the excellent Live-Action Video Examples

3. Get Started with Spotify (Demo Video Example)

If you're curious about how your favourite music app works, check out this one of the impressive demo video examples. “How to get started with Spotify” is a captivating animated video that reveals the secrets to attracting viewers. Join us and discover what makes it so appealing.

  • The video provides a step-by-step guide on how to start with Spotify, making it easy for viewers to follow along and use the service immediately. Clear and concise instructions are given to prevent viewers from getting lost or confused while using Spotify.
  • The animation in this product video uses app-related colours to maintain viewers' attention.
  • The visuals make the content more memorable, increasing the chances that viewers will remember the instructions and continue using Spotify.
  • The video does a good job of using Spotify and highlights the benefits of the service, such as creating custom playlists and discovering new music. This can encourage viewers to try out Spotify for themselves.
  • Although the video doesn't directly promote the app, it prominently features the Spotify logo and branding, which can help increase brand recognition and awareness.
  • The video suits various viewers, from those new to music streaming services to experienced users looking for features to get more out of Spotify. Altogether, it makes this video a valuable video marketing tool for the company to attract new users and retain existing ones.

What sets this video apart

The feature of being speechless sets it apart from others. As many individuals prefer to watch videos on mute, conveying information through visuals proves to be a valuable asset in the market.

4. webdew Client Review | Travelopia | – #webdew (Testimonial Video Example)

Customer feedback in the form of testimonial videos can greatly aid companies in attracting and converting visitors into leads. The satisfaction and achievements of happy customers are particularly noteworthy.

For instance, Travelopia's technology director, Sreekandh Balakrishnan, shares how webdew assisted in navigating Hubspot and its automation. Additionally, she highlights how webdew tackled challenges, provided high-quality video services, and enabled her to achieve impressive outcomes.

  • The video starts with a shot of a happy and satisfied customer who shares his experience working with webdew.
  • The customer speaks emotionally and shares how his business has transformed after getting their services.
  • The video focuses on customer testimonials with different businesses, goals, and challenges.
  • The diversity in testimonials can showcase the broad range of services webdew offers and how it has helped different businesses achieve their objectives.
  • The customer in the video shares specific results and achievements he has received with the help of Webdew's services.
  • This can provide credibility to the brand, and potential customers can see that they can expect tangible results from working with webdew.
  • The video is well-produced, with high-quality shots and clear audio.
  • The video puts visuals and transitions to complement the testimonials and make the video more engaging.
  • The video ends with the appearance of webdew's logo to promote branding overall.

What sets this video apart

The video's key feature is its simplicity. It doesn't have extra music or effects, so viewers can focus on how the brand helped the customer in the video and how it can help others in the future.

5. Crypto video presentation for InCrypto blockchain-based platform (HUD Video Example)

InCrypto provides secure and efficient solutions for managing your digital assets through its blockchain-based platform. The platform features a user-friendly interface that uses HUD animation to visually convey information about your cryptocurrency portfolio and trades. In addition, InCrypto stays up-to-date with the latest market trends, giving you peace of mind that your digital assets are always safe and secure.

  • The video utilizes captivating HUD animation to tell a story about how InCrypto can solve real-world problems. The use of animated charts and diagrams effectively elaborates the technical aspects of the platform in a simple and easy-to-understand manner.
  • The video highlights the important features and advantages of the InCrypto blockchain-based platform without overwhelming the audience with too much technical jargon.
  • The professional voiceover and sound effects add depth and emotion to the video, making it more relatable and memorable.
  • The visual is designed for the target audience, i.e., individuals and businesses interested in blockchain-based platforms, by showcasing how InCrypto can solve specific problems related to data privacy, security, and transparency.

What sets this video apart

The video's motion carries the viewer to the destination of Blockchain technology, while its robotic voiceover highlights the advantages and attributes of InCrypto, encouraging the audience to try it.

6. Take Your Paper from B to A | Write Your Future With Grammarly (Live-Action Video Example)

This creative explainer video creatively showcases how Grammarly, a grammar-checking software, can provide amazing career results. Incorporating a protagonist and weaving a compelling storyline around their present and future success effectively communicates the benefits of using Grammarly.

