You can likely get three possible responses for every video you make – Good, Bad, or Wow! Now, if you want your video to get a Wow, you need something bound to dazzle your prospects.

Wondering what that can be? One such video type that is seeing a considerable boom today is motion graphics videos, which are animated videos representing data visually and engagingly.

This animated illustration of data is easier to understand. In fact, you can mold any complicated or abstract idea into a more straightforward form simply using creative graphics and illustrations.

Adding Motion Graphics into your video marketing proves to be visually flourishing to explain a product, process, or concept as a great video marketing strategy. Besides, these videos encourage visual learning, and the creator's imagination can run as wild as possible.

Wondering which videos are ruling the motion graphics industry today? Well, we did a fine-tune research of the best ones for you. Of course, it wasn't an easy task because, believe me, there is a whole other world of multiple good ones out there. Still, I have picked the best 15 motion graphic video examples. So, without further ado, let's dive in!

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Watch the best 15 best Motion Graphic Video Examples

Here are 15 of our favorite animated motion graphics video examples for your creative inspiration. Watch them right away.

1. Pepperfry motion graphics video

Pepperfry is India’s biggest furniture and home decor online marketplace that offers millions of users a wide range of products. Selling products using motion graphics animation video makes things easier since it shows your services and how you can provide them.

Watch this fun animated motion graphics video to see what makes Pepperfry India’s one-stop furniture and home products store.

  • The video has a unique and creative concept of showcasing furniture's journey from raw materials to a finished product and mentioning the furniture problems people generally face.
  • It effectively communicates the brand's core message of providing high-quality furniture and home decor products.
  • The video uses visually appealing graphics and animations that engage the viewer and hold their attention throughout. The use of bright and bold colours, dynamic camera movements, and fluid transitions between scenes keep the viewer hooked.
  • The video effectively showcases the Pepperfry brand and its logo, creating brand awareness and recognition in the viewer's mind. 
  • Using a catchy and upbeat music score adds to the video's overall appeal and helps create a memorable experience for the viewer.

What sets this video apart

Its storyline and music make it look like a Rom-Com web series trailer. Therefore attracting viewers to watch the video till the end and moving towards trying Pepperfry to buy high-quality furniture.

This one of the great motion graphic examples displays how ICT helps you integrate business-sensitive information into your production process. This animation video shows the need to combine visibility into real-time production status, traceability, and extraction of manufactured products.

Ideally speaking, MES has acquired motion graphics services to their advantage. They can convey their brand proposition in a creative and fun way. This paperless management of operations is an excellent example for anyone who wants to stay on top of trends and weaknesses of production processes.

  • It presents complex technical processes in a simple and easy-to-understand format, making the benefits of ICT technology solutions accessible to a wider audience.
  • By focusing on the competitive problems of manufacturing the best, the video positions ICT as an expert solution in its field. It helps establish trust with potential clients and makes the company appear more credible.
  • The video uses consistent branding throughout, using the company's logo and signature blue colour. It helps create brand recognition and awareness, essential for brand building.
  • High-quality animations, transitions, and other motion graphics elements help keep the viewer's attention and make the video more memorable.
  • The video ends with the tagline “Smller Solutions, Samller Factories,” urging viewers to take action and contact ICT for more information. It helps in generating leads and potential clients for the company.

What sets this video apart

A clear voiceover and frequent visuals make this video stand apart by providing an easy-to-grasp environment for the viewers.

3. Eurika Internet Marketing

Eurika is an online marketing company centered around the needs of small business owners. It helps companies get found online, convert customers, and track results using content creation, distribution, and mobile marketing. This fantastic animated motion graphics explainer video showcases how Eurika empowers businesses to build a brand name in the digital space.

  • The video tells a compelling story of how Eurika's marketing strategies can help enhance the presence of your great business, which draws viewers in and keeps them engaged. 
  • The video content effectively showcases the Eurika brand and helps create brand recognition and awareness, which is essential for building a strong brand identity.
  • The video uses a catchy and upbeat music score, which adds to the video's overall appeal and helps create a memorable experience for the viewer.

What sets this video apart

The use of soothing colors, upbeat music, captivating voiceover, and a detailed script altogether provides an engaging and useful outcome.  

4. Google cloud IoT solutions (Google)

It's one of our favorite animated motion graphics video examples. However, this video from Google tackles a highly vague concept of data collection, distribution, and storage, using only a combination of regular graphics, movement, and abstract shapes. This motion graphics video is, beyond a doubt, a cornerstone of Google's videos. 

Why? Why not? After all, it's not just simple and easy to understand but equally mesmerizing.

