9 tremendous examples of Kinetic Typography

If you know how to use kinetic typography animation effectively in your video, you can generate a mind-boggling result for your business. The typography video costs a lot less to create, but its effects are outstanding. Furthermore, there is no need for you to spend a lot of time on the video production process, as you do not need to hire a team of artists, videographers, and other skilled professionals.

video_blocksImage Source: Video Blocks

The study shows that humans are capable of recognizing images that they view for as little as 13 milliseconds. With that said, you still need great videos to get a result that you want for your business. It is necessary to read about topics like “what is kinetic typography?”, kinetic typography history, the process of creating it, and so on.

However, going through all the theoretical lessons will not help you if you do not check out the kinetic typography examples and learn from it. In this article, I will reveal some of the most beautiful samples of kinetic typography that you can dissect and learn.

Nine Finest Examples of Kinetic Typography

There is something extra that the top animators do that makes their work stand out amid the competitors. Without further ado, let’s check out the excellent prime examples of kinetic typography to get some insights from the work of the skilled artists.

1. Rick Shaffer’s “The Experience is Everything”

Rick came up with this painting in an exhibition, but he decided to produce the same picture in an animated style later.

dribbleImage Source: Dribble

Both formats, animation and painting, are fabulous. You can see how the designer has correctly calculated the pace of writing so that the ending goes well. The layer and the overall design is excellent as well, and it shows how beautiful the handwriting can get when it is animated.

Here is the process video if you want to see how he was able to create this type of work.

2. RVIZ Nike SNKRS 01

Here is a superb piece of kinetic animation if you are looking to create an astounding piece of art that will amaze your audience.

nikeImage Source: Dribble

RVIZ designed this animated logo in the early days of Nike’s SNKRS app. You can see how it represents all the values of the company with a single logo. At first, the logo of Nike appears as usual and then it transitions to a basketball player and Converse and then SNKRS. The designer gives a complete overview of what viewers can expect from the app after observing the logo.

3. Coldplay: Atlas

Blind Pig along with Hugo & Marie are the ones who came up with this creative animation that matches the soundtrack. Hunger Games featured this video as well. The designers see this video as one of the most exceptional uses of the kinetic typography. Just take a look at the video while enjoying a perfect song.

The illustrations in this video go around celestial sky map, and you can also see a seamless sequential animation in the video. It is an inspiration for both designers and average audience but in a different way.

4. Husbands: Dream

This music video manages to make good use of black ground and the kinetic typography. It is fresh music with a black background and lights up the lyrics, making use of bright fonts. Cauboyz is behind the creative style of presenting individual boxes, putting words inside of them.

Husbands - Dream from Cauboyz on Vimeo.

The way the animator designed the whole animation in the video is cool, as it perfectly matches the nature of the song. We can see the wires in each box that is handy when turning on the light when the word pops up.

5. Fusion Design

The video is a remarkable example of how we can combine motion graphics and kinetic typography to create an engaging video. You would enjoy listening to music and viewing the artistic work that the artist embedded in the video.

Kinetic Typography from Dusan Tatalovic on Vimeo.

Dusan Tatalovic uses the incredible text movements to communicate his message, combining it with dazzling animation and a cool song, so that the viewer will stay and watch the video till the end. If you are looking to create a music video, you can take some ideas from this piece of work.

6. Mobil Logo

Mobil logo is an animation that combines both animated object and motion texts. Irma Hasaniccreated this animated logo, to experiment with her animation skills, and it worked great and was able to stand out.

mobilImage Source: Dribble

The animation beautifully represents what Mobil stands for, and it is all about vehicles. Just by looking at it, the viewers will get an idea about the company. When designing this piece of art, the designer was trying to focus more on the gas station chain. It symbolizes how the gauge will go from empty to full after you feed your vehicle with fuel.

7. Kinetic Aesthetic 2.2

Just take a moment to look at the kinetic typography below.

workflowImage Source: Dribble

The moment we take a look at the image, we feel like staring at it for some time. It is an unusual yet straightforward sample of kinetic typography, where the words spin around like a wheel closing down at you.

Feint is the one who created it, and it got a positive response from its viewers

8. The Light in the Dark

Eli Guillou is behind this beautifully animated typography. The way this video put out the text to the audience is something that we must notice and learn.

The Light in the Dark from eli g on Vimeo.

The whole movement of texts is quite fascinating to watch, and it combines dazzling music and beautiful animation. The entire purpose of this video is to encourage anyone who is going through a tough time in their lives.

The primary mission of the video is to show that there is a light waiting for us in the darkness, and we all need to wait for it. It is a classic example of how kinetic typography video can portray a severe message, and it is not only for use in fun-filled videos.

9. The convergence of Beauty and Ugliness

Thibault de Fournas, who is a highly skilled graphic designer, created this masterpiece, and it got a lot of appreciation and good feedback from its viewers. He uses a combination of Bodoni and Didot, which are modern typefaces in this animated video.

Karloff, convergence of beauty and ugliness from Thibault de Fournas on Vimeo.

If you carefully analyze this video, you will realize that he has combined two extremes in this animated clip in a coherent manner. The video revolves around the expanding and disappearing hairlines, where we can observe breaks that support the editorial typography.

Over to You

Have you found the examples that I’ve mentioned good enough for you to learn from it? Well, most of the viewers have found it amazing, and these works have got a lot of love from people in various communities.

The reason I listed out the kinetic typography examples is not to provide you samples that you can imitate.

The real goal should be to learn and take inspiration from them, which can help you create incredible motion texts that work for your business. Keep in mind that no sample fit all the projects. I hope you liked my article and if you want to share something with our audience, leave a comment below.

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