  • This less than a 2 minute video excellently uses a real setup to emphasize the significant points and benefits of using Grammarly. The animation also includes subtle visual cues and transitions to maintain the viewer's attention.
  • The narration is easy to follow and incorporates simple language to explain the benefits of using Grammarly. The video also uses illustrations and scenarios that students can relate to, making it more relevant and impactful and one of the great promotional videos.
  • The video has a high-quality production value. The live-action footage is shot professionally, and the animation is well-designed and executed. The sound quality and music are also well-produced, adding to the viewing experience.
  • The video ends with a clear CTA, encouraging students to use Grammarly. This is an efficient way to convert viewers into users and make it more than a passive viewing experience.

What sets this video apart

A student's present and future storyline acts like a short film that impacts the viewer's mind, where the person craves to watch the video ad on a loop. In no time, it expressed all the advantages and effects that Grammarly can have professionally.

7. How to manage your time better (How-To Video Example)

Are you searching for a video that offers tips on managing your time? Look no further than “How to Manage Your Time Better by WatchWellCast.” This video has gained popularity, with over 2 million views on YouTube, making it an engaging marketing and animation resource for various purposes.

  • The visual offers best practices for time management and provides practical tips and advice to solve a common problem.
  • Animated characters depict time management challenges that viewers may face, helping build a connection and make the content more engaging.
  • Lighthearted moments are interspersed throughout the video to make the content feel more approachable and less intimidating.
  • The video includes options for viewers to contact the creators and a call to action to comment below, increasing engagement and providing a sense of purpose to the content.
  • The WatchWellCast branding is prominently featured throughout the video, including at the beginning and end, to establish the brand as a thought leader in wellness and lifestyle.

What sets this video apart

Providing a summary to the audience before wrapping up instructional videos is crucial. WatchWellCast incorporates this approach to help viewers grasp time management skills, enabling them to manage essential tasks while avoiding delays effectively.

8. Introducing the new SurveyMonkey (B2B Video Example)

Although surveys can often make people feel bored and disengaged, Survey Monkey offers a refreshing solution. As a cloud-based survey tool, it allows users to create, analyze, and send surveys in a visually appealing and engaging manner. Watch the attached video better to understand the platform's upbeat and dynamic vibe. Let's check it out!

  • The animation is aesthetically pleasing and informative, introducing Survey Monkey's brand and services.
  • Survey Monkey's message is delivered clearly and concisely in the video, making it easy for viewers to understand the benefits of using their platform.
  • The messaging aligns with the company's brand voice and values, creating a cohesive and memorable experience for the viewer.
  • Humour is used in the video to engage potential customers and create a memorable experience.
  • Playful animation and funny dialogue make the video more approachable and relatable, which can help build trust and likability with potential customers.
  • This type of video content uses storytelling to demonstrate how Survey Monkey can help businesses solve real-world problems.
  • The video follows a character's journey and shows how Survey Monkey's tools and services can help them succeed, creating a compelling narrative that resonates with viewers.

What sets this video apart

The music and the matchstick animation game enhance this video's appeal. A captivating introduction increases the likelihood of viewers remaining engaged until the end. Survey Monkey successfully employs this strategy to keep their audience watching.

9. Terminus’ Morgan Gillespie – Acme (Sales Video Example)

Morgan Gillespie delivers a dynamic video pitch that is both clear and energetic. The video's opening shot, which doubles as its thumbnail, is particularly striking.

Morgan appears in the shot, holding the customer's product in one hand and a whiteboard bearing the prospect's name in the other while wearing a broad smile. This shot exemplifies how props can be employed to personalize videos, and Morgan executes this concept flawlessly.

  • Morgan's sales pitch includes a visual element with a whiteboard displaying the prospect's name and product, which can establish a connection with the viewer and make them more receptive.
  • Morgan focuses on the key benefits of Terminus' services and how they can help prospects achieve their goals, delivering a clear and concise message that's easy to understand.
  • Morgan's energetic and enthusiastic delivery adds to the video's compelling nature. It helps convey the value proposition of Terminus' services, such as highly targeted display ads and generating the right revenue for the company.
  • The video concludes with a clear call to action, encouraging the prospect to schedule a demo with Terminus, thus moving them closer to the next step in the sales funnel.

What sets this video apart

By utilizing a conversational tone throughout the video, Morgan successfully captures the interest of both Rebecca and other viewers who may be watching.

With her expert display of marketing skills, Morgan effectively communicates Terminus' potential value proposition, leaving potential customers eager to connect with the company.