  • The video explains the features of Google Cloud IoT solutions to potential customers. It explains complex technical concepts in a simplified way that provides solutions to the real-life problems of the audience. 
  • The video uses 2D animation, adding depth and dimension to the visuals. Using logo-related colours, dynamic camera movements, and fluid transitions between scenes helps create an engaging visual experience for the viewer.
  • The video includes a direct call to action, encouraging potential customers to sign up for Google Cloud IoT solutions through the link at the end. It helps in generating leads and potential business for the company.

What sets this video apart

Consistent branding using Google's signature colors and font helps create brand recognition and awareness. The smooth transitions between animations are a plus point for any video viewer. It is one of the best explainer video examples to play the game of video marketing.

5. Industry 4.0 (Deufol)

Explaining an industrial revolution is no less than a cumbersome task, but Deufol certainly made understanding it a piece of cake with this one of the best motion graphics examples. While the graphics are pretty impressive, the front-and-center copy makes it stand out. 

Besides, the video has a sound voiceover to communicate a complicated topic and delicately weave in their solution. This video is a fabulous illustration of how essential copy can be in delivering your message through video.

  • The video perfectly features stunning visuals that are attention-grabbing and engaging. It uses a mix of 2D animations, transitions, and other motion graphics elements that add visual interest for the viewer.
  • The video tells a unique story, showing how Industry 4.0 technologies can revolutionize manufacturing. It showcases the benefits of Deufol's solutions understandably and compellingly.
  • The video features a custom music that complements the visuals and helps create a memorable experience for the viewer. The use of sound effects also adds to the immersive experience.
  • The video ends with the brand's name, ‘Deufol,' by justifying what this brand is all about. It helps in increasing potential business for the company.

What sets this video apart

The use of red and black makes the viewer focus on the brand and its solutions instead of being fully immersed in the fancy motion graphics visuals. Hence, making it simply unique from others.

6. Seton – Welcome to Humancare 

This video says it all in their first line itself! Seton launched a marketing campaign focused on providing “human care,” an approach to healthcare that puts people at the center to stand out from the competition. This video excellently sums up the concept and highlights Seton as a people-first brand, all within a minute.

  • The video evokes an emotional response from the viewer by focusing on the human element of healthcare. It shows how Seton's solutions can help improve patient outcomes and care quality.
  • The video uses a consistent colour scheme that is bright, bold, and visually appealing. The use of color helps in creating a consistent brand identity and makes the video more memorable.
  • The video uses realistic animation to show the various procedures and equipment used in healthcare settings. This helps create an immersive experience for the viewer and helps explain complex medical concepts in a way that is easy to understand.

What sets this video apart

The choice of animation and motion graphics for such a serious healthcare topic helps to make it interesting and not cause ignorance for the audience. Thus, making Seton a Healthcare brand name that actually cares for humans. 

7. The deep web explained by Keanu Reeves (Duncan Elms)

If you wish to create a top-notch, compelling animation video, having a celebrity's voice will definitely help.

However, this video still shines, irrespective of its Hollywood voiceover. While Keanu Reeves defines the deep web and its origins, the eye-catching, high-contrast motion graphics form a technical, dark, yet eerie vibe. 

This one-of-a-kind video shows the range of emotions you can evoke with motion graphics.

  • The video educates the viewer about the deep web clearly, making it an effective tool for teaching and raising awareness. This educational value can be particularly useful for brands trying to inform their audience about complex topics.
  • The video's attention to detail is impressive, with every aspect of the animation meticulously crafted to create a cohesive and immersive experience for the viewer. The use of colour, typography, and sound design is particularly noteworthy.
  • The video evokes a strong emotional response from the viewer, instilling a sense of intrigue and curiosity about the deep web. This emotional resonance is a powerful tool for marketers, as it can drive engagement and action.
  • The video's striking visuals are memorable and can help to create a lasting impression on the viewer. This memorability is crucial in marketing, as it can help to reinforce brand messaging and drive conversions.

What sets this video apart

The serious topic with dark colors and intense voiceover creates the accurate severity in the video to bring the concept of the deep web and dark net under the spotlight.

8. Imagine what you could do Travel & Lifestyle Services | American Express

This American Express video uses a fun and exciting animation for explaining credit card values. This video proves that commercial videos aren't only for increasing sales or launching products. In fact, you can see features on careers in technology, big data, and social media. 

  • The video inspires viewers to imagine what they could achieve with the help of American Express. 
  • The video creatively visions techniques to bring the scenarios to life. It features a mix of 2D and 3D animations, a consistent colour palette, and dynamic transitions to create an immersive experience for the viewer.
  • The video features strong branding elements, including the American Express logo, colour scheme, and typography, making it more memorable.

What sets this video apart

Each word in the script and voiceover maintains coordination with the presence of matching visuals. When the viewer finds everything present visually and verbally, he tends to feel more connected and, thus, attracted to that brand or company.

9. DigitalOcean: Simplicity at Scale

The animated motion graphics video by Digital Ocean is short yet compelling. The concept is creatively explained with this incredible motion graphics video in under a minute.

