Sign up now! Subscribe to our newsletter! Start a free trial!” All these buttons are nowadays seen by everyone over the internet. 

A call to action is one of the most important parts of any website or post. A CTA is what makes the audience move forward to make the purchase, subscribe, or take any other action. CTAs are an important part of Web Design.

While the ultimate purpose of a CTA is to make the audience take action, there are many types of CTAs with various goals. The goal need not always be lead generation. It may be to share the website or post, schedule a meeting, fill up a form, etc. 

Incorporating well-thought-out and best call to action buttons into a website's design and content may improve conversion rates. Calls to action that work draw in site visitors, peak their interest, and lead them to take the desired action (in this case, signing up).

Nowadays, people expect a clear CTA on any website or landing page they visit. However, this does not guarantee that they will become believers. CTAs are art, but they can be honed using tried and true methods.

Best Call to Action Buttons


One of the most effective ways that webdew adopted for CTAs is to highlight the problem and provide the solution. If you visit the blog section of webdew, there are so many useful resources that explain in detail many concepts. The CTAs that are added in between the blogs like the one shown in the image below, are very effective. 

webdew cta 1

This is because the reader resonates with the problem and is able to understand the solution to be the product offered in the CTA.


grammarly cta 2048x1087 1

Grammarly's homepage has a very effective CTA that makes it one of the best CTA buttons. Next to the call-to-action button, they give a glimpse of what it looks like when you download Grammarly. Moreover, not only is the effect of whitespace that makes it stand out but also the right use of words like “FREE” also contributes to it. 


One of the thoughts of customers while considering acting on CTAs like signing up and making payments is the fear of loss of money. Netflix handles it just right with their CTA button on the website. 

With clear statements on what to do, Netflix guides the customers on how to get started. Also, they address the fear of loss of customers by stating that they can cancel anytime. These are stated above in the CTA. 


Panthera's CTA makes way to being one of the top CTAs in the world since it speaks directly to its intended audience in its own language while still being very engaging. Panthera is seeking members that have a genuine interest in protecting wild cats everywhere and would like to connect with others who share this passion. 

The highlighting aspect is how they specifically cater to the target audience who are interested in large cats by using wording like “Join the pride today.” The page itself consists of nothing more complicated than a button labeled “Join” and a form with two text fields.


Email newsletters and marketing emails usually have CTA buttons. LinkedIn has one of the best CTAs when it comes to email marketing. With personalized emails and valuable and useful information, the CTA is clear and to the point. 

In the marketing of LinkedIn learning platforms, LinkedIn has strategically created successful CTA buttons that prompt people, as well as businesses, to make use of the course. 


Pinterest CTAs are one of the common and effective types of CTAs that have allowed the target audience to take action by providing a range of options. Pinterest has strategically encouraged Facebook users to sign up with their Facebook accounts. Using Facebook's API allows Pinterest to collect more about you than if you only used your email address to sign up.

This makes the Pinterest CTA button to be one of the best CTA buttons in the world to maximize conversions, and effectively collect data for further activities. 


HubSpot is well known to be one of the best free platforms to elevate businesses regardless of the type of industry. HubSpot's CTA that encourages the target audience to “Start free or get a demo” is undoubtedly one of the best CTA buttons. The ‘Get Free CRM‘ is also very effective in driving conversions.

Strategically positioned and highlighted with powerful statements that it is for everyone, HubSpot CRM has driven conversions and users of all business sizes and niches. 


Uber's CTAs have been well noted, and the CTA buttons in the Uber app rightly can be listed among the world's best CTA buttons. Two of the most noted Uber CTAs are CTA: Sign up to drive and Start riding with Uber for both those who wish to get a ride and also who wish to drive Uber. These CTAs are tailor-made for Uber's operations.

Also, their website does a great job of connecting these two identities, who couldn't be more different in their motivations, thanks to the humongous video displaying happy Uber users and drivers in different cities across the world.


Airbnb is a global community marketplace that facilitates the booking of housing, vacation rentals, and private homestays.

Various calls-to-action (CTAs) are used by the company, with one such CTA being “I'm Flexible“, which encourages the reader to click to learn more about the many different rental and homestay alternatives available through the website.

World Food Program

People in need in every region of the world can access food aid and other forms of humanitarian assistance through the World Food Program (WFP) of the United Nations.

They make use of effective CTAs, such as “Donate“, which is highlighted in white lettering on a bright red background. The position of the CTA is also in such a way that the reader is encouraged to take the intended action. 

Also, through effective and thought-provoking copy next to CTA, they have been successful in throwing light on the issues and in generating donations for a good cause. 

How to maximize your Conversions? 

There are many CTAs that have been highly successful, and in the above section, you have seen a few of the CTA buttons that we have handpicked to be the best. No matter what the kind of industry, CTA plays an important role. 

Here are some of our observations from the examples of best CTA buttons on how to maximize your conversions. 

Wrapping Up

Some brands do not need CTAs, but having a CTA is forever important in driving maximum conversions. In this blog, we have seen many examples of effective CTA buttons that have been driving huge conversions. 

If you are interested in designing a new website, revamping your existing website, or getting a hand with web development, feel free to contact us!

Frequently Asked Questions

The best call to action (CTA) button is one that clearly communicates the desired action and is designed for high visibility and clickability. The text on the button should be action-oriented and specific, such as “Apply Now,” “Get Started,” or “Join Us.”

Effective CTA button colors typically contrast with the page's background and are known to grab attention. Common choices are vibrant colors like green, orange, or red. The key is to choose a color that stands out without clashing with the overall design.

To write a good CTA, focus on clear and concise language. Use action verbs that compel users to take a specific action, like “Subscribe,” “Shop Now,” or “Request a Demo.” Make it benefit-driven, emphasizing what users will gain by clicking the CTA. Keep it short, direct, and engaging.

The three essential elements for a compelling CTA are that it should be clear, visible, and urgent. It must clearly communicate the desired action to the user, be prominently displayed on the page, and create a sense of urgency, encouraging users to act immediately. These elements work together to drive user engagement and conversions.