10. Zomato – Squid Game Reel

Zomato's Squid Game-themed Instagram Reel is a clever example of how animation and marketing can come together to create a compelling social media post. The use of Squid Game, the hugely popular Korean web series on Netflix, is undoubtedly a major factor in the post's viral success.

  • The employment of this animation style in this social media reel is top-notch. The animation captures the essence of the popular Korean drama series Squid Game and accurately represents the characters' personalities, expressions, and soundtrack.
  • The animation is fluid, lively, and expressive, making the video captivating. 
  • The marketing strategy behind this popular video is also noteworthy. Zomato, a popular food delivery and restaurant discovery platform, has used the Squid Game theme to engage users by focusing on the food item ‘sandwich' in the reel.
  • The video's content is specifically targeted to the audience of Squid Game fans, making it relevant and relatable. 

What sets this video apart

Zomato has capitalized on the popularity of a drama series by using 2D animation to recreate a scene with identical background music. This successful effort has demonstrated why the reel went viral on Instagram, a popular social media platform.

11. Work, simplified. | Slack (2D Animation Video Example)

If you think about how a messaging app can portray itself fantastically, you should watch this one of the great corporate video examples that is an excellent way to get inspired.

The company culture has been highlighted through the key features of the Slack platform, such as the ability to create channels for different teams and projects, share files and messages, and integrate with other apps and tools.

  • The Slack 2D animated video is an unbeatable marketing tool that provides solutions to the target audience from both an animation and marketing perspective.
  • It is an impactful animation with movement in a two-dimensional space, showing the details of the Slack messaging app and how it has simplified working for people who need this application, especially corporate ones.
  • From a marketing perspective, the Slack video is a masterpiece. The video is not overly promotional but provides an informative and educational experience for the viewer.
  • The tone is friendly and inviting, making the viewer feel like they are part of a larger community that values communication and collaboration.

What sets this video apart

The main concept that sets it apart is the way of promoting the app without creating a direct promotional video. Every business trying to create an effective marketing video can consider this a tip.

12. Every product carbon neutral by 2030 | Apple (Corporate Video Example)

It's impossible to be unaware of Apple, the high-end technology brand. Therefore, this animated corporate video adds a star to the brand's popularity. It is a remarkable demonstration of how animation can effectively convey a company's brand identity and message with a straightforward yet memorable approach.

  • The video employs a compelling storytelling approach to deliver Apple's message of commitment to sustainability. The story follows the journey of an apple from its origin to the consumer, effectively highlighting the company's sustainable practices at every stage.
  • The animation in the video is unique and creative, using kinetic typography as the major tool to create this simple yet effective and attractive corporate video.
  • The use of vibrant colours, smooth transitions, and playful imagery adds to the video's appeal.
  • The video effectively communicates the company's message of carbon neutrality by 2030 concisely and clearly.
  • Using simple language and statistics helps emphasize the importance of the company's commitment to sustainability.
  • The video effectively highlights Apple's brand identity using its recognizable logo and design elements throughout the animation. 
  • The video is well-produced, with high-quality animation, sound, and visuals. The video's professional production values help enhance the message's credibility and position Apple as a leader in sustainability.

What sets this video apart

The corporate animated video opted not to rely on character design to add visual appeal but instead utilized colour variations, text, and a polished voiceover to convey its message effectively. This demonstrates that incorporating vibrant characters and other flashy elements is not always a requirement for a successful marketing video.

13. Play Station VR setup tutorial (Tutorial Video Example)

By providing a step-by-step guide on setting up and utilizing the console, the tutorial format enables even those unacquainted with gaming systems to access and use it. This positions the PlayStation as a user-friendly, state-of-the-art entertainment system that promotes social interaction. 

  • From an animation and marketing perspective, this tutorial visual is an impressive portrayal of skill and creativity.
  • The combination of 2D and 3D animation awakens the PlayStation console and its features. Henceforth, it also becomes one of the great 3D animation examples.
  • The use of precise animation in a smooth way brings the console's various buttons, ports, and functions under the spotlight.
  • The upbeat and energetic soundtrack also complements the visuals and keeps the viewer engaged.

What sets this video apart

Using bold colours with cool 2D and 3D animation creates a mesmerizing experience for the viewers by making them feel like they are inside a game. This altogether makes this video stand out.