It uses isometric illustrations, a monochromatic color palette, and an energetic voiceover. This is one of the perfect examples of how short videos can be as impactful. 

  • The video maintains a consistent visual style throughout its duration, using a vibrant colour palette and simple geometric shapes to illustrate complex ideas. This creates a cohesive and engaging viewing experience for the audience.
  • The use of dynamic camera movement in the video adds energy and excitement to the visuals. The camera seamlessly pans and zooms, highlighting key elements and drawing the viewer's attention to important details.
  • The animations in the video are layered, meaning that different elements move independently to create a sense of depth and dimension. This technique adds sophistication to the visuals and makes them more visually interesting.
  • Despite the complex concepts being conveyed, the messaging in the video comes out as the simplest ideas. The visuals and voiceover work together seamlessly to communicate the benefits of Digital Ocean's services in a way that is easy for viewers to understand.
  • The transitions between scenes in the video are creative and visually appealing. The morphing shapes and clever cuts between scenes keep the audience engaged and add a touch of whimsy to the overall aesthetic.

What sets this video apart

The utilization of short duration to portray a whole lot of story, and that too like butter, is what surely makes this video great to watch.

10. Reddit's New Mobile App

The video perfectly demonstrates how animated motion graphics can use a light-hearted style. The script has a delicate touch of humor, followed by enjoyable and candid illustrations. The animator has certainly done an exceptional job making it look as vibrant as possible.

If you wish to promote a mobile application, a website, etc., this stunning motion graphics video can be an excellent referral.

  • The video uses an outburst of colours, which helps draw the viewer's attention and make the visuals pop. To tell how Reddit is the platform where you can excitingly create your noticeable presence.
  • The transitions between scenes in the video are seamless and visually appealing, making for a visually pleasing viewing experience.
  • The typography is dynamic and playful, adding to the overall energy and mood of the piece.
  • The video features a number of small details, such as animated backgrounds and intricate illustrations that make it engaging to watch and explore.
  • The overall style of the video is distinctive and stands out from other motion graphics pieces, making it memorable and noteworthy.

What sets this video apart

This is the best example that shows how to be a promotional video by not directly promoting your brand. This great quality is something that makes it stand apart from others.

11. Cree Lighting – Better light, better life

The Better Light, a Better Life has perfectly used the lighting effect to convey how important light is in our lives. Videos like this can help you to have a great understanding of your product and gain more engagement. 

  • The video features a distinctive visual style that combines traditional hand-drawn illustrations with digital animations. Using bright colors and bold outlines creates a playful, engaging look that captures the viewer's attention.
  • The video utilizes creative transitions between scenes that help keep the viewer engaged and add an extra layer of interest.
  • The video tells a story about the benefits of energy-efficient lighting in an engaging and easy-to-understand way. The use of simple language and clear visuals helps to convey the message effectively, making it accessible to a wide audience.
  • The video maintains a consistent visual style and branding throughout, using a consistent colour palette and typography. This helps to reinforce the message and create a cohesive overall look and feel.
  • The video features a well-crafted sound design that complements the visuals and helps to enhance the overall viewing experience.
  • The use of sound effects and music helps to create a sense of energy and momentum, making the video more engaging and memorable.

What sets this video apart

Playing the game of personification creates a detailed involvement of an inanimate project to make your daily life easy to live. 

12. Slack: Communication Without Chaos

If you need any inspiration for your animated motion graphics video, watch this incredible video by Slack. It is a classic example of how even a basic idea can create a huge impact

These videos are creatively animated with simple geometric shapes derived from the logo colors to complement the script. It is perhaps one of the best video examples of how strongly you can represent a concept. 

  • The video establishes a clear visual hierarchy using different font sizes, boldness, and colour contrast to emphasize important information.
  • The video maintains a consistent style, using a limited colour palette and a simple yet effective iconography system that reinforces Slack's brand identity.
  • The motion graphics elements in the video, such as the bouncing ball and the animated icons, add an extra layer of dynamism and engagement to the content.
  • The video effectively communicates Slack's key features and benefits through a clear and concise narrative, using simple metaphors that make the information more relatable and memorable.
  • The sound effects and music in the video are thoughtfully crafted to complement the visual elements and create a cohesive viewing experience.

What sets this video apart

Its simplicity overpowered the game of fancy. This use of tiny, colourful balls moving with the brand story is unique and captivating. 

13. ScribbleLive Content Marketing Platform

This animated motion graphics video for Scribble Live uses simple illustrations and mockup screens to explain the concept without any chaos. The narrative aptly complements the appearance and guides you through the software.

This exciting video can easily hold the viewer’s attention throughout.
  • This color scheme creates a sense of cohesiveness and makes it easy for viewers to follow the visuals.
  • The video uses a combination of simple shapes and icons to convey complex ideas and information. This technique is effective because it makes the content easy to understand and helps viewers retain the information presented.
  • The video uses a variety of engaging visuals, such as animated graphs and charts, to present data and information visually appealingly. This helps to keep viewers interested and engaged with Scribble Live throughout the video.