14. Red Bull’s Whiteboard Series (Whiteboard Video Example)

The Red Bull series is a prime illustration of whiteboard animation done right, showcasing how animation can effectively engagingly communicate complex ideas. The series highlights Red Bull's dedication to pushing the boundaries of human capability, making for an enthralling viewing experience.

  • The video combines two animation styles – whiteboard and digital animation.  By combining these two styles, the video creates a unique visual experience that is both engaging and informative.
  • The whiteboard animation style provides a classic, nostalgic feel, while the digital animation style adds modernity and visual interest.
  • Moreover, the use of animation adds movement and depth to the visuals. The visuals are not static but rather are moving, which creates a sense of excitement and energy. 
  • The video's best content marketing practices help establish brand authority. The video follows this process by presenting useful and relevant information that resonates with the audience.

What sets this video apart

The use of whiteboard animation with a modern design and a humorous storyline makes this video stand apart in the crowd.

15. How Google Wifi keeps your Wi-Fi fast (Explainer Video Example)

A superb demonstration of one of the best explainer video examples depicts how Google Wifi utilizes a network comprising access points to establish a continuous mesh network that eradicates Wi-Fi dead spots and maintains swift connection speed.

The animation illustrates how each access point interacts with nearby devices, resulting in a robust and stable connection throughout your residence. You can relish speedy and dependable Wi-Fi coverage in every corner of your home by utilizing Google Wifi's state-of-the-art network technology.

  • Wifi's advanced network technology allows fast and reliable Wi-Fi throughout the house.
  • The video provides a clear and easy-to-understand explanation of Google Wifi's workings, with animation visuals that aid comprehension.
  • The video uses animation effectively to explain the technical aspects of the Google Wifi system.
  • Engaging visuals in the video, with colourful and fun animation, keep the viewer's attention.
  • The video pays attention to detail, using visual cues to clarify complex technical concepts, such as navigating the Google Wifi app.
  • The narration in the video is clear and professional, with a well-paced voiceover that allows the viewer to absorb the information without feeling overwhelmed.

What sets this video apart

Utilizing animations to illustrate a complex procedure makes it captivating for the audience to comprehend the idea easily. It leads them to consider procuring the service, rendering it an appealing marketing resource.

16. Pepperfry motion graphics video (Motion Graphics Video Example)

Pepperfry is the largest online marketplace in India for furniture and home decor, catering to millions of users with its extensive product range. Utilizing motion graphics animation videos to showcase your services and offerings can simplify the process for customers by visually demonstrating what you can provide.

Check out this entertaining motion graphics video to discover what sets Pepperfry apart as India's ultimate destination for furniture and home products.

  • Video showcases furniture's journey from raw materials to finished products and common furniture problems people face.
  • It effectively communicates the brand's core message of providing high-quality furniture and home decor products.
  • It uses visually appealing graphics and animations that engage the viewer and hold their attention throughout.
  • Bright and bold colours, dynamic camera movements, and fluid transitions between scenes keep the viewer hooked.
  • Effectively showcases Pepperfry brand and logo throughout, creating brand awareness and recognition.
  • A catchy and upbeat music score adds to the video's overall appeal and helps create a memorable experience for the viewer.

What sets this video apart

The combination of its plot and music gives the impression of a Rom-Com web series preview. It effectively draws viewers to watch until the conclusion and consider exploring Pepperfry for their top-notch furniture needs.

17. The official rebrand introduction video for Burger King (Kinetic Typography Video Example)

The Burger King advertisement demonstrates the effective application of kinetic typography, resulting in visually captivating promotional material. The typography's ingenuity conveys the advertisement's message, and its synchronized movement with the background music enhances its overall impact.

  • The commercial cleverly uses different fonts, colours, and sizes to bring the text to life and create a sense of motion and energy.
  • The use of kinetic typography animation is attention-grabbing and makes the commercial stand out from traditional static advertisements.
  • The text movements are timed perfectly with the music, making it hard to look away. The combination of upbeat music, creative typography, and fun visuals make this commercial memorable.
  • The commercial leaves a lasting impression on the viewer, making them more likely to remember the Burger King brand.
  • The typography highlights Burger King's speciality of enhancing the quality and quantity of the food to rule like an original king.
  • The use of kinetic typography animation makes this commercial versatile and easy to adapt to different mediums.
  • The commercial can be used on social media platforms, websites, and in-store displays.