What sets this video apart

The simple voiceover with soft music behind it and the use of colourful animated charts and graphs enhance the video's power.

14. The Rise of Bitcoin

Do you also have a hard time wrapping your head around cryptocurrency? Say no more and watch this video that explains the concept in only two minutes. 

Besides explaining a complicated concept that has left almost everyone worldwide scratching their heads, this video explains to viewers with remarkable visuals.

Not to forget, the futuristic nature of Bitcoin is flawlessly translated into a cutting-edge illustration form in this video. It’s an excellent example of how motion graphics styling can create a particular visual tone to strengthen a video’s message.

  • The video uses a mix of 2D and 3D animation to create engaging visuals that capture the viewer's attention. Using bold colours, gradients, and textures creates a dynamic and visually interesting experience for the viewer.
  • The video uses smooth transitions between scenes to create a seamless flow of information. This helps the viewer to follow the story without being distracted by sudden jumps or cuts.
  • The video uses typography creatively and effectively to convey information. Using different fonts, sizes, and styles helps highlight key points and make them more memorable.
  • The video has consistent branding throughout, with a clear colour palette and logo usage. This helps to reinforce the message and make the video more recognizable.
  • The video uses motion graphics to tell a compelling story about the rise of Bitcoin. The use of visuals, animation, and sound effects all work together to create an informative and entertaining narrative.

What sets this video apart

Did you ever imagine that the concept of Bitcoin could seem interesting with animations? If not, then ‘The Rise of Bitcoin' made it possible for you. the presentation of the concept with motion graphics is best.

15. Quadro – The art of Computing [ Art – Design ]

This animated motion graphics video for Quadro has a very fresh and young look. A very vibrant and dynamic storyboard guides the viewers through their journey. The simplistic illustration and stunning animation showcase how Quadro makes your tasks more manageable.

This video is relatively smooth to perceive and is bound to provide excellent results.

  • The logo-related coloured backgrounds are bold and contrasting, which adds to the overall impact of the graphics.
  • The video features intricate details, such as the textured surfaces of objects and the subtle shading of shadows, which add depth and realism to the graphics.
  • The video maintains a steady pace that keeps the viewer engaged without overwhelming them with too much information at once.
  • Each scene is given enough time to make an impact before transitioning to the next, which helps to create a cohesive narrative.

What sets this video apart

The transformation journey from old to Quadro, let the viewers get attracted to what you really want. The motion graphics here helped to provide the right solution to the viewers with the product's versatility.

Ready to employ video marketing with awesome motion graphics?

With the above motion graphics examples, it's pretty evident how widely businesses have started integrating videos into their marketing campaigns. So, if you are also planning to create these kinds of videos, a great start would be to develop a brief tone and style for your videos, followed by a clear message you want to convey through the video.

We at webdew create custom videos based on your brief. Our design team works from concept design to storyboard creation and animation with a complete video production services plan. 

Having created many videos for businesses, our creative team can help you find the right fit. So, reach out to us now and tell us your upcoming video requirements.

Editor: Vaishnavi Jain

Frequently Asked Questions

A motion graphic video combines visual elements such as graphics, text, and images with audio to tell a story or convey a message. Motion graphics can create a wide range of visuals, from explainer videos that break down complex concepts into simple visuals to product demos that showcase a product's or service's features and benefits. They are also commonly used in advertising and marketing, as well as in film and television, for title sequences and opening credits.

Motion graphics are animation that combines graphics, text, and audio to create engaging visual content. Examples of motion graphics include animated logos, explainer videos, title sequences for films and TV shows, product demos, and social media content. They can be used in various contexts, from advertising and marketing to education and entertainment. Motion graphics are often used to convey complex information and engagingly, making them an effective tool for communicating ideas and messages to audiences.

There are three main types of motion graphics: 2D animation, 3D animation, and stop-motion animation. 2D animation involves creating graphics and characters in two dimensions, such as flat shapes and illustrations that move across the screen. 3D animation involves creating three-dimensional objects and characters, using software to create depth and perspective. Stop-motion animation involves taking still images of physical objects and moving them slightly between each shot to create the illusion of motion. 

Traditional animation, 2D vector-based animation, 3D computer animation, motion graphics, and stop-motion animation. Traditional animation involves hand-drawing each scene frame, while 2D vector-based animation involves creating graphics and characters using mathematical formulas to generate shapes and movements. 3D computer animation uses software to create three-dimensional objects and characters, while motion graphics combine graphics, text, and audio to create engaging visual content. Stop-motion animation involves taking still images of physical objects and moving them slightly between each shot to create the illusion of motion.