What sets this video apart

The Burger King commercial exemplifies the impact of kinetic typography in advertising through its use of a dynamic font that complements the word's expression, captivating animation, a combination of live-action, the incorporation of billboards and graffiti walls, and upbeat music. Together, these elements create an eye-catching advertisement.

18. Med Mart App (Cartoon Video Example)

A smart cartoon animated video to make the audience feel relaxed and the company experience professional growth. 

  • The commercial can be used on social media platforms, websites, and in-store displays.
  • The cartoon animation in this video showcases the benefits of a healthcare application.
  • The explainer video style starts with a relatable scenario of seeking medical attention and then demonstrates the features of the MED MART APP.
  • Simple graphics and animations are used in the video to explain how the MED MART APP works, making it easy for viewers to understand its benefits and easy-to-use process.
  • Detailed visuals with smooth character movements enhance the animation's appeal and emphasize that healthcare can be made more accessible and user-friendly through technology.

What sets this video apart

Viewers can truly experience a cartoon-like feel through the seamless motion of the characters and visually appealing background. Additionally, incorporating cartoon animation into the healthcare sector provides a lighthearted element that helps keep the audience at ease, making the video stand out.

19. Netflix (Logo Video Example)

The streaming entertainment industry is now associated with the Netflix brand, and the company's animated logo is vital in conveying its brand image.

To elaborate, the Netflix animated logo initially features the well-known red N, then progresses to display the remaining letters, which spell out the brand name. Moreover, the “ta-dum” sound incorporated into the logo's audio design further reinforces the brand's identity and is now closely linked with the Netflix name.Netflix animated logo creative example

  • The Netflix logo is a well-designed animated logo that effectively captures the brand's essence and mission.
  • The simplicity of the Netflix logo is a unique aspect, with just a few quick, fluid movements that convey a powerful message.
  • The logo's versatility allows it to adapt easily to different contexts, adding different colours or styles for special events or promotions.
  • The Netflix logo conveys the brand's core values and benefits effectively from a marketing perspective, using bright red colour and bold font to communicate excitement and energy while conveying sophistication and quality with smooth animation.
  • The Netflix logo helps create a positive and memorable impression on viewers, increasing brand awareness and customer loyalty.
  • The Netflix logo is a standout example of how an animated logo can visually appeal to and effectively convey a brand's message.

What sets this video apart

In just a few seconds, this brief animation successfully communicates the brand's core values of accessibility and simplicity. The Netflix logo is composed of the brand's signature red lettering, and its concise length and clever use of sound contribute to a memorable and emotionally impactful viewing experience.

Want to win the race of video marketing?

Video content is vast and constantly evolving, with new and innovative creations shared daily. We have presented 19 incredible video examples demonstrating this medium's power and potential to capture our imagination and emotions.

These videos span various genres, including animation, music, comedy, sports, and more, and will leave a lasting impression on anyone who watches them. With the ever-increasing accessibility and popularity of online video hosting platforms, we can expect to see even more incredible video content, and we can't wait to see what comes next!

If you still have any doubts, feel free to contact us.

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An animated video is a type of video that uses animations or moving images to tell a story or convey a message. It can be created using different animation techniques, such as 2D or 3D animation, motion graphics, stop-motion animation, or whiteboard animation. Animated videos effectively explain complex ideas or products, engage viewers, and create a visually appealing story. They are often used in marketing, education, entertainment, and corporate communication.

To make an explanatory video, you need to follow a few steps. First, you should be able to define your target audience and the message you want to convey. Then, you must write a clear, concise, and engaging script. Once you have a script, you can create a storyboard that outlines the visuals and transitions for your video. After that, you can record a voice-over or hire a professional voice actor. Next, you can create the animation or visuals for your video using animation software, such as Adobe After Effects, or hire an animator. Finally, you can add music and sound effects to enhance the overall experience of the video. Once you have completed all the steps, you can publish your explanatory video on your website, social media, or other platforms.

There are several types of videos, each with its unique style, format, and purpose. Some of the most popular types of videos include explainer videos, product demos, how-to or instructional videos, promotional videos, and testimonials. Other types of videos include music videos, vlogs, documentaries, and interviews. The type of video you choose will depend on your goals, target audience, and the message you want to convey.